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November 8 2015 | By: OnePlus Team
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For the OnePlus X, we wanted to do something special for our fans. Although we were rolling out our newest device faster than ever, the OnePlus X was a special milestone in our startup’s history, and it needed to kick off with a bang. Following an enormously successful run with the OnePlus 2, colette was the perfect setting for the first-ever OnePlus X pop-up event. And, for three amazing days, things couldn’t have gone better.

We couldn’t believe what we saw on Twitter – fans began queuing up around colette all morning. In the chilly November weather, on top of that. The very first fan, Matt, had been at the doors since 6:00 am! Some people had traveled far. We got to meet a great family visiting from Belgium; the oldest son was a proud owner of a OnePlus 2 and his younger brother convinced the whole family to sojourn to Paris for a chance to get the OnePlus X. We hope our colette event was the cherry on top of a fantastic holiday.

Later in the day, we started prepping colette’s downstairs Water Bar, a restaurant featuring different bottled water from all over the world, for the pop-up cocktail party. Our VIP guests (the very first people in France to reserve their OnePlus X invite) started milling in, collecting their gift bags and glasses of champagne. While Carl gave interviews to some of our favorite French tech blogs, Emmanuel demoed the OnePlus X Ceramic and the new OnePlus Icons to fans eager to buy.

We didn’t want the night to end too quickly, so we invited our remaining guests to join us for food and drinks at a bar in the Opéra district. It was an unforgettable evening for all of us. A big shout out to all our amazing Parisian fans who made it!

Of course, none of this would have been possible without your support, and the help from the great partners we have in colette. Thank you so much for visiting us at our first OnePlus X pop-up store, and we hope to meet many more of you as we continue to take the OnePlus X around the globe.

Where are we headed next? Check out this handy map for more information on our upcoming pop-up stores where you can buy the OnePlus X in person and invite-free.

  • Judhajit Misra
  • Mohamad Wahba

    i like the spirit

  • David Bešťák

    Hi! Can someone send me an invate for phone OnePlus X? If I can buy it from you? How much? Send me Private message.

  • Jehan Kateli

    Were those pictures taken with a OPX?

  • Vinod K

    URGENT: Please fix micro sd card not loading issue first & battery performance

  • Jimmy

    The one plus 2 has some serious issues. The touch is really slow and it doesn’t work. The phone hangs a lot.

    • gerson lobos

      have you find a solution to your problem?
      I recently bought the OP2 and now i wonder if
      i am going to regret it do to the problems i see here.

      • Jimmy

        there is no solution yet. i just keep rebooting the phone whenever it hangs. The touch in an iphone is way better.

  • aashish

    Trying so hard for one plus x invites but stil not getting any! 🙁

    • Sunil

      Do u need one???

      • Alessandro Voltan

        i need one!!
        can you help me?

      • Shirley Firmager

        I need one please

  • Jainul Abideen

    Hi friends , i bought 4 mobile phone 1+ 64 GB , after 3 months al the mobiles give problem of sim card dedection…this mobile 1 plus is useless mobiles …dont buy please…useless customer service.I have spoken CS they send some hardware exe file , but use. This mobile is absolutely useless

  • Sushil Pooni

    Hi frnds, I m lucky to have got One Plus X on Diwali eve and I have very happy with this product. It s real high tech beauty. Just love it and want all of U to go for it.

    • darwin

      can u send me an invitation

      • Sushil Pooni

        Sorry Darwin, I don’t any other invite yet

    • Shirley Firmager

      Can you send me an invite please

      • Sushil Pooni

        sorry dear, I dont have another invite.

        • Shirley Firmager

          Thank you anyway

  • Jules Kaminsky

    Can someone please please send me an invite for the one plus X!? For Canada 🙂

  • boardtc

    Can I twist anyone’s arm for a OnePlus X invite for Ireland? 🙂

  • Kurt De Clercq

    Hello guys and girls, I am still queuing up for an invite and I would like to know if the gps functions ok, even in secluded spaces like buildings or buses and cars – I travel a lot to capitals in Europe and I use the Citymapper ap to use public transport – very, very dependent on good gps signals.

  • Sofia Neubert

    Hi I was wondering, will the Oneplus X start open sales (without invite) exactly after a month? I mean on December 5th?

  • B Muthu Kumar

    Hi guys, I have an invite for Oneplus X..

    • Hemantkumar

      Hello Muthu –
      Can you please share the details – if you do not intend to get yourself one,. +91 9008 44 11 99

      [email protected]

  • very dependent on good gps signals.