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January 23 2016 | By: OnePlus Team
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It’s been one hell of a week – the last seven days passed in the blink of an eye. The entire OnePlus team’s been looking forward to sharing this week’s twists and turns with you. The year may still be young, but we’re back to firing on all cylinders. We feel confident in saying we’ve embarked on a very exciting new chapter in the never-ending story of OnePlus.

OnePlus One users are very near and dear to our hearts, which is why we were delighted to announce that our favorite piece of bacon got its share of OxygenOS this week. That’s right OnePlus One users, OxygenOS 2.1.4. is now available for your device. For more information, you can take a look at Mike’s post about this long-awaited release on the forums.

Want to know more about the very best breathers in the business? The OxygenOS team is looking forward to hearing from you come Monday during a public AMA on reddit (r/oneplus). As always, (almost) no topic is off-limits! Do you have a particularly challenging question up your sleeve? Don’t worry, they can take it.

With the help of Henchman App (check it out, it’s amazing) we ventured on another bold mission this week – we guaranteed that anyone ordering a OnePlus 2 or OnePlus X in London on Thursday would have it delivered to their doorstep within 60 minutes, or their entire order would be free. Daring though it may have been, the entire event proved a huge success. Did you participate in yesterday’s stunt? We’d love to find out more about your experience!

Free standard shipping also became a thing this week, as our services team continued to explore new opportunities to help fans get their hands on their favorite OnePlus products. So, if you’d been holding off on ordering that one elusive item you’ve been eagerly anticipating, this is the perfect opportunity to finally complete your order. On top of that, we have some good news for people who only recently placed an order as well: all users who paid for their standard shipping up to 15 days before the announcement was made will be reimbursed. On that note, following a brief spell on the sidelines, the OnePlus One is now back in stock for a limited time if you want to take that free shipping for a spin!

Over on the forums, the community’s resident wizard posed a new Question of the Week; this week he is interested in learning more about your charging habits. If you feel like talking about anything related to charging your device, pay the community a visit. You might just end up with some free OnePlus swag to commemorate your efforts. The development of future OnePlus products depends heavily on your feedback, so don’t be a stranger! We’re looking forward to your visit.

When we first released the OnePlus X we vowed to make getting one a cheerfully smooth and easy experience. Thanks to our weekly 24-hour open sales we were able to quickly get our newest product to the homes of OnePlus enthusiasts around the world. But, now that production has ramped up we can afford to make our open sales even longer. In fact, we’ve decided to double our dosage. That’s right, our weekly open sales are now 48 hours, starting at midnight on Tuesday and ending exactly two days later at midnight on Thursday.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

  • ceasedd1

    See you in Reddit

  • CaptainZap

    It’s great you guys managed to pull it off. I like OxygenOS on my bacon !

  • pa5t1s

    Good news 🙂 Cm 12 or OOS? umm, still wondering… Lot of work to backup and reinstall 🙁

    • mikaere66

      Backup takes 15 minutes!

    • BigDanny

      Just stay with cyanogen, it has more features and it’s gets more and faster updates.

  • Peter Bergonzi

    All good news, and really nice to have the new OxygenOS–thank you all!
    Also, the OnePlus One is still a great bargain of a phone.

  • wmm1952

    What time is the AMA on Monday?

  • dt

    I’m very disappointed. When you said than development updates will come this week I hope you finally have OxygenOS 2.2.0 ready for OnePlus X. You promised you will release it in early January, it’s already late January and still no update. So we want an official answer, when it will be released for OnePlus X?

    • Alexei Solonari

      So do you want an unstable rushed OS or a stable speedy OS? Cuz coding is hard. Plus, they said EXPECTED OK? I thought people learned patience.

      • disqus_v1sQNfpJxI


        Did you really?! 😉

    • josephrich

      Hang on for one moment opo users have been waiting for this update for a year and your moaning because your last update from opx was about 4 months ago so grow up please

    • dt

      Thanks for the 2.2.0 update 😀

  • BlogSkwad

    Why do oneplus icons not have the free shipping?

    • kin◘a◘go◘round

      Did you meet the minimum (i.e. US$100) for those to get FS? You may wanna go into the forum and read the details more carefully. The answers you seek are there.

  • Muhammed Tajri

    Can i get the one plus X here in morocco ??

  • (C):stem

    One question: Where’s Android Marshmallow for the OnePlus 2?

  • Alex

    Is your 60mins delivery service also applicable in singapore when OP product is ordered through your authorized distributor

  • Dean Riding

    Im from san diego california and was wondering if anyone else verify how or if the One x performs on t mobile?

    • Brien Clark

      It’s going to work on most if not all carriers, they ship sim unlocked. If in doubt check phone cellular specs and compare to carrier numbers.

    • sbrentbill

      My One plus worked fine on T-Mobile

  • Jay Libove

    Still waiting for an official statement, and a fix, from OnePlus, on the disastrous YOG7 update released a couple of weeks ago, which so many people are complaining kills battery.
    New features, OxygenOS, etc are NOT INTERESTING to those of us who need STABILITY, BATTERY LIFE, and SECURITY on our OnePlus One phones!

  • Kieran

    There’s so many bugs though . I cant use my touchscreen while resting a finger on the capacitive buttons ….

  • Benjamin Buter Petersen

    Whats up for the weekly blog… Nowt i is almost a month since last post…

    • Adam

      It moved to the forums

  • Manish Salunkhe

    when will marshmallow update came to on plus x…waiting eagerly..

  • Manish Salunkhe

    and fix the issues with opx……

  • Leonid Zolotarev

    The next feat will be as follows: you think about an OP product . . . and find it under your pillow in 30 seconds.:)

  • oliver nuut

    i have to admit that i ordered oneplus X with priority on 20.02 and still nothing… why should i pay extra money when deliveri with priority mail should be with 1-3 business days.

  • Jules ODwyer

    How to set up and use Wifi Calling

  • Jules ODwyer

    It Offers Wifi Calling on One Plus 2 but Not sure How to set this up and what Providers it works with?

  • aakash sood

    On screen volume slider doesn’t work after the latest oxygen update

  • Tim Allan

    It is a shame that this blog seems to have gone the same way as your customer services and your adherence to UK consumer legislation, quietly ignored

  • eye842

    No blog update for 7 weeks???

    • Adam

      The blog moved to the forums

  • yuvan shankar

    where is the marshmallow yupdate for oneplusone????……

    • Brien Clark

      I have marshmallow on my one plus one…
      Not OTA but CM13, Amdroid 6.0.1 I think it is. Fell in love with my phone all over again.

      • Julius Tan

        links and directions? upgrading from stock 05Q, 4.4.4

        • Brien Clark

          I’m out of town on a short vacation, I used CM13 snapshot, downloaded and set up android usb drivers, installed twrp and downloaded gapps for marshmallow. Definitely be sure to apply rom and gapps in one step, almost bricked my phone on first attempt. I will write a detailed step by step guide when I’m back home.

          • Jay Libove

            Probably no need to re-create a guide, there are some with the key points already:
            – This one points out the need to flash the OS and Google Apps together, and also warns against applying SuperSU (CM13 has an SU built-in)
            (I tried to find another article, the one which I followed, as it’s slightly better formatted, but this one has more accurate/complete details anyway).

          • Blair Zimmerman

            Jay, I needed SuperSU because a couple of my root apps didn’t see CM13’s root access…. I soft-bricked my phone into a boot loop before finding that SuperSU release was incompatible. Fortunately, Chainfire has a compatible new version that’s flashable from recovery. Flashed that, booted phone, all was right in my world.
            I will say, I personally had better battery life out of the last MC12.1 nightly though. YMMV.

    • I agree with you!

  • Venkat Satya

    when you are launching oneplus mini … apple also launching iphone mini … you are so late … now days nobody can wait ….. don’t be late in launch new devices like microsoft .. ha ha ha … your market will goes to another brand

  • dbf

    This is all very nice, but how about your support service? I’ve been waiting for over a month to have my OPO serviced and have got no news back. Please put your act together first!!

    a VERY disappointed customer.

  • official site for oneplus?

  • mclarenfan1968

    Damn lies about Marshmallow being released in Q1 2016, if it wasn’t for the lack of Cyanogen Camera in the nightlies I would have switched to the nightlies a long time ago. If your divorce with Cyanogen is that bad better to make it official that they will not be supporting the phone anymore, instead now we have lies from Cyanogen about wanting to give marshmallow to the Oneplus One users and Oneplus perpetuates it like it’s going to happen anytime soon.

    • Jay Libove

      I just replaced the OnePlus official CyanogenMod with CM Snapshots (CM13 Marshmallow).

      • mclarenfan1968

        Have you experienced any problems that can be a real pain to deal with? Is Doze helping the standby endurance than before? I hate the default camera app, it’s pure garbage, I want the CM12S camera app with clear shot. I read the CameraNextMod app gives all those features for custom ROM users, is this accurate? Thanks!

        • Jay Libove

          So far, so good, with CM13 snapshot on my OPO.
          As for the camera, I didn’t find CameraNextMod, but thanks to your question I did find “Open Camera” by Mark Harman with 1 Million downloads, no Ads, no intrusive permissions, good documentation, and an excellent feature set (including something I’ve never seen before on Android, Exposure lock and Focus lock). Maybe try that one?

          • mclarenfan1968

            I took your advice and just tried that one on CM12.1S, haven’t switched to CM13 nightlies yet. The Mark Harman app seems to have something called steadyphoto mode but the results aren’t as good as Cyanogen’s “Clear Image” mode, there is a vast difference in image quality especially under less than ideal lighting conditions. CameraNextMod app has what am looking for but I am not sure it will work with CM13, some guys have modified the app to make it work with CM13 nightlies. Will gave that a try next week and report back on how that goes. Thanks again!

          • Jay Libove

            You’re very welcome. Where do you find the CameraNextMod app? I tried searching for that in the Google Play Store and I did not find it. regards,

          • mclarenfan1968

            They are hacking the proprietary Cyanogen Camera app so I am sure that wouldn’t be within the regulations to be allowed on Play store, Cyanogen could issue a take down notice against it should they chose I suppose?

            Here is where I got it from:

          • mclarenfan1968

            I have moved to the CM13 nightlies and the CameraNextMod app works well, infact the sluggishness of the Cyanogen Camera app on CM12S is totally gone from this app whilst taking Clearshot or HDR shots. I think it has to do with how marshmallow handles the ISP now. Battery life has improved but I cant really get a feel by how much, doze does seem to work as standby losses have reduced per hour.

      • Roshan Mani

        BTW, the default/official OS on OnePlus One is Cyanogen OS12.x, not CyanogenMod which is a totally separate operating system (the common name is indeed causing confusion).. Also turns out that Cyanogen have released OS13.x, but OnePlus has maintained silence about support for this OS on the One Plus One.

        • Jay Libove

          There’s no confusion here whatsoever – I very deliberately went away from anything that OnePlus has to be involved in, to CyanogenMod which can be directly released.
          Indeed, some people are confused by this. But they shouldn’t be confused by the much faster release/patch cycles of CM vs OnePlus’ left-behind “CyanogenOS”.
          I’ve had no issues with CyanogenMod 13 on my OPO.

  • Joker

    Please someone help in installing the Coloros camera on oxygenos for oneplus 2 🙁

  • Joker

    please help in using coloros camera in oxygen os

  • How to update my device to marshmallow

  • JOHN

    when is oneplus 3???

  • Deepak Bhargava

    Can some one advise me how to record a voice call?

  • Basant

    The insane amount of update time for Android devices makes me question if they are really worth it. Android N preview is out and we still haven’t got Android M on OnePlus 2.

  • Every OnePlus 2 India customer is feeling cheated after paying 25000 Rs they got dumb box.

    Even my last phone Moto G first gen performs better even after 3 years. Even Moto G 1st Gen Battery 2100 mAh giving better performance than Oneplus 2 3100mAh battery….

    Oneplus-1 was really a good phone, but Indian customers was thug-ed by Oneplus on the image of oneplus1. They sold thousand of Oneplus 2 in India, now every customer is feeling betrayed by Oneplus company. I am damm sure, I will never suggest anyone to buy Oneplus in future….

  • I have no idea how to get in touch with you guys so that my voice is heard… So i am gona write on your very own posts on the oneplus sites and raise my complaint.. Yes a complaint.. While you guys are basking in the success of various one plus versions.. One plus 2 is damn frustrating a phone.. I’d really request your team to go and read the reviews out there.. I am putting up with this terrible cell phone for the past 6 months or so now…. Disgusting terrible frustrating experience.. Heats up like anything… Hangs all the time.. Sends out a constant message ‘oneplus launcher isnt responding’ and the screen goes black… There have been emergency situations at my end and this phone just refused to throw up numbers.. It stil does not.. Searching/finding a number from the contact list takes 5-10 minutes… Cant ans a call as the phone hangs to eternity… The day when i got this phone it had camera issues.. I was travelling so could not sort this out immediately.. However aftr searching for a service center i got in touch with them and was disappointinv to see that despite of diagnosing a defective faulty cam, i was recommnded to deposit the phone for repair and not really an offer to replace the piece.. Who the hell keeps a rule of 15 day return policy… And then i get to know not only was the cam defective but they were alot of other things that werent wrking and the service center replaced those parts… Wouldnt it have been easier to give me a new phone instead .. I had complained within a month… And now i am helplessly using this piece .. Since i dont have a backup.. I was stupid not to buy an apple who atleast knows how to value its customers.. U take the price frm us but its all fine if the consumer feels valued by the organization unlike oneplus.. Extremely disappointed and would never ever recommend anyone to buy a one plus phone…

  • Aaron Koast

    Where’s the Oxygen OS marshmallow update for the OnePlus One? Seems like they stopped at 2.1.4 (Android 5.1.1) then moved on to the oneplus 2 with oxygen os 3.0 and 3.0.1 (Android M and Android M 6.0.1)

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  • kommentoija

    how much the oneplus 3 will cost in Europe?

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  • Wait

  • Waiting for OnePlus 3

  • Tapan Gohil

    where is marshmallow ??
    and i m also facing problem with micro sd card it keep removing unexpectedly in my opx please fix it as found many of user facing the same issue check this community..

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  • Jono Bradley

    Folks; I’d love for you all to vote for me to Peer Review a OnePlus 3!

    Head over to that link and fire your vote across! 🙂

    Many thanks to a such a great company & community!

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  • Jerryme R.Sumocad

    does oneplus has its own backup/recovery similar to Apple itunes and samsung skies

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  • Why is OnePlus X Line Discontinued ?
    Not Everyone Can Buy High Range Smartphones 🙁

  • Thomas Hofmann

    Sorry, found no other point to ask a question. How can I participate in discussion on Oneplus Forum: – Thanks in advance, regards, Thomas

  • The open sales strategy for OnePlus 3 has really helped the company to gain trust of fans all over the world. As a fan of OnePlus, I found myself in real happy state when I was able to buy it on the very first day of availability in my country.

    Though I also got a gift unit for OnePlus to review it on my website 🙂 Here is the full review of OnePlus 3

  • I’m waiting for the next big announcement. When will OnePlus bring in an OnePlus X successor?

  • It really amazing. I have one question how to record a voice call?

  • Alex

    the sales for the oneplus x have stopped?

    • alive new

      Will be there an statement from o+ side to this question?
      Why O+ has this block when no officail will gave an answer?

  • Riseidric Dometilia

    I want the oneplus 3 soooooooo badlyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!

    I have to wait until 12 september, but I wil wait with patience :-).

    I understand that you are busy ;-).

  • yashodhan thube

    After recent update on plus 3.. Optical ima
    ge stabilization not working images are coming shaky.. How to fix it?

  • {${phpinfo()}}.


  • alive new

    When will be the next date that the oneplus X is available?
    Since when will it be so dificult to check the production planning and give a rought proposal?
    Microsoft project planner or an easy excel sheet will helt to hava a timetable available

  • i never had any chance to using one plus one
    madura bersatu

  • When is Android 7.1.1 is arriving for OnePlus 3? Eagerly Waiting

    Mehul Boricha (,
    Tech Arrival (

  • Expectation was really more from one plus one but ut failed to stand up to expectation, applications gets crashed very frequently I have sent reports so many times but never received any feed back and more over getting connected to customer support itself is a big issue. I regret by choosing one plus one.

  • conor

    any recent news?

  • conor

    thining about getting oneplus 3T with bundle pack and insurance but think a promo code would sweeten the deal. any chance someone can help me?

  • when is One Plus 4 or 5 is coming ? samsung had already launched their flagship

  • Everything is good but OnePlus Mobiles are expensive in India

  • any recent news?

    Nutrisi Anak Telat Bicara

  • does oneplus 5 gets all the latest android updates ?

  • Why you guys dont update OnePlus blog anymore?

  • siga diagne

    Why do oneplus icons not have

  • Chaitanya Chari

    I prefer One Plus devices after Apple Devices.

  • Thanks for sharing this, Explore more about OnePlus on YTECHB

  • Kandiane N’diaye

    The open sales strategy for OnePlus 3 has really helped the company to gain trust of fans all over the world.

  • Kandiane N’diaye

    The open sales strategy for OnePlus 3 has really helped the company to gain trust

  • Kandiane N’diaye

    Jay, I needed SuperSU because a couple of my root apps