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December 13 2015 | By: Agilan
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We just wrapped up our inaugural Toronto Photo Walk! We had an amazing time in the Six (made famous by the great Canadian philosopher Drake). It was great meeting our Toronto OnePlus community despite the -1°C Canadian winter. This is what we love to do here at OnePlus – engaging and meeting our community in person. At the end of the day, events like this where we get to interact with our community is of our favorite part of working at OnePlus. Started from the bottom now we here!

Our journey started in the Financial District of Toronto at the One King Hotel. Despite my heroic effort, I was not able to wear my OnePlus Never Settle t-shirt without a jacket on. Sorry to those who were searching for a Never Settle t-shirt. The weather forecast failed us! At this iconic building, we met up with Javin Lau, and got to know one another before we started our trek.

The photo walk kickstarted in the basement of One King Hotel, which used to be an old bank vault (safety deposit room and all). This hidden Toronto gem is a great testament to the city’s old foundation and roots.

From here we moved onto the Gooderham Building, a historical landmark in Toronto and an early example of a prominent flatiron building. This perfect focal point served as a great opportunity to test the OnePlus cameras. Since this building has a unique two-point perspective, there was a lot of room to play around with angles.

As it was getting colder, we shifted indoors to the famous Brookfield Place, home of the Hockey Hall of Fame. After all, what kind of Canadian photo walk would this be if hockey isn’t involved in some way? There were plenty of chances to take some wonderful shots due to the extravagant postmodernist architecture of this great building. It definitely let our inner creative photographers shine. Everything from the rounded sloping glass roof, the mirrored walls, to the massive white Christmas tree, provide its own unique flavor to our photos.

We then made our way to Toronto’s primary railway station, Union Station. The station was designated a National Historic Site of Canada in 1975, and it was nice seeing the famous hub that connects the entire city together.

From there we used the SkyWalk that connects the Union Station to the CN Tower and Rogers Centre to get to Graffiti Alley.

Graffiti Alley, located in Toronto’s fashion district, is a popular spot for Instagrammers. This very famous underground spot showcases some of Toronto’s awesome street art. An interesting contrast to the day’s classic architecture. There was even an alleged spotting of Canadian television and radio personality George Stroumboulopoulos in the alley. (But the jury’s still out on that one…)

As it started getting dark, we concluded this epic day by hitting up Kensington Market to grab dinner and try some of the city’s best empanadas. The perfect ending to a perfect day. Despite the freezing weather, we had an awesome tour of the great city of Toronto, great company, and delicious food. What more could you ask for?

Again we want to thank Javin for being a wonderful guide, and the troopers who joined us in the lovely Torontonian November weather. Hope you had as much fun as we did, and enjoy your OnePlus X invites!

And for others elsewhere, keeps your eyes open, and frequent our social media and forums to find out if there’s another photo walk coming near you!

  • Judhajit Misra

    Good one..☺ Come to Kolkata

  • Paul Garten

    If you come to Hamburg, I will be in! 😀

  • Marlon

    I can’t believe I missed this 🙁

  • Javin

    It was pretty awesome to be part of this. Thanks for coming to everyone!

  • Kandiane N’diaye

    It was pretty awesome to be part of this. Thanks for coming to everyone!