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March 21 2015 | By: Cat
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In case you missed it, on Tuesday we made an announcement about the OnePlus Lollipop updates. We know everyone is anxious to get Lollipop on their One, and we are working hard to deliver the CM12 over-the-air update before March 30, and OxygenOS before March 27. If we don’t meet either of our Lollipop deadlines for OxygenOS or CM12, OnePlus Ones will be given away.

Our Power Banks debuted on Tuesday in time for our weekly open sale and sold out in less than 24 hours. More Power Banks are coming to our store again soon, and as promised, we will start shipping to the EU and India in April.

The OnePlus x Ultimaker 3D printing contest officially closed on Thursday, and you can check out all of the entries here. We had some great and innovative submissions for OnePlus accessories, and we can’t wait to try some out on our own 3D printer!

You may have also seen some mysterious teasers on our Facebook, Google+, and Twitter pages. Carl hinted at a new product category coming in April but our lips are still sealed. What do you think the next OnePlus product will be?

On the blog this week, we have a simple DIY trick you can use to customize the look of your One. You just need a few things, and the possibilities are endless. Don’t forget to check out The Abstract for our top picks in tech news this week.

In the office today we had a little party for our team members with March birthdays–complete with delicious chocolate cake, a game of limbo (there are no winners or losers in OnePlus limbo), and the time-honored tradition of birthday foosball. Work hard, play not-so-hard.

Finally, The Next Web recently wrote about the OnePlus marketing team and how we were able to launch a successful new smartphone in today’s treacherous market. Check it out if you want to find out more about the rise of OnePlus!

That’s it from us. Until next Saturday, have a great week, everyone!

  • sp99


    • Hey you ;p

      • sp99

        aye aye

        • They never posted this in the forums. Proof forums are dying.

          • aaahh ahh

            What? I just fixed disqus (Sam broke it)

  • Mᴀᴎᴓԋӑʁ KY

    Until next Saturday, hope we all have Lollipop installed. have a great week, everyone!

    • Nope. I’d rather have some Ones given away :3

      • Tushar Choudhary

        Probability be like : 1/ Infinity

      • Andy.w

        LoL, if you gotten one for free. Certainly play for few hours and sell on eBay for the extra cash. Next you know asks for more free phones and sell again. LOL
        Too many people done that already, many stop giving free stuff away nowadays due to that issue of greed

  • Nice! I am very excited!!!

  • Bruno Contente

    Please don’t cry! CM12 works very well

    • Shiv

      Awwwwww! Com’on my CM11 is having touch issues, duh!!!!!!!

    • Tiago Fernandes

      O teu, e o meu…. Works like a treat!! Mas tou curioso para ver como vai ser este oxygen OS 🙂

  • GreenMafia

    Why CM12.0? CM12.1 comes

  • Ultimatebrosky

    I only care if you give me 5 extra ones

    • Andy.w

      If you kindly donate your two hands for any wounded soldiers out there that lost their hands from war, needs a new pair. You can get 500 extras no problem

  • Truly

    I don’t give a shit about giveaways. Just make your fucking deadline.

  • kedar hendre

    Can’t wait to have hands on lollipop

  • Maiko M

    No word about price rise in EU anymore…

  • Nate River

    Awesome!! I wonder wich one will be better the Oxigen OS or the CM12.

    • Andy.w

      Both are Android. Only difference is the GUI. all depends on your need and want

  • Cryptic

    Can’t wait for 12s to come out.

  • Harshal Pradeep Khandave

    Have a great day everyone

  • Subham Bothra

    If it will be available in one plus one indian version. Manually or by OTA. Please help me. Thank you

    • Subham Bothra

      Please help me some one.. I really wanted to use cm12 lollipop in my one plus one..

      • Chiranjeevi Segad

        Get CyanHacker 3.0 from xda
        You can have all your thirst settled…

        • Subham Bothra

          Thank you brother..

  • Chiranjeevi Segad

    Yeah… Let your lips be sealed… But those smiles indicate an Android Wear device

  • Ahnaf Abeyed

    I’ve been saving up for the One for a while now and I’m still nowhere near enough money to get it :'( I cry evertim. I hope I get a free One if they give those out 🙂

    • Andy.w

      Lawn mower someone yard 10x for 30$ each, you get your phone in no times

  • Dashmesh Singh Popli

    I’m dying to shift to lollipop, bored with kit Kat.
    Bring it on fast!!

  • Carlos López

    I’m up for the challenge and waiting for the give away phones 🙂

  • bhupesh

    shitty company
    fucked up after sales support
    feeling like shit after buying this doomed phone

  • Abdulrahman599

    I appreciate the effort but you guys need to hurry up. Samsung owners have gotten lollipop long time ago.

    Thank you.

  • Sachin Oberoi

    Hope cyanogen user can also upgrade to Oxygen Os over OTA update in India

  • Ashish Murali

    Hey, I am in for the wait too…

  • Laura E Zepeda E

    Hope you do on time, if not.. hope I’ll be the lucky one in have another ONE PLUS ONE phone, I love mine…. totally happy with since Jan 2015… OPO is amazing phone.

  • Ashwani Rawat

    I hope this time the deadlines are met..

  • drdexter1989

    For those who have nightlys, will they be able to update OTA too?

    • Ishmael Simpson

      I have the latest nightly for CM12. OTA updates work fine, as does the nightly. It’s pretty stable. No issues so far! Using it until OxyOS comes.

  • lokesh

    Eagerly waiting for Lollipop udate

  • jharrison

    I can’t wait! I NEED AN INVITE to buy one for my girl. After seeing mine she is ready to dump her S5!
    [email protected]

    • mwm341

      Pop an order in on Tuesday. Mail her a copy.

      • jharrison

        Thx. I was hoping for an invite so I didn’t have to wait. It takes a week to arrive once ordered and she already got a glass sliver in her finger.

    • Priyesh Priyadarshi

      U r frm India??

  • daan teuben

    where do i have to be for the giveaways? ;p

  • Jesse Arganbright

    I wanna be a winner….finally! Lol, jk
    No but for real I’d like to win. 🙂

  • Abhimanyu

    It’s 26th March. Where’s my Oxygen OS? Defuq? why are we not getting lollipop update? Even my S4 has it and i don’t know how samsung managed to do it so quickly for S4 but they did and even on an inferior hardware. :/

    Oneplus… You better give us lollipop by tomorrow or else I’m Jumping out of your wagon. especially because you ruined my experience with the max audio update which is full of shit and now taking so much time to give us an update. you could’ve atleast given us a fix for maxx audio. :'(

    Fu oneplus

    • mwm341

      It’s 8:40 AM EST. Sure it’s the 26th, but I think most of us should be a little bit patient now whether we like it or not. Me? I hate it, but I’ve also had the problem of getting software out the door when LOTS of people want it. I frankly wouldn’t blame the relevant sysadmins and networking people if they turned the product loose and ran like hell….

    • snehith

      Ya bro. U r right the max audio is really a shit

  • Singaraju Karthik

    How do I install it(Oxygen OS) in India.
    I guess there’s no OTA..

  • Daan Beusink

    Dear OnePlus,
    Within 8,5 hours (Amsterdam timezone) you should release OxygenOS.
    If you do not succeed please send me a OnePlus One.



  • Jacques Anthony

    I need an invite so I can buy one on March 31- [email protected]

  • Amit Halder

    I need an invite Please anyone have already invitation share with me at [email protected]

  • Simone Silvestri


  • Itai Iusepolsky

    Where’s my oneplus? still no updates

  • snehith

    Today is the the deadline till now no software update

  • snehith

    Today is the deadline till now no software update

  • Pranav Modi

    Today, the deadline but don’t seem to get updates.

  • Ed Alonzo

    I’m always game for freeones, but I’d really love lolipop too…

  • Priyesh Priyadarshi

    Dis is jst a fuck frm opo team….. Still it’s oxygen os is not released….

  • Priyesh Priyadarshi

    Dey r jst making der customers chutiya…

  • Priyesh Priyadarshi

    Now d next date is 30th… Bloody fuckers opo team….

  • Priyesh Priyadarshi

    They are testing our patience level…. Such a filthy seriousness from opo team for der customers….

  • TechIsSpecial

    Wow… The sweet update is coming…. Hope to see it on my friends Opo,cuz I don’t have my own One! If they delay who knows we may get 5 oneplus ones!! That’s some really exciting news! Hail Oneplus!

  • TechIsSpecial

    Just a few hours left for them to release the update! If they don’t I will get a Oneplus one! The beast

  • A D

    so … Lollipop anyone ? broken promises ?

  • jp suriam

    The blog is a wonderful add-on if Oneplus is already performing and
    producing on the software and hardware front, however, the blog content
    looses value and relevance when under performing and producing. Oneplus
    has two big deadlines today in the software realm and we have see
    nothing regarding progress or whether or not the deadlines will be met.
    My humble suggestion is to stop fooling around with pulling together
    blog posts until the actual work of having a competitive product is
    meeting the goals YOU set. The hardware is only relevant as long as the
    software is and right now Oneplus is lagging behind. It seems like
    Oneplus is asking consumers to “please sett

  • Jacques Anthony

    can someone please send me an invite, id really love to buy a One plus- [email protected]

  • Pedro Silva

    Free phones? BS, just like the update early this weekend.

  • Samee Khan

    I really need One because right now I am not happy with my Sony Xperia. I used my friends OnePlus One and it was an awesome experience. I wish that I get One giveaway 🙂

  • Pranav Modi

    Finally no update so am I getting a one plus one?

  • Jaison

    Ufff..! I cant wait…! I need an invite……! any oneplus owners from india.? I really need an INVITE soooooooooooOOOnn..!

  • Mr.Pranzoi

    Oneplus Power Bank is in stock in EU y not in IN? There is not even a damn ad on the stating coming soon… Y U NO LOVE IN !!!!!!

  • Anders Møller

    It’s now March 31st, still no Lollipop on my CM OS phone, whats up?

    To make up for it, you could give my girlfriend a OnePlus One, as she have to put of with my complaints.

  • zaboom

    Thanks guys – no update yet. Why not?
    Not a Word from you at all. But I will gladly receive my new OnePlus One

  • Ziad Alrashdan

    I DON’T know how to install it. It’s not suppose that I have to do that. It should be update my phone autmaticly. Isn’t? Like other phone’s companies.

  • Ziad Alrashdan

    The time I bought this phone have problems. Always reboot itself.

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  • Can’t wait for 12s to come out.

  • Free phones? BS, just like the update early this weekend.

  • The time I bought this phone have problems. Always reboot itself

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  • I can’t wait! I NEED AN INVITE to buy one for my girl. After seeing mine she is

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  • Vanshika Raddy

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  • Ravikumar Reddy

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  • Prakash Yerra

    oneplus phone i like the design and UI. do we have onplus power banks? How to select a good power bank – can any let me know more about power banks?

  • Neeta Raghuwanshi

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