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April 20 2015 | By: Bradon
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This week marks a very special anniversary for OnePlus. Exactly one year ago this Thursday, April 23rd, we announced the OnePlus One to the world. Since then, we’ve been travelling down an exciting road; one with a few bumps, yes, but also one that has ultimately led to amazing things. We look at the OnePlus One and the community that has grown around it, and we feel proud.

Since the early days, our company has changed quite a lot. We’ve grown to over 700 employees and have sold over one million OnePlus Ones worldwide. We’ve also learned an immeasurable amount from all of you. We pour over your comments on our forums and social media and soak in the feedback you give us at events all around the world. We try to not just listen, but also act on these lessons. Your feedback has resulted in a wider range of accessories, better logistics options and an evolution from invites to pre-orders to Tuesday Open Sales. Now, we’re taking it one step further.

Starting today, the One will be available without an invite. Forever.

That’s right. In our first big celebration of the One’s successful year, we are opening up sales globally for everyone, every day of the week. We have always wanted to put great products into the hands of more people. And, we now feel confident that we have matured enough to handle the increased complexity that comes along with opening up sales completely.

With the experiences we’ve gained with the One, we will be far more prepared to make the same transition with the OnePlus 2. Yes, the 2 will initially launch with invites. We’re committed to maintaining razor-thin margins in order to give as much value as possible back to our users, and this drastically increases our risk. The OnePlus 2 will bring the challenges that come along with a brand new product, and initially, our invite system will help us to manage that risk. It also helps us to be sure that every OnePlus 2 user gets the amazing experience that they deserve.

It’s a big step for us; one that we are celebrating. So, we decided to throw in an extra deal to make today just a little bit sweeter. What kind of deal? We simply couldn’t decide, so we asked our 4-legged friend to help us choose:


For just 24 hours, we’re offering a 75% discount on OnePlus Flip Covers and Premium Screen Protectors. Additionally, Bamboo StyleSwap covers will now be available without an invite (while supplies last). Please note that these promotions are only valid in the following regions: USA/Canada, the European Union, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

Our invite system has been a fascinating, evolving experiment. Within the community, feelings towards our invite system vary, and we understand that. The reality is that we wouldn’t be where we are today without it. But, as always, we are listening. Your feedback significantly alters our trajectory, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Keep being loud, bold and honest; we’ll promise to do the same.

Never Settle.

  • Adam K

    This is a really good step!

    • abdou


      • Since the early days, our company has changed quite a lot. We’ve grown to over 700 employees and have sold over one million OnePlus Ones worldwide. We’ve also learned an immeasurable amount from all of you. We pour over your comments on our forums and social media and soak in the feedback you give us at events all around the world. We try to not just listen, but also act on these lessons. Your feedback has resulted in a wider range of accessories, better logistics options and an evolution from invites to pre-orders to Tuesday Open Sales. Now, we’re taking it one step further.

  • Can’t see discount!

  • Bamboo cover without and invite!!

  • fo0ling

    Aww yeah! I could order one right away!

  • Saggie Livne

    Where are the discounts?

    • Honza Hluštík

      same here, I dont see the discount

    • TheIcemanCometh

      Same for me.

    • angelxy

      Same. F’ers didn’t say what day. grrr

  • Imran Anwar

    so when’s the one plus 2 coming out?

  • Zenn

    did they just say globally? would want to get one to Singapore 🙂 would that be possible without some 3rd shippment

    • Booog

  • Guest
  • Nommi

    One Plus 1 is history now so many higher specs phones are in market. Until you launch OnePlus 2 this one can’t meet other phones currently in Market so instead of promoting OnePlus 1 try to launch OnePlus 2 as early as possible.

    • Paco Sinbad

      Not to mention the price really doesn’t come up as being that good. You end up paying well over $400 once you account for shipping, taxes, etc.

      • Mastro63

        No- I paid only $370 including shipping and a USB female cord. Would have been $360 without the cord.

        Other phones charge shipping and if you buy in a store you will get hit with full state sales taxes. Only they will be on a 600-800 dollar phone.

        • Paco Sinbad

          How’s that 32GB model treating you? I’m also guessing you live in the U.S? Shipping was over 50$ + I had to pay import duties of another $50, even though I paid tax on the unit.

          • Mastro63

            I have a 64GB. No import fees- and I paid no sales tax.

            copy of my invoice:

            OnePlus One Sandstone Black 64 GB01010206021 $349.00 OnePlus One OTG Cable02020006011$7.99Charger US02010004011$0.00Subtotal $356.99 Shipping & Handling $14.34Grand Total $371.33

            Again- $371.33

            Why make stuff up Paco? Do you work for Samsung?

          • Paco Sinbad

            Do you live in the United States? Probably – because shipping to my U.S address is $20, and there are no import fees.

            I live in Canada – my shipping was $27.99 per unit, and I paid $55.04 import fee per unit at the DHL store. I do retract my comment about paying their taxes, as I was refunded american taxes when I paid the Canadian import fees.

            Why are you defending when I am stating facts, do you work for OnePlus? Nah, you’re an ignorant douchebag who thinks everyone else is wrong!

          • Mastro63

            hey- I though Canadians were supposed to be polite.

            Yes- I live in the US and you live in Canada. Enjoy your import fees.

            OK- it might not be a great deal in Canada- but I’m sure other phones have similar fees. i doubt its just OnePlus.

          • Paco Sinbad

            Oh we are – but when a know-it-all comes along, we change.

            Don’t be ignorant next time until you know all the facts. EVERY country except the U.S will have import fees that might change the minds of many people. My brother-in-law ordered one, his import fee was over 90 quid. (UK).

            Other phones do not have fees because you can purchase them in store, and if you don’t, usually the distributor has either a warehouse or a plant in your country from which you can order without fees. At least LG, Moto and Samsung have warehouses to help Canadians not pay import fees.

          • Mastro63

            You just ignore that you attacked MY prices- its a great deal in the US- OK- Canada- not so much- but you guys must be used to that for all sorts of products.

          • Paco Sinbad

            Actually, I didn’t – I simply asked if you lived in the U.S.

            Once again, your ignorance shines through.

            Again, ignorance. If you read my comment you’d see that we rarely face it.

          • Dave A Kohler

            Have to love the socialists countries and the VAT.

          • Paco Sinbad

            Everyone wants to get a slice of that tax pie.

          • Paco Sinbad

            Done replying to you. You’re the reason the stereotype of “stupid fat american” exists.

          • Mastro63

            Enjoy creating a new stereotype of Canadian internet trolls.

          • Tomas Thorley

            There should be no fee’s in the UK as it is shipped from within the UK when you buy from oneplus.

            Even if under some miracle you did have to pay anything it would not be import duty, it would be VAT. I believe some countries call this sales tax, anyway it is 20%.

            So basically you are saying your brother in law paid £450 ex vat for a OnePlus One? Wow.

          • Paco Sinbad

            Go look at Gen 1 – the shipping was from Asia and the U.S only – UK came in phase 2. If you were in wave 1 of the invites, you were pretty much S.O.L.

            Import duty IS sales tax, call it what you want, it’s the same thing. It’s 13 or 14% importing into Canada, I know it’s higher/lower in other locations.

            64GB (was) 350 + 30 shipping (380) + am taxes (refunded) + a 20% tax (VAT, whatever). I believe he paid, in total between 450 and 460.

    • Nahuel Siviero

      not only that they are launching it today, but also you can buy a phone with those specs for that price right now so get your facts together before talking crap plz

      • Nommi

        What do you mean by this reply, On one side you are saying that you can get that kind of specs phone right now and on other side you are saying do talk crap 🙂

        • Nahuel Siviero

          read it again, i edited. it was “CANT” not “can”

          • Nommi

            You certainly can buy a phone with the specs which this phone has in same price range.

    • Mastro63

      My One Plus compares pretty well to my girlfriend’s Iphone 6 Plus- same size screen. But she paid $400+ dollars more.

      I guess Samsung 6 has better specs- but it costs $849+ unlocked. It was also just released.

      I suggest a One Plus to anyone with a budget who likes big, fast smartphones. If you are wealthy- sure- spend another $500- enjoy your modest improvement.

      • Nommi

        Yes you are right but my point is why have to wait this phone which is not available Globally when there are a tons of same or better then this phone specs smart phone are in the market right now.

        • Mastro63

          OnePlus’s business strategy is to have the best possible phone at a very good price. Not to be the absolute best phone – which would be tough since its using the same processor as the flagships.

          Yes- it will need to get the Two out into the marketplace to keep going- but the One is still very nice compared to most phones- at 40- 50% off.

  • Sebastian Selling


    • Nasir Mxd

      i tought it was my browser, Damn it CSS !!

    • It’s working for me

    • Carlos Villacorta

      Sometimes it’s the cloud service fault. So keep it quiet.

  • Denis Roussel

    No discount on Belgium store…

  • g.crow1988


  • RonaldM

    Concratulations Oneplus team!

  • Honza Hluštík

    I dont see discount:-(

    • try ctrl+f5
      it forces cache to be cleared for the page and gets the new page

      • Honza Hluštík

        I´ll try…thx

      • TheIcemanCometh

        I tried this, and it didn’t work. I’m seeing the discount on one of the two items, but not both …

  • Regilio Bouma

    Ir blaster? Full 4g? And good battery for the oneplus two? Than i would buy again.
    I have a lg g3 now. Its great but battery doesn’t last that long… When you use it.
    Standby is great. Phone signal chip is very good.
    I hope one plus two will be same price. Than i will sell my lg g3 again for it. (the asus zen phone 2 is cool, but no ir blaster and same size as oneplus but a intel chip so custom roms.. Root.. Good lord help)

    • Paco Sinbad

      IR Blaster won’t happen, Full 4G won’t happen, improved battery (might) happen, doubt it.

      I too, have a G3. I had a oneplus and it was GARBAGE. It broke within 10 hours, and they wouldn’t take it as a return, despite 0 damage to it, so I took a sledgehammer to the piece of shit. My G3 lasts a day, and sometimes then some – but I keep an extra battery in my wallet.

      • Regilio Bouma

        It was a good phone.
        But to big (i mean lg did a better job at making it compact)
        One plus one. Was good nice back realy nice in the hand, but yeah the touchscreen wasn’t nice it worked but yeah it was okayish in the way it was cheap must live with it. It lacked sensitivity. For finger presses. And yellowish screen (but my lg has also a yellowish screen, i have the wrong model lets say it has the same screen maker of the one plus, JDI..) still im happy i exchanged it, even if i lost battery life in exchange but im a happy man now again. And i made some one els happy to have a oneplus every body wins.
        The Lg g4 i dont like. Its bigger and larger for the same design same screen size. So i won’t be getting that. Nothing new

        • Paco Sinbad

          I play with all phones before buying – so I will definitely give the G4 a fair shot before I make my decision on my next-gen.

          I agree with your shortcomings of the OnePlus – I had an immediate disapproval of the unit – i faced the same adversities as you, but mine also died and wouldn’t re-boot in 10 hours no matter what I did. What REALLY drove me away from there was the fact that they wouldn’t even discuss the option of a return, and when they did, I messaged them back about a shipping label and they took 3 days to e-mail me back.

          Poor customer service is enough to drive me away from a product. I have used LG all my life, largely in part to their customer service is great. 2 TVs, appliances, phones, everything.

          • Regilio Bouma

            I don’t find the lg g4 a upgrade like the m9 its the same phone. Just new cpu. But m9 didnt get bigger like the lg -g4 does…
            If i come from a g2 okay bur from a g it’s nothing new..

          • Paco Sinbad

            I have to say I disagree there – I played with a prototype, but want to play with a full version. The camera, it’s UNBELIEVABLE now. The updated interface is pretty great, overall feels better in the hand, and less slippery.

          • Regilio Bouma

            Okay i must admit thr g3 is slippy. Compared to the 1+1 the lg keeps sliding of the table (in the hands its okay but yesh its slippy.) interface pff g3 will have it too. Feels better in the hand maybe cause its curved. But still its bigger and realy that 0.6mm shorter than a oneplus i feel it in my pockets. The oneplus was just bit to big in the pocket. With the lg its realy better. Feels free and spacy in the pockets.
            Bref g4 is just like htc did just a specs update. And some minor things. But atleast htc didnt make the phone bigger for no reason.
            Im waiting for a new phone to come out at 300euro with same sort of specs as lg g3 ir blaster is usefull, and same body screen ratio, but better battery life. Till now no other 300euro phone has a ir blaster. Samsunf Galaxy s5 was 300euro in a mediamarkt in Switzerland. Overall very happy woth the lg g3 just miss my sandstone back..

          • Paco Sinbad

            I know – that’s the one feature I did like about this phone. The G4 seems to solve that issue – especially with the customization for the backing of the phone.

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      • noxtare

        really hope it will support 4g 🙂

        • Paco Sinbad

          It would be nice, but on a budget phone, I doubt it.

      • Overheated Oven

        Battery lasts 1 day easy with full use, 2 days with normal learn to use the equipment…..

        • Paco Sinbad

          My Sony X3 lasted 2 days with full use, up to 4 with normal.
          My LG G3 lasts 1.5 days will full use, up to 3 with normal (With a better screen than any other phone).
          My HTC M7 lasted 1.5 days with full use, up to 3 with normal.

          How about you understand what is being said before showing your ignorance.


          • OhMy Gondra

            I had an HTC M7 and it never lasted 1.5 days with full use, maybe 8 hours – the OPO was a huge upgrade never buying HTC again.

          • Paco Sinbad

            8 hours? Were you watching 1080P porn the entire time?

          • OhMy Gondra

            Not gonna feed the troll, done.

          • Paco Sinbad

            I’ll take that as a yes.

      • Shalove2

        and just why are you on this blog. To just run down the product? You don’t have anything better to do?

        • Paco Sinbad

          Warn potential customers off of a garbage product.

        • Regilio Bouma

          No just bored and giving my opinion.
          As i say its a great phone. Last year. It isnt worth 350euro… Last year october is was 300euro well spend.
          But its getting old and the price isn’t right any more.

      • OhMy Gondra

        Does “It broke” mean you bricked it?

        • Paco Sinbad

          Someone a little butthurt? I’ve used nearly 150 different phones, never had one die on me and not turn back on. This one, however, did.

    • aenews

      What do you mean by Full 4G?

      Well on any Android device on any ROM, I’d recommend using Greenify and Amplify to magnify battery life and performance. Donate versions of both and the XPosed module for Greenify have some pretty powerful settings. What is your deep sleep frequency?

      • Regilio Bouma

        I mean all bands. (not that i do care it eats to much battery so i never use it) minimum is 300mhz no kernel for lg had lower..

        • aenews

          Do you use the applications mentioned above? What is your deep sleep frequency? I push very aggressive Performance settings on my S3, but idle battery life is terrific. I recommend TricksterMod for adjusting kernel settings.

          • Regilio Bouma

            Yeah a s3.
            On my oneplus i had 268mhz.
            Deep sleep there is no frequency, i had smartass v2 very good but lagg with screen of music.

          • aenews

            Are you saying it doesn’t go into deep sleep at all? That’s problematic. Means that wakelocks are keeping the device awake. Control excessive wakelocks with Amplify and hibernate apps you don’t need running in the background with Greenify. Use the Xposed modules for both. Also, wakelock management is improved by default on Lollipop.

          • Regilio Bouma

            No deep sleep is deep sleep. I mean you can’t see the frequency of deep sleep.
            Greenify always. To sleep apps i don’t want to be opened. No wake locks here. I know how to handle them. Google services location and wake up off with app ops.
            Have no exposed it has problems with lolipop and lg it stops flip cover and something els. On oneplus i had amplify etc worked great.
            But lg g3 has very good standy time. Better then oneplus 😉

          • aenews

            Why wouldn’t you be able to see deep sleep frequency?

          • Regilio Bouma

            You don’t see the frequency. Your screen shot Says juste deep sleep no frequency shown

          • aenews

            I mean frequency as in ratio or percentage not as in CPU clock speeds.

          • Regilio Bouma

            Voila is you mean this. Downclocked at 2.2ghz

    • Rohan Regi

      Try Motorola droid turbo, its a good phone

    • OhMy Gondra

      It doesn’t get full 4g? what is full 4g? I get LTE and 22MB/s download speeds, 16MB/s upload, that’s more than enough for a phone.

      • Regilio Bouma

        I mean 800mhz 4g. In france most operators (i mean most 4g is on 800mhz) not that i even use 4g to battery hungry. For my poor lg g3 xD gotta save battery.

  • Hussain

    sound great.
    BTW, my country is not included in the registered countries but I have a US address where I used to ship my items to there and then deliver them to my residence place.
    will that help me to buy it ?? could anybody ansower me?

    • Paco Sinbad

      Are you stupid?
      They ship to the U.S. You have a U.S address… I DUNNO SEEMS LIKE A BIT OF A STRETCH

      • Hussain

        you can answer it in proper way. anyhow some companies like apple don’t accept this way to buy their products. and that’s why I asked

        • Paco Sinbad

          You can use your head, as well.

          You can ALWAYS ship to a local address. I’ve been in Cayman Islands where products are not sold, and there is RARELY an IP blocker from letting someone ship to their home.

          Letting someone not shop while they’re international (away from home, travelling, whatever the case) is counter intuitive. If I want to buy my new phone while abroad, if I want to buy laundry detergent while abroad, you can be damn sure I’ll do it online to have it waiting for me when I get back – you can ALWAYS use the excuse that you’re travelling, if you’re blocked.

  • Paco Sinbad

    “led to amazing things” – you mean horrible customer service, a terrible product that broke within 10 hours, and a phone that crashed 6 times in those 10 hours?

  • viay

    Finally it is a good news….without invites…..thank you guys and also pls throw some light on the release date of oneplus2….if the release date is too far… i will go for oneplus one….please help..

    • Victor Bey-Smith

      Exactly what I was saying in my comment (a couple comments upward). People want the 1+2 more than the 1+1 and are willing not buying it to get the lattest and greatest.

      • angelxy

        Probably true. I think the oneplus one is going to be plenty powerful enough for me though for years to come…assuming it doesn’t break in the meantime.

        • Victor Bey-Smith

          That’s also what I think, the best specs I’ve seen on a phone for that cheap.
          However… the 1+2 is probably better… see what I’m saying?

  • viay

    Still Amazon saying “invites only”…..????

    • No… Even in India it’s available without invite…

      • viay


      • KK

        You have a new invite!

        Dear fanboy/girl,Whoop whoop! You have just received an invite to purchase the OnePlus One at use this invite, please follow this link to claim it as yours (you have less than 48 hours to do so): If you haven’t yet registered your account, no problem. Just follow this link: that this invite can only be used for orders shipping to India.The invite will expire 48 hours from when we sent this email, not necessarily when you received it, please claim it as soon as possible as expired invites are not re-activated.Enjoy!

    • KK

      Dear fanboy/girl,Whoop whoop! You have just received an invite to purchase the OnePlus One at use this invite, please follow this link to claim it as yours (you have less than 48 hours to do so): If you haven’t yet registered your account, no problem. Just follow this link:

  • Deak Karoly

    Just a question, why are the power banks gone from ?? I know you have issues with importing these, so, are they gone for good?

    • Conor

      They are still there, they are just not listed in accessories, not sure if ordering one will work

      • Deak Karoly

        I knew they weren’t available, I just liked them there, even if they were sold out. Thanks anyway

  • Mᴀᴎᴓԋӑʁ KY

    good move form OnePlus but i wish you will also get rid of invites for initial release for OnePlus 2.

  • vihanga sathsara

    Congratulations Oneplus on eliminating the biggest bump OnePlus had m/

  • Joshhud

    Was this the big announcement they sent emails about?


    No promotions in India ??

  • viay

    Now amazon is ready without invites….thanks..

  • gmo8492

    Damn, we almost had a 50% discount on the OTG and USB cable ;(

  • deepak

    How to purchase it easily like retail counter

  • Ruby H.

    that 75% off had me for a second before i saw the hidden shipping charges…

    • T. Ho

      Shipping is $14.34 for me… I will pass….

    • angelxy

      The last time I got accessories (tempered glass protector, 1 flip cover, and otg cable) shipping USA was under $5 for the whole lot. Maybe they upped it to make up for the discount? cheeky bastards.

  • asnawi

    how about in malaysia?

  • Fanant

    Good news 😉

  • Born in December

    Just trying to log in, but your servers already seem to be down…. Please fire your IT chief and add someone who can manage server infrastructure well….

  • patstar5

    So no oneplus two announcement today…..

  • viay

    No promotions in india….sad!

  • patrickkharma

    Come on, get a grip OPO. No discount in Swedish store either.

  • Cypher

    Hi thanks for making such an awesome phone
    A request follows please vote up if you agree
    Please move the speakers on the One Plus 2 they are too close to the mic and the feed back is horrible possibly make them fropnt facting like the HTC M9 other than that its an awesome device. on an other note can you make it an octa core with 4GB ram to stay ahead of the competition.
    Cant wait to get an one+² loved the one+¹

    • Jacob Martin

      The Snapdragon 810 has various problems.

      • aenews

        The Snapdragon 810 is, regardless, Qualcomm’s top-performing SoC. If you are referring to the throttling, then take in mind software controls throttling and temperature threshold, and design affects how quickly the throttling threshold is reached.

      • Bruce Wayne

        You mean the first gen right?
        SD810 already has two follow-ups where they resolved the throttling issue and other minor fixes. Look up Snapdragon 810 v2.1

    • Cypher

      I think the most important thing however is moving the mic away from the speakers as it really causes a lot of issues

  • goellakshya

    Its really sad that even being a big market India is left out for promotions. Also power bank is no where to be seen coming to India. Come on guys!!!!

  • Swami S

    Good news about the open sales going forward; as we were trying hard to get an invite when I bought!! 🙁 . But, why there is no FREE shipping for accessories which is kinda sucks!!

  • Kalax03

    Fuck off, i places the flip cover in my cart. The site went blank and the flip cover is now suddenly sold out. WTF OP!

  • Denis Roussel

    No more flip case : a solution to discount problem ???

  • Govardhan Pathipaka

    Excellent mobile in the World

  • Mimmo76


  • Sweet!

  • Mastro63

    Getting rid of stock before the new version?

  • Ayuvelo

    I guess I’m one of the very few who found the invite system great… It just boosts the hype by over 9000%

    • thespacecowboyx

      Especially for the ebay sellers of invites…

  • Davy Van Weert

    This discount would have been nice if the shipping was free. At the moment I’m paying more for ship[ping than the actual products. Such a shame. Stopped me from making use of “the discounted anniversary promotion”..

  • Alex Gombi
  • Thomas Romagnoli

    Really like your phone, I’m a fan since day one. But you can really
    improve your support service, and you’re even worse in keeping promises…

  • Phillip Burkett

    I scored 3 flip covers @ 3.75 each I’ll finish off my collection!

  • But today isn’t 23rd April :0 Btw can you fix 5 Ghz Wifi connectivity in One? Can’t connect to my home WiFi 🙁

  • faponit

    Just in time to buy the OnePlus One in Summer when it will be hot and
    therefore be obsolete because the touch screen doesn’t work!

  • Rohil Shah

    What about India?

  • MS

    I doubt that “We pour over your comments…” more likely you PORE….

  • Sanjiv

    Hi is there any one tell me how to get one plus mobile.

    • MS


      Mark Schulman
      H: 626-639-6702
      F: 626-639-6704
      M: 754-444-2468

  • i9

    Copping that bamboo right now!

  • Josh York

    Been enjoying mine since October. Just ordered my wife the 16 gig. I know, should have went for the 64, but she really wanted the white, plus she’s also a non-power user. I also scored her a flip cover, got myself the orange hard case, and both got screen protectors. I know OnePlus has had a few mis-steps, but man that’s a lot of pretty good quality merchandise for *HALF* the price of similar devices from other leading manufacturers. I still believe, OnePlus!

  • Jean-Nicolas X Gosselin

    That’s it?

  • Andrea Careddu

    OnePlus 2… When? 😀

  • Doug Meredith

    “Sorry, currently we cannot ship to this address.” I’m in Canada and OnePlus was able to ship to this address previously.

  • A Yee

    are the flip covers out of stock already?

  • taz

    come on….
    why india is always not there

  • Kimsand

    Is the phone leaving cyanogen

  • the_gator

    Now how about sending out a replacement phone instead of after having received the defective one first, not great not having the phone for three weeks. Still waiting on my UPS label even though I got my TNT shipping labels last week. Order number 240616.

  • vijay philips

    Showing no discount for me on accessories!!

  • Carter Carroll

    Can we please get a OnePlus 2 option that has CDMA chipsets instead of GSM? Some of us who are on Sprint and Verizon would really like to use your phones.

    • angelxy

      Switch carriers. There’s been rumors that Verizon is working on GSM but it will probably be a long time.

  • Bernard Verhaeghe

    The news was also picked up by a very popular Belgian newspaper:

  • Afzal Mohammed

    Iam confused…….
    asus zenfone 2 is better than oneplus one or viceversa???

  • I would love to see some real improvements in customer support the. RMA process needs to be improved.

  • Chris Heaslett

    I thought they were announcing big news today….

  • Peter Bergonzi

    Congrats OnePlus–keep up the great work!

  • djahmednawaz

    Now expand shipping to more countries as well.

  • slfisher

    (psst. when can I expect the OTA OS update?)

  • tony solinan

    I live in Ireland, and was trying to buy the one plus phone for months, so after 7-8 months I gave up,a few months ago I was looking for the 64gb model, but all I could see online was the 16 GB model, so now I am not interested in buying one!

  • Erminio Ottone

    so, where (or when) is the line for oneplus 2 invites? i just one be the first to get it 🙂

  • slash 741

    good news !! I hope that those who have already OnePlus one takes precedence on the purchase of the two, send an invitation to those who are already your customer

  • Hector

    Awesome can’t wait for the One Plus 2 and hopefully I’ll get the invite as soon as is available I’ve being using the One for 10 month now and love it!

  • mprada

    Hi, i try buy the accessories but not apply the discount.
    Do I have to write some code off?
    Not applicable to OnePlus One Tempered Glass Screen Protector?

  • Charles FitzGerald

    Should I buy One Plus One.
    It will cost me almost TWO yes TWO week’s pension.
    I am 79.5 (years.) I can just about cope with Windows…
    But in order to take advantage of 3 UK’s “all you can eat data” and 2oo minutes for just circa £24, ( free roaming in 16 countries) on a monthly contract…therefore perfect for roaming (a 5″-5.5″ screen fablet?) will allow me to watch TV, listen to Radio and surf- my main internet needs. Facebook (I leave Twitter to the birds) and Outlook and that’s about all I need. Of course , the best battery life at a price no
    SO…Is One plus One the right phone for me or it is to much too complicated -like full of things I do not need?
    I’ve looked at several others mostly about the £200 or less mark…should I abandon my dream/desire for One plus One qich I am convinced IS the best phone available at it’s price.
    all suggestions welcomed.
    I tried reverting to Nokia (610) No use. Nokia is arrogant…it help no use to oldies who were not born with a smartphone in the palm of their hands.
    Advice please. One Plus One we oldies , mostly impoverished pensioners, are withal, still A MARKET!
    Good Luck anyway.

    • voiceOfUnreason

      You’d be the only 79.5 y/o individual to own one that I know of. More importantly, the fact that you know about the device in the first instance (not mistaking it for say some witticism on a wedding or birthday invite rsvp) I think I find more impressive. Dang, make like Nike and Just Do It! #YOLO! If I happen to get my hands on a spare +2, I’d resell it to at a heavily discounted rate… just because!!!

  • kin◘a◘go◘round

    Seems S/H cost jumped up after the release of this public sale. Meh!

  • Esen

    I bought 2 OnePlus Ones, 3 flip covers and 4 screen protectors… will I get a OnePlus 2 invite?

  • Noam Silvy

    Haha it’s nice but idiot : the shipping cost more then the screen protector + flip cover !

  • Now just make it possible to order OnePlus One from Bosnia 😀

  • Clubkauri

    It’s pore over, not “pour over”

  • thelastguyX20

    Why invites again? Why not pre-orders? When you use the invite system, if feels like half the time you’re bringing in your most loyal fans so you won’t get burned. With pre-orders, it’ll feel a bit more random…

  • Aj

    I love this phone but as expected have encountered a few kinks.
    1. The phone cannot handle heat. I’m travelling around Thailand at the moment. The screen goes through periods of time where the sensors do not work properly. The sensors work when the phone cools down.

  • Victor Hugo Macias Quiroz

    “we are opening up sales globally for everyone”, but still not shipping to Mexico

  • Please, do more countries you deliver to. I hate buying from resellers, like it now in Russia.

  • Sawar Lal

    this offaer valid in india????

  • Vanessa Garcia

    I Want an invite!!!!!!
    I’m ready for the Oneplus 2

  • Rosie Chua

    Are you sure it is open for globally for everyone? I tried to order and have it shipped to Singapore but the order is not acccepted.

  • purdy44

    How can I score an invite for the OnePlus2?

  • Emre Şeker

    sure sure i was waiting this phone, but i’ve bought note 4 . You can use your own oneplus. I have seen so many mistakes but never seen 1 year long pre order system. ridicilous. You said never settle thats the funny thing you have settled yourself by your own.

  • Ahmet F

    Cross your fingers to not have any problem with the phone. Mine came defective and I have been trying to return it for 6 days. Customer service keep forwarding, escalating, leaving it aside for 3 days. They do everything, but solve. All they need to do is give me an address to ship it back! It came defective for God’s sake! Do I have to beg you to take it back?

    • angelxy

      Fortunately I’ve had no problems yet. Do a credit card chargeback. You’ll win. Sometimes that’s the only way to get a company to get off their butts.

      • Ahmet F

        Even if I win in the end, this is hard to digest. Especially when they try to portray an image as if their customer service handles problem diligently.
        I had a minor problem with my Logitech mouse. When I contacted them even though it wasn’t super fast, they kept me informed and sent a brand new product without asking for the defective one. This is not what I expect from a company but if they do it, they assure the customers will not forget how pleased they were with the brand. OnePlus behaves like corrupted eBay seller who tries to buy some time before their account is closed. This is utterly unacceptable if you try to enter smartphone market.

  • Alpha Bravo

    to hell with your invites

  • How do I get an invite?

  • Rob

    Um, is it me or when a person MUST use the invite system from One+, isn’t that settling? So, the company’s motto, “never settle” is obviously misleading!!

  • Wineaux

    Looking forward to getting an invite for the new One Plus 2! It should be coming out just as my old contract expires, and then I can forever leave contract phones behind!!!!

  • Aakash

    Will it be invite free in India too .??

  • good move form OnePlus but i wish you will also get rid of invites for initial release for OnePlus 2.

  • Victor Bey-Smith

    I understand the point in invites, but the one problem I see, me being a non 1+1 user, is that the 1+1 finally comes out to the everyone, and you are all ready announcing the next one. It makes the buyer want the next phone more and therefore, creates a hesitation that could lead into the buyer not buying the product. The buyer senses that he isn’t gettin the the best and may back away.
    This isn’t me being mad because I didn’t get my hands on a 1+1, this is merely a suggestion, that I think you guys should really consider looking into.


    Btw, so excited for the release.

    • EagerBuyer

      I too have similar thoughts whether to buy 1+1 now or wait for 1+2

  • angelxy

    Did I miss the 75% off sale or didn’t that happen yet?

  • formalfive

    when does the 2 come out?

  • Mohammad Kartono

    Are you goin to make the find my oneplus able to emit loud sounds when locked and finding?

  • AnP

    In India, on Amazon, it still says Invite required…!!! This is so unfair…

  • I’m still waiting for a smaller phone from Oneplus…

  • Anjali Raj


  • EagerBuyer

    tomorrow is 1+1 anniversery. any discounts expected?


    I have been trying to get in touch with this Fraud company
    I bought the phone and 4 months later it stopped charging. I have been sending the E mails from past several weeks and no one has so far was able to help me.
    There is no phone number or any one you can contact thru different mode of communication.

  • Is anybody having trouble buying the oneplus from Canada? It keeps giving me US prices then doesn’t allow me to purchase the item because it tells me to register to a US account.

  • Surabh Kapoor

    Amazon still asking for invite. How do I get one. Where is the one year celebration

  • Alfonzo Soto González

    Invite system = nostalgia.

  • teenstargatefan

    When will the OnePlus One be released to Australia?

  • viay

    Yippie….i got my one+….amazing phone at reasonable price…..but sad to know even this mobile has got some heating problems in india..otherwise it is a wonderful phone. hope you will correct it in the next version..

  • Bela Barot

    I want to buy one plus ; what is the process. I am leaving in Canada – Toronto. please help.

  • Melhim

    which time you can sell oneplus one the middle east

  • Raghav Sood

    So if I want to buy a one plus one phone so from where should I purchase it. If the invite system ends.

  • Gauri Verma

    I was reading your post and no doubt it was really
    informative and useful..I got here what i was looking for..Thanks for sharing..!! recording app

  • I play with all phones before buying – so I will definitely give the G4 a fair shot before I make my decision on my next-gen.

  • bowl

    Where in miami can I get one plus phone to buy

  • Someone a little butthurt? I’ve used nearly 150 different phones, never had one die on me and not turn back on. This one, however, did.

  • geoff davies

    looking forward to seeing the new model

  • alessio

    how i do for an invite?

  • noééééééé

    enfin je vais pouvoir me l’acheter 😛

  • Ryan Wheaton

    Please release the first invites to your customers who shared their invites from the One Plus. Personally I brought 10 people to purchase the One Plus, more than likely I can bring more than 10 to purchase the One Plus 2.

  • sure sure i was waiting this phone, but i’ve bought note 4 . You can use your own oneplus. I have seen so many mistakes but never seen 1 year long pre order system. ridicilous. You said never settle thats the funny thing you have settled yourself by your own.

  • I think the most important thing however is moving the mic away from the speakers as it really causes a lot of issues

  • Rickard Östberg

    when will the phone be in stock again

  • Bruce Wayne

    Awesome device!!! Would buy this if the OnePlus Two gets delayed beyond November. Keep up the good work, btw can you please add in a micro sd card slot in your next version? or maybe come out with a 128GB variant. 64GB(54 User available) I filled that up in a week [Blame my internet connection for that :->].
    Thank you,
    Regards Deep


  • Aman Goenka

    why my oneplus two invite is gone from 50000 to 140000

  • Dietse East Yolo

    When comes the oneplus one out of stock?

  • Peder

    Where due i buy The Bamboo StyleSwap cover in your shop you only sell OnePlus 1 and the powerbank??

  • Peder

    When do you drop invites to OnePlus2 ?

  • good news !! I hope that those who have already OnePlus one takes precedence on the purchase of the two, send an invitation to those who are already your customer

  • Kanchana

    how can I make sure my one plus two is an original one?

  • Rejoy Fernandes

    You are really losing a lot of customers by the invite system. If You guys have the ambition and hunger to be as big as Iphone and Galaxy then you have to take a litttle risk. You’re motto is never Settle So instead of settling for waiting for Months and months endlessly people have been reverting to the HTC and Galaxy alternatives. I personally Find Myself 2,000,360 on the list. If you could more efficently produce the handset then you would really benefit by leaps and bounds. Plus do away with tge invite and let online retailers sell your phone. I know that they may charge extra But id pay 10% -20% extra on the phone to get it at my convinience . It makes more sense for me to wait for OP3 then to listlessly look at a reservation list thats larger than the population in my state. Thank you. Carl Pei Please read

  • Roni Hudes

    When ONEPLUS ONE 64GB will be avalabale again?

  • Abhay Aradhye

    Now sale starts on. check this

  • felicitaciones por el aniversario

  • This phone I’ve always liked because it has an excellent camera. Congratulations