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December 3 2015 | By: Cat
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As a tech startup, our game plan has always heavily relied on online sales, and it will certainly continue to do so. Without overhead costs, we can offer premium products without the premium price tag. But, there’s something to be said for meeting our fans in person. Interacting with all of you is the best part of the job, and it’s hard to do that just online.

That’s why we love pop-ups. They’re a fantastic way for young companies like us to interact with those who know us best (just read these articles from MarketWatch and We Are Pop Up for more evidence of how great they are). However temporary, we can meet more of you, partner with some pretty awesome brands, and bring Never Settle to more places in the world. When it came time to decide on where we should take the OnePlus X post-launch, we decided on some of the world’s most fashion-forward cities: Paris, London, Berlin, Rome, Hong Kong, and Los Angeles. Not only did we get to make new friends at the coolest boutiques out there, but we also got to see our dearest and most loyal fans.


Our first stop was colette, where we had three days of exclusive sales for the OnePlus X. People were lined up around the street of Rue Saint-Honoré – some came as early as 6:45 before doors opened at 11:00! On November 1, we held a cocktail party in colette’s Water Bar where fans could come and meet the OnePlus team and other OnePlus fans.


Next stop for the OnePlus X was London. We teamed up with The Dandy Lab, a new menswear boutique in East London. And even though it was Bonfire Night in the UK, we saw a huge turnout, so thanks, UK fans! As everyone shopped, staff served cocktails and canapes, and downstairs Dandy Lab set up an Xbox Kinect for entertainment. They even threw in a special coupon for their store in our gift bags. Thanks, Dandy Lab!


The concept store LNFA was our gracious host for the Berlin event. We shared some good drinks and great food with our fans (and even met some new users who had never heard of OnePlus prior to the pop-up), and were reunited with some old friends.


At Holypop Store, renowned sneakerhead mecca, we brought the OnePlus X to the people of Rome! Just like the others, we had a pretty huge and lively turnout. But this time, there was lots of hugging and that famous Italian hospitality. Although our last OnePlus 2 pop up was in Milan, it’s hard to say which of the two cities we liked best. Our Italian fans are some of the most vivacious we’ve ever seen! We’ll be back for sure, Rome.


While fashionistas camped out for the impending Kanye West line to hit D-mop in Hong Kong’s Causeway Bay, OnePlus fans queued around the block for a chance to demo and buy the OnePlus X. We had some liquid nitrogen ice cream on hand for fans to enjoy, which may have been the most Instagrammable dessert we’ve ever seen.


Our first ever event in Los Angeles took place at Austere, a space in Downtown LA for Scandinavian design & innovation. We managed to create an inspiring atmosphere for our fans and guests, and we were delighted to meet some of our very first forum members here.


And, of course, we have to send a big shout out to all of our volunteers – the OnePlus fans who donated their time and dedication to making these pop-ups a huge success. We couldn’t have done this without your help, and you are all amazing! All in all, it’s safe to say we’ll continue doing pop-ups around the world for a long time. So, where should we go next? Share your vote in the comments.

  • toby tanfield

    If the next OnePlus phone needs an invite to buy, it’s officially a marketing stunt. So il go buy at Huawei instead. Just saying, still love this company, and what its done, i loved the OPO I just hope marketing doesn’t go to there heads like other companies. Also, why don’t oneplus employees reply to some of these comment, they don’t have to but it would be cool.

  • Sam Weddle

    Indianapolis in the U.S.

  • Martin Coulon

    Oneplus should work with the rom dev community a lill more, most of the good developers jumped on the Oneplus 2, but with no support from the company are selling it already & getting N6p. I have OPO & OPT, and the OPT is now a paperweight on my desk. If nothing changes soon they will prolly end up on swappa.

    • akwingnut


  • Erdem
  • Dany Meza

    I hope, you add Mexico City to your list, Love OnePlusX

  • Daniel Powers

    Chicago. Its a big enough city to make us feel overlooked and there are lots of OnePlus fans. We’ve also got some pretty cool places that you could set up shop in.

  • Adithya Kolitha

    I’am pretty big one plus x fan and I’m in Sri Lanka with no way to get this other than by a invite, when will u guys ditch the invite system.

  • Kandiane N’diaye

    Oneplus should work with the rom dev community a lill more, most of the good developers jumped on the Oneplus 2