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April 4 2015 | By: Cat
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This week was quite the rollercoaster ride. Everything was going as planned, April Fool’s and all, right up until we received some very big news today…

Let’s start with the reason why you’re all here: OxygenOS is here.

The delay was due to certification taking longer than anticipated (see Helen’s thread on the forums), but now we are very excited to share our new ROM with you. Everything you need to know about OxygenOS can be found in this blog post, and don’t forget to visit Oxygen’s stunning new home. A short video showing some of its main features can be found here:


Last month we dropped several hints about a game-changing new product coming to OnePlus. On Wednesday, we unveiled the OnePlus drone to the world. If you love April Fool’s pranks, check out the DR-1’s full site.


One aspect of the company we hear a lot of feedback about is our customer support, and we’ve been working to improve things for all of you. Across our social media channels the last couple weeks, we’ve posted some infographics that show how far we’ve come since we launched just over a year ago. We published a post earlier this week that goes over these changes in detail. Please let us know any of your comments or suggestions for our customer support – it is a work in progress but we are moving in the right direction with your help.

Some OnePlus things you may have missed: the latest Abstract, our weekly roundup of the best news in tech, went up on the blog. And in case you still haven’t heard, the OnePlus One is available to buy without an invite every Tuesday!

And finally, we have one more award to add to our list. On Tuesday we heard that the OnePlus won the Engadget Award for Best Smartphone! A big thank you to everyone who voted!

That’s it for this week. Make sure to let us know what you think about OxygenOS!