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July 31 2015 | By: Helen
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I’ve come to realize that a ROM is made up of a million hard decisions and a sprinkle of fairy dust, and a bit of that fairy dust is the wallpaper that users see when they first boot the device.

To be frank, the default wallpaper is probably one of the more fluffy and inconsequential decisions amidst a mountain of technical challenges and UX land mines, but it’s one of those decisions that can make or break a user’s first impression of a device and it’s that bit of magic that makes a new ROM so special. For that bit of magic, Arz, our lead designer, went through 188 iterations of design before landing on the version we took as our default wallpaper for the first OxygenOS release. Pyra was simple, minimal, and true to the ROM’s stock Lollipop inspired roots. The color palette was vibrant and fresh, enough to lift your spirit but not too flamboyant that it would bother your eyes if you never switched wallpapers. To this day, it’s still one of my personal favorites.

For v2, we wanted to curate a set of truly beautiful and unique wallpapers that could bring some of that fairy dust to the lives of our users and help turn metal and plastic into something more personal and expressive. We had multiple designers from different nations contributing their creativity and artistry and we acquired some stunning photographs from an artist that many of you may be familiar with. And perhaps the most interesting story is how we got our default wallpaper this time, it came from a rather unexpected source.

Carl emailed me from India one day and said he met a Swedish artist named Hampus in Goa who wanted to make wallpapers for OnePlus. I paused for a second to digest how all those words even connected into a sentence then I thought, wow that’s so cool, we are inspiring (and being inspired) by people from all corners of the world. I checked out Hampus’ website and was immediately blown away by his collection.  I’m not an art critic so I’m not going to attempt to articulate his style here (you should just see for yourself), but I could imagine how fantastical his work would look on the beautiful new display on the OnePlus 2.

I called Hampus up and carefully approached the topic of having him create wallpapers for us, I didn’t even know whether he wanted to sell us something or actually make something for us. Hampus, being totally open and direct, just said he was really excited about the idea of making something that every OnePlus user would see. I was delighted and told him I would love to include his work. Then he said he wanted to make the default wallpaper and I thought uh oh. Flashing back to the 188 iterations I put Arz through, I warned Hampus the default was going to be hard as it needed to be “just right” with no clear definition of what that means. It needed to be interesting, needed to be easy on the eye, needed to show off the new display, needed to mean something for Oxygen and OnePlus, needed to compliment the search bar and the icons, needed to have a bit of the wow factor, and it needed to evolve from what we had for the first release. Hampus was unfazed and didn’t seem to mind at all the time he would need to invest into doing this.

Two months later, we got ‘Hans’, our default wallpaper for the OnePlus 2 titled after Hampus’ nickname. I asked Hampus what his thought process was for designing ‘Hans’.

“I wanted to make something simple and not distracting to work well with the UI, but still at the same time look daring and inspirational. I worked with Arz to express the OnePlus feel. We wanted to somehow show the oxygen cycle in a visual and abstract way.”

In addition to ‘Hans’, Hampus also created a collection that you can enjoy right out of the box in OnePlus wallpapers. I asked him how he would describe this collection and his style in general.

“I’ve got too many dreams and things I want to create. Things I create might differ from each other a bit, but they all got something in common and that is the abstract, kind of surreal look. I love mixing bright, warm colors and adding small complex details. The work I’ve done for OnePlus might feel a bit psychedelic, but thats probably just an outcome of my creative mind.”

I was able to see the influence of India’s vibrant culture and colors in his work, I was curious as to how he came to live in Goa.

“I work together with my best friends! We run a small web agency that started out in Stockholm and later moved to India because we wanted to escape the Swedish winter. I wanted to move from Sweden since I was very young, maybe because I didn’t travel at all until I was about 20 years old. I love exploring and experiencing the world! India was actually something that just happened because of my co-worker Fabian who really loves India. I tried living in Goa for three months and fell in love with the place. The tech scene in India is growing and I can feel it. We run a small startup meetup community in Goa and with each meetup more people attend, it’s great to see!”

Hampus’ personality certainly shines through in his work and I can’t wait to share his work, along with the work of all the other amazing artists with you on the OnePlus 2.

  • paranoid

    The decision for a wallpaper is really of central meaning. A good choice is to me made and it appears you’re the right person for this job. Thanks for your effort!

  • Casper Steuperaert

    Well, it’s certainly a nice piece of art.

  • Moshe Auguztyn

    They are simply Gorgeous!

  • Yaman Malik

    Wallpapers are probably some of the most underrated things by big companies, I love this article and it makes me go crazy for a OnePlus 2 even more, it’s great to know so much thought and effort goes into the wallpapers.

  • Yağız Karakaş


  • Yağız Karakaş
  • CasperTFG

    dreams, magic, fairy dust…ugh….listen OnePlus,

    just release the OnePlus One walnut styleswap covers.


  • Tony R

    Looks cool!!!

  • The truth-ier

    instead of shedding light on when invites will go out, what is considered a early supporter, a better idea of inventory, or things people actually care about… they blog on the oneplus 2 wallpaper! What a waste of a post.

  • Khalil Awal

    Not trying to sound rude and unappreciative, the wallpaper does look stunning….however,at this point in the game the only thing I’m concerned with is getting an invite. I want to throw money on you ( in a caring way of course!) , making that happen would make me appreciate the wallpaper without the need of the above post.

  • mojokex

    I get that people are anxious for news on invites but I don’t feel this post was a waste at all. Invites will definitely come but we may never have been exposed to Hampus’ collection of illustrations without this post. If you haven’t checked them out, they’re really good!

  • Chaitanya Bhat

    wow amazing!!!

  • Otto

    Thank you OnePlus, for all your attention to detail and idealism. What you stand for is a large reason why I want to buy your phone, along with my expectation that it will be awesome. On another note, concerning the ROM, I have a question. I read on the Qualcomm site that the Snapdragon chip can tune into FM radio. If the OP2 does not support FM, is that because the ROM does not support it? If so, why not? I would like that option (together with NFC and microSD, mind you). Why not enable that functionality?

    • abdirahim

      i am not sure about your first question but oneplus2 will not be supporting nfc and also microsd will not be featured

  • Sumit Gupta

    hello …. i just want to know that from when you are start giving the invite code … ??

    and also how much time you will take to delivered … i mean are these at ready to dispatch condition ??

    Please let us know 🙂 🙂

    Thank you..!

    FaN …. 🙂

  • Uttam Pandey

    new wallpapers with new more bright soft touch screen, i also want to get new themes every single day..

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  • Gautam Reddy

    start giving the invite at the earliest !!!
    people cant wait for the mobile any more !!!

    • henry ye

      i know right~ it’s like oneplus is becoming more apple than apple ~u not only have to line up to by but u have to line up to get the invite to line up and buy~

  • Hushen Savani

    The default wallpaper resembles the colors of Indian Flag. It clearly shows his love for India. 🙂

  • Ryan Johnson

    This guy really does make good artwork. Good post and background.

  • Rochdi

    Still waiting for my invite guys

  • patstar5

    Sadly I can’t get the oneplus 2 because oneplus didn’t spend 50¢ to add nfc to it

    • Jeff

      I am waiting either for Note 4 or the next Nexus

      • Aditya Kathuria

        you mean the note 5

        • Jeff

          Yes my bad!

  • Dan43311

    Is there a place I can download the wallpaper for my Oneplus One?

  • The wallpaper look beautiful. The default wallpaper of OnePlus 2 reminds me of something we have done earlier by dropping colors on a wet blotting paper. Awesome work Hampus, all your design are inspiring. Good luck, Susegado!

  • Citizen Fortyxe

    I think the choice of wallpaper for the OnePlus 2 is perfect, and it’s great to see you’ve supported Hampus, and he’s supported the OnePlus brand.

  • mayur anchan

    Waiting for india launch !! goa:)

  • Don Paul

    Display wit full hd 401ppi of 1+2 is amzing…..with that lively bootup wall papper……i love to owne on of that kind… 🙂

  • Don Paul

    like to now the cost of it..?

  • Sunita Palita

    The Web and the Wall Paper and the team engaged in making it a reality.Vow. Sounds interesting,informatively exciting and most of all because Arz is an integral part of the process. Arz being my nephew deserves accolades,being the youngest of the team , though all the team members deserve a congratulatory hug. HUGS there.

  • Tanmoy

    I just got the entire collection of oxygen wallpapers and I must say there are much better-looking options are there in the folder than this default one.

  • Pradeep Sampath
  • Pradeep Sampath

    Invites will roll out soon , get yours here:

  • James Copley
  • rahul gupta

    I appreciate every good work

  • jeremykyoung
  • Neev Behal

    This is really nice, but I like something more on the simple side, I love the colours though, it’s amazing

  • Jan Ostrówka

    I do not want to be rude but…
    ↓↓↓↓↓↓ Shut up!!! And take my ivite ↓↓↓↓↓↓
    _____♦ ♦_____


    wow.. that story unveils a lot about backstage which barely come to limelight.. delighted to be known about it.. 🙂

  • Shyam Ramakrishnan

    Love the Wallpapers….I would love it…if we get more themes….Example: If everything (from App Drawer to Settings) were themed …instead of just the solid Black and white colors!!!
    But…otherwise….great work!!!waiting eagerly for the invite!!

  • Anayet Pervez

    1+2 = 3 !! but this is only one phone can do these 3 work , calling , web browsing & movie playing ???

  • sudheer babu

    Yes of course when u need something extra ordinary it deserves some extra ordinary efforts to..

  • Barden

    Sweet post! Amazing artist

  • yogesh sharma


  • I am waiting either for Note 5 or the next Nexus

  • This is really nice, but I like something more on the simple side, I love the colours though, it’s amazing

  • Display wit full hd 401ppi of 1+2 is amzing…..with that lively bootup wall papper……i love to owne on of that kind… 🙂

  • Srinivas

    Never settle

  • Kenan Ishy Ishwait

    made my day, glad i came to look at this post

  • Mathew

    I like this wallpaper :3

  • Srikanth Pullela

    True said mojokex. And the wallpaper is indeed great with a tinch of expressing oneself to their perception.

  • TP Endo

    This is really nice..

  • haelee

    As a visual artist, this Hampus artist is very inspirational, i feel like running to my canvas now and painting something at 1 in the morning