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December 12 2015 | By: OnePlus Team
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As promised in our Last Chance for Christmas sale, weekly open sales for the OnePlus X kick off December 15. That means you won’t need an invite to purchase the OnePlus X Onyx for 24 hours. These open sales will be held every Tuesday, so keep checking back and be sure to share the good news with your friends. This Tuesday there may even be a special surprise waiting for you in our store.

This week, we officially launched the limited edition OnePlus X Ceramic, beautifully crafted from zirconia ceramic. For those of you looking for invites (the Ceramic requires its own special invite), we’ll be having contests on our social media channels (like this one on our Instagram), with more ways to buy it coming soon.

Start spreading the news…Those in New York City may have caught a glimpse of our big OnePlus 2 announcement in Times Square – the OnePlus 2 is invite-free forever (check it out in the photo above)! We’re pretty excited about this one. This is a big moment in OnePlus history!

On Monday, we also launched a new luxury accessory for the OnePlus X – the Hard Graft Classic Phone Case. It’s like a warm, wooly sweater for your smartphone. Just look at how cozy it is:

A photo posted by OnePlus (@oneplustech) on

If you’ve ever seen one of our OnePlus backpacks and loved it, you’ll want to check out this week’s Question of the Week on the forums. Our product team wants your input, and by answering a quick survey, they’ll have a better idea of how to create super awesome swag you’ll love.

We also teamed up with AirConsole, a startup that allows you to use your computer as a game console and your smartphone as a controller, to bring you some exclusive content. Head over here to get access to some fun games to play with friends. Tell us what you think on the forums – AirConsole is there and waiting for your feedback.

What do OnePlus, Star Wars and Paris have in common? Most of the time not much, honestly, but next week the three combine to form one of our most ambitious events yet: a OnePlus community screening of the new Star Wars movie. For more details follow our French Twitter account @OnePlus_FR. As you’d imagine, most of the spots are taken but there will be more ways to get on the list this coming week. Stay tuned.

Then, after Paris, our French community favorite Akis is heading to Lyon, where he’s got something quite special in store for anyone who likes invites or hanging out or the combination of the two which we call “meetup”. More details will follow on Twitter. Basically, if you’re in France and you like OnePlus, next week is going to be a big deal.

As the holidays are fast approaching, we’re glad so many of you have caught the holiday cheer and nominated your forum friends for a High Five! If you haven’t yet, we encourage you to show appreciation to your fellow OnePlus forumites on the High Five Initiative thread.

All right, that’s all from us this week. Don’t forget, next week marks our 2nd anniversary! We’ll for sure be celebrating, so don’t miss it.

  • toby tanfield

    When will the “leaks” begin for the OP3? I hope the leaks already made aren’t the design of it – It looks ugly!! But I’m sure there not real… I mean you have been talking with Samsung, and everybody knows SAMSUNG LOVES A LEAK HERE AND THERE! So maybe your taking a leaf from their book.

  • Fix the bugs of OnePlus 2, please!

  • Dukkied

    Question of the month: Icons in stock?

  • 15th December, YAY! It’s my birthday!!!

  • rurkowiec

    Will be 64gb OPO ever available again ?

    • scoupdogg

      you can Buy refurbished, but buy Nexus 6, trust me WAY better

  • Judhajit Misra

    Great Week for the Team

  • NightMean

    If anybody is interested in Cyanogen 12.1 on OnePlus X check xda thread ! 🙂

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  • Muhammet Raşit Coşgun

    Great Week for the Team. polyurea su yalıtımı

  • Mejores Top
  • Kandiane N’diaye

    When will the “leaks” begin for the OP3? I hope the leaks already made aren’t the design of it