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August 3 2015 | By: Agilan
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In an action-packed week, all of our work over the last few months finally came together as we released the OnePlus 2 in the world’s first VR product launch on Monday. It was an amazing moment for all of us as we watched our keynote along with the rest of the world. We truly enjoyed the making of this film, and we hope you had just as much fun watching.

But as quickly as the launch came and went, the next day nearly the entire OnePlus team packed their bags and flew to nine different cities to bring the OnePlus 2 to our fans around the world: New York, San Francisco, London, Berlin, Paris, Milan, New Delhi, Bangalore, and Jakarta. The turnout was incredible–we were blown away by how many people came out to see the OnePlus 2.


One day later, here are some memorable key moments for us from all nine events:


The whole OnePlus 2 worldwide pop-up experience kickstarted in Jakarta, Indonesia. On what was a beautiful sunny day, the staff and our volunteers went to the event space early, just to meet the fans that were clamoring to see the OnePlus 2 in person. The event took place at the Conclave which was packed to the rim. It was so loud that Shinta had to finally stand up on her chair so everyone could see her calling their names to go into the demo area.


There were plenty of memorable moments for us that we shared with the fans. One such moment was when a young boy bravely showed up at the pop-up on his own in his school uniform. Everyone in the crowd was cheering when it was his turn to be let into the demo area.

Overall, we had a lot of fun meeting and interacting with everyone who showed up. Everyone was excited, courteous, and most importantly, engaging with one another.



In New Delhi, we were presented with more than 1,200 fans that had gathered to experience the OnePlus 2 in person. They were queuing up since 10:00 am to get a glimpse of the OnePlus 2. We had fans from all over the country join us, and even a fan from Dubai who flew in that morning!


In Southern India, we held our event in Bangalore. All sorts of fans gathered to experience the OnePlus 2. Over 600 fans, 40 local bloggers, and some media personnel were in attendance. It was insane and we were overwhelmed by the overflow of support we received. There was a 1.5 kilometer line to get in and see the OnePlus 2, and fans from 11 different cities traveled to our pop-up event!



In Berlin, Cat, Ling, and Diego were joined by superfans Christian, Melina, and Alex at the Onefootball offices. We had so much fun engaging with the fans and letting them get a hands-on experience with the OnePlus 2. Thanks to the Onefootball team for being fantastic hosts and to our awesome community for joining us. We met some amazing people there such as some of the very first forum members, fans who had waited for the event to open for six hours, and even a family who had driven to Berlin all the way from Belgium. We even had some fans that came from Denmark, too! The whole team fell in love with the city of Berlin–we’ll definitely be back!


To the south in Paris, we were received by more than 400 people who came together at Numa. We had fans who came from all regions in France and Belgium, including a 16-year-old fan who came all the way from Eindhoven. A special thanks has to go out to our volunteers Nicolas, Alexandre and Sylvain for helping us out. It’s fantastic to see so much interest in OnePlus and the OnePlus crew had a wonderful time in this beautiful city.


Over in Milan, the team was yet again greeted by an amazing crowd. As we had our first fan showing up at 9:00 am, a few hours the line grew longer and livelier. We had fans who journeyed from all over Italy, as well as Belgium and the Netherlands. Some traveled as far as 600km! The fans here were nothing short of amazing. One fan brought us a 3D printed OnePlus One mount for the car. Another fan @raziel89_ita brought homemade limoncello in a custom engraved bottle. We enjoyed it with the fans later that night, and a total of 15 pizzas were consumed by the Milan team. Thank you, Milan for being a wonderful host!


The energy in the London event was one of the most intense. People started showing up at the SwiftKey office 20 hours before it started! When the team arrived in the morning, there was already a line down the block. An hour before the event was about to begin, the line was wrapping around the building. One of our fans, Giacomo, made an excellent video of our fans waiting to see the OnePlus 2 that really captures the moment. Be sure to check it out!

We talked with a lot of fans, including a really amazing family that drove from the Netherlands so that their family could get a first glimpse of the phone. And, of course, we want to give a special thanks to SwiftKey for hosting us. We definitely had a lot of fun and an overall brilliant experience in London!

United States

Eight hours later across the Atlantic, we launched the US leg of the OnePlus 2 pop-up experience. It began with Times Square in New York City.
Being surrounded by hundreds of OnePlus fans in the center of one of the world’s most iconic landmarks was a thrilling experience and certainly a milestone in our young history. Our co-founder, Carl Pei, was on hand to meet fans who had traveled from all corners to join us in launching the OnePlus 2. We even got to see the Flagship Killer grace the famous Nasdaq board right above our space. It really was a surreal experience, and we enjoyed every second. Read up on what the Verge had to say.

Three hours later we opened up our last OnePlus 2 pop-up experience in the epicenter of the tech world, San Francisco.


We were met with over 400 fans. The line went around the corner from the street, and everyone was super-pumped. We could definitely feel the hype in the air. A lot of people told us that it was the first time they had attended a product event, and that they had a fantastic experience.

A special thanks to PCH for hosting us, SOL Republic for providing some awesome music, Dropbox for the t-shirts, Otterbox for the cases and Qualcomm for helping out and bringing some swag. A special mention as well to the superfans: Shawn, Ryan, Qui, and Amit–we couldn’t have done it without them.

And that’s it. Thank you all for having us and giving us the opportunity to share the OnePlus 2! The reception and feedback we received were great, and we can’t wait for you to start using your very own.

As wonderful of an experience as it was to try meet every fan, we have to admit that some things did not go as smoothly as we hoped. This was a learning experience for us. We were overjoyed to see how many fans came out to support us and show their interest in the OnePlus 2. As much as we wanted to meet every single one of you who came out to see us, our planning did not prepare us for this overflow of love we received from you guys. We learned a lot from this experience, and will treasure the highlights and learn from the missteps. For any fans that may have missed out on goodies and invites, don’t worry. There will be many more opportunities coming up very soon. And with that, we hope to see you again!

  • Andika Candrasaputra

    I was at jakarta popup event. remember the boy still with school uniform – probably he was dropped off after school. he was alone yet courageous enough to stand his place among bigger fans. great job kiddo!

    oneplus2 was fantastic – we had a nice conversation with the team after the event had ended. thanks to Gregorius Eddie, Shinta Hawa and all oneplus team who came to jakarta and gave us an opportunity to see the 2.

  • Joery Clements

    It’s bound to be their biggest launch, I mean it’s their second time. And the first time they didn’t have the money.

  • The truth-ier

    this has nothing to do with the launch or anything meaningful. This was a recap of there facebook and twitter accounts….what a waste of a weekly update

  • Peter Bergonzi

    Glad you all had a good time.
    However, “Our biggest launch ever?”

  • gusuraman

    Thanks for the opportunity to meet the OnePlus staff and forum fellows. It was a great day.

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    Common oneplus 2 invite me soon to grab the wonder op2

  • You had two more fans in Paris from Poland 🙂

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      Shame that they didn’t do such launch in Warsaw 🙁

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    You guys should have come to Mumbai. Would have put any crowd to shame 😉 Come on OnePlus, how can you leave out 2nd largest urban area in the world.

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      They chose bangalore because Bangalore shelters half of India 😀 Just kidding. Not sure why they chose Bangalore over other major metros.


  • Stef van der Wel

    I was the guy from the Netherlands in Milan 😀

  • Tony R

    Thats so cool…. I really liked watching the VR event!!! I wish I Lived closer to NYC I am super down south. I would have loved to made it!!! I want and oneplus 2 so bad!! looks amazing!!

  • Bimal Gaire

    really the fans are awesome. Now it’s time to have my hand on the phone.

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    I’m one of the attendee in Jakarta, check out the vid

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      cool video thanks for sharing !!

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    I was at NYC Pop-Up Event =D. The OP2 is Awesome!

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    SF: Underwhelming. Very.

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    i need invitation 🙁 anyone please

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    I am the fat guy in the Bangalore pop up line in the first 50 wearing camouflage pants lol, the line wasnt for 1.5 km it was hardly for half a kilometer and i was there till then end starting from 1pm so dont even try saying i could be wrong.

    • k3sava

      LOL And all I got for being there was a link to sign-up for a “Get an Invite” lucky draw!

      • Siddharth Singh Chaudhary

        aww man that’s bad i am sorry.

  • Alejandro Lorenzo gomez

    Next year could you come to Madrid OnePlus?

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    Hi all,

    Event OnePlus from Paris (with English part to half the video)

    and my hands in French

  • Gary Goodfellow

    I was last in the London queue although I’d only been waiting for 4 hours…and after they closed the doors at least someone came out and showed us people at the back the OPT and a usb-c cable 🙂 Lets hope you guys keep your word and send all the registered attendees an invite and I don’t mean next year :/

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    By mistake I bid in 12800$ now what will happen I am not interested to bid please suggest

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  • By mistake I bid in 12800$ now what will happen I am not interested to bid please suggest

  • LOL And all I got for being there was a link to sign-up for a “Get an Invite” lucky draw!

  • vijay

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