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January 3 2016 | By: OnePlus Team
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As the year 2016 is upon us, this is a good time for us to reflect and be thankful for this incredible past year we just had. 2015 was an amazing year for OnePlus. Not only did we manage to release two more devices that we are very proud of, the OnePlus 2 and OnePlus X, we also made great strides on sticking to our roots and brand ethos of Never Settle, always challenging the status quo, and putting community first as much as we can.

What we are the most thankful for is the overwhelming support we have received from you guys, our community. Thank you for your support for us across the board. From attending our pop-up events for both the OnePlus 2 and OnePlus X, joining and engaging with us on social media and our forums, and meeting you guys us at other various events we had throughout the year.

With that in mind, check out the pictures below as we believe they adequately depict the highlights of 2015 at OnePlus:

team_blue_Blog (1)

Indonesia fan gathering











colette_newsletter (1)


D-mop in Hong Kong



2015 was a wonderful year. We hope in 2016 we will rival or even surpass it, sticking to our roots and philosophy of: Never Settle!

  • Luca Duci

    OnePlus 3 wishlist.
    5.5″ amoled 2k
    16Mpx camera
    8Mpx front camera with ois.
    Front facing dual stereo speakers.
    Snapdragon 820
    4 gigs RAM
    3700 mAh battery
    Type-c with Qualcomm fast charge 3.0

    • Lucas Uijttenboogaard


      • endru098

        And good software for example oxygen’s 3.0

        • Lucas Uijttenboogaard

          jeah man that is the dreamphone

    • TehnoGuy

      I would rather have them use VOOC charging from OPPO rather than Quick Charge. It charges the Find 7(3000 mah) from 0 to 75% in 30 minutes.

      • SpectralKH

        Nah, let’s go straight to the aluminum batteries :p

    • Wilam

      2k? OIS in front facing camera? Really? :/

      • Luca Duci

        It’s my wishlist. 2k amoled becuase i want the best display ever on a OnePlus device. Ois in front camera because i want better selfies at night.

  • Kelly Wasden

    Add decent LTE bands for all US customers… NFC… Pretty ridiculous you don’t add the bands EVERY carrier is moving toward 700mhz.

    • georgekg

      “EVERY carrier”? Really? Didn’t you forgot – America is not the WORLD! It’s OK to ask something like you asked, but your attitude is pretty annoying…

      • Kelly Wasden

        My apologies for living in America and caring about what bands American providers are using. Yes, EVERY carrier in US (since I am from the US) is moving to that band rapidly. Nor did I say America is the world. Also, if you are looking to flame someone with an opinion, try to challenge it or, in your case, provide context instead of poor grammar and insinuating I said things I really didn’t.

        • georgekg

          Please do not reply anymore, because you just proving my words – you have no respect to anybody who is not from America. And that is all I was talk about in my reply to your comment.

          Yes, you should apologize for living in America, because there is so many people like you, who was raised without any respect to the rest of the world.

          Sorry for my “poor grammar” I didn’t born in US so my English grammar can’t be perfect, but it is much better than many people’s grammar who was born in the US. Shall we talk about your grammar of my language? Do you know any other language at all, when you give yourself right to comment other people’s knowledge?

          In my reply to your comment I was talk about YOUR ATTITUDE when you are asking something. You ACT like the US is the most important country in the world, so every manufacturer MUST follow every US regulative. You are talking about “adding LTE bands” like it is something manufacturer can do just like that, like it is a child’s game. Also, do you know how much people live in China – home of One Plus? Why do you think that One Plus MUST have US carriers in mind when making smartphones?
          They brings us such nice peaces of hardware and give us opportunity to have them. So if you can’t use it, don’t blame manufacturer (“Pretty ridiculous you don’t add…”) Ask politely (do you know what is this?) what you want/need OR buy another phone OR blame EVERY US carrier because THEY don’t think about people who want to buy phones without LTE.

          My country still isn’t on One Plus shipping list and I’m not mad about that. I don’t talk like you “it is ridiculous you didn’t add my country to your shipping list…” I wait patiently. But you, you act like a savage “it is RIDICULOUS you didn’t think about America when you making phones, bla, bla…” Why would they? You can act like you did when some America’s manufacturer (do you have one?) do something like that, but One Plus is China’s manufacturer, and it is absolutely normal they are think about China’s carriers. Do you know how many devices One Plus sold in China? So why would they even think about few thousand devices sold in America? Think again before you act like you already did.

          Please, learn to be polite and learn to respect other people.

  • Marlene Hullett

    My wish for the OnePlus 3 is an 5.7″ amoled 2K 16 mp duel front 5 mp 8 mp 4000 mAh battery snapdragon 820 4 g ram 64/128 ROM fast charging. All at $400. OK I can dream right.

  • Fernando M Avila

    Spectacular. Good Vibrations

  • Vishal Singh

    My wishlist

    OnePlus 3

    5.7″ amoled 2k screen
    Duel sim.
    21Mpx camera ( Manual Camera settings – like… low light images and videos )
    8Mpx front camera with ois.
    Front facing dual stereo speakers.
    Snapdragon 820
    4 gigs RAM
    128 ROM,
    support memory card
    Type-c with Qualcomm fast charge 3.0,

    and most important —- 5000 mAh battery. but i hate to carry power bank or looking for charging point.
    we will not mind to pay $500-$550 for amazing product.

  • mohit choudhary

    what is the configuration of OnePlus 3?
    Any Body Know It, Pleas Tell Me.

  • Huy

    OnePlus wishlist: A qualified customer support team

  • Peter Bergonzi

    Super year for you OnePlus!
    If you keep up the great work, 2016 will be even better.

  • Amit Nandha

    hey can anyone tell me when we got update of 12s cynogen for oneplusone for Indian user. we are waiting for update. ?????

  • Undercoverjudge

    OnePlus wishlist: a stable os

  • pa5t1s

    Wishes for 2016?
    A totally new and different device (not a phone?)
    What about a slim laptop, CherryTrail-driven, dual-boot ?
    What about a smart fitness device?

  • georgekg

    My wishlist for next One Plus:

    Never settle and make another beautiful deivce

  • Aravinda Swamy

    When OnePlus three launch? What it’s specs and is it had a projected lamp,fingerprint and retina sensors. Please reply

  • baskar

    can anyone update when will the invite start for one+3

  • baskar

    whether to buy one+2 now or wait for the release 3

  • Ois in front camera because i want better selfies at night.

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