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July 15 2015 | By: Carl
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Yes, those are physical invite cards for the OnePlus 2. But, that’s not the only change on the way…

More hardware companies have died from having too much inventory than from having too few sales. We’re in this for the long run, and we firmly believe that the long-term health of our business is far more important than growth.

Last year, we made a product that we were really confident about, but we didn’t know how people would react to it. We had no clue how many people would actually want to buy it and had the challenge of managing our cash flow and inventory risk. In addition, we didn’t agree that pre-orders or having products instantly becoming sold out was a great experience. Our solution to managing risk and user experience was the invite system.

Although most people understand and support us, we’ve also received some less-positive feedback. Some people thought it was too difficult and time consuming to obtain an invite or thought it was all some big marketing stunt. With the OnePlus 2, we’ve taken this feedback to heart and are introducing a few key improvements to the purchase experience. Here’s what we’re doing:

More confidence = more invites

With the OnePlus One, we did a bit better than we thought we would. This has made us more confident, and therefore we will have far more launch inventory than last time. We’re talking about 30-50x last year. This means that it will be significantly easier to get an invite from the very beginning.

Reservation list

For those who don’t have time to hang out on forums or social media, we’ll have a quick and painless reservation list. Simply enter your email and we’ll send you an invite as soon as they’re available. We’ll be prioritizing our early forum supporters here.

Faster sharables

After you purchase your OnePlus 2, you will receive invites to share with your friends, like last time. The difference here is that this time, the sharable invites will arrive much faster.

We hope you’re happy with these changes. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. We’re beyond excited to see your reactions on the OnePlus 2. 🙂

  • NIce ! Hope i’ll get mine fastly <3 Love my OPO but… want the OP2 !

  • Anshel Sag

    Great news! Hope to get one soon. Been steering lots of friends towards the OnePlus One when looking for an affordable quality phone.

  • Srijith Jayakumar

    super excited to get one!!

    • ganesh

      The ONE or TWO… LOL! (jus kidding)

  • sid

    Hey its awesome to see you are confident, Want to buy OnePlus2 First….

  • Adrien

    Great news ! Thanks OnePlus Team !

  • M3ntoR

    This is so goooooooooooooooood !

  • robbie macias

    Continuous improvement. Thank you!

  • Filip Necov

    Yesss ;D

  • ticardo

    where can i enter my email on the reservation list?

    • Fodor Bálint

      Pls, there is no reservation list yet.

  • Evangelos

    That’s cool. Good to know that the sharable invites can be uses faster (Y) Thanks for the update guys

  • Manish

    Bravo 🙂 Although Proroty should be given to earlier supporters…. Like Me 🙂

  • Damian Kolanek

    This is really big and possitive improvment! I like it;) good job OP team!

  • Mᴀᴎᴓԋӑʁ KY

    how you have planned to distribute the physical invite card? i want one.

  • Mark Bloemendal


  • Oleks Babich (Aleks)

    just cant wait to enter to win

  • PYC

    nice. send me an invite please!!!!

  • Joshhud

    Forum member 1795!!! OP2 here I come!

  • Marcin Zięba

    Wow I wonder when reservation list will be open

  • Gamod

    Sounds really nice! I really hope it will reach all of us here, all your big supporters! 🙂 Cant wait for 27. Cheers

  • shakini

    Hmm… Member number 500k+. Might be finger tapping for a while!

  • hej

    Looking forward to sign up on the reservation list, when are you planning on opening up for reservations?

    • Lamont Russell

      Does anyone have any idea of when this will happen.

      • Dt Bell

        the 27th will have more info??

        • Arka Guha


        • Michal Michvocik

          Please also let me know 😉

          • Adam Muhammad

            Me too! 🙂

      • raghav sharma

        28th July

    • Arka Guha


      • Shiv Kamal Upadhaya

        I hope the phone will be available on Amazon in few days after launch..

        • Arka Guha

          thanks man

        • Enrique Beracasa

          I understand that Amazon and eBay only have re-sales, so, at least at the beginning, they should have a premium, depending on the LOA. Am I correct?

    • Izzy Ing

      We’ll have to wait till the 27th i guess

      • Naveen

        i want invitation to buy one plus two mobile, can u pls give me the invite pls……

    • futurejohn

      Maybe there’s a subscription list for the reservation list? 😛

    • the reservation list will probably be opened when the phone launches

      • Alex Doria

        look forward to this…

    • Gaurav

      Same here , my one plus one went into water … waiting from past two months for one+2 cant wait anymore

    • paramesh bogala

      Reservation List Opened now at

      • hej

        Thanks for the tip!

  • Gamod

    Looking forward for the big announcement! I am crossing my fingers…. I really wish this number of invites will be able to cover all of us, all your big fans here 🙂 🙂 keep the good work! Cant wait to see you in VR.

    • Oscar Piloto Nuñez

      I think we all hoping that

  • Pratik Soma

    Eagerly waiting for 27!!

  • lambslam

    aahhh soo looking forward to this release 😀

  • Anthony


  • Yourenotmytype

    Nice @carl!

  • jean-françois yvens

    Et les heureux propriétaire d’un oneplus one seront-ils prioritaires?

  • Ashwin

    Just hoping to get a invite pretty soon after the launch…. Want it real badly…

  • S Kothari

    absolutely excited to receive and share 🙂

  • Rafi

    That’s great news. Waiting to get one…no +two

  • Srinivas

    CAN Any one Please Send me invite for Buying OnePlus 2
    Mail ID: [email protected]

    • uno_xx


    • You can get free spam to your e-mail. 😉

  • Roop Teja

    Great News ! Cannot wait more 10 days to go , Kudos ONE PLUS Team .

  • Uwe Dellwo

    Hope to purchase the oneplus 2 soon, my daughter (14) is waiting eagerly for my Oneplus One….haha

  • J.Ezra

    Thought I was late to the party, can’t wait for the release, I am buzzing. #Neversettle.

  • Marouane Marouane

    Great news ! Thanks OnePlus Team !

  • Felix Sanhueza

    Looking forward to it 🙂

  • Jai Vaghela

    Can’t wait, already got my count down going! Specs look awesome on the OnePlus 2! Hoping to get my hands on one as soon as it’s out. Already bought 3 OnePlus One’s!

  • Peter

    The biggest blocker to OP2 sales? The OP1, which, 12 months on, I’m more than happy with and see no real reason to upgrade.

    • Mohamad Wahba

      once u see the 2, u shall change ur mind .. wait and see the reviews. I guess we fans will receive a cute and charming baby soon 😉

      • Peter

        Tsk, fanboi :-), maybe I’ll wait for OP2s

      • Bob Marley

        The Snapdragon 810 ruined it for me. In typical fashion, they tried to hype up the 2.1 revision but it looks like everyone is using the 2.1 revision.

    • Kaaos Jones

      I’m in the same situation, I’m loving my OPO 1 BUT as a tech lover I’ll probably buy it even though I don’t need it.

      • Stephen Turner

        I’m in the exactly the same boat. And considering it’s under $450/£290 who can resist.

      • Steve Shaff

        Well, if there was a great trade-in policy.

    • DethEngineer

      That may be true. I bought the OPO last december and today I dont see why I should upgrade, sure the 2 will be a great phone but maybe I will buy again in december or early 2016, OPO still has a great life cycle

    • Jeroen Overwater

      Same. I’ll wait for the 3. Peace.

    • blakex

      Exactly this, I still love my OPO, can’t see spending $400+ to upgrade at this point. Hopefully the OP3 isn’t far behind.

    • alfredo

      With that price tag, I would sell my OPO 50-100 dlls less than new and buy the OPT. Is not that much money

      • Isaac

        Alfredo I will buy for $50 if you are willing to trade the OPO email [email protected]

        • s2law

          Are you on drugs? $50? I’ve spent more than that on a McDonalds

          • Isaac

            What do you mean? i am a big fan of the oneplus do you know what it takes to earn $50 in Africa? you can give me yours for free if you don,t mind

          • s2law

            Yeah ok, I’ll pay £329 for a phone then give it away to a random African? I think what alfredo meant was that he would trade it in for $50-$100 less than what he paid… so you’re still a few hundred dollars short of the asking price.

            I have no idea what it takes to earn $50 in Africa as I have absolutley no interest in anything from your continent. I wish you the best of luck in your search for an idiot.

          • Isaac

            Keep your selfish interest to your self and family members and allow other spirited individuals to be of goodwill.i know very soon you will turn to Africa for help just as you and the rest of the world are relying on China nowadays

          • s2law

            My selfish interests? Seriously? Asking someone for a free phone and being advised that this isn’t a realistic prospect is hardly selfish is it? My point regarding my limited knowledge of your continents economic climate again is not a selfish point. It’s a fact.

            Just on your Chinese reference, they’re cheap labour because they have a government that doesn’t care about the people. Much like Africa. I empathise with your situation, but fuck you.

          • Isaac

            Fuck you too keep your advice to yourself people are willing to trade for $50 selfish mother fucker

          • s2law

            Some people are also willing to save up and buy their own phone rather than be cheap bastards looking for a freebie.

          • Gohy

            Lol! this conversation thread is hilarious! Isaac you didn’t read alfredo’s comment correctly. “sell my OPO 50-100 dlls less than NEW” He means $300-50 = $250.

          • s2law

            Well spotted Gohy (although it wasn’t in any way hidden). I did also try and point this out; to which I received some comment about being reliant on China. Stupid is as stupid does.

          • Naveen

            i want invitation to buy one plus two mobile, can u pls give me the invite pls…………..

          • KCandJoJO


          • Echydo

            An extremely disappointing comment from a selfproclaimed hidden geek. First Africa is not a country it is made up of 54 countries, all unique in terms of culture, economics and social context. The same way that America is not only about obesity, gang violence, grizzly bears and bald eagles, Africa is not only about lions, hippos and aids. I do not condone Isaac narrow minded and gratuitous attacks, I also cannot bear such a mean-spirited show of ignorance. Peace.

          • s2law

            I’m equally as dissapointed in your ability to read.

            “I have no idea what it takes to earn $50 in Africa as I have absolutley no interest in anything from your continent”.

            Note I made no reference to Africa being a country in that statement.

            As it turns out, you’ve done nothing more than highlight the fact that literacy is still a prevalent issue for Africans.

          • Naveen

            i want invitation to buy one plus two mobile, can u pls give me the invite pls

      • alfredo

        Ok, so when did my post became a racist war? Plus, this was a hypothetical situation, I don’t actually own an OPO. sorry

    • Enrique Beracasa

      May I ask if you have installed OxygenOS on your OP1? Any comments? Many thanks.

      • Peter

        not me, I’ve left it on Cyanogen

        • Enrique Beracasa


      • s2law

        Nope, looked far too basic for me. CM11/12 features are some of the main reasons I purchased the OPO.

  • reyan

    hey hey hey what about India man
    is there any invite require here also

    • Prakash Patel

      yesss… even indian fans have to wait for the invite…

  • Raj Ayrus

    Looking forward to it 🙂

  • Dudy15

    Sorry, I’m new and I would like to understand how the system of invitations to buy the ONEPLUS 2 … … Someone can explain? Thank you all.

    • Mohamad Wahba

      once u receive an invitation, you’re good to go .. arm your visa, go and order one. it’s not an open sales system. you need an access to the OP party 😉

  • vikeam

    awesomee!!! keep it going oneplus!!

  • Georgi Uzunov

    “Simply enter your email and we’ll send you an invite as soon as they’re available.”

    So how can I sign up for this one ?

  • kb9

    Sounds great! Will there be a number of invites available per country?

  • exadeci

    “We’ll be prioritizing our early forum supporters here.”

    What does this means ? First subscribed users on the forum will get it first ?

  • Dt Bell

    Please send an invite to me. Thanks

  • Flintchesthair

    Seems good to me, just need to know when the reservation list starts. Also, is it going to be staggered by time zone?

  • Lena

    I really want an invite!

    • Mohamad Wahba

      @oneplus please give Lena an invite 🙂

      • Lena

        You are so kind! Thank you for the thought.

  • Wesley Matthew Wood

    I’m extremely excited for the oneplus 2 the oneplus one has been favorite phone I’ve ever had.

  • ukeme

    am ukeme etuk from nigeria.i have following one plus one since last year.the only problem was the inability to get the phone.i have broadcasted one plus to more than 300 people.people are dying to buy one plus products,but its not reachable.please,i dont wanna miss one plus birthday is 31st of july.i want to buy it for myself as a birthday gift.this is ma email:[email protected] really need to be invited.thanks

  • manddar

    What about launch in India, or it is going to be a worldwide launch?

    • Prakash Patel

      most probably i will be a global launch…

  • Pks

    Not sure if its real…. MUCH EXCITED for sure!

    • Pks

      Front view! bezel???

  • Prabhat

    Look forward to have an invite..

  • ganesh

    Wow, The improved Invite system is awesome. Looking forward to buy the ONEPLUS TWO soon after launch. I’m one of the kind of guys Carl has mentioned above ” who don’t have time to hang out on forums or social media”. So I’m looking forward to get in line for the reservation list, to earn my invite. Also wanted to buy the ONEPLUS ONE, well before it launched in INDIA, but couldn’t due to the invite system, but now happily waiting for the TWO. Hope i get my invite soon, Keep up the excellent work ONEPLUS, always a fan!

  • Prasi

    Would be great if I could get an invite.. Also looking forward to the launch..

  • hello one plus – please bring your phones with windows 10 ( I will buy your phone ) 100 %

  • cool phone – is it ??

  • Can’t wait… it feels like it is years left… 😉

  • Ken Brady

    So when will the reservations list be the available so we can sign up.

  • Lam Wei Lun

    This is really awesome that you guys are increasing the amount/rate that invites are going out, but I hope that you guys could bring it to even more countries, especially in the South East Asian regions. I live in Singapore and when I got my invite last year for the OPO, I couldn’t get it to Singapore, I won’t mind paying for the shipping fees and I think most of the people living around my region wouldn’t mind paying for it as well to get a really good premium product. Please really consider this!

    • Mohamad Wahba

      hey man, find a shipping service provider who can give you a US address. it is called a freight forwarder. and it’s not expensive at all. I use shop and shop provided by Aramex. They even gave me a shipping address in Singapore 😉

    • Thamsanqa Mvayo

      I was in the same situation, I got an invite but I’m in South Africa so couldn’t order.

      • MJ

        u r lucky .. please do not purchase this company’s product because it’s customer service is worst in the world.

        • Mohamad Wahba

          it is not true at all. their customer service has improved over the last year

          • Bob Marley

            Improving something that never used to exist is nothing to be proud of.

        • RHK

          Do you have that from recent personal experience ?
          I don’t believe it’s fair to say it’s the worst as I’ve seen much much worse on other major brands which cost more than double and are on the market for many years. Newcomers will have a steep learning curve so take that into account when judging.

  • alonegas

    Look forward to have an invite..

  • Graham Stenson

    Much better idea…here’s hoping.

  • Chetan

    How to get an Invite?

  • Zoomerland

    I hope I will get an invite…… The phone already sounds amazing !!

  • Goshi



    Awesome. Hoping the invite will be same for all unless it has to be used on Amazon /Lazada and hope sellers wont have space to make benefits compared to last year

  • Galjinder


  • Mahesh Jhunjhunwala

    Please let me know the procedure to get OnePlus 2 in India.

  • Mahesh Jhunjhunwala

    Are there any plans of launching a Dual Sim phone???

  • Scofabear

    i too am interested!!!

  • Kai M. Schwartz

    Where do I sign up for an invite?

  • alabak2002

    I expect Oneplus to give some advantage on invites to those that have bought the Oneplus One

    • MoveOutTheWay

      Why ?, what makes you special?

      • noice mate

        The fact we have supported the company from the very begining (not talking about the ones who bought the OPO two weeks ago)

        • Kaaos Jones

          Exactly! I was on board before the phone even launched, then did the contests and forums to get an invite. So please take care of the loyal firsts!!

          • what about people who did everything you did and *never* got an invite?

          • Debanjan Mazumder (batman044)

            This is a great comment

          • Stephen Turner

            Can we get some more likes on this comment!!! 3825 is spilling the truth tea

          • Kaaos Jones

            Really? That’s odd, I know initially the invites weren’t flowing too freely but after a good 6-7 months it seemed like they were just giving them out like candy. Well I hope things will change in your favor. Hell if not follow me on twitter and I’ll give you one of mine!! @3TechsNAPrinter

          • oh wow. I might take you up on that if I can’t get one by August

          • Kaaos Jones

            Definitely! Just follow me, send me a DM reminding me and I’ll hook you up. No strings attached.

            That is if you don’t get one. I’m sure you will though.

          • I hope so as well but if not I just followed you on twitter

          • Kaaos Jones

            Cool. What’s your handle?

          • kkus87

          • Tamara

            Just followed you (@skathica) – I’d love an invite when you get them. Thanks!

          • Jimmy

            You could have bought it any Tuesday since February?

          • s2law

            Did you not go online and buy one on a Tuesday? When they were openly available to buy from 1+ directly?

          • This wouldn’t count me towards an “early” supporter as the grandparent lays it out

      • Micheal Luigi Pacitto

        You supported a company. They gave you an awesome deal on a phone. That’s your reward.
        Demanding anything else is just going to set yourself up for disappointment, and needless forum rage.

      • simcro

        Well, isn’t this how it worked previously?
        Before the OnePlus One became invite-free, if you were lucky enough to get an invite and bought the phone, you would get invites WAY more often to give to people who didn’t get invites.
        Why would this be any different from how it worked before?

      • Flipz77

        The fact that they’re the spoiled kids wanting an upgrade, while the new customers (not less important than the hardcore fans) have to wait because of their greed

    • Mike Wang

      to those who waited for the opo couldnt get it, this post is complete noone sense.
      just because u could buy one, doesnt make u loyal.


      • Well said Mike

      • Klaas A. de Jong

        If you weren’t able to buy one by november ’14 you weren’t really trying.

      • s2law

        I bought 7 OPO’s in total, for myself, friends and family. If you weren’t able to get one then I’m afraid that the simple truth is that you didn’t try hard enough. Even after having mine for months I simply asked on the forum for a friend, got an invite and had it within the week. Not to mention the fact that you could BUY THEM EVERY TUESDAY ONLINE. I’m sorry, but the LOYAL customers who jumped onboard with an unproven product/company DESERVE prioritising IMO.

    • DethEngineer

      Ok so you and many more are early adopters, your reward was that you had this amazing phone for a long time. I do not see why early adopters shoud have an invite faster that some one that bought the OPO yesterday.

      I think all OPO buyers should have the same opportunity to buy this new phone no matter when you get the OPO

      • Flip Jumpman

        It’s bc early adopters took a chance at buying the phone before all the reviews came in. Most if not all early adopters in a start up get some kind of bonus for just exactly that… You know, supporting a company early!

        • AngelaW

          But you aren’t considering that a LOT of us wanted to be early adopters but couldn’t get invites and didn’t have friends that got one. I didn’t want to troll boards asking strangers for invites so when my old phone died, I had to get something else. Sure it became available later, but I couldn’t do without a phone not knowing when that might happen. That shouldn’t mean the rest of us should get penalized by getting at the back of the line yet again.

          • Flip Jumpman

            I’m not saying others should be penalized but giving early adopters the first round of invites makes perfect sense to me.

    • Thomas Macklin

      I totally agree that oneplus one owners should have first choice for the plus 2.

      • matteo theuer

        I think Forum members should get the first invites

    • Debanjan Mazumder (batman044)

      I was going to buy the phone on January but i didn’t because I wanted to see how the company would
      grow and develop their new smartphone I have seen many good phone come out and was tempted to purchase them like the s6 or m9 or g4 so it wouldn’t be fair for the company to help out those who purchased their phones before

      • simcro

        It seems as if they are. On the Reddit AMA they had recently, they answered this exact concern. As AndroidPIT says in their article on the new invite system,
        “The OnePlus 2 will be priced slightly higher than the original, at (or around) 399/449 USD for the two versions. When asked on Reddit whether OnePlus One owners would get some kind of privileges when purchasing a OnePlus 2, OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei replied, “Our early supporters will be prioritized”. Sounds like good news for OnePlus loyalists.”

    • Maria

      I agree. I bought a Oneplus One in June hoping that would get me a priority invite for the Oneplus Two. (I figured I could always sell the One on eBay). Of course, I also hoped it would get me some sort of priority access to buying the Cardboard and that sure didn’t happen…

    • Sameer Mishra

      I think their strategy is decent! With ur logic, if 100k OnePlus One’s wll get an invite, that wll make their warehouse out of stock and cant support them well ! Appreciate their efforts in growing from a jelly to a Whale or something similar, what say?

    • my phone died a month ago and I have used a nokia since because I wanted a 1+2, so I am probably more loyal than you are

  • Alexander Kermani

    I’m not sleeping until invites open up. HUNGER STRIKE UNTIL INVITES!

  • Girish Bandaru

    very hapy news…but where to register our email address…. i am already one plus one member

  • Pieter Vanhakendover

    mine, mine.

    • Kan9al

      Perfectly suited gif.

      I’m not sure about the OnePlus Two. It’s pricier than the last one, and doesn’t bring much in terms of improvements. Not to mention the competition has been getting better and cheaper over the year. I don’t think it will be as HOT HOT HOT, must have feeling as its predecessor. Not to mention the “beta test” that is the QSD 810.

      • blackICEzero

        With SD 810 it will be HOT HOT HOT

        • Sammy Morini

          its probably revision 2.1+ … thus those issues have then most likely been resolved.. dont think opo would b that stupid 🙂 …. hope they dont prove me otherwise 😮

          • DDroid45

            According to HTC they and Sony are already using that version of the 810

          • Christopher Lim

            Very likely BS since atleast the sony is having problems and getting really hot…

          • BroMan

            i can 2nd that

          • DDroid45

            Man my M9 gets incredibly hot, but I’m doing more testing since I just got a new update yesterday, I’ll see what happens

          • keeggggs

            nice try bud buut i am one the main developers and tbh its gonna be better than your lifre is rn

          • Waseem Ahmed

            Camera has be better this time

          • Rabin Singha

            you might got the phone, you know the performance of camara, please can I get a invite?
            I got invite 27 th july unfortunetly didn’t check that date and sold out! very sad! please can I get one if you have one, thanks

          • Waseem Ahmed

            Unfortunately even I am waiting for an invitee

          • Rabin Singha

            thanks for touch! please let us know when wil get! thanks again.

          • pato gonzalez

            Invites are starting to rollout… I was number 300k on the reservación list two weeks ago im 81k now… Dont know hoeñw fast theyll roll out though

          • Shivam

            I am 30k now,by when do you think I’ll be getting invites?

          • Mestizonline

            Always check your e-mail. I do not had an invite on my OnePlus account but got my invite from OnePlus through my E-mail. I went to my OnePlus account and enter my invitation numbers on my email and it works even though I still do not have an invite posted on my account. It is kind of weird.

          • Ludino DiGiacomo

            I don’t care if it getsbhot I just want one

          • Jtexpert

            Any idea how many invites have gone
            out so far….as of sept.22?? Tnx.

          • Jaime

            I want you to be my friend. Can we hang out? Any extra 1P2’s laying around? lol

          • Aaditya kamble

            Plz send me invite for one plus two

          • Brian Nguyen

            HTC is using the 2.0. Sony is using the 2.1. Although it is slightly better, Sony is still having heat issues with the Z3+/Z4, even with a heatpipe on the rev. 2.1 S810.

          • DDroid45

            Hey buddy, I really don’t know the tech specs, I just know what I read, so thank you for that information

          • Waseem Ahmed

            Yes he at issue are there but less see what we will get in one plus 2

          • ggogou

            oneplus2 is using LPDDR4 DRAM

          • Waseem Ahmed

            Great but lets see how to distingush between Samsung note 4 features with one plus 2.. We need more data before we Connect to one plus 2.. Official Launch is on 27th eagerly waiting

          • Adi 1995

            not much of diff except stylus but well then i believe it gonna be sensitive enough to respond to objects and so can use other stylus …so far opo seems more advanced in terms of specifications acc to leaked rumors included finger scan sensor ..wink wink xD

          • superspartan100

            Oneplus under clocked the 810 to 1.8 Ghz to reduce heat

          • No Sony lied. They have been using v2.0, which has GPU clocked at 600Mhz instead of 630Mhz.
            The fact that the Kernel code shows 2.1 doesn’t mean anything, as Anandtech proved. The fact that their GPU is still clocked at 600Mhz on the other hand proves they are using v2.0.

          • ankualex

            but sony have problems with camera because of 810 😀 I hope that op2 will be fine

          • Waseem Ahmed

            They are using put, they need market or Explore in market very hardly

          • DDroid45

            No offense ,but your comment just confused the heck out of me

          • They lied. It was proven they didn’t run the 2.1 version which has GPU clocked at 630Mhz instead of 600Mhz.
            Both HTC and Sony have it clocked at 600Mhz. Mi Note Pro and OP2 have it clocked at 630Mhz – see video below (start at 6:00):

          • a.n.j.a.n

            My friends at the big Q CPU division would disagree with you.

          • Fred Knapp Copier Guru
          • Waseem Ahmed

            Can you describe me entire features of one plus 2

        • Waseem Ahmed

          Yes it will be hot

          • No, it is not hot. First temperature tests of the final version in the first in-depth reviews show that the temperatures of the cores are fine even after intense gaming:


          • Vikas Tayal

            plz send invite to me as well [email protected]

          • Naveen

            i want invitation to buy one plus two mobile, can u pls give me the invite pls

        • Waseem Ahmed


        • Gaurav

          I dont agree, i dont think 810 is so bad as people think.
          think from gpu side also it would be having adreno 430 which is faster
          and power efficient from adreno 330 of one plus one

          • Adi 1995

            yeah had read somewhere they did some tweaks to avoid heating issue

          • Gaurav

            it is having 810 v2.1 which it self is better than 2.0, on the top of that as you said they did some tweaks so i hope it would not have any such problem.

            I heating in previous version also happened while doing some having load work for normal use case it all fine the leaked benchmarks do show better numbers actually, so i suspect heating happenes only when some one is doing very heavy work that too on v 2.0

          • Naveen

            i want invitation to buy one plus two mobile, can u pls give me the invite pls…..

          • Gaurav

            I dont have that .. but invite system really sucks .. waiting from months and registered in waiting queue at 7K .. not it reached 31K + … and the wait keep increasing ….

            I Guess moto X Style wont be a bad option if they keep increasing the waiting

          • Saudagar Rana

            I too want an invitation .. i am waiting since long… it would b immense pleasure if anyone sends me invitation to ma mail id.. [email protected].. thanks

          • Naveen

            i want invitation to buy one plus two mobile, can u pls give me the invite pls

          • Exactly. Mi Note Pro (S810+QHD) and OP2 (S810+1080p) come out on top of many benchmarks and even before S6:
            That’s because they are using version 2.1.

        • Χρήστος Τουτούμτσας

          go here guys 🙂 and grab your invite

          • Bhupesh Moyal

            Did you got invite ??

            Can you invite me too if you got invite ?

          • Bhuvneshwar Tiwari

            plz send me invite ………

          • Nicat

            If you get an invite, please send me too.

          • Charlie Cham Mc

            If so difficult to buy oneplus two i may as well chose other high end smartphone pls. advise tq

          • teja
          • Naveen

            i want invitation to buy one plus two mobile, can u pls give me the invite pls

          • Muzammil Hawa

            if u get invite.. plz send it to me… plzzzz

          • @nk!

            Still waiting but no invite yet.

          • glamourso

            Πατριωτη Χρηστο ηθελα να σε ρωτησω κατι,το One Plus 2 εχει ελληνικο menu?Και οσων αφορα τα ελληνικα δικτυα χρειαζεται καποια ρυθμιση ή ειναι ετοιμο ηδη ? Θα χαρω με μια απαντηση σου ευχαριστω !

          • Nicat

            Please invite me too????

          • Suprajit

            bro can u invite me please i have been begging people like crazy……….and now now i am on this forum

          • Nick Xenakis

            Hi Christos,
            I could not get an invite via this link. Could you please let me know if there is another way to get one?

      • Isaac

        The OnePlus 2 comes running on new version of Android Lollipop based OxygenOS, powered by a Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 810 v2.1

        • Prakash Patel

          i heard that oxygenOS isn’t having 4K recording capability…

          • But MKBHD confirmed OP2 has 4K recording

          • Alex Abraham

            I want invitation to buy one plus two mobile, Please give me the invite.

          • Neil Patel

            MKBHD posted a video on YouTube testing the OnePlus Two’s camera. He said it does in fact shoot 4k.

          • Adi 1995

   can shoot 4k now

        • Enrique Beracasa

          Do we know how evolved is OxygenOS? Will it get its fair share of updates, following Android’s path…?

      • Sidharth
    • mineralz
    • I am looking forward to the OnePlusTwo invite and release. Want to retire my wife’s current smartphone with a step-up replacement from Best of luck and kudos to a great company that is listening.

      • Waseem Ahmed

        Here also same need to replace the same with one plus 2, so eagerly waiting for one plus 2 onvitee

    • Dr Kamath

      I’m using de 1+1 its been a great experience & believe the 1+2/wud also live uoto its hyped expectations.
      I’m looking forward to buy 2 -/1+2’s but don’t know to receive the invite!!
      Can anyone help pls.
      My email I’d is [email protected]

      Kudos to the Co’s management & its design team to offer such teriffic quality at decent price points..
      All the best.
      Rgds, Dr Kamath

    • mahi

      how to get one plus two invite

      • Adi 1995
        • Naveen

          i want invitation to buy one plus two mobile, can u pls give me the invite pls………

      • Naveen

        i want invitation to buy one plus two mobile, can u pls give me the invite pls…….

    • Sidharth
      • Jonathan Gildea

        do opo owners get preference with invites? love my opo and hoping to get opt really soon

    • Mayank Sood

      Hey guys, i ordered oneplus 2 from but the order got cancelled due to some technical reason and now i am not able to use that invite again as it says invite code already been used! Help, what could i do now!

  • Girish Bandaru

    Awesome….. but where to register?

    • Android Developer

      They wrote the website will exist. It doesn’t exist yet.

  • Mark Murgatroyd

    Please ship to Australia!

    • Mohamad Wahba

      use a freight forwarder service

      • Mark Murgatroyd

        Shouldn’t have to this day and age

      • Matej Pribelsky

        Yeah, thanks but no thanks! Using a freight forwarder usually adds at least $40 to $50 USD to the purchase price, on top of the regular shipping, and also adds an extra hassle in case of any warranty issues or claims.

        • Mohamad Wahba

          i use aramex and it cost me only 14 $

        • Mohamad Wahba

          I agree with the warranty issues. it’s risky but it is worth risking , it is the OP

      • johntscs

        Freight fowarders cost as much as the phone costs to ship to Australia makes it not a viable option.

        • Mohamad Wahba

          it is cheap here in Qatar using Aramex.. I wonder if u have aramex shop and shop in Australia 🌏

  • Benjamin

    People, we will first have to see how it will look like, not. (awesome!!)

  • Vageesh Holla

    Launch on 27th.. Sales on..??

  • Pushpraj

    Thats great… but those who are sure to buy #OP2 should also get a fair chance… If possible jst see to it.

  • Sandro

    What about OPO owners? Will we get OPT invites? 😀

  • Yash Keshan

    Cant wait to get an invite and finally get rid of my old Note 2!

  • Mohamad Wahba

    @carl does “prioritizing our early forum supporters here” mean the OPO owners? or anyone who used to be participating within the forums? 🙂

  • Josh Apale

    I’m ready. Let’s do this!!!

  • Yash Keshan

    What if i need 3 devices at a time? can i purchase 3 devices with same invite?

  • Vitalie Startev

    Hi OnePlus Team, I want to understand, the reservation list will be on 27 July, because I don’t have many time with my job to stay on forums, but I want to buy OnePlus two, I think that device will be revolutionary for our world

    • Peter

      revolutionary? Whut

      • Vitalie Startev

        When I go on street in my town l see billboards with Apple and Samsung device, when l watch TV the same, when l go to cafe the same, like hypnosis, but I want to make my own choice and when I’ll go somewhere with me will be my OnePlus two – good design, performance, camera and batery and of course price.

  • Casey Leath

    Blames the invite system on inventory control, doesnt accept pre orders. LOL wut.

  • Denis

    why not give those who already bought OnePlus One, instant invite for OnePlus Two?

  • Prasi

    Hope I get an invite to the beast which is going to be released.. Go Wild..

  • Tim Hawgood

    Sounds great

  • Kannan Nedumpillil

    Hi, I am really interested to buy one plus two… please let me know where to register the email id to get an invite?

  • Robert Banu

    “we didn’t agree that pre-orders or having products instantly becoming sold out was a great experience”

    Even pre-orders would have been better than that invite-system crap . At least that list where you can put your email is more like pre-orders now .

  • Hey Carl. I’m not going to lie. As a collector of Android swag, I want a physical invite card 🙂

  • Yash Ostwal

    Looking forward for an invite!

  • mattbratt68

    Can’t wait… Camera test was great, finger print sensor awesome and if it´s true, that there will be a dualsim…..I WANT IT 🙂

  • Mayank Dhawan

    This is soo cool….hope to get an invite soon 😀

  • marklola12 .

    can you state when and how we can get a invite to buy the phone, I see all this info but you don’t state how and when

  • marklola12 .

    The problem will still remain most people wont be able to get a phone and will lose interest in it before they can get one, also newer and better phones are being released all the time like the LeTV max lol

  • marklola12 .

    if this does not have a 4k screen im not buying, sorry but I can not go back to a 1080p screen after 4k you can see a big difference when you use them both

    • Sashank Narayan

      No phone has a 4K screen. I think you mean 2K.

      • marklola12 .

        haha yeh I mean 2k

        • Sashank Narayan

          If they use a 2K screen this time, they better include a much bigger battery to match it. Shouldn’t end up like the Nexus 6. I love the N6, but I wish the battery was bigger.

          • marklola12 .

            true I hope so too, though I was waiting for some phone company to use the new processors that allow 1080p slowmotion at I think it was 420fps or 440fps some phones have the processor but not the slow motion options which I find strange. do you happen to know how people apply for a invite to get this phone, the above info does not mention how you go about getting a invite just -email but does not state how or when

          • Sashank Narayan

            I wish Google Camera got a 720p SloMo video option at least. Can’t believe it’s still lacking that.

            About the invite system, I guess once it’s released, you just enter your email address which will be added to a queue. Just like a “notify me when this product is available” system. When your turn comes, you’ll be sent an invite.

            Apparently, the system will give priority to email addresses of OnePlus forum members.

          • marklola12 .

            good job I just joined the forum, will they release the email address for us to email one the launch date do you think?

          • Sashank Narayan

            I don’t think you’ll have to send an email to them. Just come to the website and enter your email address in a box. That’s how these systems usually work.

          • Thamsanqa Mvayo

            Last year I had just registered on their website and the invite to buy arrived a couple of weeks later.

  • SilverCry

    lets jzh hope i get an invite…!!

  • Nubin Stanley

    Will oneplus one owners get any preference? 😉

  • Steven Green

    Guess this will be interesting

  • vallisarveswaran

    can’t wait start using the oneplus 2.

  • Alejandro Morales

    @oneplus please give an invite

  • John Telford

    I’m tired of having overpriced and underwhelming phones from other makers. Heard lots about the OnePlus One but missed out. When are you opening for reservations? I’d love to get my hands on a OnePlus Two.

    • Sashank Narayan

      1) The OnePlus Two will most likely be higher priced than the OnePlus One, but certainly lesser than other flagships.

      2) Those other flagships aren’t overpriced. You’re made to feel that way because till the Nexus 5, Google subsidized Nexus devices (because they can afford to, as the hardware isn’t their priority) and then the OnePlus One came along, with it’s cheap price. When other companies are all pricing their flagships more or less around $600-700, it might seem like a shocker that a small company can release a phone just as good for half the price. But it isn’t.

      That reduced price has to be made up somewhere, in order for the company to make a good profit. In the case of OnePlus, that’s been to severely cut down on customer service expenses. That’s why a lot of people complain about their CS. Long wait times, not enough stock for RMAs, online-only customer support through the forums, etc.

      So basically, if you got a OnePlus One with no issues, then great, you got a good phone at a great price. But if it had any hardware defect, you would (most likely) have to deal with a lot of frustration and lost time to get a replacement. Honestly, they should just price the OneOlus Two higher and provide decent customer support.

      • The truth-ier

        this guy does not know what he is talking about, the flagships are overpriced for the consumer, they pass things to the consumer….such as whatever most android makers have to pay to MS, or any other patent holder. But another reason why other flagships are overpriced is because they want a healthy profit margin to show profit at the end of the quarter. But its comparing apples and oranges due to oneplus being a small little company compared to the big players. Also the nexus is a bit of a trojan, the more you use there stuff, the more google products you use.

  • perrins

    For OPO users, how long did it take for you guys to get invites last year? I didn’t buy last year, but i am worried that it would be like 8 months for an invite and this would hugely put me off buying.

    • marklola12 .

      my friend waited months then he ended up getting another phone that was same price but a bit better spec

  • Karamvir Singh

    I bet even if you ditch invites and start preorders this time…… You wont be dissapointed…. Ps you’ll know how much inventory you need before launch though that is impractical for now…. Cuz it’s too late…..

  • Tobias Bjerg

    Oh Man, can’t wait to see what it is going to look like! Really looking forward to getting my hands on it!!

  • ceasedd1

    #neve settle 😉

  • Krish

    Hopefully they open the reservation gates prior to the launch on 27th

  • tlds

    It would be great to get a chance early on

  • Arwin Lall

    What if we got the invite for oneplus one and purchased it, would we be one of the first to receive the oneplus two invites?

  • Bikram Snehi

    Super! I’m feeling terrible just thinking about giving up on my OnePlus One already though…

  • MJ

    nice phone but most worst service ever..

  • The truth-ier

    The theme of most of there blogs are this… very few details, very general, and not addressing the obvious things such as what he aluded to in his AMA chat about early supporters of the oneplus one and how that will work out when it comes to invites…. So what we know is that there will be a invite system, through out some arbitrary number of more invites then before….and thats it.

  • peabeanm_xx

    Had tried to get oneplusone smartphone after invite but was not able to get one. Now, oneplustwo is again on invite’s more a hide and seek idea – what children play for fun. What a childish idea. I settled with lg g4.

  • prataysingh

    I Hope This time I will be able to get one plus 2

  • NellyHenjunaha

    The question is who will be the first to receive and how many invite will be sent at the opening.

  • ChrisGarratty

    Add me to the list of OnePlus One owners hoping to get a day one invite for the OnePlus Two. 🙂

  • MukulJain

    Existing Oneplus One customers should get a priority invite in advance, so that they can order Oneplus Two on the launch day, itself…

    • Android Developer

      Why? Why not people who didn’t get the previous device even though they wanted?

      • Casey Mills

        Honestly it sounds like a good business decision. Those that already own one of your devices should be the most likely to buy another.

        • Android Developer

          So people who wanted an invitation and couldn’t get one should have low priority over people who already got lucky to get the devices?!

          • Casey Mills

            From a business perspective, yes. While the invite system doesn’t exist any longer. If you have waited this long, you either won’t buy one or you will wait a little longer.

            When you make decisions you use empirical evidence right? Those that have already spent money have proved they are willing to buy at least one. I have bought three. Those that didn’t “work” hard enough for an invite probably didn’t really want one. I posted several invites on the forums that went unclaimed.

          • Android Developer

            So if there are so many invites that don’t get used, isn’t it better to avoid invites at all, and make a better estimation about how many to manufacture, or even manufacture according to pre-paid customers ?

          • Jonnie Jansson

            Yeah I don’t get it, why not just use a pre-paid system.. There wouldn’t be any loss of money and no filled stock with unsold phones, or?? Begging and hunting for invites is time consuming. But well we’ll see, maybe it will run alot smoother than the last time.
            And true the one has been invite free for months but then again why by the one when the two was just around the corner? 😉 I hope i will get my hands on an invite for the two coz I’m gonna buy this phone..

          • Android Developer

            They could do it like it’s done on kickstarters – people pay a long time before the real purchase, and if something goes wrong, they get their money back.

          • Jonnie Jansson

            I’m with you on that one, mate.. Win-win for all.. But I guess they would lose out on what makes oneplus special and the Hype that is created when you need to have an invite to get the phone..

          • Android Developer


          • Bob Marley

            What do you expect from a company like this?

          • Mike B

            it has been invitation-free for months. what is your complaint?

          • Android Developer

            oh sorry, I forgot about this.
            But then again, it wasn’t this way when it was released.

          • riiwo

            What do you mean didn’t get lucky? I was trying to get an invite 2 months straight last summer. After work I was in forum for 5 hours a day, looking for contest and I finally got an invite. With little calculation it took me 300h to get an invite. Do most of the people try that hard?

          • Android Developer

            so people should work this long to get a device?

      • MukulJain

        People, who have not bought Oneplus One even after invite was not required are never going to buy the same…

        • Android Developer

          I don’t understand (sorry, English isn’t my main language)

  • NellyHenjunaha

    I believe most OnePlus one owner is likely to upgrade to the OnePlus two. Priority should be given to OnePlus one user however not all the OnePlus one owner will upgrade. OnePlus Should send a mail regarding the upgrade and give the opportunity to upgrade. The existing customer should be aimed first to keep and expand the business.

    Having said that the friend circle/Network of OnePlus one owner might be familiar with the OnePlus phones if they were not impressed with OnePlus already it is wise to target fresh customer they might bring more customer than the existing OnePlus One customer.

  • Robert Italy

    I hope to get an invitation some time before than for ONE.

  • jtwebfusion

    Now I need an invite to the reservation list. What’s next? Let me guess, a lottery, like Google I/O. Then we can get denied for that as well…

  • Harry

    These sound like some great changes, I can’t wait to sign onto the reservation list!

  • JLS

    Perhaps a “few” invitations in the box with the phone?

  • Jac Ques

    Could you post a link to the reservation list please? And, what speaks against opening the list before the 27th?

  • Gabriel Wadlington
  • Joe Warren-barratt

    Can you add me to the list of OnePlus One owners hoping to get a day one invite for the OnePlus Two 🙂

  • Abhilash Kumar

    My suggestion is ” To give first preference to Oneplus one owners.. i think they deserve to experience the “ONEPLUS 2 BEAST”….

  • copyitright

    “Simply enter your email”

  • Abhilash Kumar

    it means subscribe to their news letter.

  • Frog Smurf

    if I will have to wait more than two weeks for invite after you release the phone don’t you ever think you’re getting my money.

  • Amit Padwal

    THats good to know.. Which are the forum which we should follow to get an invite? Also, where do u go to register ourselves for the reservation list? Very keen on getting my hands on the new One plus two….

  • Simon Quinn

    I’m keen to sign up! 🙂

  • mcored

    How about just a plain simple backorder system? I don’t mind waiting for months as long as I know I have paid and it will be sent to me one day when it is day. Is that too complicated?

  • Vincent Emmanuel Lee

    Please include Singapore as one for your eligible country of shipping.

  • Abhay Kasturia

    WOHOOO , time to get a new phone , looking forward to the reservation list.

  • Ram Agarwal

    Hope I receive one as early as possible. I will buy cardboard on tomorrow.

  • Corey Ambitious

    Oh boy can’t wait. Note 5 and a one plus two. Let’s go.

  • Adam Wingert

    I don’t care how much it costs, I’ll take one!

  • Can’t wait for the OnePlus 2!!
    Hope so much that I get an Invite! 🙂

  • prabakaran

    waiting to fill up the form 😀

  • Nice. I will say I was very upset with the invite system last year considering I was user #930 and didn’t receive my invite until June, because a kind soul on the forums felt sorry for me that I hadn’t received one yet when everyone one else with rankings new then mine were getting them. Didn’t pay at all to be an early adopter.

  • Rens Mollemans

    I need a invite😀😀😀
    Where and when can i get on the list???

  • Joseph Royce

    Hoping I get an invite! Launch is around the corner

  • Dimitri Roegiers

    Due to circumstances I couldn’t buy the oneplus one, but I’m ready to order one now. Can’t wait!

    • RHK

      You can easily order the OnePlus One now 🙂
      Or did you mean to say… let’s wait for the new model and order ?

      • Dimitri Roegiers

        I consider myself an early adaptor. Due to the construction of my home, I did not have the budge to spare on a new smartphone. This has now improved and i’m ready for a new device to replace my Nexus.

  • Ashutosh Kumar

    I think One Plus 2 is already a winner in the segment.
    This time it is going to be huge as expectations are very high.
    Very keen to have OnPlus 2, can’t wait for it.

  • Nagaraj Maradi

    really looking forward to the op2 release. hope it lives upto it’s hype…

  • Sobhachandra Takhellambam

    cant wait…. wanna get the reservation

  • Daniel Browning

    Going to be amazing!!

  • Tim Wadsworth

    So will everyone who has posted her get an invite, or just added to the reservation list?

  • Serge Cote

    When you open your reservation list, let us indicate the serial number of our OPO and please send us that invite as VIP supporter. DAY ONE INVITE FOR ONE PLUS ONE OWNERS.

  • Brady Mosher

    Signed up for newsletter. Is that a reservation? I don’t see any other specific “make a reservation” option.

  • Fernando Marin

    OMG I can’t wait!!! when are you going to release the reservations??

  • johntscs

    How about an Australian distributer this time, shipping in Aust is cheap you just need to get them here.

  • @aviinfinity

    Can I get an invite?

  • Mathew Sullivan

    Many people don’t realize how risky it is to spend a decent amounts of million on manufacturing a phone, and having just barely any reserve emergency cash after releasing a new unpredictable product.

    I see the future of Oneplus, and though it will be rough and you will “lose” in the end, you will still be up there in the top 3 with a solid 70 million year sales after 4 years ^.^

  • Arka Guha

    YES . i like the reservation list idea. I NEED AN INVITE SO MUCH.

  • Ahora por favor implementen el envio por correo normal, el paso por aduanas genera un gasto extra de casi el 50% del costo del one plus….y no justifica comprarlo con ese incremento de precio. saludos

  • Grt!

  • TrueBlue

    How do I reserve myself?

  • Joan Wu

    Let’s try it and see if I’m lucky or not

  • Gamod

    It would be cool if OP would send those cards to all the ppl that got the VR cardboard It only shows their true interest in the OP2 and in the whole experience. I bet most people that ordered the OP cardboard would buy day 1 OP2 🙂

  • Mike Wang

    The waiting list is what im was looking for last year! 😀
    Finally i will be able to get my hands on a One+!!!!! 😀

    • sanjeev

      waiting is about to over …

  • Benny Tock Yee Kai

    Looking forward to OP2 =)

  • Parth Patel

    Plz tell me …Do anyone know when the reservation option will releas ?
    I really want to invite

  • Roberto Vannucchi


  • Uncooked Potato

    aaaalright, where can i sign up for reservation?

  • Anthony Mutiso

    Will previous 1+1 owners and those that converted shareable invites to sales get preferential access to the invites?

  • Ubatman

    The red cards are coming! The red cards are coming. P.S: a batman vs superman trailer reference, modified a bit :p Can’t wait to get my hands on the 2!

  • teebone8291

    me me me.. i want one…

  • Julio Cuevas

    Would Love to have an invite!!!

  • Ted Miller

    Yeah Yeah!!! Getting real excited for this release! Can’t wait to get my invite!!

  • Hari Krishna

    Looking forward to get one !!

  • Michael Van Der Wulp

    Looovee Looovee Looovee !

  • toby tanfield

    Loving the new website as well!

  • Jo Mel

    this is definitely good news…. I’m very excited to see what the 2 will look like!

  • Sharjeel Larik

    Thirsty for an invite!!

  • Dean Rogers

    Awesome awesome awesome
    I hope I can get an invite quickly

  • Richard Allison

    It’s a joke to have to get an invit to spend my money I’ll stick with my s6 and 6 plus

  • Will all invites be physical?

  • Fredrol

    Where do i sign up?

    Will you ship to Norway this time? I hope so! Its so frustrating to find someone in a supported country to order for me, and send it to me…!

  • LiamHaHa

    Did the original not have a lot of problems at launch? People seem to forget this is a company trying to make as much money as possible. Not a football team you support..

  • Gopal

    Mine.. mine mine…

  • Reynald Nixon

    will wait for the invites 🙂

  • Carsten Valentin

    Oplys venligst hvor og hvornår jeg kan skrive mig op til mobilen .

  • JetFanInMiami

    Looking forward to an invite as well.

  • DimT


  • Nandita

    How can I get one plus two invite?

  • Khurram Inam

    Are you going to ship OP2 in Pakistan this time???

  • RaghavendraDevisetty

    I hope they introduce new colours

  • Jeroen Overwater

    Just got mone one plus one a year ago damnit. why the quick new release?! 😛

  • Keith

    Sounds good

  • Chris

    Awesome. psyched to see an increase in efficiency. Also,will be giving at least 1 invite away to forum users who didnt receive theirs and hope they give theirs away as well. Unless of course, the system is designed where these invites should be given to non forum users to increase sales and brand awareness?

  • Roberto Wong

    I would love an invite

  • Sergio Xavier Rutiaga

    Just take my monies

  • Kevin

    Thanks I hope that I could bought one very soon 😀

  • Jwoodisgood

    Woop woop – looking forward to the Oneplus 2

  • Al Sharpton

    So do we put our email address on this blog?

  • ph1000

    Sounds like it will be a much better experience than with the 1+1 invite

  • Usman Noah

    If i can have a invite for the OnePlusTwo it’s very cool, i wan’t to give a little gift for my girlfriend and for my father !

  • Lieven Mns

    I’d like to make a redervation already! Loking forward to it.

  • Daniel

    je l’attend avec impatience !!!!

  • Ronak Kothari

    I’ll wait for Oneplus 3. Hopefully that’ll have a bigger capacity battery.

  • Kd


  • Michael Lowden

    YES!!!! I support this method and truly hope it will be ‘easier’ to get a 2 this year. It’ll be hard to justify the loss of my 1 though as it’s still a kick-ass phone. hrm …. 😉

  • Daniele Mischianti

    Thanks for sharing this info! I’d love to obtain an invite as soon as possible!

  • naresh Bhinde

    I’m dying to get op2. Let me know how to get the invite.

  • Mathieu Galant

    oh yeah , me please

  • matteo petraroia

    Ok guy!! When you open the reservation List?

  • Saurabh Mandlik

    Then release it soon..we’re dying here to see the first looks!

  • Dwayne

    Can’t wait to replace my S4 with this. Need to get my hands on an invite!

  • Siu Sidney

    Any priority for current OnePlus One user?

  • Dazz Holdsworth

    Will those that purchased the one plus one have priority on the one plus two.

  • lieven

    Where is het reservation list?

  • Tushar Sunil Mehta

    Already ready for reservation… Please send them soon……have been waiting too long…………..

  • Sourav Mitra

    you should do a survey (country wise) before lunching this product that can give you a good confidence. this invite system is not so good because why should customer wait for long time ,they will switch into another product . Customer satisfaction is ur primary object so product ability and service should be primary object.

  • These changes will be awesome! Can wait for the 27th!

  • Jacky Zhao

    Add me to the One Plus 2’s invite list. I hope One Plus 2 will have big improvement. Better than any other phones

  • Thomas Haseneder

    I like the idea of a reservation list. That is much better than begging around for invites. Also the point that they start with 30 to 50 times more devices than last year gives hope that we do not get in struggle to the new OP2.

  • Wil Kothlow

    So if we bought a OnePlus One do we get an invite?

  • aditya

    anyone wants an OP2 invite??

  • Austin Baker

    If it can compete or beat the Note 5, then we’re talking 😛

  • Filipe Marques

    Make it real OnePlus pleaseeee 😉

  • Ricardo Hernandez

    What about the shipping to Mexico? Any news?

  • Ricky Lose

    Oneplus invites are like little crack rocks.

  • Ooi Ah Guan

    Please let me know when can i sign up for the invite?

  • Naresh Kumar

    Being best will beat the Bestyyyy Always

  • Debanjan Mazumder (batman044)

    Where do I put my email?

  • mwluffy


  • Paul Hild

    Like it with fire! <3 😀 (y)

  • Alexander Cheney

    Very good to hear. Proud of you all for the strides you’re making and by standing up to the big guys.

  • Bryan J

    Way to Go OPO!!! Looking forward to July 27.

    Also it would be Awesome if you can add more countries into your Shipping Destinations List 🙂

    I live in Norway and there is no direct Shipping there. We have to ship it to Sweden and then collect it from there.

  • Carlo

    Hope in some good man who share his invitations with me… I only need one 🙂

  • Bruno Berriel

    What about the shipping to Brazil? Any news?

  • Sonam Lama

    I am extremely happy and satisfied with my One plus one, but equally excited to try my hands on One plus Two. Cheers!
    Never Settle

  • Aap Ka Dost Deepak

    i really want this for bcoz this phone is flagship killer than i kill all phone that time and i m the top of the line …. 😉

  • Vu Nguyen

    Would love it if previous purchasers of OnePlus get an early invite. Thanks. Love my OnePluses.

  • Edmund

    did I miss smthg or did this blog entry only mentioned that the invites will now be physical … how will that speed things up? or is it a mix btn physical and electronic invites?

  • Richard Wilkinson

    Sounds good to me as one of the early adopters with my OnePlus One 🙂

  • jj

    Yes, I am in, I want n invite as soon as they are available.

  • Senthil namasivayam

    Seema to be a better idea than one plus one especially the reservation list. But ll the previous owners of one plus one especially those who bought through the invite system be given preference over the others…

  • Vipul Sharma

    Snapdragon 810. Can’t wait to grab this beast.

  • Yannick dierckx

    Where do i need to leave my email ? 😀

  • Rabih

    Pretty cool! #HYPE

  • htowngtr

    Sounds good

  • Larry Yuen

    I need one, please

  • Gabriel Montero

    The one thing I’m not entirely clear on is that if the new invites will be physical only… Anybody able to clarify this? Thank you very much

    • Same, i’m not sure aswell.

  • Need to get on that reservation list asap!

  • Mike He

    I support oneplus!!!

  • benji_02

    HYPE is real!

  • Add me to the list…

  • Yannick dierckx

    Where do i need to leave my email for the invite ?

  • Filipe Marques

    I already feel the smell hmm c’monnn!!!!!!
    “It´s like one plus one equals two you like me i like you.” 😉

  • filippo edera


  • dwp4you

    I am looking forward to signing up as soon as the access to do so is implemented!!! I hope this happens SOON!!! 🙂

  • Arief Sofyan

    would be great if i can get the invitation

  • Cyril

    Please let me now where I can sign up for the reservation list! 😀

  • Can’t wait for this…. =)

  • Javier Fernández Raggio

    Want mine ASAP!!!!

  • Rùa Dương

    How do i “enter my email” ???

    • Yannick dierckx

      I want to know to

  • alex rutenfrans

    gimme gimme gimme!!!!!!!

  • Crafty Minor

    I’m so happy to hear this. I just cracked the screen on my nexus 4 yesterday… So I’ve been hoping for an invite as close to day one as possible. It looks like I have decent odds at getting one in the first month without too much effort.

  • Jussi Laitinen

    I’ll start my hunger strike for invite.
    No candy until I have my very own invite, after that some lollipop party.

  • Harsh Sureka

    Have been eagerly waiting for the OP2 since the last quarter when it was supposed to be launched. Please put me on the reservation list. Shall be the first to buy! 😀

  • Arlana Patten

    Would love an invite.

  • Abhishek Kumar

    Hoping for the reservation list system to be released soon! Looking forward to OnePlus 2.

  • Xaver

    will a owner of OPO get an invite automatically ??

  • Toke Pitkänen

    where do you wanna my e-mail address?

  • Nick Aggelopoulos

    Send us more informations!!!

  • Christian Gertsen

    Sounds great. Very much appreciate the reservations list as an option.

  • Tiago Madeira

    Can’t wait to have the OP2 in my hands 🙂 Loved the new changes in te invite system. Thank you guys, u are amazing!!!

  • vansi vuong

    hello, just a word to say I would like to receive an invite for the OP2

  • Kuvango Terra Nova

    Waiting 🙂

  • jazcat

    I am really looking forward to the OnePlus 2, and just in time as I must return my existing cell phone soon.

    • WhoaManWtF

      You will not have the OnePlus 2 in time to meet your carriers 14 day return. Also if you return too many times they may blacklist you from upgrading and or cancel your service because you are taking a new product and making it used/so they cannot sell it again as new.

  • Kuvango Terra Nova

    Just Want it !!!!

  • Antonio Garofalo

    good good

  • Paul Muller

    Brought the OPO to use as a minitablet. Too big for me to put in my pocket. Hoping the OPTWO is in the 5″ – 5.1″ size range. I will buy it to replace my Moto X (4.7″).

    • patstar5

      That won’t happen. It will be smaller in size but still have 5.5 inch screen.

      Moto x 2014 isn’t that bad, screen size is nice and phone isn’t to big unlike some 5 inch phones (htc).

  • Aaron Towner

    Cant wait for the OPO2, bring on the invites!

  • patstar5

    The invites will be digital again right? You aren’t mailing us cards?

  • Luis

    Give some advantage to the ones that actually bought the OnePlus One. That’s for sure a ‘sure’ sale… Respect fidelity

  • Carlos Ocampo

    Hola, Soy de Colombia y tengo este fabuloso celular (Oneplus One), simplemente me enamore y quiero ese Op2 y menos mal mejoraron eso de invitaciones.
    Saludos y Never Settle

  • Joe Ng

    longing for this so much!

  • Brian Seaman

    I have had the OP1 for less than 12 months. I love it more and more everyday! That said I can’t wait to pass it along for someone else to enjoy. While I enjoy the OP2!

  • Paul Muller

    Wondering if previous purchasers of the OPO will automatically get the OPTWO invite??

  • Javier Enrique Martínez Puerto

    Hola, me encantaría una invitación para el OP2.

  • Leevee

    just shut up and take my money… and throw one phone Btw.

  • harnish bhakri

    Where is the reservation list to sign up att?

  • Cody McClary

    If anyone knows when the email thing will show up please link. Thank you.

  • toth zoltan

    i hope we will ! I buyed 3 for me and my familiy, everybody here want the OPT !

  • xTremepower

    i hope we will ! I buyed 3 for me and my familiy, everybody here want the OPT !

  • Ajay Rathi

    I am wating to buy it.

  • Rob K.

    No more Invite Systems please …

  • The Reservation list is really good idea. When will it be open?

  • Dio Elgin-Body

    I have been waiting so long for this it feels. My S4 sucks, and the contract is up. Do we know if TWO will support the Verizon networks?

    • seldomused

      As far as I know, it won’t.

      • Dio Elgin-Body

        That would be a bummer. What’s the second best network to join?

        • Jesper Holm

          AT&T ?

          • Dio Elgin-Body

            I don’t know, I like the feel of T-Mobile. I know there are a ton of alternative networks I can look at, not sure which is best still.

  • Luvesh Tekchandani

    Waiting eagerly!!!!

  • shaan

    can’t wait…..period

  • Sameer Mishra

    I can see them beating all those competitors out in Android – Black and Blue ! 🙂

  • Joao Serra

    I Want…

  • Certainly seems to be a more friendly, accessible way to distribute. Looking forward to being able to buy it!

  • Anurag A

    Nice !

  • Sameer Mishra

    I am #HYPEd ! 🙂

  • Sander Croes

    Nice 🙂

  • Leander Vanhaeren

    I want one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Akshay Aggarwal

    I’m a big supporter of your Blog! 😉

    I’ve decided that OnePlus 2 will be my first smartphone, damn too excited about it! (Believe me, I’m still using a feature phone from the Nokia- era!)

  • Jack Yan

    Get me in!!!

  • anish anand

    Last time I tried to get OPO but finally got frustated as could not get hold of ONE. Hope to get it this time without putting my rest time online.

  • Seth Bertlshofer

    Thank goodness!!! I wanted to get my hands on the 1+1 but didn’t have the funds to buy the 2 now!!!

  • Luis Ferreira


  • qzar51

    Hi, Need one invite for o+o 2

  • Dave Pichler
  • Loy Conlu

    hoping to get in to the list..i really like my oneplus one and looking forward for the 2…

  • Louis Smith

    Very interesting, I am very patient. 🙂

  • bobthemuffinman

    Will existing OPO owners get invites for the OP2 to share?

  • Ashief Ahmed

    Where I put the mail address?

  • Chet Parsons

    Looking forward to the new process. Invite system worked just fine for me last time. Not in any hurry though since I still love my One…

  • Yordanis Camejo

    Thank you guys!

  • Pasqual Cayuelas

    Una invitación por aquí [email protected] Com

  • Stephen Turner

    If I get an invite, do I have to purchase the OnePlus 2 within 24 hours again?

  • jevgenijs ansbergs

    Great news!

  • Paul Nguyen

    Yes, happy change!

  • Kanika Bhasin

    Waiting for this phone..

  • Marcos M

    Thank you for making an awesome product!!

  • fruvous

    Hmmm, do I want to fight for an early invite or wait and see if any if the thermal issues are really solved…

  • vihanga sathsara

    OnePlus didn’t ship the one to Sri Lanka.
    Is there a possibility to purchase the 2 directly from and get it shipped to here ?

  • Yousuf Hussain

    Can’t wait to get one!

  • MNDTrix

    And where should I enter my email to get an invite??

  • Vishaka Bettadahalli

    fingers crossed …eagerly awaiting my invite and the VR Cardboard on Amazon

  • Vishaka Bettadahalli

    i hope the stocks last at least for an hour which i am really doubtful

  • I am upgrading & giving my 7month old 1+1 to my mom 🙂

  • Arka Tronic

    Me encanta este telefono, espero poder conseguir uno, quiero una invitacion, gracias 😉

  • Felipe Pombo

    Exceptional initiative. Congratulations to the whole team!

    It is comforting to know that you are concerned about the consumer.

  • Pradeep Chopra

    I am eagerly waiting for the invite and the reservation list.. Would love to own One Plus Two 🙂

  • Varun Prakash Shrivastava

    Looking forward to upgrade my old phone.

  • maxime

    please … i want to buy and One plus two from france 😀

  • Luca Barbato

    I want an One Plus Two. The One Plus One had been so far great.

  • Jeff

    i`m waiting for the 27th….. ready ready!!!!!

  • Ankit Jain

    Cant wait.. Already a proud one plus owner.. Will buy one plus two the day it arrives.. Please send me an invite.. Appreciate 🙂

  • Chaitanya Goyal

    Yeah! This really sounds great!! Looking forward to the new system!

  • mihrjeev

    how do i join the reservation im craving for one

  • Jaap Van der Horst

    Like to be on the reservation list. Is it up already?

  • waltIII314

    Great, send me one

  • Mehul Mittal

    please keep me posted and tell me when is invite available

  • JustSomeGuy

    Would love to sign up on the reservations list! I can’t wait to get my invite :p

  • Ismael

    You will be shipping to Mexico???

  • Tavish Alam

    Me too bro. I am also excited for the launch of 1+2. Can some of guys send me a invite. Never owned a 1+1 one before. Hope somebody listens.

    • Jeff


  • Gaurav Bansal

    desperately waiting……….

  • Adib Simon

    It’s great the idea of a reservation list, but I think the should give away invites to everyone who is in forums ,

  • Jonathan Cn

    Excellent idea. I want it right now!

  • Peter

    Really looking forward to the launch and finally getting my hands on the oneplus 2!!

    • Jeff


  • Moi Oms

    the question is can you manage the flow of all those who will like to go for reservation ? i think that everyone will go for this option to avoid that scary invite system that we’ve been trough with the Opo 1. Anyway as you said you re confident and ready so lets wait and see. All the best

  • Chris Cini

    How do I subscribe for an invite? Where does one enter email address?

    • Jeff

      good question

  • Bryan Tan

    Please send me an invite…

  • Juan Rivera

    Where is the reserve list?

  • Saukat Ali

    Send me Invitation [email protected]

  • Shashank Paliwal

    Let’s dissect the statement 🙂 :

    1. For those who don’t have time to hang out on forums or social media
    Conclusion 1: People active on FB/Forum can expect an early invite??

    2. We’ll have a quick and painless reservation list. Simply enter your email and we’ll send you an invite as soon as they’re available. We’ll be prioritizing our early forum supporters here.
    Conclusion 2: ONLY ‘Early forum supporters’ (and not Social Media) will be prioritized in ‘reservation list’??

  • Saukat Ali

    Send me Invitation [email protected]

  • Jeff

    where this is not listed, but my mail for the invitation is [email protected] PLEASE send me invitation!!!!

  • edwoordd


  • Rajeev

    Does the camera have OIS? The camera reviewer didn’t think so. I thought a flagship killer in 2015 must have an OIS lens to match the competitors?

  • Felix Chao

    Time to throw away the apple! OnePlus 2 here i come!

  • samkit desai

    nice changes..OnePlus..

    Excited…To have one…….
    Its OnePlus Or Nothing at all…

  • naseebapnaapna

    Excited for an invitation

  • Tony Pålsson

    I want an Invite.. thank you!

  • zeeeee

    Is this the OnePlus Two in the pic above?

  • Dan Nguyen

    I’m a little confused. Where are you guys asking us to submit our invite reservation? I’m a happy owner of the OP1 and would love to purchase the OP2 as soon as it is available.

  • Bernát Gábor

    Do you have any plan for when the reservation list will come live?

  • Syper

    Amazing what you guys are doing with all the amazing tech! Can’t wait till I can purchase one! Hoping for an invite! 🙂

  • Hall Reynolds

    Hoping to get an invite! Really like the OP1!

  • Swat Kat Sailo

    I owned oneplus one, i would like to get oneplus two, please invite me.

  • Jeff

    really!!!!!! i have it !!!!! SEND ME invitation!!!!!!!

    • Jesper Holm

      You have it? Then you don’t need invite 😉

  • Rick Chen

    How do we get an invite if we don’t have the OnePlus one? Another waiting game..

  • Chris L

    I’m going to hold out on this phone. It’ll be really worth the wait. Thank you OnePlus

  • irfan ahmed

    Send me Invitation [email protected]…. plz

  • Ankur Saxena

    I am so excited for the Two!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #HYPE

  • Rohit Rana

    I need one too😋

  • Who wants my S6 EDGE? lol

  • Shubham Chowkse

    I am sooooooo waiting for the 2…. 1 was super awesome 😀 can’t wait to see what’s 2 got in store 😀

  • Mehul Deshpande

    Give priority to ones who bought one plus one.
    Give option to upload receipt of the bought one plus one for confirmation or any other way you can validate the same.
    Waiting eagerly for 2016 beast

  • Jeff

    i want it!!!!!!!! =)

  • jjd

    looking forward for the release and invite

  • Eric van Aken

    Where can i sign up??

  • Avihay Bob

    Didn’t understand where should I leave me email???

  • smart decisions it will probably help with sales

  • daavviid7

    i want!

  • Yvonne Reijerink

    I really want the oneplus 2!!

  • Neelank Misra

    Well its a major improvement from last time..Hope i get it in the first week….

  • Hans Wurst

    okay! Lets try

  • Ravi Thakur

    I am lucky winner of VR free , but yet to recive , after looking thoroughly and 1st buye experiance then only i will going to buy. Still Oxygen update i am unable to get , local support customer care have no idea about same, After installation CY12 battery issue (it’s Drain out faster) Scree flick lots. Once in day in any app it’s get hang. No anser for onePlus 1. I will wait for OnePlus 2 for i’s stability then only i will buy. I don want rush customer care center.

  • Piotrek Szlązak

    one for me please:) [email protected]

  • Jacky

    The price difference seems to be significant from the one. It’s putting the two near other flagships with contracts on carriers, which might be harder to sell. I’m still excited about it though.

  • Marcel Tanasoiu

    I want one! 🙂
    [email protected]

  • Marcus Amal

    where can i sign up

  • Straw21

    When does the reservation list go live?

  • john_erwin

    The screen on my Nexus 4 shattered two weeks ago, but I’m just doing without a phone until I can get a OnePlus2. I’d love an invite!

  • Marshall Hawley

    Looking forward to the release date. Already got the cardboard. Just taking it one day at a time

  • Sabarish

    Nice time to launch.. My Phone broke down and I was about to buy one plus one, when I heard about one plus two. Now surviving on a veteran Nokia and trying to get through till 27th. I believe you guys have not become settled with the success and would deliver one more great phone this time…

  • Diego Rodriguez

    Stupid question but where do we enter our emails for the reservation list

  • abhishek goswami

    Awesome! Can’t wait to get my hands on the device!!

  • Christian Resendiz

    Can’t wait!!

  • kevin

    necesito ese celular…por las especificaciones…pinta para ser la bestia negra del 2015

    • Jesper Holm


  • Teddy Mutombo

    Completely happy with this new method!!!
    Great idea for prioritizing some of us who are always sharing and make the voice of NEVER SETTLE LOUDER AND LOUDER!!!!

  • Amir Maharjan

    How long will it take to get in the reservation list?

  • I need an invite 😛

  • joey lai

    It says simply enter your email as we’ll send an invite when it’s available…. But where do you enter your email?

  • Jon B

    Can’t friggen wait.

  • macke66

    Ofc. i want INVITE! 🙂

  • Almus

    looking forward to it

  • Gabriel Wadlington

    I’m really looking forward to the OnePlus 2. I’ve owned the original One for a full year and do not regret my decision. Keep up the good work OnePlus!!

  • Jaydutt Joshi

    How to get the invites i cant find any links.

  • fred

    OP, please don’t forget to send an invit for the OP2 : My OP1 needs a little brother

  • humansky

    Take my money and give me a phone….why can’t it be that simple?

  • Christopher


  • Tzib

    OP1 owner waiting for OP2!

  • Yannick

    Kan er iemand mij een invite sturen voor one plus 2 alstublieft

  • Kavin Richard

    Commendable Move… Hope it satisfies everyone’s request !

  • Rayan Zaffar

    How does one get an invite?

  • guru gg

    Hello ,, how do we get an invite ??? do they randomly pick up or do we need to register ?

  • Yannick

    [email protected] From te reservation list one plus 2

  • Ashish kumar

    I’m desperately looking for a this mobile , send me link to buy this phone .

  • erikandreas2000

    I hope I get an invite. I realy want that phone!!

  • erikandreas2000


  • junaidjamshed

    Okay, I might be asking this question again (apologies if I am): Do the OPO buyers get the invites for OPT ?

  • yannick

    Pleas sent me a invidet

  • Eric Martinez

    So where do I sign?

  • Ben Dang

    send me one!

  • Valter Sousa

    Where do we enter our email to be part of the reservation list and get an invite??

  • Donte Banks

    Be great if people who owned 1+1 would get first dibs.

  • serialtoon

    IM SO EXCITED…..IM SO EXCITED…..IM SO…SO…..SCARED….. *anyone remember the 80s?* But really, im excited.

  • Richard Spencer

    Cant wait. Hopefully there will be sufficient inventory to get a new OnePlus 2 within a timely manner….been sitting on the sidelines waiting for this for oh so long OnePlus Team.

  • Ashok Tamang

    Yass! more #hyped

  • Will Büscher

    Stay true to yourselves and trust the system that worked well last time. Everyone at work is going to be jealouseeeee

  • Daryan Parab

    One 2 for me please!

  • Michal Michvocik

    No som veľmi zvedavý kedy sa mán ukáže ten reservasion list. Neviem či sa mi podarí získať tú veľmi dobre vyzerajúcu physical invite. Aj keď by som bol na ňu veľmi hrdý avšak nemyslím že mám šancu. Ale budem sa snažiť čo najviac. Veľmi sa mi páčia špecifikácie nového modelu 😉 (Well i am very curious when we will see that reservation list. I dont know if i will have so much luck to get that great!!! looking physical invite. Although I would be very very proud to have one I dont think that I will be the chooosen one. But I will be productive this way as much as I can 😉 I love all specs of your new phone)

  • Peerke1979

    Where can I leave my emailaddress to join the reservation list?

  • Bineesh Nair

    Waiting for OP2. Here please 🙂

  • JE_25

    Hopefully this works out well. I’m excited.

  • Jeff Stajek Jr.
    • Jeff Stajek Jr.

      My friend has the OP1 and it’s awesome

  • Tom Amy

    Is the reservation list out yet or do we have to wait until the 2 is out? 😛

  • Heng Yuan

    I will likely need to get two. How many phones can we get per person?

  • Jaydutt Joshi

    [email protected] my email for reservation

  • Otto Bernth Petersen

    Yes put me on reservation list. You have all ready the email-adress

  • Rens Mollemans

    I want it so bad😀😀😀
    [email protected]

  • Chris Smith

    I love my OPO; it’s the best phone that I have ever owned. I cannot imagine how it can be made any better but I am looking forward to getting a new one too.

  • matteo theuer

    Reservation list?
    Where is an Reservation list?

  • Zmen

    I think they should have made a system who could fix the oneplus, if someone brakes it!

  • nelcy

    siii yesss cool

    [email protected]

  • Jeremiah Washburn

    The lg g4 has the 810 and it runs at normal temp unlike tbe htc one m9 but that was fiXed with with software so I think the new installment oneplus has to offer will be amazing, if you have any questions about how hot it will get on the 2 go and check out mkbhd’s YouTube channel because oneplus sent him a Unit so he could make a video on the camera quality.

  • Jonas

    Love it!

  • Rod

    Where can I enter my email address for the reservation list?

  • ehsimpso

    this will be much better than last time, thank you OnePlus!

  • Willian Marciano
  • Tony Hocson

    Here’s hoping that I get an invite at the same time as before!

  • Steve Dickey

    Humm.. me want 2.

  • vaman bhatt

    Will One plus2 owner today’s clife style icons ? Will it prove ?

  • Bouwer Sale

    please invite me when it comes out [email protected]

  • figin

    cant wait any chance that someone could tell me how could i put my email down in the reservation list pls

  • Singh Tarandeep

    Absolutely. Keep us posted. 🙂

  • Nedved85

    I’d like an invite 😉

  • Marco van Katwijk

    looking forward to find the forum were a reservation list will be made available…

  • K0t3i

    Raaaaahhh so hard to wait it…. I wanna One euhh.. Two 😉

  • Yrving Isaac Pavon

    Sounds good. I gonna save money.

  • Kamran Sheikh

    So where do we find this reservation list where we enter our email address??

  • Nigel Thompson

    I don’t understand how I am supposed to get on the reservation list. I guess I’ll just wait till the 27th.

  • Vivian

    I would love to have the invite

  • Jake Hart

    Can I get an invite please? My mother always told me say please and thank you.

  • Mery

    Please, i’m choosen one.

  • Rodolfo A. González M.

    Every person who own a OPO should be on the reservation list, just thinking.

  • Brandon Losse

    I’m ready to drop any and all amounts of dollars for this. Seriously I’m sitting here with an N5 with a cracked screen and a dodgy charging port just holding on to dear life for the OP2.

  • FlyBri

    Glad to hear that they will have much more inventory than last time. And while it was frustrating, I totally understood why they had to trickle out those invites on the OnePlus One — it was their first phone, and as was mentioned in the post, they didn’t know how it would be received. New companies have to be careful with their capital, so I completely understood, and didn’t fault them for it one bit. Looking forward to the OnePlus Two though — after MKBHD’s video about the camera on the OnePlus Two (which looks pretty promising), along with all the features we know about it thus far, I think it’s shaping up to be a pretty damn good phone for the money. Can’t wait for the official release.

  • Boris Chen

    Wait until 7/27

  • Wilder Restrepo

    deseo una invitacion, quiero comprar un telefono para mi esposa y otro para mi un saludo desde Colombia

  • Paul Kelly

    Love the One… Want the Two… Aaaaargh! So torn!

  • Hanson Brantley

    Love my OnePlus One and looking forward to the changes. Hope all the USA Tmobile frequencies will be covered and WiFi calling with Tmobile will come.
    Add me to the list of OnePlus One owners hoping to get a invite for the OnePlus Two. 9


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  • Peter Chantavith

    Can’t wait

  • Wilder Restrepo

    Buenas noches, pueden por favor explicarme como obtener una invitación para comprar el one plus 2 estoy muy interesado en adquirir dos terminales pero no se donde o como me registro.
    bendiciones para todos

    Good nights, they can explain to me please since obtain an invitation to buy the one plus 2 I am very interested in acquiring two celphones but not where or as I register. god blesses them

  • Josh Goetz

    When you run a header saying this is how you get an invite and then have no link or URL, your journalistic professionalism suffers.

  • eltron

    It would be awesome if the share-invites worked this time. I tried to give my friend *2* invites, both times the invites were used but there was a bug on the website that disallowed him from actually ordering a phone. Fuckin’ bullshit!

  • Christopher Canelho

    I’m due for an upgrade from the oneplus one

  • madhur ahuja

    i m very excited for the one plus 2. i just hope it arrives in india by 27th july and i get an invite as early as would surely be the best phone .

  • madhur ahuja

    looking forward to buy the one plus 2 at the earliest. please send the invite as early as possible.

  • madhur ahuja

    will the phone be available for sale to indian customers on on 27th july only?

  • Mark Rademaker

    Can’t wait. Love my opo.

  • Armando Flores

    hello i would love an invite [email protected]

  • Peter Bergonzi

    Good idea.

  • Rodeon Malinovski

    Does anyone know how to get onto the reservation list? Are they going to start it on July 27th?

  • Wei Sing Tan

    But maybe if supporter that had brought 1 plus 1, can have invite and discount for plus 2 drop into their email??

  • binais binu

    Waiting for de 2…

    • Ajay Ramakant

      I hope loyal to 1+ will be honoured…..!

  • Mohammad Shahrear Russel

    I am One+….ohhh!! I need to upgrade myself to One+2

  • Armaan Bindra

    Put Me on the reservation list please 🙂

    [email protected]:disqus .com

    Armaan Bindra

  • Mohammad Shahrear Russel

    I am One+….ohhh! I need to upgrade to One+2…can’t stop upgrading even for the next 3!

  • JuzSimplyZac


  • Arka Guha


  • Ryan

    Can’t wait! *hyped*

  • suresh sury

    Add me also….

  • Hector Romero

    Smart! Well better then last time! Can’t wait for it!


    whats d cost of two

  • Sam

    I am here for the reservation list. Lemme know where to sign up 😉

  • Phil Cassell

    I wonder if those of us who already own the OnePlus will get the opportunity to get the One Plus 2 faster….kinda like some sort of loyalty invite.

  • Dwayne L

    I love my Oneplus One and I’m super excited about the Oneplus 2. I was able to buy 4 Ones last year without too much trouble, for myself and friends and family.I didn’t find the Invite System particularly difficult or irritating in the least. After a while I had invites coming out of my ears and I started giving them away in the blogs. I love the company because I know what its like to start up and be the new kid on the block. You have to do something different.
    None of the Oneplus Ones I bought had any of the glitches that I’ve seen people criticising, and they are all going strong today and well loved by us.
    Keep up the good work Oneplus, and I look forward to getting my invite for the 2. The hardest thing will be giving up my One because I love it so much.

  • Gopal

    Food for thought. Whoever post a comment to this thread, please send 1 invite.

  • Cherry popper

    one plus plus one = oppo ?, oneplus one = opo ?

  • Aaron Scott

    Really curious on the price, it surely isn’t going to be 349.00.

  • sameer

    When the reservation list will be open ?

  • Nandakumar D

    I’m eagerly waiting for the Launch & definitely for an invite 🙂

  • Khalid Brown

    Where is the reservation list


    Quite good

  • dan

    Cant wait

  • ATATKDdad

    Pick me Pick me!!!

  • Andrew D

    I agree with other commenters that it would be nice if people (like me!) who bought the 1+1 would at least be sent an email giving us the option of signing up to the reservations list first. Otherwise we have to follow the site constantly, and typically after us Antipodeans get up in the morning, all the action is over!

    Also, the post could be clearer about how this reservations list is going to work. saying in the imperative “Simply enter your email…” suggests it’s something that is active NOW. However, it seems it’s not open yet!

  • Kevin Arias


  • Merwyn Monteiro

    Any chance that OnePlus is looking at Australia as a release country this time?
    I managed to convince many of my friends here to get OnePlus Ones. It was hard but we got them. Now I am looking towards the Two obviously.
    I tried all measures of getting an invite last time to increase my chances, even when Australia was never mentioned as a release country!

  • mahmoud

    cant wait to get this mobile

  • T.C. Yu

    wheres the reservation list, how can i queue up for the phone

  • Neil Kim Gardose

    mine mine pleasseee. :3

  • Gauthier

    I Want an invite, i vé got 2 OP1, and i want thé second opus, because the technologie is incredidible however thé price

  • Sid

    Where do we give our email for an invite?

  • pratik

    when it is going to be available in india ???///???/?

  • Betschler

    So now we’ll get a chance for an early invite! :))


    Send me the invite….asap..

  • bimbu


  • Raul Gracia Rivera

    Well when is the release of this piece of art?. I want one and i need to save but i need to know how much is it. i think is the best phone out there with a nice price :). I hope people buy this piece of electronic art :).

  • Sivaram Subramaniam

    What OS will the OP2 have? Oxygen OS or stock Lollipop? Will we receive
    updates or will there be a repeat of the issues with Micromax in India?

  • Carl Michael Giblhauser

    “Simply enter your email and we’ll send you an invite”
    I wonder how they will send physical invite cards via email. Don’t know if physical invite cards are the best idea, sending them costs money, snail mail takes quite some time and it requires the recipient’s postal address to be known. The latter is only the case for people who already are customers, so I am in.

  • Aliasger zc

    need one of these

  • John Willbanks

    Waiting for the upgrade, digitizer went out on my one =(

  • Duncan Hall

    so is there a list yet ? I think first priority should go to One Plus owners!

  • Ankit

    The wait to see the actual Device is Killing me !!

  • asad lodhi

    How to get the invite for One plus 2

  • Where is the reservation list? How to signup for it? Though I’m a active forum member but still it’s better to try all the ways 😉

  • Srijan Ratan

    I am extremely interested in this phone, hoping to know when it arrives.

  • Costel

    i will buy oneplus 2. I like the first phone. So, i think that 2 will be a better phone

  • Jeni

    Were would this reservation list be?

  • vr6tmd6040

    I’m considering this phone for my tech savvy Mom (72). If I did buy a OnePlus Two over the OnePlus One, it would be to get LTE band 12 (700MHz low band) on T-Mobile because it’s now fully live in her area. The specs I’ve run across so far indicate that this new version will have it. If there’s no band 12 support, I will pass altogether until they release a model that does.

  • Keyfinder

    Could you please send me invite for OnePlus 2? My e-mail: [email protected] Thank you in advance.

  • Kavish Dhawan

    One plus 2 is HOT….looks😍

  • Venga

    Hey what smartphone is shown in the above picture? Its not an OPO, could that be the OPO2?

  • Abhishek

    Oneplus one was my dream phone to buy but because of some reason, couldn’t buy. But I made 7 of my friends and relatives to buy the phone who had the required budget.

    Its really a super-budget quality phone when you compare its spec to other high-end phones selling at more than double the price.

    Really excited about 1+2 this time. Wish to get my hands on the phone this time by actually buying it. 🙂

    Buying 1+2 this time is on top of my wish list this time but I hope my priority list doesn’t make it difficult though. :0

    Rise & Shine OnePlus. You guys rock!

  • Angel Gonzalez

    y ahora que voy a hacer con mi OPO???

    and now I’m going to do with my OPO ???

  • Michael Albertsen

    Sounds great. I am waiting the release of one+2 to get a new phone. Hope I’ll be able to get asap 🙂

  • Lourens Kotze

    I live in South Africa and would truly like to purchase a one plus device but unfortunately you don’t ship to South Africa.

  • Paul

    looking forward to seeing the OP2. As an existing OPO customer I’d hope we get first refusal and don’t have to be active forum users – I have a life not centered around OnePlus!

  • borzo

    the waitlist is the obvious choice

  • Isaac

    Nice concept will the OP2 be a global sale without countries restriction?

  • L Eve

    Sweet- hoping to make the cross over from Apple

  • Vinayakaram Nagarajan

    Couple of things are probably left out:
    1. Will there be invites available for OP1 owners?
    2. Any perks for those who got your OnePlus cardboard eagerly awaiting the OP2 for the launch?

    It would be great if those can be made available as well

  • Benjamin Schmuhl

    woah 😀 need one of those invite cards 🙂 looking really neat *.*

  • Sashank

    Want an invite before I change my mind. Everyone’s saying – Its gonna be HOT 😉

  • Sashank

    Also… Will it reach India now?

  • Ankit

    Is there any exchange system too with old opo ??

  • Thiruvenkadam Venkatachalam

    I need one..

  • bluedogdem13

    The new reservation system should prioritize past customers based not just on interest/forum/blog but actual purchases, including accessories. I, for one, do not have the time or inclination to check forums or blogs but I do actually purchase phones and accessories. Past support via verifiable purchases should be primary factor in releasing invites.

  • ecbnjaxfl

    Faster invites will be nice!

  • Teri Browett

    Looking forward to seeing the new phone

  • SomeoneYouKnow

    It would be nice if OnePkus recognized all the people who made the One a success by giving each person who purchased one a guatenteed invite for the Two, ahead of time.

  • David D. Stanton

    Cyanogen OS or O2OS? I really hope its Cyanogen OS as that may be my choosing factor……

  • Prakash Patel

    how to get notified about reservation list…??

  • Kenshiken

    Never owned 1+1 but really want to take a 1+2. So, if anyone kind enough, send me an invite after this system started to work. Big thanks!

  • paranoid

    two 4 me to follow my OP1

  • antobertu

    When the invites was relased for the first time ever I was just crying for my broken iPhone 4… Few days ago I received my invite. I was one of the first people in Italy to have it.
    7 Days ago someone stoled my my Oneplus One… I hope the fate will help me again (and will kill the robber).

    • BRa1n

      Always the same motherf*cker….
      i hope you get it back soon.

      Greetings from Germany

  • Domenico Costantino

    Great news!!

  • Kanika Bhasin

    This is exciting… where do I share my email ID for the invite?

  • John “Ola” Awolesi

    Will the invites expire after a limited time like the OnePlus One invites did?

  • Pratik “zeiT” Varak

    send me an invite plz plz plz plz plz

  • Pratik “zeiT” Varak

    how do i register for an invite
    plz help

  • Leonardo lozano

    Cuando se prodra adquirir directamente desde colombia, pues al comprarlo por otras paginas se sube mucho el precio.

  • Mike Balakrishnan

    onePlus 2 is exciting stuff, hoping to reserve and get on the list!

  • Harsimran S Labana

    An invite for me please. Thanks in advance. 🙂

  • Jurrian Kole

    Can’t wait for the new phone! HYPE!

  • Anthony Vazquez

    Where can I get into the reservation list?

  • wtfkrew

    This i think will be a better system then the last one. I can’t wait much more for the phone i want one now.

  • Reddappa Reddy

    my email is [email protected]


    does anyone know the release date. My dog decided to chew up my One yesterday. I wanted to wait for the Two, but what kinda wait would that be?

    • FlyingTV

      The OnePlus 2 is launching on July 27 at 7:00 PT, entirely in virtual reality using OnePlus’ upcoming VR headset. – Androidpit

  • FlyingTV

    wow! i’d like to have the op2 because it’ll be sooo amazing. i hope that i can get an invite so i can buy one!

  • Popsmelove

    Hello, where must we post our email for the reservation list ?

  • Arun Kumar

    Looking forward eagerly to sign up on the reservation list, when are you planning to open reservations?

  • mwm341

    Fine by me! But I have to figure out what todo with my OnePlus One.

  • Kendall McLeod, Jr.

    Can’t wait for an invite!! One Plus Two will be dope!!!

  • I have bought two OnePlus One and loved it. Looking forward for upgrade.

  • Amandeep Singh Grover

    I Neeeeeeeeed it 😀

  • Paul Kelsall

    68 years old and hope I don’t have to wait too long for a fantastic OnePlusTwo !

  • tanny bash

    Can not wait for the OnePlus 2

  • Peder

    I’m sure that you well kick ash wed the new one+2 <3 🙂

  • Keshav Bisht

    I love my One plus one and now I am waiting for The OnePlus 2 whioxh is loaded with new version OxygenOS and powered by a Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 810 v2.1….I am loving it!!!!

  • Peder

    But how do i get in line to sign up for a OnePlus 2 ??

  • Amit

    Curiously waiting for the launch right now. I would not decide right now, if I want to buy OP2. Right now, I am more than happy with my OPO!!! It’s still awesome with the bamboo back!

  • Ankur Sharma

    how do i sign up for a card

  • Slwc

    This is a huge improvement. I have been trying to figure out where I was going to score an invite from as I have been holding off on upgrading waiting for this one and now with the updated LTE band coverage I’m pretty excited. (I am on T-mobile so the OPO wasn’t going to work well in my area). I know you all are working as quickly as possible but what would be the timeline on the Wifi calling update mentioned in the AMA? That is pretty important to T-mobile experience. Are you thinking on the order of weeks, months, or a year?

  • Shivanand Sinanan

    how can we sign up as existing one plus users to upgrade or get an invite to upgrade to the one plus 2 ?

  • Alex Kaushovik

    Sign me up!

  • Andrea Ricci

    [email protected]
    I would like to receive an invite as soon as possible

  • Andrea Ricci

    I love your telephone!

  • Andrea Ricci

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. Send an invite to me!

  • Dallen Hansen

    I had a really bad experience with customer service with the OnePlus One. The Two seems like a really cool phone though. I’d be willing to try again hoping customer service would provide good support. Sign me up for an invite.

  • Jeffrey Gorissen


  • Muffadal Presswala

    Where is the reservation list ?

  • carleo

    this time i will buy this op2.. with no contract.. cant wait.

  • Kenji Kawa

    Excited for the reveal.

  • Dhruv Bhandari

    Wonder if current OnePlus One owners get sharable invites?

    Really hope so!!

  • really happy yo be in one

  • Gregory Chin Liang Chuin

    I’m using Oneplus One as my daily driver. I hope I can hand on to the new oneplus 2. Oneplus should open a store in Kuala Lumpur. Do you know how difficult for me to look for suppliers to buy this amazing phone of oneplus one. Email: [email protected] plz give me an invite

  • Alvin Wells

    invite please

  • rzr

    Love it! Please let me know when I can submit my email address.

  • Shantanu Mishra

    Eagerly waiting for getting one plus two and day by day becoming impatience. !!!

  • yudhir

    Me Too…

    743 comments here, Please please provide one for each of us , please please

  • Prajwal Naik

    CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!

  • elcuby

    As a early supported I’m hopping to get mine invite early🙌

  • Pradyumna Deshpande

    i am eagerly waiting for launching of one plus 2
    perfect phone with affordable price…. cant wait to grab it

  • Aditya sharma

    One plus two is going to take the market of note 4 & note 5. It’s gonna be one powerful smartphone of the year

  • Luis Cortez

    WOW I like the new way to get invites,its like being invited to be in a secret party ^_^

  • Amara Nwosu

    Sounds good!

  • 123ford

    I would love to get one of those cards. My best friend has the 1+1, and I can’t wait to see what 1+2 looks like.
    PS Just got my VR 1+2 cardboard glasses. I feel like I’m drunk when I see through them haha. Thanks for that.

  • quaiser

    ok…..thats fine, but would you add more shipping country in the list? and add more Payment method ..we do not like to miss the device and want to be a part of your great work…..?

  • I am new here but am hoping and praying that I get a OnePlus 2 invite!! I’ve been on a lot of Tech forums since learning so very much about Smartphones, especially since the Lollipop Debacle of 2015!!! It got ahold of my SG GS5 and I’m ready for a huge change! I connected with another techie and he told me all about the opo, and after doing absolutely everything I could to get my S5 back to the way it ran when I first got it (September 2014), with no luck whatsoever. I’ve had them all, these flagship phones from LG to Moto, to Sammy and I’m so DONE with these Big Tech Companies and their “flahships”!

    Totally looking forward to a real “smart phone” and I’m told that the OnePlus is the greatest ever!

    Understand the priority given to your dedicated followers, just remember, you are getting new followers toooo ; )~

  • BIG fan of mobile security. Very, VERY interested in purchasing this device to replace my N5 device instead of upgrading to the N6 which I am eligible for on T-Mobile.

  • madhur ahuja

    just 10 days left for the launch of one plus2! and the countdown begins.

  • Gaurav Katyal
  • Hossam Fares

    can’t wait to see OnePlus 2 🙂

  • Thomas Tang

    Where to enter my mail for the Reservation list?

  • Mickey Huber

    How can we get on the reservations list?

  • Cheyne Hill

    Will owners of the OnePlus One be receiving priority???

  • vinit_jain.90

    I am in !!

  • Shaheer


  • ม.ร.วกิ๊ก ณ นิวยอร์ค

    Let see.

  • Elsie Yu

    Would be awesome if you can ship to new Zealand or Australia at least >_<

  • vinit_jain.90

    I go on by the user name vinit khicha. Don’t forget to send me an invite with RSVP from #oneplustwo 🙂

  • Miguel Angel III Quiros Cedeño

    How about for those that already own a OnePlus One, we should get an invite as a token of appreciation and for supporting the company as loyal customers and fans of your work (at least a 24hr invite or I’ll even settle for a 12hr invite to make the purchase, I will not need that long to buy it ;). I love my OnePlus One and I’m so ready to get my hands on the number Two.

  • Trent Blum

    The Oneplus 2 will be a far better phone than any other. It will be the 2015-16 Flagship Killer

  • Trent Blum

    Since I want to try at least, here’s the reservation email: [email protected]

  • Fabio

    Is a new chip Snapdragon needs to improve it

  • Alex Anders

    got the oneplus one with their summer photo action last year+it works perfect, now with CM12,better it ‘ll work with oneplus two, i’ m absolutely sure, that’s the reason why i’m texting so bad from germany, waiting this summer for it 😉

  • Never Settle with a crappy com

    I would never buy a piece of shit hardware from the worst company on the face of the world. I own the One and it has ghost touches and the idiots from customer support have been evading me for over 2 months now. Give yourselves a piece of mind. Buy a phone from a reputable company.

  • Peter Bergonzi

    Someone’s desk is just a wee bit too tidy.

  • Peter Bergonzi

    They may be on track to make the Flagship phone of the year with the OPT.
    Don’t be surprised.

  • swapnil

    please can somebody send me the link to the reservation list (link particullarlt) and i read the forums why be so greedy.. plus one and two are meracles of beauty and not bird feed that you say mine mine mine mine mine …. and its urs ,,@pietervanhakendover:disqus no offence… needs are more important important that “wants”,,, chill bro

  • S. Chiu Wong

    Carl’s blog is informative but lacks specifics. One example:he mentioned reservation list for those who don’t have time to hang out in social media forum, they just need to enter their email address. But there’s no specific as to where and how to enter that info or whereabouts of the reservation form is within the web site. Are we suppose to hang out this forum to find out? But that contradicts the intent that Carl mentioned in his blog: saving time!

  • Luis Landa

    My birthday is the 28th and I want to give me this as a present, When will the reservation site be available?

  • I’d actually rather spend less money and get OnePlus One instead of the more expensive OnePlus Two, alas, 1+1 doesn’t two of the three T-Mobile LTE bands. Any plans to re-release OnePlus One with Band 2, 4, 5, 7 and 12?

  • Dima K

    I hope I’m not getting on the OnePlus 2 bandwagon to late

  • Please remind me..

  • AndroidLover4Life

    Im deciding whether i want to go with the one plus two or the Moto X 2015. Any input? Will the one plus two have a sd slot becuase my current phone has 92gb of stuff such as programs for work and family pictures.

  • David Varkovitsky

    Ill give up my Note 4 for this phone

  • Pubudu Shiran

    How can I join? Can you please send me a invitation ? Please make me educated about this system as I have no idea about it.

  • Himanshu Thakker

    waiting for the invite, please clarify when it will be available to india?

  • Karun Satish

    When will the OP2 be open for sales in India?

  • Prakash Devassy

    I would like to get one invite.

  • Кабан Набак

    I am the happy owner oneplus one but really want to buy oneplus two and as I have I’m from Russia

  • Srinivas Velidanda

    Where does one enter the email address to register for the One Plus 2

    • Saugat Bhattarai

      where ?????????

  • Paulami Bandyopadhyay

    Would there be way to exchange the oneplus one with the oneplus two and get the latter at a reduced price? that’d be nice, because otherwise I really don’t see a compelling reason (read upgrades) to dish out cash just to change my oneplus one to the 2!

  • Philipp Pichler


  • Saugat Bhattarai

    “Simply enter your email and we’ll send you an invite as soon as they’re available.”, where do you enter the email???

  • Nuno

    Oh Yeah! Im só excited! Índia want the 2!😀

  • Alessandro

    Guys, i hope that you relase this invites right after the OPT presentation……! please… :))

  • Pratik Bhure

    How soon do you guys open up the reservation list?

  • saad ahmed

    please send me the invitation for one plus 2 , i had no luck at the time of one plus one
    [email protected]

  • Shiv

    Will it come to INDIA or we have to wait for another 6 months..

  • Dhanya devamma

    [email protected]
    Please share the invite.
    I am looking forward to buy this phone.

  • abhishek shravan

    please give an update on reservation list

  • cleanuser

    invite plz

  • Yin

    How to get the physical invite cards for the OnePlus 2

  • Irfan afzaal


  • Alejandro Hernandez

    Where is the list? 😀

  • Aman Arora

    Invite for me 🙂 Thanks

  • cassandra rose

    So where do you sign up??

  • Today I am officially discarding my beloved Oneplus One. It will be on a notice period till I get the invite. The deboarding of Oneplus One is started. Here you welcome Oneplus Two.

  • Erik Romberg

    Sitting with a usless Iphone. Almoast bought the OP1. Then i realised the second would soon come out. REALLY hope i can get an invite 😛 So get the reservation list up so i can enlist! XD

  • Zecae Invodkae

    Please do keep me posted for the invitations date… 😉

  • SAM

    I need invite for Oneplus 2, plz share 1 invte to my email is “[email protected]”.

  • pritam nandy

    if it is an issue regarding inventory and cash flow, advance order can be taken. For 1+1 invite selling became a business for many ppl. This time oneplus should be careful abt that

  • Daniele Gardellin

    where’s my invite???? ;-))

  • Kane Haywood-Rogers

    how much in £ (Great British Pound)? when is it released in the UK?

  • Varun Mehta

    Where do we have to share our email I’d to get the invite on priority??

    • John

      You have done by joining this blog. Now you have to be patient

      • Varun Mehta

        Ohh wow..that’s nice. Really Excited to buy this phone 😀

  • Nivrutti N

    Dying hard to buy One +2

  • Shamcy Alghazzy

    It will be a huge disappointment if it’s not water proof or if it doesn’t support wireless charging.

  • jacklimyc

    Hope I’ll be one in your list

  • Alex Ts
  • sebaz

    I just can’t wait! Seems to be a better system this time…

  • Azza

    What I would like to know is if they will ship worldwide…


  • Lincoln

    More info on invites please

  • Sav

    i want an invite


    awesome. i will get one

  • Bond Dond

    hope get this soon… waiting for OPO 2 for a long time 🙂

  • Andi Rauf Nur Andi Rahim

    Can’t wAIT for 27th

  • Greg Spradlin

    Why is the bottom card a deeper red? May I have the top card please?

  • Chinmay Mahatme

    How do I get spot in the reservation list?

  • Marcorios

    Can’t wait for this phone! Anyone know how long to generally expect after release to have one of these bad boys in your hands? I’m heading off to uni and would love to have this new phone before the semester starts!
    If any of you guys get an invite my email is [email protected] ! Thanks

  • I’m just hoping I can even buy one this time.

  • aquabond

    same old frustrating thing by a company that wants to be the best but doesn’t want to take the risk of some inventory loss.. wtf 🙁 hate it

  • Tompa1000

    This feels like When you where a kid and waited for Santa! It kind of feels nice to experience it again 😲

  • Manikandan Mallikarjunan

    I wish I get the invite a day in advance along with accessories!!!!

  • Manikandan Mallikarjunan

    Include both SD card slot n dual sim in the opt

  • Konstantin

    Is there a link or eta on when sign up for a reservation will be available ?

  • freemilo

    Where’s the reservation list?

  • quaiser

    we appreciate your initiative to new and improved invite system, we also request to add more country in shipping list and several Payment method so more people can grab the device.

  • Tim Grigor

    Might be needing to get me one of these as my Oneplus One may have got a wee bit wet on a tramp and isn’t quite working the same as it used to…

  • Syed Ibrahim Khalil

    Give me one invite please.
    [email protected]

  • Kevin S.

    [email protected]
    Here’s my email for the invite.

  • aRicK

    I would also like an invitation. Since this is my first One plus phone.

  • Mitul Goyal

    How to get registered for the e-vite for OP2?

  • Andrea Ricci

    send me an invite please

  • Kostantinos Bersis

    That is great news!! I can’t wait to get my hands on the phone 😊

  • Joel Caloncagon

    Invite will be appreciated!

  • Bernd Appenzeller

    Looking forward to sign up on the reservation list


    so this means we all get it on time. nice news

  • Vivek Patel

    Man i love my OP1 infact i have 2 of them…hopefully seeing that i get an invite for OP2…i am looking forward to it on 27th

  • Nitish Mishra

    Ohhhhh……the real fact is that this masterpiece has shaken the globe………


    as far as i know.

    1. in camera segment they kept it same i.e. 13MP aperture f 2.0.

    2. noise level in dark is very very low. heads up on that.

    3. No OIS in video. why why why???

    4. using ddr4 ram – awesome ( 4gb and i guess 3gb will be there in another model)

    5. snapdragon 810 v 2.1 – great thermal efficient. less heat. moreover software will do the trick.

    6. screen pixel full HD- i dnt need ultra pixel or quad hd… full hd is best. better gpu performance. better battery performance.

    7. expected sandstone – maybe this time they give something different. nobody like to use same design again and again.

    8. need to have official support cyanogen rom as an extra option. ( though oxygen os shows how dedicated you guys are to keep your consumer happy)

    9. give free VR cardboard free with one plus two.

    10. regular update of firmware.

  • Kilian

    Sounds awesome!

  • I love my OPO and can’t wait to try the OP2!

  • Ravi Patel

    Ohhh can’t wait for this, loving the new changes!

  • abhay deshmukh

    Where’s the link where i can put my email for the invite??

  • Alex Mac

    When will the reservation list for invites open up?

  • kevin11

    The specs of op2 look awesome, but I wish they had continued with cyanogen mod. And from what is see from comments in amazon, the after sales service is not good either.

  • Roberto Ravone

    I really hope I will get an invite because I believe it will be a really great smartphone !!!!

  • Luca Heiliger

    Where do I must enter my email or is it simply my login so that I must stay logged in?
    I hope you understand me…please answer fast.

  • Valdo Aloquio

    Como não vendem para o Brasil, tive de comprar com ajuda de um amigo, na China, porém ele não está mais lá e eu não vou receber o convite, pois foi comprado em nome do amigo. Como faço para participar da lista de convites???

  • Jake Barby

    How does one get on said reservation list?

  • Hayden Thomas

    Hey Oneplus One family!

    How do I get on this fancy reservation list??

  • uriel martinez

    I saved money to buy this phone I WANT IT but i just need an invite…

  • Harish Hopper Bhagavathula
  • VaGh

    I can’t wait !!!

  • Alok Mani

    What is the one thing over one plus one that makes it one plus 2?

  • Goh Khai Tee

    Erm, how early is early supporters?

  • Duc Duong

    I Love my OnePlus One and I don’t need an upgrade, but if I get an invite I might just jump on in. Damn you OnePlus….. LOL

  • Samir Rabba

    Ohhh, that sound great! I hope I get the chance to get one invitation. Can’t wait to get the 2 with me.

  • Brandon Keenan

    looking forward to what is to come from one plus… think its time to upgrade from my lumia 1520

  • VamsiNalla

    Can not wait to get a One Plus Two 🙂

  • Bhanu Kanakala

    when will be the reservation for the oneplus 2 will be open…

  • Narendra

    from where can we have reservation to two?

  • Nathaphon Sermjan

    it’s gonna be HOT

  • Med Raouf Ben Moussa

    Where do I access the reservation list to enter my name and coordonates on it

  • Prateek Chand

    Can anyone please help me with an invite. Email ID: [email protected] Thanks a ton in advance.

  • Diego Chaves Da Silva

    well, and were can we put our email to enter in the reservation list?

  • Luca Heiliger

    Where do I must enter my email? Or is it simply the login? Please answer fast.

  • Peter James Drysdale

    Hope this reservation list gets posted soon.

  • Chalbert Colon Rivera

    I can’t wait for this, anybody have an idea as to when the reservation list goes up?

    • Ajay Ramakant

      …….Just waiting for the Big day…..!!!

  • bman

    $450 ? spend $50 more and get a nexus 6

  • Kle_men

    Waaaaa cant wait anymoreeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mati Fornés

    Zoidberg says:

  • Guru Charan

    I need one plus 2 invite…

  • DDS


  • Matt

    That’s awesome! Now I’m positive the OnePlus 2 will flow out more frequently than before

  • Harshdeep Cheema

    I m desperately waiting for this marvelous phone

  • Shafraz Mohamed

    wher should i submit my email?

  • CC

    How can I get an invite I deleted mine by mistake

  • Ankit Singhal

    Invite me pls.. waiting for this eagerly

  • Amitkumar Pathak

    Waiting for 27th……. Hope it comes in India as well on the same day…..

  • Maxwell Rosales

    I look forward to my new one plus 2 in the future.

  • Sumeet Munde

    Good to see customer feedback has been taken on board!

    Thank you Oneplus

  • Pravenug

    waiting for the D day 27th

  • Jime jct

    I want to have an invite please my name is Jimena Coaquira Tito and my mail is [email protected] thank you so much!

  • RJ

    My reaction after hearing that OnePlus 2 also would have invitation system 🙁

  • keeggggs

    il;p omg ahgosh baby let me love your phone

  • I would love to get an invite.

    • keeggggs

      loseeryour never gonna get one

  • MasterofMasses


  • Sharanya Varadarajan

    Have been waiting forever for one plus two to release.
    Hope it lives up to expectations.
    Best of luck!! 🙂

  • James Booth

    YAY! Im looking forward into transitioning into the world of Andriod after many years of iOS…

  • Walstylez

    I know I had better receive an invite for the OP2! Huge fan and love my OP1!

  • Niels Lodewijk
  • Sharon van der Meer

    Where is the invitation list? If its this blog, my email is [email protected]

  • hurray! more chances to get a great phone! Looking fwd to seeing the final product and hopefully getting an invite!

  • Brent Johnson

    Please can i be added to the reservation list for an invite.. i really want a oneplus two 😀

  • JHammy123

    When will the reservation list be available to fill out?
    How do you find the reservation list?

  • Hec_Tha_Killa

    where do i put my email

  • Hamza

    I neeeed itttt

  • Samuel Magharious

    I didn’t change my cellphone since I got the Note II, as I bought it with my first check. Since I checked the features and reviews of oneplus one, and the rumors around the oneplus two; I am really eager to change my Note II to Oneplus Two. I also like to support young ambitious companies, and I can’t wait for the release date.

  • thetrystero

    I do not have time to partake in the lemming-like forum discussions. When does the reservation system open? Before or after launch? What is the link to the website to submit our email to get on the waiting list? It’s not good to dangle the carrot without providing details. Don’t lapse back to your old ways.

  • Logan Herald

    all aboard the hype train

  • Andy Thompson

    great! use troopsocial new and improved

  • Raju GUnnal

    I want to get OnePlus 2 Invite for India.. eagerly waiting for the OnePlus 2 🙂

  • Mohamed Elassasy

    how can i get an invite ?

  • Mohamed Elassasy

    how can i get an invite ?

  • Reid2

    While I am very happy with my One, I’m excited for the Two now. Looking forward to next week to see what OnePlus has in store for us.

    I was a bit frustrated with the invite system at first, but I also understood why it existed. I’m glad that things have worked out well enough that the next model is coming very soon, and that OnePlus is able to increase the number of invites each round!

  • ashwin kumaran

    i got to get myself a one plus two.

  • Muhammad Asif

    patiently waiting

  • tejas pasnani

    I have been waiting for the 1+2 from release of iPhone 6. Skipped buying iPhone so that I can get hold of this beast. Pls share invite on [email protected]

  • Brendan Hales

    Looking forward to seeing the new phone but am unsure of how much the oneplus two is going to cost I went on oppo and they have $670 for the two so hopefully can get a invite

  • mehyog

    one plus one can change our style now one plus two can change our life…………………..

  • Kishan MUKUND

    Looking forward for this phone…. Cant wait to grab it !!!!!

  • Divya Kashyap

    Looking forward to this real impatiently!

    • Kishan MUKUND

      Any idea of Invite system for this release ???

  • Kishan MUKUND

    how about the invite system for this release

  • Vinay Sachdev

    Will i Get an Invite on a Purchase of One Plus VR CardBaoard from Amazon !
    I Purchased it ! How do i get an invite ! Plz Help !

  • Piyalee Das

    I want one! Can’t wait anymore… Will KILL for it!

  • João Azagatel

    How I get a invite to by a 1+2?

  • Mary S

    Invite me pls.. waiting for this eagerly

  • Edward Madruga

    i need an invite!!! lol

  • christopher

    [email protected] my email, please send me invite soonest they’re available. TY

  • Wouter Van Nispen

    I was expecting to find a link to the page where we can register for an invite … Not up yet?

  • Adrien

    Im considering buying one to replace my iPhone 6, back to Android!

    Cant wait to get an invite 😉

  • Hi there, second question, will there be induction charge of the OPT? It’s possible to do it but almost no phones have it…

  • Denrick Laborada

    gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme

  • Julia

    would love to get an invite for the oneplus two! ♥

  • Pedro Pata

    I also want to be in the Reservation list – [email protected]

  • Rakesh Shukla

    waiting eagerly for ONEPLUS 2……

  • Rajat Chaudhary

    How can I get the invite for one plus 2

  • Eddieo

    so where is the reservation list mentioned above plse? (so confusing…)

  • Ashley Kaiser

    Shut up and take my money!! lol…. Can’t wait for the unveiling. When will we be able to register for invites????

  • Matthieu S.

    Oh my god, Can’t wait to see it !

  • Mithun Boloor

    most awaited

  • Nitesh

    They say, to get onto the reservation list to receive invites for the upcoming one plus two ” I simply need to enter my email “. Could someone please tell me where exactly i need to enter the aforementioned email.

  • Jatin Dialani

    pls give me one invite

  • Kunjan Uprety

    Will I get the invitation?

  • Lennert B

    Where can I find the reservation list?

  • vijay

    i need an invite

  • Ciro Radovanovic

    I realy need this phone !! How can I get the invitation?

  • Waseem Ahmed

    Eagerly waiting for Launch, one plus 2

  • Waseem Ahmed

    With 4GB Ram I think phone will give tuff Compitetion to Samsung Galaxy S6 and I hope pricing will hoter

  • Waseem Ahmed

    Eagerly waiting for phone and for invitee also plz send the invite at the earliest

  • Waseem Ahmed

    Plz confirm one plus 2 come with 4k recording

  • Raúl Villanueva

    I think current OnePlus One owners should get an invite instantly. Is it only me??

  • Taufooboy Chow

    I also looking forward for One Plus 2 invitation.
    One Plus one have been recommended by my colleague…

  • sanju250

    Buy lg g4 online if you want to save on bills as the prices are nearly 20% cheaper compared to market prices.

  • Amitkumar Pathak

    Neither flipkart nor amazon confirming regarding the sales of one plus two in India 🙁

  • Raymundo Meza

    So how do i get one of these cards? 🙂 My current OnePlus One is on it’s way out i’d love to have this new device!

  • Hall Reynolds

    Where is the reservation list?

  • Ovidio Alcorta

    Are the rumors that the snapdragon will be throttled true ?

  • tbx

    Cant wait!

  • Jason Low

    Where do I put my email?

  • SVxM

    Well, I can’t wait to get an invite! Keep it up!

  • swarajsharma14

    Looks amazing, waiting for invite!

  • Sujish P. Alexander

    Will the invite be country specific?

  • Sreeju SS

    I would like to get an OP2 invite: [email protected]

  • Cvijetin

    i Hope the one plus 2-s invites will stand for more than just 24h .. Pretty excited to see the 2 had been saving money since begining of the 2015..

  • Jizelle
  • Alvin Wells

    invite please

  • wibert


  • rickane

    I really want an invite for the OP2. I am sick of Samsung!
    How do I get on the list?


    its so difficult to wait for it.

  • expert

    link to “Reservation List?

  • arun

    awaiting for oneplus two reservation open…:)

  • Jfinleywark

    I like the whole idea of the invite system for the oneplus company. Even though it has caused frustration, it has made sure this company stays in balance with assets that ultimately help out the end user/buyer. By doing so, oneplus is creating their own safety net not just for the company but for the user/buyers also. I garuntee more companies will follow. Great business model oneplus. To this I give you a oneplus on the competition.

  • Travis Willis

    where can I get the stream of this release, I am in the USA…. if I like it I will be requesting an invite thank you

  • David Lee

    Looking forward to see OnePlus 2

  • Daniel Senier

    My S4 is junk looking for a One Plus 2. If anyone has an invite, please share.

  • cyril lam

    i wanna buy oneplus two . may i have a invite cards?.

  • Kiran Kanteliya

    Height of marketing…. De-authorization of some service centers and rebranding of some stating as adding new service center. And of course service center and opo going hand in hand in bluffing customers.

    This is an incident happening with me and its turning serious and amusing.

    Wow OnePlus OnePlus India #oneplusOne #HYPE A REAL CHINA PRODUCT (inc. CHINA SERVICE :D) !

    You guys are making an amusing statements these days.

    It all started with Accepting the phone under Warranty and generating a job sheet with “In-Warranty” as service provided.

    and latter you step back saying its water damage and not covered under warranty.

    then you say Company Policies, and when asked for providing them, you don’t reply. Seems you follow your mood for your policies.

    And yes you dont even have a policy details on your website, a link was there which was “BROKEN”

    and you say “All the OnePlus devices which are under the warranty period are accepted by the service centre for diagnosis to check if the repair can be done in warranty or not. We update you regarding the job sheet diagnose status once we receive the report and accordingly proceed with the repair if considered in warranty repair.”

    then why not there is any mention on the job sheet.

    When asked for company’s indian address, you (including Call Center Agent,Team Lead, Supervisor and Manager) say “We dont have authority to provide company’s address”

    This is amusing, How can company keep their address a secret if they have authority to sell phones in india.

    then they did provide saying “As I am not a proper authority to provide the company address, but we took the permission from the higher authority to provide the address to you.”

    Salute to that statement.

    About service centers, they provide addresses including one at Borivali and One at Andheri HCL

    they even have it on their website in service center list.

    Then when informed them that these 2 are not accepting phone.

    they say

    “We do have few service center with us but now they are not authored service center with ONEPLUS


    2A, 2nd Floor, Thakkar Shopping Mal,

    Opp. Borivali Railway Stn., S V Road,

    Borvali – West, Mumbai – 4000 92

    Mr.Vishwas V.Thakur

    022­32207236 / 9619009070/8689977204


    Marol HCL Tower,

    Ground Floor,Plot no. 360,

    Marol Military Road,Marol,

    Andheri ,Mumbai 400059

    Mr.Sunil Bhardwaj


    Seems its very easy to bluff customers.

    Just out of curiosity, when asked about repair cost,

    they did an height of amusement

    Kindly find below mention MBD and LCD quotation including service tax for the same.

    MBD:-18810 /-

    LCD:-10830 /-

    Service charge:-850 /-

    Thanks & Regards,

    Rahul Baviskar

    Seems like the parts costs more than the phone itself. Was just thinking what if all parts need to be replaced. OMG it seems its 1Lac+ phone I bought in 22000/-

    to add to this OnePlus One India

    “If the device is within the warranty period, you do not have to pay for the MBD (excluding physical/ water damage).”

    and added

    ” I’m afraid you have to pay for the LCD.”

    Seems like they have different Warranty policies for different parts, why dont they mention on the box itself.

    these were just few of key issues !

    Last but not the least

    We are now thinking of moving this to Consumer Court.

  • Satyam Roy

    Hello OnePlus… Looking forward to the #OnePlus2 India invite 🙂 You guys did not send me for 1st gen invite 🙁 I’m a big fan of #NeverSettle

  • Ivansyah Ridwan

    Please send to [email protected] for the invitation. Thank you

  • Stefan Persson

    How can i get the 2, invitesystem again? Someone knows,,,,

  • IndianaStyle

    I’d like to be informed too.

  • Akash

    how can i get invite for one plus 2

  • Mohsin

    Hype and all the drama is really getting our nerves.. Oneplus you have really made a huge difference in the market & all those ideas are much appreciated from me , infect all of us. Best of luck. We really hope that oneplus 2 will be a killer no doubt.

  • Mohsin

    I have a question, I live in Pakistan I guess shipping charges will be high. So it’s possible that my relatives lives in US will purchase the device ( If it’s price friendly like last time ) & they ship to me . Right?

  • Bhavani

    How can I get the invite

  • ThoFeelExp

    I need an invitation. [email protected]

  • Isa

    Hi! Im new here! The reservation list the blog in mentioning is that something that is up and will be up as soon as the phone is released? Can’t find it. Some help pls 🙂

  • Srinu Msr

    it’s a dual sim dude

  • Khan Fahim

    my email is [email protected] n im waiting since feb to buy one plus me guys.. its confusing 🙁

  • Ajay Krishna

    How can i get the invitation

  • lance

    i was like 777

  • Dr.X83

    i want one! 😛

  • Muthu

    How do I get my email on the reservation list?

  • juzar kapasi

    [email protected] …………… plz send invites on

  • Brad

    I cant wait 🙂

  • juzar kapasi

    i m wondering if one plus one is for 250 then y is one plus 450 almost the double price ….. though many companies in market offering same thing for less price now … i think one plus two should be cheaper than that as its plus point is financially economic

  • loompas

    Could you plase be kind enough to send me an invite.

  • Aman Srivastava

    What is the process to get the invite to buy OnePlus Two?

  • Xavi SaLceDo 

    heeey i wanna oneplus two!!

  • Federico B7

    Where’s the reservation list? It was a joke? 🙁

  • Sunil Verma

    Using Oneplus One from the day one it was launched.. Must admit that it is one of the best phone at the upper end as far as specifications are concerned but at a very affordable price. Hope to get Oneplus Two invite before launch… Please send one for Two…

  • Invite

    Registration process to make simpler for OnePlus Two mobile, early birds from Belgium

  • I must say, I haven’t made my mind up on the OP2. I’m thinking of hanging on to my OPO at the moment but we’ll see when it is actually launched. The bits that have been released to date do suggest it’ll match the best out there.

  • Trupti Gore

    Hi Team, looking forward to get earliest launch date news from you. I cant wait to get my hands on OnePlus Two 🙂

  • Jason McNamara

    Where is the link to get on the mailing list?

  • Sunil Verma

    Need Invite for Two

  • Salahuddin Siddiqui

    Hey guys, just wondering how can i get on this reservation list i can’t find it.

  • Shabbir Ezzy

    Eagerly awaiting! Would like to get hands on it ASAP.

  • Dharmik

    [email protected]. send me an invite.

  • Guillermo Fernández

    yo quiero unaaaa

  • Anish Rao

    Excellent job, you guys are creating a new revolution with your company and it’s methods. Hats off to you guys.

  • Jason Hale


  • Jean Pierre Soso

    I want one please!! It’s my birthday today!! I have OPO. Biggest fan of yours and biggest advertiser 😉

  • Andrea Ricci


  • Matthew-Benjamin Chen

    so excited!

  • Hossam Osman

    I can’t wait!!!!! i love the Oneplus 2 already!! <3

  • Monica Lervold

    Good! I work full time and am in an internship, so I am always on the go and rarely get time to use the internet for more than work. I love the idea of a reservation list. I got an invitation before but didn’t use it because my hubby had gotten me the OPO from his invitation. I wanted to give the invitation away but it expired before I could get back on-line to post it! I tell everyone I can about my OPO and how great it is. I can’t wait to get the OP2!

  • Kennedy Daniels

    Would love to get a invite/reservation hope they do this!!!

  • Dimitris Pantazis

    Bring it on OnePlus. This one is mine

  • Mohan Thandavamurthy

    Am new to this Blog, could any suggest me on how to get the invite for the one plus two. Is this gonna be like same one plus one invite system. Also let me know the official release date of one plus two.


  • David

    Im glad that you guys have put some more thought in to this, I want your company to succeed so let me show that by buying your product 🙂

  • Rindiandika Utari

    better u sell it on store…
    just walk in pay your cash and got ur phone.
    im from malaysia! will wait ur phone in maxis store just like one plus one

  • Shubham Shrivastava

    Can’t wait for it…!

  • Wen Yao Lin

    Please send me an invitation!!!! :DDDD

  • s jaya jaya raman

    How to get an invite

    • Suresh Narayanappa

      The bloggers here are prioritized to get invites. Another way is to simply update your e-mail on Oneplus website after it is released following which you will receive invites.

      • s jaya jaya raman

        OK. Thanks. Is it enough if we just enter mail id in the newsletter subscription link available in the site. I could only see that. There is no other link for registering specifically for invite

        • Suresh Narayanappa

          You can do it after the phone is released

  • Suresh Narayanappa

    I can’t wait for this anymore. The specifications seem too tempting for the price that Oneplus CEO promised under $450.

  • Matthew Bruesch

    This seems like a huge improvement to the invite system. I love my one and now I need this one. Gotta have the two!

    • Shadowelite123

      lol can i have your one?? XD

  • Suresh

    Still not sure how to get the invite, but i would need one

  • Noel Niddrie

    So how will the invites be rolled out? I am so excited! I can hardly wait the next few days till launch.

  • deepak

    how to get the one plus two invite?

  • Asifur Rahim

    want one for myself… 🙂

  • neil rees

    Where is the reservation list?

  • pallavi

    I m looking forward to buy this phone one plus two!!! But am confused about this invite system. Please keep me updated so that I can get this phone for myself….
    my email is [email protected]

  • Jeroen Fleerakkers

    where can i find the Reservation list ? 😀

  • hassan alattas
  • Jugash Chandarlapati

    I would like an invite please!

  • Shabbir Ezzy

    Will OP1 owners get invite for OP2?

  • rijul

    where do we have to enter our email id to get an invite?
    Please help?

  • Nulli Zero

    Hopefully I can get an invite, worth posting here I suppose to boost my chances. I am ready to buy a One Plus Two!

  • Johann Geiger

    Please, send me invite.

  • Ankit Agarwal
  • Roos

    Please set me on the reservation list for a oneplus2, [email protected]

  • Leland Rhymes

    Happy is getting polished. It gives a one of a kind feel to owning one. Glad the Oneplus 2 is coming out just when I need a new phone. Hope to get an invite quick.

  • Noah Sanchez

    Can’t wait to sign up for the invite!!

  • Deko

    i needs diz… pretty plz

  • anup

    waiting for the invite

  • Kevin Richardson

    where do we enter our emails???

  • Pushpaneesh Moorthy

    Does an existing OPO use get invite for OPT ?

  • Jake

    When will the reservation list be made available? Will it be post release date of the phone?

  • Frisko Andri

    pray for the invitation…

  • Derek

    I hope I get an invite early .. im your biggest supporter here in Jamaica.

  • Eyalitos

    I would like an Invite!
    [email protected] , Thanks!

  • karthik tirupathi

    Please suggest me how do i get invite to buy one plus two mobile

  • Tas

    Hey guys, good job with the Oneplus. Big fan. Invite for Two ? [email protected]

  • quaiser

    It good to know the improved invitation system. Please add Bangladesh in shipping country list and diversity the payment method. We really love your idea and do no like to miss to grab the device. Thanks

  • Benjamin

    When can we sign up for free invitations? The wait is killing me 🙂

  • boddies buddy

    Looking forward to the Launch! 🙂 Invite! Invite!

  • siddha

    how to get added to the reservation list of one plus 2? Is there a link?

  • Harish C

    like to get hands on op2

  • Arpit

    A welcome change..

  • Lennert B

    where do I found the reservation list?

  • Ludvig Hiller

    This sounds very good! 🙂

  • Srinivasan Ramamoorthy

    pls also send me the invite [email protected]

  • Lennert B

    where to find this list?

  • rajexcel


  • SouL Prisoner

    So… How do i get an invite??

  • Leo37M

    I have a broken OP1 (dropped….) but I want to trust the brand and wait for the OP2 for the remplacement. Hope OPO owner will have an early invite.

  • Tahir Hussain
  • xVeqaz

    where is the reservation list? or will the reservation list just get online at the 27.07?

  • Gaurav

    Please can anyone help me with the invite procedure? How can I receive an invite for One Plus 2 ?

  • Juergen Mauel

    Neeeeeeeeed invite 🙂

  • lien

    where to submit the email id for those who don’t have time to hang out on forums or social media,

  • lien

    My email id is- [email protected]

  • Alice

    Hi oneplus2 I’m so exiting of your launch. Please consider my mail for an invitation! good luck

  • rijul
  • Pedro F. Martins


  • Sandeep Giri

    Been waiting with much awaited breath for the release and own one too….

  • Sandeep Giri

    awaiting with frozen breath to get a hold of the phone….

  • Roman Trötschel

    I am so excited…looking forward to Monday!

  • Armaan Baqaya

    where to give the email ID for the reservation list?
    guidance needed!

  • Santiago Quintero Quiroga

    is anyone available to get an invite?

  • Erhan Lammar

    I want to get an invite for the oneplus2. But I’m on holiday for 2 weeks. How can we stay up to date for the reservation list?

  • Mohan

    i want to pick one the moment its released :-), please get me an invite

  • Atif Almazrouei

    I hope that i will get an invite too,
    My Email : [email protected]

  • Simon

    Hi, How do I get an invite? All I see on every website is that I have to check social media, but your social media sent me here and I can’t see anything. Anyway, please let me know when I can apply for such an invite please.

  • Henrik Holst Elstrøm

    Look very much forward to OnePlus Two – would very much like to join the reservationlist for invite – is this the way?

    [email protected]

  • Bud

    Guys i have bought one plus one recently. Do i need an invite to buy one plus 2

  • Kevin A. Etc

    I want one !!!!

  • Suraj Todi

    how do i get an invite?can someone please help me?

  • سيد ضياء الحسني

    my dream is to buy oneplus one but because of invite it’s still dream 🙁 one plus 2 it’s amazing dream never been reality.

  • Pieter A. Boer

    Hi everyone,

    I’m very curious about the oneplus II.
    I have tried to buy the oneplus one but unfortunately no invite.
    So I have only dreamed about the oneplusphone. Now I hoop I can Buy a oneplus II.
    Hope that after so long reading on forums and blogs, I wil score for once a oneplus.
    But how do you earn a invite actually.
    Well maybe through this mail, hope someone can help me out here.

    Well, 2 more days and then we know it, good luck all. 🙂

    Best regards 5079

  • Jithendranath Gupta

    So where should we register to get the invite for oneplus2

  • yusuf usmani

    Is there is inof stock for op2 so each and every fan of op2 will get it…….

  • Sai Charan

    waiting from a long time to buy this beast

  • Sai Charan

    Need an invite to buy my dream phone….eagerly waiting for the date

  • Mathieu Janssen

    I am interested in 2 invites for the One Plus Two!

  • mahi

    how to get one plus two invite..

  • John Ryan

    Thanks for those enhancements to the invite system, Carl. How does one get on the reservation list. Where is it? Or are you waiting for the 27 for that to start?

    • kayelm

      You can register in the reservation list here:

      • John Ryan

        Many thanks, Kayelm. I’m # 32,219 on the list! Here’s hoping they ramp up production! 😊

        • kayelm

          You’re welcome 🙂 I still remember the agony of waiting for the OP1!

          • John Ryan

            Yes. It’s a process. But karma will reward you, I’m sure.

  • Wilson David

    Super…! cant wait

  • Lefevre

    Demande d invitations pour one plus two

  • Saswat Mohapatra

    Will there be India specific invites for the OP2 or global invites for all regions?

  • AndyAravind

    Wow ! Much better invite system. I hope they add a dedicated 2 stage shutter button as like sony z series phones
    And aslo i would be happy if they did make the finger print scanner also as a home button as like iphone ! Because that makes unlocking device in one single button press !

  • kayelm

    OnePlus 2 reservation list:

  • Nishant Kumar

    how to get oneplus two invite…my hands are itching for it
    my emai id: [email protected]

  • Ramesh Babu

    Waiting for one plus two

  • Ramesh Babu

    When complete specification is going to release and cost of the mobile.

  • Ramesh Babu

    Great idea.

  • Joseph Ivan Kaamiño Reyes

    how can i secure an invite

  • Joseph Ivan Kaamiño Reyes

    2 days more…yepeeeeeee

  • Joseph Ivan Kaamiño Reyes

    How can i secure an invite, im from the philippines

  • Mike Satow

    I have tried every phone on the market, currently using the Nexus 6. This One Plus 2 has my interest….would like to get my hands on one when they come out.

  • Bonnet

    Comment faire pour récupérer cette invitation? Please!!!!!!

  • Ravneet singh

    Need a new phone…need an invite!!

  • Atul Dhuri

    Waiting for One Plus two. Hoping for getting an invite this time around. Cheers!!

  • Martin Taniane

    Is there any truth that the screen on the OnePlus 2 will be smaller then on the OnePlus One

  • GrinigGammalGubbe

    Cant wait

  • Muffadal Presswala

    Invites are here, grab’em

  • bairi

    How can i get the Invitation for oneplus 2

  • Siddharth Chaturvedi

    hey i wanna know how to get invites and what to do.

  • Martynas Gelumbauskas

    Grab your invite for OPT

  • Murtuza Ahmed

    Hey Guys ….really excited about the new one plus phone and waiting to get my hands on one of them. How do i get my self on the reservation list for the invites ??
    [email protected]

  • Dwayne

    Just a quick thought about those who i am going to name the “invite haters”. You see them on many forums/blogs totally attacking the Oneplus One, or the company, solely based on the invite system and that they were not able to walk into a store, or order online at the instant they wanted to buy or order the phone. I propose that they are not intelligent consumers. Here’s why, if they are that desperate and that irritated that they couldn’t buy the One instantly, to me would mean that they were totally dissatisfied and unhappy with their existing phone. Thus the desperation to buy. So they bought their previous phone and ended up totally hating it??? I would have to assume that, therefore not intelligent consumers, to buy something they ended up wanting to toss.
    I had a Blackberry Q10 before I purchased my One. I was a loyal Blackberry supporter. Never liked the restrictive Apple philosophy. When I decided to leave BB and go to Android, specifically Oneplus One, I waited for my invite, and just kept on using my trusty Q10 till I got it. No sweat! But I guess we live in a world where people want instant gratification. I loove my One, and will patiently keep using it happily until i get my invite and purchase the 2. Again …NO SWEAT. Not trying to hear the invite haters. Go ahead and spend double on some corporate “flagship” and stop hating.

  • Gopal

    Doesn’t accept the email address. It says too many.

  • Gopal

    Can anyone please send me a request? [email protected]

  • Bender

    Need OP2 ASAP, my phone got stolen, and i always wanted an OP phone. I hate the invite system, it would have been better if you could just buy the phone instantly.

  • Badal

    Can someone share the invite please?

  • sguyx

    lol, the server doesnt even work!

  • Vanditha

    Someone please send me a invite!!!! Feeling so jealous of the people who have one plus 1 … I wanna buy one but thinking to wait till 2 is launched…

  • Lijesh

    Wondering how to get oneplus2invite ..Keep posted guys …

    • kayelm

      You need to register here first:

      • Lijesh

        Thanks Kayelm … Mine is 118,639 🙁 not sure how long should i need to wait. Fingers crossed …

        • kayelm

          Good luck to you – hope you won’t have to wait too long 🙂

  • Alex Paul

    Pls need to know if OP2 have dual sim or not?

    • Marcus Renagade

      leaks say it does

  • Krishnan Menon

    Could someone please give me a OnePlus 2 invite? email: [email protected]

  • ChiH WANG

    i want to get it ! my one was breaken

  • Elmstreet


    Do all OnePlus One owners automatically receive an invite to purchase the OnePlus 2?

  • Shashank Yadav

    I need an invite for OnePlus 2…can anyone help me plz. #detailed_info_how_to_get_it

  • Deepu Roy

    waiting for invitation eagerly

  • housry23

    Sounds like it will go much smoother this time. I’m sure some people will still complain, but it will only get better with time. The OPO was new and a very frustrating launch. I did get an early invite and I loved the OPO. Can’t wait to see the 2 and will buy it if the price is right.

  • Harjot Toor

    i never got invites to send out after i bought the oneplus one. just wondering did anyone else experience this?

  • birendra mail

    with one plus one experience , i am sure now the company should have learned about gaps in Invite system , last time i had to wait for long and finally got another phone , this time i hope to get early one plus two invite , awaiting for it , i am sure the new invite system will help other one plus two enthusiast like me .

  • Gopal

    In Antutu test, it showed that 1080P resolution. If it is really 1080P screen, it will be a deal breaker for many of us.

  • Claes Carnefeldt

    Does anyone know if I can use a One plusTwo in Sweden ?c

  • Rachlx

    Awesome so excited!

  • Rakesh Shukla

    looking for the masterpiece

  • Georgios Migdos

    how their thinks wth invite

  • Anoop James

    Why is the Reservation number changing continuously


    When ll one+2 b available in india…
    Waited so long…….
    Still waiting

  • rvstuyvenberg

    cant wait for the oneplus two !

  • german

    I want to get an invite to purchase the oneplus TWO :D:D:D

  • Mr. Vega

    Why not offer current One Plus One owners early entry to upgrade?

  • standnfaith

    Waiting this see the prices

  • Giuseppe Catrupl

    Sign up to reserve an invitation.


    I WANT TO INVUTES PLZ [email protected],COM

  • expert

    m u s t h a v e ! ! ! ! !

  • Alexander Kosinski
  • Kartik

    I wish and hope One Plus sends invites to loyalists like us who bought One Plus One and and eagerly awaiting One Plus Two, not because One Plus One is not the latest, it still gives the latest phones a run for their money. However we believe that we all must support this movement this cause – NEVER SETTLE!

  • John Kelly

    This is great. So excited to get my invite and my OnePlus Two!!! More excited about sharing my invites with friends. I love my One and cant wait to get the Two!!! Keep up the good work!



  • Alex Paul

    mate , NO INVITE

  • Alex Paul

    pls i whant an invite [email protected]

  • felipe vella

    Hello Guys,

    If someone has any invite to share, I`d love.
    email: [email protected]


  • Esme Lozoya

    [email protected]

    Send me an invite

  • Srinivas seena

    Can any Please Send me Invite for One Plus 2..
    i will be very great full if you do that..Thank you in Advance..:)

  • Vineet Kathuria


  • Vineet Kathuria

    there is cell phone and there is one plus 2

  • Torben Harms

    You got me with the 2 Simcards… Please don’t make the OnePlus 3 waterproove … I should not buy a new Smartphone every year ;-).
    I’m very curious about the internals of the OP2 – I hope you show us the Heatpipe (Or we will have to wait for the guys from ifixit :-D).

  • Liron

    how to check the latest wait list though?

  • Nobel Laureate

    OnePlus came onto the technology scene last year with its flagship
    model, OnePlus One, and revolutionised the smartphone market. With the
    specifications of a $600 plus phone in a $200 plus package, it was a
    dream. Now in 2015, this dream is being given a gigantic upgrade. Enter
    the OnePlus Two. With its release on 28th July at 7:30am IST at a
    virtual reality event in collaboration with Google, OnePlus is ready to
    make most other flagship phones quiver in their boots. No wonder then
    that the company is calling it ‘2016 Flagship Killer.’

  • somashekar

    Super! Guys!!, Just waiting to get my hands on this one!

  • Vineet Kathuria

    how do we get to know about latest wait list

  • Uri Teva

    I want it so bad…

  • Kelvin Lam Kwan Yin

    I do think that 30-50x is not fitting the market. 300-500x would be a better start.. ^v^

  • Niclas G. R. Jøns

    I some knowledge for this product and Brand not so long ago.
    I have never been happy with Samsung phones and Im never going to get a Iphone.
    This is the Phone for me. Its offers greats specs, design and some “uniqness”.

  • satyasagar

    hi i was desperately waiting for the invite please anyone give me one invite …

  • vejeygandier

    Please send me an invite [email protected]

  • parthi2109

    I have registered in the reservation list. waiting for an invite.. 🙂

  • manikanta alapati

    how to get invite?

  • Padmanabha Suresh Kumar

    Invite..Invite Invite… for me pls…

  • Jeroen Fleerakkers
  • Please send me invitee too and add me to the bandwagon of one plus two drive

  • Gopal

    No Micro SD slot and 1080P resolution really??? Unfortunately I am not exited. I am going to get Moto Style X for 400$ at Amazon or BestBuy than 389 for this.

  • Benjanizzle

    Joining on the invite wagon! Please!

  • Warren Henderson

    please can anyone help with a invite I want to make a article and tv spot for the West Australian and need a invite please help email [email protected] or skype me wazzahenderson

  • Abdul

    Looking forward to getting my hands on one

  • Larspolo
  • Firas

    I’m looking forward to buy 2 -/1+2’s but don’t know to receive the invite!!

    Can anyone help pls.

    My email I’d is [email protected]

  • Bruce

    shouldn’t be the ones who purchase the 1+ last years the very first to receive an invite right away? Loyalty should be rewarded.

  • Deepak C Raj

    I don’t have much sources from friends to get an invite. i am anxiously waiting to get mine……my registration no is about 340000. don’t know how late it would be 🙁

  • Deepak C Raj
  • Pranav Goyal

    I think one plus is making its way slowly and gradually to the top and i am eagerly waiting for my one plus two invite i thinks its a cool phone nicely build

  • Aurelien Brentraus
  • Bomi Gandhi

    I am a proud owner of One plus One and now want to gift One plus Two to my son . The only problem I have with One plus is the process of invites. Today with so many phones available in the market it is very difficult to wait until an invite is sent. any way to get faster invites.

  • Fireblade

    Oneplus 2, simply, perfection at its best !!!

  • Florin Drobota

    is there any deadline for the list? like 31st of July?

  • salvato

    Invite are my lire
    🙂 🙂

  • salvato

    But how could I have them quickly?

  • Balaganesh Gembali

    I am the oneplus one owner, hoping i will get the invite on priority basis. For oneplus i helped few guys to buy this with shared invites..

  • Balaganesh Gembali

    Guys, Do you think below are good not having in oneplus two.

    1. NFC
    2. Non Removable Battery
    3. Memory extension
    4. More weight?
    5. More in Size?
    6. Headset in box?

  • Juan Se

    It’s beautiful phone and I hope have My invite very soon… Thanks One Plus Team !!!

  • Alexander Holzinger

    I think the new invite Cards are much better than the old invites and your new phone is awsome.

  • Atul Kumar

    Help me to get OpePlus Two!

  • Sangam Shweta
  • Clips4

    thanks for updating the invite system!

  • Matt Taylor

    It’s a smart move rather than going bust from overstocking your warehouses.

  • andy

    NEED INVITE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!

  • prryy

    Cant wait to get my invite…loved the opo need to op2

  • Cyrus Ramirez

    Ok.. whoever has the 2 …please send me an invite…

  • Сергей Колоцей

    I was registered 348 +++, passed two days and I 370 +++, my friend was registered at the same time with me and he already 19 +++. I don’t understand, why so!!!

  • Xyrus Chan

    you way get invite faster!!!
    your email here and getting earlier invite .

    click it.


    Click yours. You click mine.

  • Elynn Verhoeven

    I think they made some good changes. I also think it might be a good idea to give existing Oneplus One customers a priority invite.

  • T Khursheed

    My friend has OneplusOne and he likes it. I would definitely love to try this new One Plus 2 phone. Specs seems to be good comparing to other Android phones….

  • Mathias Blauenfeldt Nielsen

    how many invites will they be giving out at first, how fast do you think they will get ride of the reservation list?

  • sourabhjain13

    i want this priceless phone ……eagerly waiting

  • Joe Lee Ibarra

    i want a one plus 2
    i’ve had my iPhone 5s for two year and have been waiting for an amazing phone with a fingerprint sensor and this is just that.

  • Ajay A Rajvanshi

    how to get a faster invite as I was eagerly waiting for this phone

  • NadiaRM

    I can’t wait to have one!!

  • Ishwar Deshmukh
  • Sai Teja

    neversettle till i get one!!

  • Rajoo Gupta

    It’s good waiting for invitee desperately Rajoo Gupta

  • Rajoo Gupta

    I think in India the company should change the strategy by pricing it slightly higher & available without invite. 😀👌

  • dbanzon

    im curious. im from the philippines and if i luckily receive an invite and decide to buy the oneplus 2 will they be able to deliver here?

  • Amio Medai

    i want to get an invitation. help plz

  • hpuigortega
  • Satyajeet Kumar

    Eagrly waiting for this

  • Satyajeet Kumar

    Hope the camera would be great as on spec sheet

  • 007

    I just want a couple invites… anybody please

  • Zaphod Beelebrox

    The problem I got with all this invite business for the OPT is that reality seems to have nothing to do with the fine words in this blog article.
    – bumping up the priority of invites makes this getting an invite much harder work this time around. To be in the top 500,000 you have to market your link on socal media etc, so much for a “quick and painless invites system.
    – no clarity around how early forum supporters, OPO customers etc are to be invited (do they even need to add to the invite list?)
    – strictly in order received,
    The confusion and frustration is far greater this time around as no-one seems to know the rules. Its a great way to really turn good prospects into customers of competitors products.

  • jeremykyoung
  • prashant upadhyay

    i checked my reservation in list and i was some 37k in queue. however today when i checked i m around 39k . how is that possible ??

  • Waseem

    I think one plus 2 is a step in the right direction. It will convert the attention of new buyers esp with the double sim . Usb port c. Big battery n big ram. 👌 I pray for the succcess . But we need this double sim phone very soooon here in Nigeria please be quick. Invite system is good but use all the means esp online selling stores like Amazon.wallmart . In Nigeria jumia online. Konga . And many more please do it.May God bless you people

  • Juhi Kumari

    I have oneplus one now. Want to buy oneplus two. Please prioritized me.

  • Rahul Chauhan

    When can we expect contests for invites? The wait is getting to me…

  • mditexts

    Why not giving a chance to the ones who already supported you, like me, who have bought 2 OnePlus Ones. If I now have friends who are looking for a new phone and I suggest the One 2, they are discouraged by the uncertainty of getting one eventually…. I’d also like to get one, but I’m not sure if and when I’ll get an invite, even if I’m a “supporter”. Just to share my thoughs… 🙂 I think your products (both of the phones!) are awesome and are worthy to buy, but there should be more clarify on the possibility of getting one. Maybe a single priority list for everyone (or several different lists depending on the purpose: invited friends, non invited people, subscribers and os on) with an indication of the potential shipping date once you enter the list.

  • sanjay mathur

    hi, i want an invite for this super phone what will be the price for this and when it is going to announce.and on which date the will start invites?

  • Craig ‘Morph’ McCallum

    Spent so much time on the OnePlus invite system i gave up. Now in the reservation list for a OnePlusTwo – want a 64Gb Bamboo – Will look nice, but i also know the hardware is amazing… Keep up the good work guys and don’t be bought out by the bigger silicon valley bully boys…

  • karimhk

    where can we find the number place of reservation please?
    i was one of the first and now i don’t understand noyhing to this system.

  • karimhk

    Please help me.

  • L Eve

    I have a busted flip phone which sucks and would like a smart phone. It’s weird but people seem like they don’t want to share and it’s a bunch of vultures fighting over a dead carcass. Anything is better than what I have and it becoming a pleading sycophant is what I need to do to have a useable phone, then I need to readjust my priorities in life. I could be better sending this time with human interaction rather than being isolated with a phone. Rant…done

  • nagalla pruthvi

    I Still don’t understand what is the problem with getting the entire money before hand and manufacture them.Oneplus doesn’t even agree that it is a marketing strategy.

  • Dong Kim

    Can someone invite me?
    [email protected]

  • Karthik. S

    Can you PLEASE send me one invite for ONEPLUS TWO phone., Thanks much Please email me at [email protected]

  • abhishek

    Hi Oneplus can you please give details such as:
    1) Date of start issuing invites.
    2) Number of invites you are going to issue for the first sale and further.
    3) Criteria based on which you are going to issue invites.

  • Boon Gangte

    Im happy to know that the invite system has improved but given the fact that oneplus one took round about 12months to open up on the market for purchased without an invitation, im sad with the demand already on the chart, it still could take months for someone like me, who still doesnt understand how the oneplus system works.

  • Boon Gangte

    *Correction: It took a year for oneplus one, to be out in market for purchase without the invitation.

  • her

    how can i buy it guys? i cant find an invite

  • Mark Bloemendal
  • Ryan Maddox

    I bought a oneplus one from, so where’s my oneplus two invite??

  • Luisa


  • Luisa

    The best oneplus 2

  • Luisa
  • best

  • Mustafa Hilal

    Dammmm cant wait for an invite
    What can i do to conform an invite
    In India ?😁😁😁😁😁😁

  • Durgamadhab Singh

    I completed the survey but still not getting the key to open the file please help.

  • Rabin Singha

    I have lost my invitations!
    deadline was 27th July, but when I was checking 30th July then too late! All sold out!
    I an one plus user! need a heip to get new plus two!

    • yusuf usmani

      You have to wait now for another chance keep calm bru

      • Rabin Singha

        Thanks, but I really need a phone, I cant wait longer due to broken/unusable my phone! I goona wait cauple of week then I will buy any of phone. thanks bro.

  • Teja

    how much is the price of one plus 2 64gb

    • yusuf usmani

      24998 INR

  • nithish

    good product please send me a invite please

  • Datta

    Please share the Invite if possible

  • reyazzz1

    Has anyone got the invite ?

  • Varun Chandresekar

    Hi All,
    if anybody has an extra invide Kindly send me one plus two invite.. [email protected]

  • Mahavir Jain

    If any one has got one plus 2 please share me the invite….

  • sid

    where are the 30/50x faster invites? No one in India got any invite

  • Sharma Aashirwad

    I jus wanted to hav it b4 my bday that is 21 aug. so plz share the invite if possible

  • Alexandru Paul

    who whant an OPT can buy from here

    • pato gonzalez

      Is this really reliable? How can they mánager yo sello a op2 without an invite or how do they get so many invites before us?

  • vishal

    in reservation list no is around 3k still havent got the invite.
    and u ppl told this tym invite will be 20x times compared to OPO i guess u were saying u vl b 20X tyms slow in giving away invite compared to OPO

  • Nitin Singh

    Are they really sending any invites 🙁

  • Puneet Bhushan

    my friend hasn’t been provided the invite yet. Can you help?

  • frank

    can i get een invite

  • Byrdman

    This invite system is HORRIBLE!!! I can’t believe the leadership can’t come up with a better solution. What’s the point of pissing off your customers with a product you cannot buy?!

  • David Vandenburgh (Seraph08)


  • kavity

    what is the probability of getting OPT if one is on the reservation list

  • nice try bud buut i am one the main developers and tbh its gonna be better than your lifre is rn

  • krishna

    Still waiting for an invite in India 🙁

  • Ady

    Phone is just awesome 🙂 cant wait 😛

  • SAM

    every day my waiting no. is poor impression on desperate customers. who will wait for another one year to come in que!!!

  • everyone comes to this post to vent lol

  • Kedar Vilas Taskar

    Hi need a one plus two invite, I am already on the reservation list but too far away in the queue…..2.6 Mn

  • Thomas Mitchell

    bit dissapointed they didn’t have quick charge or NFC but still really tempted by the price. Just want to wait and see what the new nexus is like (hope they do something phablet sized

  • vamshi

    one plus 2 is made with advanced specifications…


    How can i get a invite for oneplus two , i m one of ur oneplus one user

  • Hiresh

    i am at 40000 position in the reservation list. When will i get an invite?

  • Kai

    THIS SYSTEM IS A JOKE!!! I was in position 3000 something 45 mins ago and some how I am 2,806,179 / 3,897,028 I spoke to the customer services department and they offered no help at all, explaining that could not make any changes to my position and did not provide an explanation how I had dropped 2803179 places in just the space of 30 mins. I am so disappointed as I have promoted to my friends, colleges using my social media streams and this is the result..

  • Rakesh Anand

    Everything is fine. I am sold to one plus. Infact i purchased one plus one. Now question is, is there any priority for existing customers who purchased previous model? Can anyone help to get this? My number seems to be neat 86K and not sure when I will get that. If it will take time I have to buy something as my existing phone is not working.

  • Safi Sathish

    my position is 2700 when do i receive it?

  • Sat Bal

    I really like the tech spec of the new two. I have the one and that performs perfectly and satisfies all of my needs, however keen to get my hands on a two to put it through some real testing.

  • Sat Bal

    Does anyone know anyone know how many invites have gone out to date?

  • Frank Nova

    Last time, I received an invite, and when I got ready to order, (maybe 18h or so), or maybe I mis-clicked a button, the invitation was voided.
    FUCK OFF OnePlus !
    I’m buying an Oppo
    Unless the invite arrives within a week, that is…

  • Naveen

    i want invitation pls share it [email protected] , i want to buy one plus two plssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  • Darshan Chawla

    Waiting for my invite

  • JItender Singh

    I was planning to buy one plus 2 as my current phone stopped working, but not able to get the invite thatswhy now planning to opt any other phone.

  • Gautam Onfb

    what improved???nothing improved and this tym the invite system sucks.very slow system.we are waiting for invites weeks.

  • joshua linus

    hi… plz someone send me an invite

  • Keyfas

    First of all thank you for letting me join OnePlus forums! I guess much has been said in the forums but, why not creating a reservation fee? I don’t know, but maybe 5$ or 10$ for those of us who really are willing to buy OnePlus2, would be really nice, and also an esay way for “financing” the product…

  • Quinn DP

    I swear the invite system is 30-50x worse than last year, not better! I actually managed to get an invite last year, this time almost nobody has one!

  • ajay

    can i get invite

  • ajay

    How can i get invite yr

  • vishnu khule

    send me invite [email protected]

  • Mithun

    that’s a good system…send the invites soon 😉

  • Rohan Jumani

    Guys, it not a quick and painless reservation list anymore, the count is increasing day by day and the people who have registered early or are up the queue are moving down the order. Adding to the frustration.

  • Nilesh Patil

    to much wait

  • arun

    Hey I am interested in the One Plus 2, Have been waiting for the upgrade after the initial launch and this model looks amazing. All I would need is a invite to order the phone, eagerly waiting to upload reviews once I get the new One Plus 2

  • go here guys 🙂 and grab your invite

  • . I don’t think it will be as HOT HOT HOT, must have feeling as its predecessor. Not to mention the “beta test” that is the QSD 810.

  • Srinivas

    Waiting for OPT hands on

  • Pramod SAP SD

    PLZ GIVE ME INVITE… [email protected]

  • Shivanand Pandit

    Its look positive , however I have seen if I reffer person from social media, and they are not grtting confirmation link in there mail.

  • Arvind Yadav

    please invite me for buying oneplus2

  • Lina

    Pls send me invite thanks 🙂

  • Mohammed Kashif Shamim

    please help me out with an invite.
    [email protected]

  • Rajesh Reddy

    I got 2 invites, one I can share if anyone need it.

  • Alexandru Paul
  • yusuf usmani

    I got invite which got expired what should I do now to get new invite

  • aaqib ali

    share with me!!!
    I’m still waiting & Victim of this Invite system


    this is Harnath i want oneplus two phone, but no chance to buy without invite.
    requesting to somebody
    plz send me if you have invitation. thank you
    [email protected]

  • Chethan

    I too want an invitation .. i am waiting since long… it would b
    immense pleasure if anyone sends me invitation to ma mail id.. [email protected].. thanks i ll pay for that 5k….

  • sultan

    f u get invite.. p l z send it to me

  • Abdullah Syed Younus

    Hi i am looking for a Oneplus 2 invite. it would be nice if anyone could share an invite..

    My mail: [email protected]

    Cheers and thanks in advance

  • Syed

    Hi All Please Send Invite [email protected]

  • Anvesh Boda

    send me an invite


    my invite number in India is – 11540 ………. when can i expect an invite ?

  • ken

    who can give me an invite…..plz sent it to my email: [email protected]

  • Tommy Pearson

    This is the Biggest lie in history tell me why I am a member from may2014 still waiting for a invite while people who signed up yesterday are winning wtf seriously WTF !



  • Roger

    I don’t care if it’s not hot, I just want a mobile that’s mine, not one belonging to Samsung! This will replace my rooted S3 mini (which is now very slow).

  • glamourso

    Hello my name is Mike im from Greece is anyone who can give me an invite for One Plus 2?? i want to buy it so much ! answer me on [email protected]

  • marcopolo31

    That’s a good explanation for why they’re using this system. It actually makes sense, from a marketing standpoint. It’s less about hype than long-term stability as a market player and staying lean as a company. Bravo!

  • Mranal Shetty

    change your system people really want buy u just wont let them just give out good volume invites atleast say 1000 everyday im sure 60% out of them would actully want to buy the phone why do u think we are marketing ur product and asking people to sign up

  • Muhammad Usama

    I got this email today. Became very excited but once I clicked the link, it took me to AliExpress… 🙁
    [Note this is a spam email. Went straight into my Junk Folder]

  • ishaan pradeep

    i stay in india and suppose i purchase the op2 through an invite and then after a few days i get invites to share with family and friends
    can i send that invite link to my relative who stays in the US ?Is it like country specific invites or the invites r globally accessible?

  • faizanfarhat

    recieved invite from invite(at)oneplus2(dot)co looks like scam

  • Emilia Lendi

    I just Found out about the oneplus one recently, so I checked it out. And I have to say, I was about to buy it, but then I found out about the onePlus 2 launching soon. The research I’ve done totally convinced me to wait a little longer for this Flaggschiff-Killer to be launched! I love this phone and I love this company!

  • Sachin Pandey

    I wish to buy the One plus 2, So need an Invite, Please send it to : [email protected] I’ll send back the Invite (if required) once I get t

  • Vishnu Vardhan

    i have been waiting for a very long time …..but stilll i couldnt lay hands on opt , i would love to have one …i won tgive up

  • Vishnu Vardhan

    i know invite system has its advantages but …keeping people wait for so long isnt good for company …is it ???

  • naveen

    Please please send me invite.

  • Emerson abela

    Can anyone please send me an invite for the Oneplus 2 please? I would love to get my hands on this lovely mobile! Names: emersonabela

  • Mestizonline

    I bought the OnePlus one before and I Love it. Never had to bring my charger every time I go to work. I just got my invite to buy the OnePlus 2 so I just order it on September 3,2015 for I had a 24 hours to place my order. I do not know when will it arrive for the shipment still pending. I already sold my OnePlus one on E-bay for $310.00 with the OTG and extra protective cover. Can’t wait to use the OnePlus 2 and its looks at its capabilities.
    Total cost plus shipment:$402.00. Basically, just adding another $100 to upgrade from OnePlus one to OnePlus 2.

  • Sireesha Meka

    can anyone let me know, where can I get the invite for One plus2

  • Arvind Yadav

    hello team,
    need oneplus 2 invite…..

  • debashis_deb

    I need one !!!

  • Siddhant Hoshing

    Thank you so much for the updates! Hope to get mine soon! #NeverSettle! 🙂

  • Jaya Surya

    plz send the INVITE by my mail id: [email protected]

  • Hari Krishna

    hi,my waiting list 4200 ([email protected]) , still didnt get me.

  • Hari Krishna

    My current position is (4851) [email protected] , still didnt receive invite . What to do.

  • Atul Sharma

    Please send invite

  • Atul Sharma

    I want to purchase oneplus two

  • Rishabh

    Waiting For Mine!!

  • Kevin Ballinas

    How fast is “much faster”? I just got my op2 and am already being asked about shareable invites.


    i am wating for the invite but still not get please share me invite its request

  • Anindya Kundu

    I think Oneplus has succeeded a lot from it’s first venture – the “flagship Killer”. Now the 2nd version – Oneplus 2 will be more exciting, better build; finger print sensor; new UI – Oxygen. The only barrier seems to be the way you get hold on it. Sick of this INVITE system. God knows when thou shall cometh in my home.

  • Balusu Venkata Narayana

    Please for me an invite, [email protected]

  • Alain DESCY

    Bonjour. Comment recevoir une invitation pour se procurer un OnePlus2? J’ai déjà un OnePlusOne

  • SAn

    Stupid invite system .. your company SUCKS…Chuthiya chineese Company

  • Daniel Browning

    Love the new system….now I only need an invite, it’s weird how loads of grey sites have loads for sale thou…

  • Usually how much time it takes to clear the 20K queue to get invitee in mailbox.

  • Flemming Mejer Jensen

    plz send me invite

  • Vishal Prasad

    [email protected] send me one invite please

  • Vikas Gautam

    still waiting for invite anyone pls help

  • Praveen Indupuri

    its very bad

  • Karthik Pn Rao

    Please need a one plus 2 invite urgently as to gift my brother for his b’day .
    P.S: I am staying in India so please send me Indian invite only.

  • Nawor Ranie

    everyday that goes by without an OPT invite is another day to consider ordering the iPhone 6s Plus. Would be smarter for Oneplus to send out as many invites possible to Apple 5 users since people get new-device anxious whenever anything new is announced. Oneplus Two announces new phone yet hold back on invites? Onplus is the hypebeast of the smartphone world.

  • József Mogyorósi

    Hi, I bought a Oneplus 2, but there is no invite in the box! Where is it?

  • Carlos G Romano

    I bought my OPO 2 on september 9th and still haven’t got my invites to share, when will I get them?

  • tejeswar

    I have singapore invite valid till 2maro please let me know if somebopdy want it

  • khagesh khera

    Dear One Plus team, i bought a one plus two but didn’t get any invite message so that i can share with my friend for new purchase..please help

  • Kelly Banh

    i damaged my one plus one screen twice, hopefully one plus two will be more durable

  • wmcwonca

    I hope there is no delay’s in getting invites here in Toronto Canada? Please send mine soon.

  • nick patel

    if u get invite.. plz send it to me… plzzzz

  • aldo


  • Mineesh

    Can anyone say when is the company planning to release the next set of Invites.. i am eagerly waiting to have one ASAP….

  • kkshijith

    [email protected] willing to receive an invite to buy this phone, from Sweden….

  • Dkjaxon

    Hi guys anybody know how long roughly u have to wait for a invite ??? 1 month – 6 months?? Thanks in advance 👍👌

  • Fjuppi

    Destroyed my iphone 6 this weekend when I was drunk…Actually lost it in the toilette when I peed… So now I don’t have a phone anymore. Please guys help me out with a invite. [email protected]

  • Naman Gohil

    I am waiting for a long time to get an invite but I am not getting it.I want to gift One Plus Two to my dad please help me get an invite.Please…

  • Varun Arya

    I have a one plus two phone, how can i get an invite for my friend

  • Fred Dunham

    How do I get it !!!!!

  • siddhant chouhan

    plzzz give send me invites bcoz today my bday.. i am waiting seen last one month
    i hve no phne…

  • عبدالعزيز الشعيبي

    Still waiting but no invite yet……….!!!!!!

    Please invite me ……..??????

  • sanjeev kumar sharma

    hello guys, if anyone have invite , please send me invite at [email protected], I want to buy one plus 2 urgently , thanks

  • sanjeev kumar sharma

    this is the best phone I ever seen in configuration and classic and stylish phone ,,,want to buy right now …since I know about this phone , I am looking for invites but till not I didn’t get …please any one help me to get the invite ….please please please please please ….so on …haha…. 🙂 One plus 2 team please send me invite at [email protected]….i am desperately waiting for your invite …

  • A.O

    While I was excited for the rise of this company, I am appalled at the poor quality of customer service. I love my OnePlus One and was planning on getting the second one…until I experienced a malfunction with my microphone and had to try to invoke my warranty. Over the last two weeks, I have tried to get a repair or a replacement. I was recommended to wipe my phone, to go on the forum for some software changes and finally to allow a tech to remotely access my computer. I have confidential files on my computer and don’t feel comfortable downloading files only to allow someone somewhere to access my PC. I’m also not savvy enough to root my phone or change some coding within the phone. I was on hold with customer support to speak to them about my concerns for an hour without getting through. My husband’s Chromebook malfunctioned and after contacting the company, they sent a replacement – no remote access necessary. I have tried to contact them via chat and every time my turn came up in the cue, the chat box would disappear. Tonight, I have been waiting to speak with them via chat for over 90 minutes. It is a very frustrating feeling to love my phone and the concept of the company only to run into such issues. I don’t understand why this process is so complicated if the phone is within warranty. I have read other blog posts and forum posts of folks having an identical experience to mine. Guys, this is not ok! I am a traditional person and like to communicate with the company directly, but I have reached my limit of sitting on hold on the phone/chat. This was the only way I could think of to be heard.

  • Ravi Janu

    Waiting Forever, got 1 invite but expired even before I opened the email. 🙁 still waiting

  • Mahmoud

    I have an invite but don’t plan on buying Oneplus 2 yet, Is there a way to share it to others rather than wasting it. Thanks


    On the list and registered, still waiting… My co- workers think it’s ridiculous of getting an invite to spend your money on a phone. I say it’s worth the wait for a premium device, especially a person like myself who loves mobile tech and realized the value of a great affordable product.😀

  • Rajesh

    Hi, I stay in india but i have got invite for oneplus 2 to use in USA/UK. How can i get invite to use in india? Please suggest. my email id is crajesh198[email protected], Thanks, Rajesh.

  • Hao Lei

    Still don’t get how to receive an invite…..


    Nice mobile battery backup

    Nice camera mobile

    Nice mobile process

    Nice mobile design

    Super innovation of your phones

    But one drawbacks
    Invite system.

  • Mohammad Irshad

    i got an invite and already purchased one. but i didn’t invites to share with my friends.

  • rajveer

    Now the passions comes to end. They are taking so much time, its better to kove on for other product.

  • Jesus Martinez

    The web page does not work: JSON Error !!!! “Internal servor error” !!!
    Guys: you need to fix this, otherwise, no need to make the buzz

  • Jesus Martinez

    We’ve been waiting 30 minutes and your site is still not working.
    Just send us the invitation directly: will be easier (and THAT should work!!!)

  • Jesus Martinez

    My email: [email protected]
    You can send 2 invitations to make up for it

  • Jesus Martinez

    YOU ERASE MY POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  • Raz

    Anyone have an invite for the oneplus 2

  • DRP

    how can i get invite for one plus 2

  • DRP

    please any one send one invite for me

  • DRP

    my mail id is ——— [email protected]

  • Sowmya Vinay

    Hi, I bought Oneplus2, 3 days ago. However, I haven’t received the code yet, so that I can share it with my friends who are interested to buy one.

  • Rajeev Vijayarajan

    Please invite me

  • بابر علي

    if u get invite.. plz send it to me plzzzzzz

  • Mayank Sood

    Hey guys, i ordered oneplus 2 from but the order got cancelled due to some technical reason and now i am not able to use that invite again as it says invite code already been used! Help, what could i do now!

  • Sunita Panghal

    i bought a one plus two mobile today from amazon, how do i send an invite to my friend now?

  • Kalyana

    This is crazy. I have registered 6 months ago and no invite. wondering how this system works.

  • Takis Zigourakis


  • vyshnavi

    what to do after getting the link for the invite??

  • Ali Nayeri

    The oneplus 2 is perfect because there isn’t a phone that makes me thing “this is the one, it’s perfect” but it has everything I could want in a phone. It has an attractive design good battery life and enough processing power to tackle my everyday tasks easily.

    Oh and there’s the price that means I don’t have to empty out my bank account or get a lengthy contract. Takes the weight off your shoulders.

  • srinath

    can anyone send me an invite for one plus two please

  • Shirley Firmager

    I need an invite but really don’t understand how to get one can anyone help please

  • Giacomo

    Hi everyone ! I’m really looking forward to have one of those devices in my hand

  • Saul Weisman

    I keep on trying to get an invite for the onplus 2but it only gives me for oneplus x how do i get an invite for the 2

  • Dipak Sanki

    Please send me invite for one plus 2

  • Robin Grant

    Hi there, haven’t got any more time for searching so trust I can get an invite here or can you just order online and if so how do you specify which model (NA or Euro) you want? (for a 2 that is)

  • Unlimited Loot Tricks

    thanks for the great info. guys please invite me too