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November 14 2015 | By: OnePlus Team
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Our thoughts are with France today. We hope everyone from our community in Paris is safe, and our hearts go out to the victims, their families, and to all of you. Nous sommes tous Parisiens.

This week, more OnePlus X pop-ups took place in LNFA in Berlin, Holypop in Rome, and D-mop in Hong Kong. Meeting so many of our fans was a great way to spend our 100th week, and thanks to everyone who came out to see the OnePlus X and visit with the team! We had a blast in your cities, and can’t wait to do more events with you guys. Don’t forget we still have our last OnePlus X pop-up in Los Angeles next week – the exact location will be disclosed on November 21, but head to our pop-ups page for more details or follow the hastag #OnePlusXLA on Twitter.

Holypop in Rome

Holypop in Rome

D-mop in Hong Kong

D-Mop in Hong Kong

Ruta and Mike were in Helsinki this week for Slush. They had a meetup with some of our Nordic fans and even met the Mighty Eagle himself.
This evening, they’ll be in Amsterdam for another meetup! They’ve hidden OnePlus X invites all over the city (find them with #OnePlusXXX clues on Twitter). If you find one, bring it to the meetup venue and you’ll get some exclusive OnePlus swag! But, invite or not, come to Pllek at 17:00 to join us. If you’re in the Netherlands, we’d love to see you there! See if you can solve the mystery.

Mark your calendars, North American fans, because sales for the OnePlus X begin on Thursday, November 19! If anyone has received an invite through one of our contests, you’ll be able to claim and use it then.

If you like to use SwiftKey as your go-to keyboard, we have a Winter-is-Coming gift for you: SwiftKey is offering a Winter Vibe theme pack bundle for free, exclusive for OnePlus users! If you haven’t already, find out how to get the bundle here.

For our fans in the Middle East, we are excited to announce our newest authorized reseller in the UAE and Saudi Arabia, The OnePlus One and OnePlus 2 are available, as well as select accessories.

OxygenOS 2.1.2 began rolling out to both the OnePlus 2 and OnePlus X earlier this week. For a full breakdown of what you’ll find in these updates, read more on our forums: OnePlus 2, OnePlus X.

In celebration of 100 weeks of OnePlus, we have a huge accessories giveaway going on right now on our Facebook and Twitter. Share one of our posts for a chance to win OnePlus One or OnePlus 2 accessories! Make sure you fill out the form so you are eligible. Also, please note that the type of accessories given to winners will be subject to availability.

Week 100 wouldn’t be possible without the immense support from all of our fans, and we thank you for believing in us the past (nearly) two years. We can’t wait for you to see what we have in store for our 2nd birthday! *wink wink* Have a great weekend and be safe.

  • Joshua Smith

    Wink wink eh

    4 weeks to wait I’m excited!

  • OxygenOS for OnePlus One? Anyone? Nope? Thank you!

    • anees

      in the Q&A helen said its almost ready but its taking long as its not prioritised as the default os is cyanogen and they are concentrating on OP2 and OPX

    • i9

      Why don’t you want CM?

      • Joshua Simpson

        Because CM is shite and full of annoying bugs.

  • cajc90

    Wink Wink finding it hard to wait..

  • Judhajit Misra

    What a eventful week for OnePlus team and fans.And congratulations for the 100 weeks ..

  • Aseem

    OnePlus One is not getting enuf attention ..sad

  • lth1958

    current phone is having issues.. would buy an X but not sure when or if will get an invite. most likely will end up spending much more than i should for a phone a little better or buying an inferior phone for what i would spend on an X. Invite system creates a buzz and demand but also loses sales as people go elsewhere.

    • Van Schwank

      Get a OnePlus One

      • lth1958

        nope. got a samsung galaxy s5 active for 300.

  • Jordan Day

    Where is OxygenOS 2 for the OnePlus One?? You guys are getting your original fans down big time.

    • Christian

      There will not be an OxygenOS 2 for OnePlus. They dont do version numbers that way. It will still be 1.x.x. The question you and everyone should be asking is… when will a Marshmallow variant be released…

      • Van Schwank

        Early next year

        • Christian

          Yeah, just saw the post that says Q1

  • Prem Wilson

    Hello everyone.. i have oneplus x but i dont have check for update 2.1.2 for oneplus x so please help me

  • Rio Basuni

    anyone planning to attend the #OnePlusXLA, i’ll see you there 😉

  • K.S.N

    does anyone have noticed that the “Ok Google” fonctionality in the Oxygen Os homescreen does not work poperly ? When the detection of the command “ok google” in all screen is enabled, it does not work.

    • Christian

      I don’t think anyone can do this without installing the Google launcher. Simply download it from the Play Store and it should resolve any issues you have.

      Holy crap my battery life improved with this patch!!!!

      • K.S.N

        It works very well with Google now launcher of course but, it does with Oxygen Os as well. Since the last update the problem is fixed. But it still remains the bug that when another app needs to emit a sound(notification, pop up sound etc.) if your were listining to music, it stops playing queerly before restarting.
        but anyway… not so important

  • hamish

    anyone giving away one plus x invites plz

  • Joshua Simpson

    Guys, when is the One getting Oxygen OS 2? You’re really letting your original fans down. CM don’t care to make a polished user experience. We need oxygen OS, but as far as I can see we’re left behind basically absolutely disregarded. It’s like the One and your original supporters barely ever even happened. Shame.

  • Warren Bickley

    OnePlus 2 Invites:


    Enjoy 🙂

  • Egre

    I won this contest, still not received gift for my OnePlus 2: he feels so lonely 🙂

  • they don’t have to but it would be cool.