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April 3 2015 | By: Carl
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Just over a year ago, a small group of people realized that the smartphone industry needed a new perspective. What started as an idea began to take shape when we officially announced the creation of OnePlus: a new way of thinking about consumer technology and the crucial role that a passionate community plays in starting a movement.

In our first year, we focused on hardware; many of our founding members are passionate product people who have spent decades in the industry. We combined that experience with the feedback we heard from users and together, we built the One. The incredible support from our community gave us faith that we were on the right track and changing things for the better.

Now, it’s time to take the next step. By creating our own operating system, we can quickly respond to user feedback and make it easier for you to continue playing a fundamental role in the future of OnePlus. Our goal for OxygenOS is to provide faster, more meaningful updates and a better-integrated range of services for every OnePlus user.

Developing OxygenOS has been an incredibly fun and challenging experience for all of us. In this environment where everyone is fighting to standout with custom ROMs, we think it’s important to go back to basics. We place things like performance and battery life over gimmicks and bloated features.

We want to be careful that we aren’t adding features simply for the sake of differentiation. We’ve implemented some important features thus far, but they are subtle and meaningful. That’s our philosophy behind OxygenOS: keep it light and essential.

You can head to to try out Oxygen right now. There, you’ll find a download link along with a detailed list of instructions on how to flash Oxygen on your OnePlus One. 

We want to emphasize that we built this initial version so that you guys could begin taking a direct role in the future of Oxygen. To make sure we’re heading in the right direction, we need your input. On our forums, you’ll find a feedback app that allows you to submit your comments directly to our ROM team. We encourage you to use it; we can build a better OS together.

Never Settle.

  • Nick Papakyriazis

    at last !!!!

    • Adrian Dsouza

      Congrats team!

  • Well that didn’t take long, did it?

  • Janvin Lowe

    omg – leap of faith

  • Itson

    “it’s about time”

  • Martin ~ Gogo

    Yeah 😀 At last !

  • Cr


  • Onur

    I can’t simply foresee which one but this will whether be your end or birth.

  • sadgeek

    Good work. Downloading now.

  • Alexandr Ermin


  • optimus prime

    @Carl and oneplus… congratulations on the first major android release, hope the announcements and ETAs further take into consideration all the possible worst case scenarios… but again thanks and cheers..

  • Maayan Bloch

    im gonna give it a try today, i promised to my self to wait for cm12 official release but im too excited..

    • Manny C

      I still need my CM12s OTA based ROM..

  • SexyHyde

    I’ve seen too many OTA questions already!

  • Mahesh Shrestha

    here it is! after all!

  • Satya Jeet Patil

    Can i install it as secondary Rom in Multirom ?
    Downloading Now.

    • Khairuddin Bin Ali

      You can test it out. Just don’t forget to back up your stuff

    • Hiten Nirmal

      Probably nt now

  • hej

    A big congratulations and thank you for your hard work – much appreciated! Now I’m looking forward to the OnePlus Two 🙂

  • Manny C

    No, no, no..
    .. CM12s, we want that shit…

    • Khairuddin Bin Ali

      Then bring it to Cyanogen, not OnePlus

  • keyhan

    Does it have the recorder application? It is very useful for me

    • Jehan Kateli

      You can always download one.

      • keyhan

        Yes but from what I have seen online you need to root the phone for them, but maybe you have to do it anyway to install this one.

        • Jehan Kateli

          Nope – you don’t need to root to use a screen recorder on Lollipop. You also don’t need to root to install this ROM.

  • Gamer97

    Does it support the theme engine??

    • Jehan Kateli

      Don’t think so. This is the main reason why I’m not installing it.

    • Peter Bergonzi

      You can use any free after-market launcher for different themes.

  • pablo

    Like all the features. for the first time ever a skin that is better than stock. The best is the quick setting.

    • Khairuddin Bin Ali

      Yeah, finally I don’t have to go to Settings just to adjust the layout

  • is it lollipop based?

  • Is it based on Android OS?

    • JinSundar

      no windows 😛

    • Nope. Android is too old school. This is based on PCDOS. Really cool stuff, check it out!

      • Awesome buddy… King of PJ…
        idiotic fools mock others for their ignorance. Dont’ fall into that category. It was a genuine question and I found the answer before your reply. Thanks!

        • Have you heard of Google search? Yeah, try that before making a spectacular dumbass out of yourself with questions like that! If you’ve got access to the internet, you really have no excuse to be that ignorant.

    • Peter Bergonzi

      Now there’s a good question. It’s built firmly on AOSP.

  • [ TechFeed ]

    What about OTA Update ,,,,,,
    will they rollout OTA Update fo One Or else we should have to manually flash it?????
    plzz respond to this…..

    • Khairuddin Bin Ali

      Once you’ve flashed Oxygen OS through TWRP, future updates will be available through OTA

  • rahul

    i wait for cm12 ota or oxygen os ota update

    • Simon Sørensen


    • Cute Cat

      You will have to unlock your bootloader. OxygenOS will not come to you automatically like CM12 stable will.

      • You don’t have to unlock squat. One flashes it just like I did when I downloaded 11s cuz I don’t wanna wait for OTA.

        • Peter Bergonzi

          You might as well explain how, since the instructions say unlocked bootloader is pre-requisite.

          • Reverend Dak J Ultimak

            Yep, you need TWRP to install any rom except CMxxS, and you need to unlock the bootloader to install TWRP.

    • Vin man

      Thanks for sharing!

  • giri1in

    Was that lag?

    • Yiannis P

      i noticed some in the file manager.

    • Matt Alexander

      Was what lag?

  • mexicalense

    I just uninstalled a CM12 nightly because my phone OnePlus kept crashing, so after reading your list of known issues i’m confident i’m not going to install OxygenOS until you solve everything. It’s good that you are trying to please everyone but a mediocre experience will make you lose followers. Hopefully you solve your issues before i buy a different phone or CM12 official comes out. Good luck

  • Jorge Rodríguez Mata

    Will there be an OTA actualization?

  • Manoj Shiva

    Cool. I ve been waiting for O² ever since…
    I have tried the cm 12 lollipop rom but it had the worst camera. Poorly optimized. Si returned to my stock cm 11. I hope oxygen is atleast close to beta…

  • Chowhan

    Please confirm the release date of one plus two waiting for your update please confirm fastly

  • Luis Osorio

    Does this will fix the unresponsive touchscreen and ghost touches from the CM rom?

    • heblthom

      No, get your phone replaced like I did a month ago.


    Hey OPO guys.. I’m kinda tardy in flashing ROM manually.. Please release the OS updates.. That would make my job a ton easier. Congrats anyways..

    • jbamazin

      only cm12s would be available via OTA.

    • Kyan Belger

      They cant have an OTA from Cyanogen to Oxygen, which is why you need to flash it. After flashing OxygenOS you will get OTA’s from then on. If you want to then go back to receiving OTA’s from Cyanogen, you’ll have to flash their ROM instead. Hopefully that makes sense.

  • what is?

    AOSP ????????

  • parth ponkshe

    Wil i get the official cm12 ota update on the oneplus one if it is running on oxygen os ?

    • AssSmacker


    • John Elizondo

      You could just flash CM12 later

  • Bastian

    So finally #carlpeiboughthimselfacalendar

  • DEano Cobb

    installed it non wifi work after connecting it or my LTE work well done oneplus

  • Tarun Chaudhary

    I am downloding the oxygen but i am having some issues with phone such as touch problem, charging, overheating while playin games, will these problems resolve. Espically the problem of touch, ghost touch.

  • Jochen Conrad

    Does it now have rSAP?

  • Adel Belkacem

    To all the people who are afraid to flash their phone just read this it’s in the instructions to download the update. Have nice day everybody :
    “Please make sure all your data and files are backed up before commencing. Flashing OxygenOS onto CM does require a system wipe, so you will lose all of your data. We are actively working on an easier, more automated solution soon to be available, but for now the build must be flashed manually.”

    • Abhishek Menon

      There’s some problem with twrp.
      All the links are corrupted.
      Can u forward me a proper incorrupt link
      Thanks in advance.

  • Marko Man

    source code please

    • Hiten Nirmal

      Lol… I think they won’t release

  • Anders Møller

    I finally got my Phone Flashed.

    I had troble getting the TWRP recovery to stick, i found out it was importent not to let my phone boot up after flashing TWRP, but go directly to the installation of OxygenOS.
    In short, you will have to do step 2 before step 1, and be sure to go directly from fastboot mode to recovery mode.

    Quick feedback: Why is it not posible to use a custom images as background on the lock screen?

  • chosen_one1

    Will this be open sourced ?

  • Sumant Kumar

    Not impressed and laggy too.Cm12 nightlies are far better than this.

    • Rajiv Jadhav

      bummer. they did say it was an initial build didn’t they? 🙂

      • Sumant Kumar

        What about Cm12 ,they haven’t released the stable one yet but even nightlies are better.I thoght it would be better than Cm12 but disappointing

    • puma95

      maybe for you. I’m fine, no lags 😉

    • Wim van Oosterhout

      OK this helps me a lot, i’ll stick with cm nightlies. It’s already on cm12.1, it’s lollipop 5.1

  • Tej Shag

    Its been 38 days and yet I have not got my phone serviced and my job sheet number is JS15022700154.Is this the type of service you provide and I had also sent mails at [email protected] about the compensation for your mistake since you were not able to service the phone but yet I have not got the reply on my email I’d that is [email protected] .So first focus on customer service and then launch the oxygen ROM.I am totally frustrated with the service provided to me.Hope you now give the compensation and reply.

    • Mick King

      Totally out of order hope it goes well for you eventually.

    • Ouch. Did they tell you when you could expect your device back? Anyway, this isn’t the best place to post about it. Try their G+ page maybe?

      • Tej Shag

        They told me that it will take more 7 days and now today no one is picking up the call in the service center where I had submitted my phone.I am totally frustrated.

  • Sharjeel Larik

    Can someone please make a complete guide with differences between CM11s/CM12 and OxygenOS so that we know what changes we are heading into????

    • Hiten Nirmal

      Cyanogen 11s is kitkat based rom
      Cyanogen 12s is lollipop based rom
      Oxygen os is lollipop based rom build by own oneplus one team..

      • Rajiv Jadhav

        lol u love stating the obvious huh?

        • Hiten Nirmal


      • Sharjeel Larik

        Haha, I knew all that. I wanted a detailed guide with each and every feature comparision. Mostly related to customization features such as performance modes, profiles, display settings, themes etc.

    • Rajiv Jadhav

      you’ll probably see a few videos on YouTube in a few days from xda, Android authority, and others. I’d suggesting checking there

      • Sharjeel Larik

        Yeah, I realised that after I posted :/

      • Sharjeel Larik

        Thanks though 🙂

  • Santosh Kiran

    Should we go for oxygen or wait for cm12…which is better in stability and features??

    • Hiten Nirmal

      Try OxygenOs for now..
      If u are not satisfied revert back to cyanogen

      • Santosh Kiran

        Thats what i thought bro… But backing up all the data n flashing roms too many times kind of tricky and risky… So jst want to install the better one…

        • Hiten Nirmal

          Be brave

        • Rajiv Jadhav

          exactly! i would stay away from all this flashing and programming stuff unless you’ve done it successfully on many occasions very recently. it’s not worth the risk imo.

          • Andrew Dodd

            As long as you flash something from a reputable source THAT IS MEANT FOR YOUR DEVICE, you’ll be safe.

            The only way to brick a device, with very rare exceptions, is to flash something not meant for it that clobbers the bootloaders.

    • Rajiv Jadhav

      i think you have to read the post closely. they said they made an ‘initial build’ so people could react to it something – like windows 10 technical preview (in my opinion). i tried flashing my Asus tablet recently which completely bricked it (boot loop) after following instructions. posted on forums, blogs and on xda and downloading the gapps, etc. etc. Never doing that process again – atleast not with something like a phone which you depend on every minute let alone every day.

      • John Elizondo

        Lol that was me when I first started rooting and flashing on the G1 lol, depends on the Device as some are more complicated to root then others but the Oneplus One is really easy like a Nexus device

  • Sumant Kumar

    back2 CM12 lol

  • Rajiv Jadhav

    how to backup apps, sms, contacts, photos, videos into a single file for instant recovery after this flash process?

    • Hiten Nirmal

      Use Titanium backup pro

      • Rajiv Jadhav

        that requires phone to be rooted. how to root OPO?

        • Hiten Nirmal

          Google it

          • Rajiv Jadhav

            i was hoping this forum would address that. o well…

          • Hiten Nirmal

            its like apne pair pe kulhadi marna

    • Felipe Cintori

      Use bacon root toolkit

      • Rajiv Jadhav

        is that from the cm forum or from Google play? they call opo bacon on the cm forum.

    • Peter Bergonzi

      You mean “before” this flash, don’t you? Regardless, google settings allows you to backup most everything already on your phone. Titanium Backup Root allows backup of apps. There are methods for backing up SMS, but I don’t remember what–search google.

  • indiangamer

    Any news regarding CM12 OTA?

    • Rajiv Jadhav

      still going through certification according to cm on Twitter

      • Jeff Tomblin

        I don’t see this tweet. Where did you see this exactly?

        • I saw it in the forum post explaining the delay.

        • JoseQ

          I wrote them last monday asking for progress report and they answered back saying it was going through certification. One week later… NADA!

  • Gourab Sarkar

    this is not like wp technical preview. far far better. its actually a very well made first build i would say. battery life seems to be better but thats too early to say. This ROM is blazingly fast guys.. So far no lags or bugs.. you should definitely give s try. AWESOME ONEPLUS. THUMBS UP.

  • Allan Christensen

    Anyone who can confirm, if the danish language can be chosen on this ROM?

  • Jay Cloud

    PROS: better, faster and smoothed (no lags and bugs)
    Con: too big icons!!

    • Gianni Stubbe

      change your dpi to 420? problem solved ;D

  • Avihay Bob

    I’m sorry, I don’t get it…
    As a simple user, I’ve been waiting for Android lollipop… And Cyanogen 12
    Instead we received a new OS that need a wipe to install???


    • Becuz it is not the original OS, duh

      • alugha

        It is the “original” OS from OnePlus but it is not official yet. So just be patient a few more days and it will fly on OTA

  • JodahHuzzah

    When do I just get a stable OTA?

    • Peter Bergonzi

      No one can tell you that until they’ve released one.

  • Arvind

    For flashing this ROM, One Plus needs to be rooted?

    • Peter Bergonzi

      Needs to be rooted only if you install TWRP from apk. If you are good with adb/fastboot, you can install TWRP that way. Also, TWRP should ask you if you want to root after you’ve flashed any new rom.

  • Chetan Aurangabadkar

    Oppo ColourOS it is.

  • padu333

    just flashed, same like lollipop on nexus, sad that no theme engine or other customizations 🙁 :-(:-(.
    Will wait and flash cm12s as it has theme engine.

  • Stephen Huff

    Can’t wait for an invite to get mine!

    • JeanGuillaumeM

      I got an invite, you want it ? =)

      • Stephen Huff

        That’d be awesome!

        • JeanGuillaumeM

          You got it ? =)

          • Stephen Huff

            Got it. Thanks!

      • Stephen Huff

        Forgot to say thanks! Where are my manners. Haha.

        • JeanGuillaumeM

          NP 😉

          Send me your mail, i’ll send you an invite =)

          My mail : [email protected]

  • Any news about CM12S?

    • JeanGuillaumeM

      Goodbye CM. Really bad compagny.

    • Peter Bergonzi

      Yes–when there’s news it will be posted on the main page of the blog–there will be no missing it.

  • Wim van Oosterhout

    Is it 5.1?

    • Falcon

      No. Its 5.0.2

  • Falcon

    Never had a nexus phone. But this is very smooth so I guess this as close to vanilla as it gets. Really enjoying it so far 🙂

  • Ryan Lewis

    is it based on 5.1
    i am asking because bluetooth list wasn’t added until 5.1
    or are the features of 5.1 back-ported to 5.0.2

  • Qasim Haji

    What’s the most simplest way I can get this installed if I’m on CM12 nightlies?
    Is this better than nightlies?

    • Backup data. Factory wipe. Flash Oxygen.

  • salmonthefish

    Come on tech company /tech fans. Camera app the fully takes advantage of the camera hardware.

  • Diego Rojas

    Will this ROM Or cm12 solve the issue on the lag of the touch screen?

  • Julian Casio Santana King

    This would happen after my one plus stops recognizing Sim cards !!!

    • John Elizondo

      This made no sense

      • Julian Casio Santana King

        Meaning even if I did install this on my phone I couldn’t use it as my daily driver. The phone no longer recognizes Sim cards . its basically an iPod touch at the moment

    • Krackle, Puff’s Cousin

      Did you try re-flashing a radio? What ROM are you currently using?

      Also, are you sure you’re not putting the SIM cards in backwards?

  • Malik L Griffin

    I tried to flash the ROM and CWM failed. Had to restore back to CM12. I just wanted to try it out but it’s not worth troubleshooting. I’ll just wait for CM12s whenever it decides to show up

    • Peter Bergonzi

      They ask for recovery TWRP, not CWM. See the instructions. Also, make sure you are not flashing the downloaded zip, but the flashable zip contained WITHIN the downloaded zip.

      • Malik L Griffin

        Thanks. Someone on G+ told me today…I’m on Oxygen right now

  • Rohan Shah

    I tried it, it looks like CM12 from outside, and is stock lollipop from Inside!

    However, Off-Screen gestures are kernel level things, aren’t they?

  • LightofHonor
  • Albert U.

    Runs really smooth, no hickups so far. I’m missing the Email app to hook up to Exchange, though. (No, it’s not in the Gmail app either, as many websites are saying…)

    Any ideas how to properly use Exchange accounts on this?

  • Are they kidding us? No custom camera app? Sorry OPO team, I’m not flashing this OS. I will rather wait for CM12s. OxygenOS is = No new experience. I have already used much better lollipop roms in my galaxy s2. This looks so stock probably even google won’t be able to tell the difference.

    • Go buy an iPhone or a Windows Phone if you want a “new” experience. People will never cease moaning & complaining!
      What part of “..we built this initial version so that you guys could begin taking a direct role in the future of Oxygen..” did you not get? You expect a small team of devs to come up with a functional, reliable custom camera app, while developing a ROM from almost scratch, in a few months? If you do, I have a boat to sell you, only sailed once.

      • Are you a fool? There is a reason why everybody who has bought an OPO, bought it.
        The boat only sailed once because the sailor was a loser.

        They told everybody in bold letters that Oxygen OS will be a whole new experience. May be this is the first time you are using a Lollipop ROM. Some of us have been using Lollipop since ages. They should not have given an ETA and should have come up with something different and original maybe a few months later. Who cares anyways? If you have to flash the rom manually why won’t I flash other roms that have been there for a while and stable as well?

        • Okay, here goes: What is this reason you speak of? Have you asked every OPO owner what their reason to buy a OPO was? If not, stop assuming.

          I never saw anything that said Oxygen will a “whole new experience..”. Maybe you’re an idiot who just keeps assuming? I have three Nexus devices here, that must tell you how long I’ve been on Lollipop. Hint: since the first dev preview.
          The ETA was based on their own progress, ANd they issued it because a bunch of wussies like you kept crying for one. Certification delays were not in their hands. So, try to be reasonable.
          You probably won’t flash other ROMs because this is an official ROM from the manufacturer and it will receive OTA updates. There’s nothing and no one stopping you from flashing anything you want. Don’t ask us for reasons to flash or not.

          I’m all for taking it up to the manufacturer/company if you’re being let down, but, in this case, you need to understand what and why.

  • Grave_Digger13

    I hope the OPO-team is realy fast to give us a much esyer solution to flash the OnePlus One with oxygenOS.
    It’s to difficult for non-technical-freak like me.
    I want to get oxygenOS right now!

  • Jonathan Hernandez

    Awesome c: just gotta wait till Tuesday to buy my OPO :c

    • JeanGuillaumeM

      I got an invite if you want 😉

      • Jonathan Hernandez

        Really? 😀 I’d much appreciate that!

        • JeanGuillaumeM

          Yep ! Send me a mail and I’ll give you it =)

          [email protected]

          • Jonathan Hernandez

            Done & done (:

  • Kiran Parmar

    What about the 5 devices that you were going to giveaway for the delay? Any update on that?

    • Peter Bergonzi

      It’s in the OP from Helen. 5 names listed.

  • Alex

    Is it possible to order oneplus to Ukraine?

  • prabhu

    follow this for installation of new OxygenOS

  • Steven Shippey

    Can’t get T-Mobile Data to work with Oxygen

    • thatnks for this, i was just about to install,

    • Peter Bergonzi

      Probably make new apn.
      Try xda-developers.

  • Kay

    For those of use who don’t want to flash a ROM manually, when will there be a “1-Touch” update avaiable? Thanks

  • Daniel Tejeda

    What’s the safe way to revert back to Cm11S?, can I just restore the nandroid back up I made of CM11S through TWRP?

    • Kasper Fredenslund


  • asfdg

    this shit is a disgrace NOTHING WORKS, well done OP for releasing an alpha as a covert Final ! -.-

  • kunal

    wil we be gettin oxygen os by ota in few weeks

    • George Mathew K

      They have the automation in the pipeline. But if you follow the instructions, its so easy. I have flashed ROMs since 2009 and never ever bricked a phone. Go ahead and do it! 🙂

  • alugha

    I use it since 12h now and it is GREAT! Very fast and stable for now. And best? NO MORE CM!! 🙂

    • JeanGuillaumeM

      I hope the camera app will be update =/

      • alugha

        As far as i have seen it is the default Google Camera App

        • JeanGuillaumeM

          I know, that’s the problem for me.

          • Arijit//

            Did you get heating issues with this??

          • Arijit//

            I have een using it since lat night the Phone batery backup is good pretty fast but heatts up whn using like it goes around 34-36C using basic wahts app

        • mclarenfan1968

          That is exactly the problem, Google camera is lackluster, CM11S has no image stabilization in software. The sensor and lens arrangement is good because when it does manage to get a good steady shot, the results are outstanding. The phone is let down by subpar camera app.

    • mwm341

      Amen to that!

    • RonaldM

      It works very well indeed, not the most ideal way to install but there are enough tutorials (YouTube) to make it happen.

  • Steven Shippey

    Anyone else having issues with T-Mobile and Oxygen??

    • Peter Bergonzi

      I always have trouble with T-mo, but not with OxygenOS.
      Search your specific trouble at xda-developers, OnePlus.

      • Steven Shippey

        Thanks yeah I have full bars cell service but no data connection

        • Rod

          Try the following APN settings

  • Neil Kurien

    Keep it light and essential? What ever happened to “Never Settle”?

    • Peter Bergonzi

      That’s a Never Settle for bloat or slow.

  • Alivemau5

    Does anybody know if we’ll still have the option to go back to CM11S/12S after flashing oxygen?

    • George Mathew K

      Yep! Download the ROM and flash it back again! Voila!

    • vishwajit t

      download the oneplus toolkit from here just wipe all the factory data and hit flash CM, and your done .

  • Makmp Bites

    Now this is professional…. I love it oxygenos simply elegant

  • Ricardo Gonzalez

    Good news is that its here, bad news is that its 1.0 which means a lot of bugs to work out. Definitely has a lot of potential.

  • Betty Nyarko

    I love this ROM. Didn’t do a backup or anything but I still have everything. Didn’t lose any of my data

  • prabhu

    OxygenOs(Official) Benchmarks

  • Shaitan


  • mohit

    see the details review with invite of OnePlus One

  • mohit

    see the details review with invite of OnePlus One

  • Nacor Diaz Cedeño

    anyone having issues with the download link?

  • vishwajit t

    I’d rather wait for the CM12 to be released along with oxygen. there are many features which actually symbolizes the OnePlus which are missing on the oxygenOS. 4k video recording, slomotion video recording, audio FX, double tap to lock screen gesture are all missing, the camera really sucks. So it’s better to wait for another update with the cyanogen 12 mod along with oxygen. i personally dint like Oxygen OS with all its key features missing, lets hope the best in their next update 🙂

  • Can’t wait for my device to come in. 😀

  • Firoze Rakib

    I noticed the default Google Camera app…I guess we’ll have to wait and see if 1+ will give us a custom one or not. I really like the CM Camera!

    • Jeremy Cai Yixin

      You can download CM Camera from the Play Store

  • aleksfreeman

    What about themes on Oxygen like CM? I don’t need external launchers and etc.

  • Mitch

    I thought April Fools day was last week? Not very impressive

  • Aviv Ben Yosef

    Actually i’m not so impressed about this os . there’s nothing i’ve never seen there…

    • RonaldM

      Their philosophy behind OxygenOS: “keep it light and essential”, and they did…

  • Talha

    Watch More Reviews about this OS Here

  • Артём Терещенко

    “please add, lock screen double tap on status bar”

  • toomanyrappers

    The Micromax CM12s update is confirmed for this week. Our update is confirmed for last week, and a month ago, and within “90 days”.

    We might as well have flashed a custom from XDA.

    Regarding Oxygen OS: if I wanted to run stock Android, I would have purchased a Nexus.

  • Kosova Sot

    I’m waiting for CM12s

  • I’m so glad now I have 2 phones! On my main production one I’ll wait for CM12S but on the other one I’ll install OxygenOS to be able to compare.

  • Egidijus Mazutis

    Hi. Looks not to bad… But where all EU languages, no Lithuanian here 🙁 ? So back to CM 🙁

  • sandeep singla

    Its shows emergency calls only.
    Bt actually data and calls works
    Why ?

  • sandeep singla

    Hiw can i add silent mode with the press of power button

  • Makmp Bites

    Please fix the download app it doesnt clear the list…. I download a lot and ones i want to clear it no clear option on it…

  • Bo_wadh7a

    Great OS but it seems the Clock app is not working for me – it showes the time but I can’t start the app to use alarms stop watch and so on

  • Bruno Pires

    Did not get. Any video tutorial teaching?

  • jack

    Just installed it and it looks great so far

  • Jonathan Hernandez

    Anyone have any invites they’d like to share? :c trying to order my OPO but don’t wanna wait till Tuesday xc

  • mclarenfan1968

    How is the stock camera? Is it relying on the google camera? looks like it from that video. Was hoping for a brand new camera app totally developed by Oneplus with software/digital image stabilization.

  • hej

    It’s very fast, good job guys. But… I do not know if it is me who is doing something wrong, but there seems to be an error with the GPS. When I disable it to preserve battery, it shuts off location services as well…? Strange….
    I have furthermore experienced some lagg when using Swiftkey, after changing to OxygenOS

  • keithnyc

    Nice work! I’m going to be waiting for the easier automated update solution you guys are working on (and thank you), but thansk also to the folks out there that have downloaded and are submitting all the helpful feedback.

  • stijn

    It want instal on my one plus

  • Arun Muralidhar

    Great ! As a fair share of users hv found it trouble free , let me figure out the flashing stuff

  • Sahil Pandita

    Tutorial on How to Install :

  • Sahil Pandita

    Here’s a Tutorial on how to install the OxygenOS on Oneplus One :

    • Saurav Chaudhary

      need indian invite. . . if u can give me. . thanks
      [email protected]

  • Charles

    Why on EARTH is this OS so big? 700 MB? What on earth is in it? That’s over double the size of CM12s builds.

    Tell me what’s in it and maybe I’ll try it out… until then, I’ll wait for CM12S

    • eakav

      Gapps is bigger than before.

  • SK

    I am not able to install this os in my one+ plz help me on did becz really it is 1st time with me how to install this way

  • Deepak Sankar

    Seriously I am missing the mailing app… Oxygen os is disappointing… Though no regrets still loved cm 11…

  • Teja

    Google camera will not perfect for oneplus one. It does not record 4k video’s.
    And When I tried to open clock app it will not open.
    cyanogen better than O2 os
    O2 have So many bug’s
    We expecting more feature from oxygen os but try to improve

  • greenairemail

    Just give us the ETA or any latest update on CM12S already…

  • Kobby17

    I flash the oxygen yesterday n it was a success but I lost the screencast n other features..

  • Stanley

    If I flashed the oxygen os, will the CM12 still come automatically to me?

  • Shelagh D-B

    Question please. How Difficult will it be to do this for someone that never has before? Before you answer, remember that no matter how well a first timer might follow directions, more often than not, a problem still crops up that wasnt mentioned in the directions. Call it Murphys Law—but following this particular set of instructions to install Oxygen, HAS anyone run into problems, bricked their phone, etc??? Before anyone says its easy, and just to follow instructions, asking how easy comes from a lack of confidence in ones ability so suggesting they read the instructions won’t help. We are asking HOW HARD it still is WILL WE SCREW IT UP and make our phones unusuable no matter if we appear to follow the instructions 100% to the T..etc…….hence, before i begin, I’d really like to hear from those that have never done it whose confidence about doing it before hand was rather low—it would be very helpful to see and read about what problems have come up while following instructions so that of us that are not confident doing this the first time know what to expect………..thanks!

    • hej

      I think it is hard… I am not a stranger to computers, but I thing that the whole process was difficult. I installed the day after OxygenOS was released, and I had to browse through several sites and guides in order to find something that made sense for me. I have never flashed a ROM before.

      The problems I faced was that the phone was not recognized by the PC. I had to force my PC to accept strange drivers, in orden to make it work.

      I finally managed to find an install package after several hours in the forums, which saved my a**.
      Here I just had to connect the phone to my PC, enable fastboot and chose install, and it worked

  • A big congratulations and thank you for your hard work – much appreciated! Now I’m looking forward to the OnePlus Two 🙂

  • Furugan Fikury

    I have installed OxygenOS the day it was released since i was waiting for it badly. I believe its really smooth and fast. For the first few days there were no problems, but i have been having these annoying problems like faults while i type sometimes. And sometimes the phone gets stuck. I hope these things get okay with more updates.

  • Niclas Nielsen

    I installed the oxygen os. Now i wanna try the cm12, however after installing the cm12 my 4g or 3g won’t work. What to do?, doew anyone else have the same problem?

  • Pranay Kanagat

    guys i have a question. Oxygen OS doesn’t seem to have the ‘OK OnePlus’ feature added to it. OnePlus has provided a Cyanogen OS 12 update with this feature. Any way to get it on Oxygen OS?

  • You don’t have to unlock squat. One flashes it just like I did when I downloaded 11s cuz I don’t wanna wait for OTA.

  • Jens Busk

    With CM I hade bugs with Wi-Fi and 4G/3G, now with Oxygen it works with no problem.

  • I have een using it since lat night the Phone batery backup is good pretty fast but heatts up whn using like it goes around 34-36C using basic wahts app

  • Praveen

    Battery won’t even last for an hour when its under 30% please fix with an update.

  • Now this is professional…. I love it oxygenos simply elegant

  • PROS: better, faster and smoothed (no lags and bugs)
    Con: too big icons!!

  • Bailey

    Is there any simpler way to install this rom other than the way described an automatic system. I have never flashed a rom and my phone is not rooted etc.

  • Nadir

    Is there doing to be an OTA update for those who rooted and installed Oxygen OS?

    I’m using it and love it but only get 3 or 4 hours use of the phone before its dead. If there isn’t an update soon I have to switch back to CM12.

  • Stephen John Obero

    this is what appears in my phone after trying to install oxygen os. Help plzzzz

    ” Decryption unsuccessfull”

    to resume using your phone, you need to perform a factory reset. When you set up your phone after the reset, you’ll have an opportunity to restore any data that was backed up to your google account”


  • Bhavesh Singh

    Hey guys i wanna ask if i install oxygen os on my one plus one device.will my phone start lacking up..pps answer

  • Vasavi Ginodia

    One plus launcher doesn’t respond –

    One Plus two, a brand new phone. I felt lucky to have it. But it’s not been even a month and my One plus launcher doesn’t respond. The phone hangs most of the time and touch doesn’t work too.
    Also I tried connecting to the service center’s in Bangalore and neither did they pick call nor the address seems to be correct.
    What do I do with this “overhyped” phone?

  • anon

    can one plus two users download oxygen os?

  • manish tadi

    I have a complaint to make, the flash in my camera app doesnt show itself until unless i clear the cache, clear the data and then rerun the camera apo, i hav updated to oxyden 2.1.2, still this problm isnt fixed.
    Developers please do something.
    My device : one plus 2

  • Vaibhav Verma

    My name is Vaibhav VermA .. I have one plus x first of all I love oxygen os ..well the phone is playing the games and video’s with lots of much lags but I know it isn’t the mistake of oxygen os team and phone need a op update to get repair … Pls oxygen team add an option to control music sound without playing the music because if I want to play music in slow .. I have to first play the music then I can decrease the volume pls pls pls do something

  • Ashish Trehan

    Hi, i bought OnePlus one oxygenos OS today, i have been using Samsung since long time so thought of checking this one. i need help as for some strange reason all the icons under the home screen are coming on one page and i need to scroll down where as previously i had apps divided into 2-3 different pages and i like it that way as i am use to it for long time. can any one please help and guide me where should i go and check to get it back in the same old way. Thanks appreciate your help.

  • Kandiane N’diaye

    I have furthermore experienced some lagg when using Swiftkey….

  • Shyamendra Singh

    One plus has thousand of bugs..when u call customer care a me..they will fool around..I raised my issue multiple times 8_10 times for the same thing..they fooled escalation phone with cheap product. Never ever dare to think of one plus..u gonna pissed off by their support. And mind you they won’t resolve ur issue. Seems to be a scam company..will sell for some more years and then…shutdown