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January 16 2016 | By: OnePlus Team
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2016 has well and truly begun. Slowly but surely, life has returned to the offices of OnePlus. Old faces have popped up in new places, and new faces have been making their introductions. One face, or snout, we were particularly happy to be welcoming back to the office was Albie’s. Following a brief stay at the hospital for surgery on her hind legs, everybody’s favorite puppy has finally made her way back to the office.

Another long-term absentee from our store made a comeback this week: USB Type-C adapters are back in stock. The USB Type-C port has long been a staple of the OnePlus 2’s design, offering an amazingly convenient way to charge your device and transfer data.

Our collective jaw hit the floor more than once this week, as the creative-photography-geniuses of our diverse community ran wild with the One Day, One Photo initiative (see the image above for proof!). We don’t envy our panel of judges, with this many mesmerizing options on offer, having to pick one photo to showcase each day makes for a daunting task indeed. We absolutely cannot wait to find out what else you guys have in store for us. Keep them coming!

Over on the forums, for our Question of the Week we asked you how you felt about the various types of meetups we’ve been putting up. We’re always trying to come up with new and exciting ways to interact with the people on whom we depend, you. So, if you’ve got any feedback or ideas, feel free to stop by and share your thoughts. If you’re feeling lucky, you can also cast your vote in the thread to participate in our weekly giveaway contest.

Also, did you know hurricane OnePlus has made landfall in the United Kingdom? If you’re from the land of Fish and Chips, make sure to stop by the OnePlus UK Facebook page for news on our local events in your area.

Speaking of the UK, we were absolutely shell-shocked to learn of the untimely passing of the original Iconoclast: David Bowie. One of the zaniest artists of our time, we’ve spent years playing and replaying some of our favorite Bowie songs. We’d love to hear from you about the Bowie songs that left a mark on you.

The movie industry lost another all-time great this week in the form of Alan Rickman. We can still remember the goosebumps we got as he scared the bejeebus out of us as both Severus Snape and Hans Gruber. With so many unforgettable roles to choose from, we have a hard time picking a favorite. What Rickman role was your favorite? Let us know in the comments.

More exciting developments are waiting just around the corner, so we hope you’re looking forward to next week’s update. If you have any thoughts on the topics discussed in this week’s update, you can stop by the forums to discuss them with the other members of the OnePlus family. That’s all folks, enjoy your weekend!

  • Broke Bacon Lover

    When is opo getting oxygen 2.x.x ?

    • Seamus Heaney

      CyanogenMod is 10x better. Us OP2 owners would die for a fully working, official CM ROM. You guys complaining about Oxygen lol.

  • CaptainZap

    Where is our promised OPO OxygenOS 2.0 update ??? Come on guys, not another disappointment !!!

    • Broke Bacon Lover

      🙁 seems OnePlus has forgotten about us One users (the early supporters)

      • Faktzi

        if you are an ” early ” supporter will you got an OnePlus two device..

    • dys

      I have the OPX and I’d prefer CM against OOS – and majority of others too!

    • Jehan Kateli

      They said it’s not a priority, so I wouldn’t expect it soon.

    • Rahul Raaj Jamuar

      I don’t understand why OPO users are so excited about Oxygen OS. I have used OPO with COS for around 2-3 months and now using OOS on my OPT. I must say COS is way better than OOS(even after 2.2.0 update) with tons of customization and optimized feel of COS. On the other hand, OOS still needs lots of optimization to utilize the hardware. I wish there was COS for OnePlus 2. I would have never went for OOS in that case.

  • pa5t1s

    R.I.P David Bowie, indeed…
    What about Rene Angélil? Billions of people are found of Céline Dion, ain’t they? 😛

    • eye842

      Don’t forget Daniel Dion, Celine’s brother died yesterday.

      Must have been a horrible week for her.

      • pa5t1s

        Damn! I didn’t know that !
        Indeed, terrible week 🙁

  • Umberto Sgobba

    Is it possible that a member of the one plus family has to buy phone 📱 covers from other dealers and not from his own store? It seems almost every product is gone. In plus the proper flag ship 🚢 killer 2015 is out of stock. The 2016 is begun! Get ready! Words flying away!

  • me

    Et pour le service après vente vous prévoyez de faire quelque chose ?????

    Depuis le 12 octobre 2015, plus de possibilité de saisir du texte sur mon one +. l’écran tactile déconne. Ils ont tout fait pour ne pas que je le retourne et finalement je l’ai revoyé.
    Après 4 mois de palabres et d’attentes et de propositions toutes plus improbables les unes que les autres pour comprendre pouquoi mon One + one ne fonctionne plus : flasher soi même son One + One, essai infructueux de prendre la main sur le One + depuis je ne sais où, le service après vente (c’est une blague de lui donner ce nom !) m’informe que mon One + a été endommagé par du liquide ou qu’il a connu connu un accident !!!!
    Jamais de la vie !
    Vu la manière dont ils ont pris en charge mon problème je n’ai jamais pensé qu’ils proposeraient autre chose que ce mensonge !
    Il me propose de le réparer pour 250 euros ces voleurs. Je leur propose d’en faire l’usage pour lequel il est destiné !

    Surtout évitez One +

  • Yugender Elugu

    Oxygen OS to OnePlus One users ? Why the fuck you’re ignoring OPO users ? Stupid developers.

    • Jehan Kateli

      CyanogenOS is the only ROM that’s officially supported for the OPO. Oxygen OS was just released as an experiment, so it’s not a high priority.

    • di wu

      Why are you being so rude? When you purchased OnePlus One, allowing you to use Oxygen OS was not part of the deal.

  • Yugender Elugu

    OnePlus seems shitty on OPO users.

  • eye842

    I’m a big fan of the early Bowie but it can be hard to recommend them to the general public. In my top 10 list you will find tracks like:

    When I’m Five
    Let Me Sleep Beside You
    In The Heat Of The Morning
    Quicksand (Try to find the 1971 demo version, it’s so intense).
    Memory Of A Free Festival (The original 7″ version from 1970)
    Wild Is The Wind
    Space Oddity (1979 re-recording)

  • Swarnit Mankar

    when will be the theme engine provided for one plus 2???
    cant customise the one plus 2 not even fonts…
    cos for one plus one is much better than oos…
    no updates nothis…
    disappointed one plus team… 🙁

  • Nick A

    Casey Neistat who IMO is the best YouTube Vlogger is now rocking a OnePlus 2 in his latest vlog. Just wanted to suggest you guys collab with him either launch the OnePlus 3 or just in general make a OnePlus video. There’s a video on YouTube where he posts his address titled “Free $2 Bills” you guys should try to set something up. Anyways just a fan OnePlus and Casey keep up the good work!

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  • Onepus sexy day by day <3

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