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October 17 2015 | By: OnePlus Team
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The very first OnePlus 2 open sales happened on Monday! For three one-hour time slots, users around the world could purchase the OnePlus 2 without an invite. Although we ran into some technical issues with our servers, we extended the sales for each region, and are continually sending out invites to compensate some of our fans who had trouble completing their orders.

In an initiative to help those without close access to reliable healthcare, we are now working with Hope Phones, a non-profit organization that distributes used smartphones to doctors, nurses, and patients in remote areas. That’s why we’re asking for you to #TakeTheEdgeOff and trade in your Samsung handsets for a brand-new OnePlus 2 on us! Your old smartphone will be used by Hope Phones to help someone in need. If you’re interested, simply use #TakeTheEdgeOff on social media and follow these steps to enter. This event will close on Sunday (October 18) and the winners will be chosen on Monday!

Our CEO Pete headed to India to speak at the Economic Times Startup Awards and later announced that OnePlus will begin manufacturing in the country by the end of the year.

Meanwhile, Carl and Steven spent this week in Israel, one of our fastest growing fan bases. On Monday, they hosted a fan meetup at a cool rooftop bar Tel Aviv. They met over 50 fans of all ages and backgrounds, Carl signed some fans’ phones and answered a lot of challenging questions. They can’t wait to go back there! We’ve also launched a brand new OnePlus Israel page – check it out. And don’t forget to follow the new Facebook page for Israel updates.

The design aficionados and appreciators of aesthetically-pleasing things at Hypebeast just released their review of the OnePlus 2. Find out what they think about the looks and performance of our latest flagship.

And just in case you missed it, our new Type-C Cable is available in our store at cost (and in two different lengths!). They’re perfect for keeping spares in your car, office, private jet, or whatever. Check out the video to see what sets it apart from the competition:

Major PSA: The OnePlus 2 reservation list is closing on October 22, so be sure to sign up if you haven’t already! For more information on what this means for you and your future invites, check this forum post.

That’s it from us for this week. By the way, did you see something new is coming on October 29? Who knows what it could be, but you better keep an eye on our Twitter to find out.

Oh, and if you found this update to be too informative and not funny enough, there’s an alternative one made by our forum members. Indeed.

  • Jehan Kateli

    When/is Oxygen OS 2.0 coming to the OPO?

    Any timeline for Android 6.0 (for OPO and OP2)?

    • hej

      +1 I am really interested in knowing when you are planning on launching Android 6.0 for the OnePlus Two.
      Would love to be able to benefit from the battery saving options in the new version

  • sh3llshock97

    Whoop whoop made it to the official blog!

  • IceTea323

    Next Open Sale ?

  • DUZX

    Didn’t mention the patch that was released on Wednesday.
    Didn’t mention anything about Marshmallow.

    • hej

      Yeah, I was hoping to get some information on these topics as well…

    • aenews

      Relatively minor patch but addressed on the OnePlus Forums under a staff post regarding the OxygenOS 2.1.1 Update.

    • Merewoodbebox

      there new phone is launching soon, i have a feeling they may drop marshmallow for both phones on the same day or at least say when its coming for the Oneplus 2. the oneplus 1 wont get it, they will leave that phone in the hands of CM team

  • nasa


    I’ happy to hear those good news, but i would have preferred more useful informations in this post.

    We are all waiting for answers like:

    – When the 16Gb/3Gb Model will be available ?
    – When will be the next Open Sale ?
    – When will we receive our invite ?
    – What is the current delivery time in each region ?
    – When OxygenOS with Android M will be available ?

    Thanks in advance for your feedback.


    • aenews

      Ordered a OnePlus 2 in Early September and it arrived in four days from when I ordered, shipping directly from China to SoCal via DHL Priority Shipping. Ordered a OnePlus 2 on October 12 (Open Sales) and the order remained in processing until October 15. Shipped on October 16 from the North American Warehouse (Rosemead, CA) and arrived the next day on October 17 via USPS 2-Day Priority Shipping.

      There’s no point in purchasing the 16GB OnePlus 2 to save a few bucks. It is barely cheaper and would have 12GB of usable internal storage if not less.

      They haven’t announced another open sale, but have been sending out tons of invites. I’ve had access to so many invites I lost count. They’ll definitely release Android Marshmallow, but they haven’t set a specific ETA.

      • Feel like sharing any invites? 😛

        • aenews

          Don’t have any currently but you should have gone for the open sales! There are going to be plenty more invites going around so stay tuned. Check out the OnePlus Forums for invite giveaways. If you are willing to pay a premium, you can find shareable invites sold on eBay by reputable sellers.

        • aenews

          Now I have an invite available and feel like sharing the invite…

      • nasa

        Thanks for the informations about delivery.
        So it seems that the phones are always shipped quite quickly.

        For the 16Gb model, in Europe it will be 339 euros instead of 399. It is nearly a 20% difference.
        And I always had 16Gb phones with 12Gb of usable memory without having more needs about space.
        I don’t play games, I don’t put all my music offline on Spotify, and I put my pics and vids on my computer every week.
        It is the same about the 3gb ram, I’m not a power user.
        So if I buy a cheap phone, why not try to buy the cheapest model ?

        Regarding the invites, I really don’t understand how you can have had acces to many invites. I didn’t receive any, and I can’t find one. But for now it doesn’t matter as I’m waiting for the 16gb model.


        • aenews

          I still think it’s crazy to want the 16GB Model just to save aa minor purchase amount. But I do have an invite available right now if you want it.

      • Thomas

        That’s really lucky. I ordered on October 12 as well. It’s still pending shipping to the UK.

      • akhmad bayhaqi

        would appreciate an invite 🙂

        • aenews

          Yeah sure just got some more invites I’m willing to share. But you need to respond immediately if you’re online.

          • akhmad bayhaqi

            thanks! please send to [email protected]

          • aenews

            Sent e-mail

          • Carlos mota

            please i need an invite! [email protected]

          • James Hiscox

            would like an invite as well [email protected]

          • thijs

            hi i really want a invite
            this phone is awsome

          • aenews

            What’s your e-mail?

          • thijs
          • Rajiv Sharma

            Pl send invite i need to buy oneplus two at [email protected]

          • aenews

            Sent invite 😉

          • Pradeep

            Hello I need an invite please invite me

          • aenews

            Sure thing only $10/Invite. Get your fresh hot invites! Just PM @aenews on OnePlus Forums and I’ll respond.

          • W1mm13

            Please send me an invite thx in advance

          • aenews


          • W1mm13
          • Daniel Chan

            Please send me a one plus 2 invite [email protected]

          • aenews

            Done sent 😉

            FYI I have at least a dozen OPX Invites to giveaway now!

          • aenews

            Check out Open Sales =)

          • Ganesan Elangovan

            I need an invite too. Please send it to [email protected] thanks in advance.

          • Jimmy Bonne

            Hello aenews, could you please send me an invite for he one plus 2 ? Kind regards

          • aenews

            Sure what’s your e-mail? Happened to get some more reservation list invites yesterday morning 😀

          • Jimmy Bonne

            Hello aenews, my email is [email protected] Thanks a lot, this is so much appreciated !

          • CabinFever

            Good morning aenews! Do you still have any extra invites you would be willing to share? My Samsung is in the throes of death and the OnePlus Two seems like my dream phone! 🙂

          • aenews

            Yeah sure send me your e-mail address, and I can get you set-up 😁

          • CabinFever

            Good morning renews! It turns out someone sent me an invite last night and I was able to buy my phone! Thank you for your kindness – it was very nice to wake up and see your message!

      • Zia

        Can I too have the pleasure to get an invite. Dying to get my hands on Oneplus 2. My mail id is [email protected]. plz plz plz, I’ll be thankful to you.

      • Stefan

        If you have anymore leftovers I would be a very happy receiver , my email is [email protected]
        THANKS in return!!

      • Emmanuel Buche

        Hello, may I please have an invite? Thanks
        [email protected]

        • aenews

          Sent invite 🐭

  • Android Developer

    I have a question:
    For how long does OnePlus promise to update its devices?
    Does it say so anywhere?

    • Andrea Rossi

      The OnePlus One should be updated by Cyanogen 2 years in total, from its launch. About OnePlus with Oxygen OS, and the OnePlus 2, I don’t remember

      • Android Developer

        yes, you are correct. I remember this was the deal, but they’ve stopped with Cyanogen before the 2 years ended, no?
        Do you think it will pass the time that Nexus devices get updates? This would be great.

        • Andrea Rossi

          No, it’s not ended the support from Cyanogen. Steve Kondik said Cyanogen OS 13 for the One will come, but no time was given. Anyway I don’t think it’ll be shipped as late as COS 12, because there were all the problems for the big changes between KitKat and Lollipop. I didn’t understand your last question. Sorry for bad English.

          • Android Developer

            I meant if it will be better than Nexus devices in term of updates for a long time.

          • Andrea Rossi

            Oh, I think it will be the same or slightly worse. We have to consider that developers (based on what I’ve seen and read about) are more interested in developing ROMs for the One, rather than Nexuses, so I think the One will have a longer life cycle.

          • Android Developer

            I’d prefer if OnePlus had an official statement, like Google. Google said it will support Nexus devices for at least 2 years, and also have 3 years of security updates.

  • vihanga sathsara

    Not a word about OnePlus one :/

  • dabohe

    Didn’t mention all the problems they have with the servers!

  • Joseph Griffin


  • BliZZaRd _

    I want to get the invite

  • safwan alji

    why will someone trade their 50-60k smartphones for just
    a 25k one plus 2…. with which we have no idea about how it will work!!
    stupid!! company -_-

  • safwan alji

    yu better post about the open sales…. atleast dat will be satisfying for ua customers !! tbh !

  • Javier Zamora

    Awesome to hear the news about the new oneplus 2. cant wait to try out the new type c mini usb, android reg mini plug has a lower life-span. Loved!— my oneplus 1… great features… the touch-screen response versus latest android competitors is off the scale. updates were good, and I did use some boot patches to get action on the auto-restart after the partition problem, but overall.. happy w it!… keep it up… looking forward to this new one!

  • Javier Fernández Raggio

    I believe updates to Marshmallow will appear on 29/10, at least on OP2.

  • Tommy Pearson

    That Type C Charger is a piece of Garbage that thing Broke with in a month or so of having the Phone
    fortunately Micro Center had a C-type USB in stock cost me $26.00 but it’d better made and chances of it bending and failing are 0%

  • Ishan Verma

    need invite for one plus 2.

  • Veshali.khinda

    Reasons on why I should get the onePlus 2?

  • Allanitomwesh

    >private jets
    Not owning a flying lift or magic carpet in 2015

  • Natha

    The OnePlus 2 doesn’t have any NFC. Too bad!

    No one will then be able to use the Android pay feature. I have an invitation to buy the OnePlus2 so I give it to anyone.

    • PierreSCD

      Hi, Do you still have the invite?

  • nicholas

    i tried purchasing on during the entire 2 hour slot and the website was down for the entire time! really not happy!

  • Partrick Marcus

    As a Newbie, I am always browsing online for articles that can be of assistance to me. Thank

  • haelee

    Should have these open sales once a month. Think a lot of people would love that

  • bma

    anyone who has an invite to share?

  • Ryan Wolf

    Enjoying the OP2 on Metro. Speeds are certainly better in my area than Sprint and T-Mobile, which is weird. I’m currently running both Sprint (S3 Lollipop 5.1) and Metro (OP2 Lollipop 5.1). Again, biggest drawback for me isn’t weight, it’s the lack of a tough case for this.

  • Vivek Bhagat

    Looking forward for an invite for one plus phones and joining the Family… !!!

  • Brijesh Barot

    can some one send an invite on [email protected]

  • Brijesh Barot

    need to get new device on urgent basis

  • Dev

    Will be expecting the One Plus 2 open sale soon. I wanna buy it ASAP.

  • Ganesan Elangovan

    Need an invite. Please share to [email protected] thanks

  • Helen Birk

    It looks cool! I’ve seen it at masterpapers review and was so impressed. Can’t wait to see it in life.

  • josh

    how do i get an invite? my email addy is [email protected]

  • Huib Bootsma

    I would like an invite for the one plus two, I’m just waiting en checking for the next open sales, only bad thing is that my current phone is losing his life bit by bit. Is there some one that need a few karma points? send me an invite: [email protected] thanks a lot

  • Antonio Vieira

    If only the OnePlus 2 had the same screen as the X on 5.5 and the possibility to insert Sd Card , already had bought it.
    Still waiting for a OnePlus like that……

  • paddy stack


  • Jimmy Bonne

    Hello, can someone help me out with an invite for the One + 2 ? My mail is [email protected], thanks a lot 1

  •  Edu Villar ⌘

    no hay manera de recibir invitaciones??

  • Sagar Talaviya


  • CabinFever

    Does anyone have an invite they would be willing to share? I would be eternally grateful! My address is: [email protected] Thank you!

  • john doe

    Anybody got a spare invite? Thanks
    [email protected]

  • Jack Rasmussen

    need a US invite email [email protected] please

  • Kandiane N’diaye

    I’ happy to hear those good news, but i would have preferred more useful informations in this post……..