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March 9 2015 | By: Carl
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Over the last year, OnePlus has been expanding our team as quickly as possible. We have grown from around thirty employees to almost 700 in just over a year and have already expanded to India and Indonesia from the original seventeen countries in which we launched.

Starting today, users in Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, and Slovenia will be able to purchase both the Silk White 16GB or Sandstone Black 64GB One along with our complete range of accessories right to their door. In line with our other markets, users can buy the One during our 24 hour open sales every Tuesday or with an invite.

We are growing so rapidly because we want to bring the OnePlus One, and all OnePlus products, to as many people as possible. It’s why we have been so global from the start. Originally launching in seventeen countries across North America, Western Europe and East Asia, we made an effort to reach as many users as possible. Since then, we have expanded to both India and Indonesia. Now, OnePlus is very excited to include the expand to the whole of the EU by shipping to sixteen more countries.

We know it has taken some time to get here. But it is important for us to do things right rather than do them fast. We took time to build a network that could support the extra logistics and needs of users before making this next step. After months of hard work, we’re confident we can provide a top notch experience for users in all European Union countries.

The 16GB One will be available for EUR 269/ CZK 8089/ HUF 94199/ PLN 1299.

The 64GB One will be available for EUR 299/ CZK 8989/ HUF 104999/ PLN 1449.

To celebrate this exciting next step in the OnePlus story, co-founder Carl Pei will be hosting small launch events this week in Warsaw, Prague and Budapest. There, he’ll be giving fans a chance to check out the One, and maybe even get a sneak peek at OxygenOS.

This EU launch kicks off an exciting list of announcements that OnePlus has coming up including a new product category launch in April and the OnePlus 2 which will be making its debut in the third quarter of 2015.

  • Zephi

    299 EUR * 4,12 = 1231 PLN. OnePlus makes the phone 1449 PLN, which is 350 EUR. You must be fucking joking.

    • DarekPL

      You read my mind! I was going to buy this phone but 50 euro more – seriously oneplus?

    • Adamexxx

      Man, it’s still cheaper than all the flagships!
      Only the Sony Z3 has 3GB of RAM!
      This is the only smartphone’s camera without disadvantages!
      Bro, chill.

      • Joshua

        + The reason why they didn’t ship there was probably the problem with import in the country.
        There’s probably somewhere a higher pricing on import of electronics… 🙂

        I meant to reply on @Zephi, sorry Adamexx 🙂

    • Daesolour

      Exactly my thought, OnePlus you seriously need to look into Polish pricing, the price tag is one of the main factors for me and many others, and +50 EUR isn’t something minor.

      • Mateusz Jesionowski

        Honestly though, guys… Comparable flagships are about 2.1k PLN, and the OPO is still a better bargain. Instead of complaining about a flagship being outside your financial capacity, just accept the fact that you’re the mid-range target group…

    • raaistlin

      Have you heard about taxes?

      • DarekPL

        The VAT tax is different in european countries. It varies between 19 and 27%. For example: In Spain there is 21% VAT and in Germany 19% VAT, nevertheless the price is still 299 Euro. Explain this!

        • abdou

          you are so right man, i am here in spain and the VAT tax is 21%, i did pay for 64 gb only 299 euro, one more thing is still there´s no lollipop update, oneplus is fucked-up

          • Joshua

            That’s not OnePlus’ fault, blame CM 😉

          • abdou

            i did buy the phone from oneplus not cm, ok bye

          • sguyx

            Turn your phone around and check the back. It says cyanogen. Althought you bought the phone (hardware) you also bought the software made by cyanogen. You got it in the same package. Ok, bye! And next time check the item youre going to buy…

          • abdou

            bitch i did pay to oneplus not cm, second when you buy the phone from amazon or ebay etc…., oneplus says that we are not responsible for the phone, so if anything happens to your phone contact the guy you bought the phone from not oneplus, so it does on cm situation, i did not bought the phone from cm, get off from oneplus dick bitch

          • Eyyfillay

            First off, you’re really showing how mature you are with all of the cursing. Not a single person on this blog will take you seriously when reading a response full of “bitch” or “dick” lined statements.
            Secondly, the issue is as stated above by Joshua. Seriously, the software is done by another company. Hence why OPO started to create their own OS, so they can push out updates internally rather than waiting for another company to get certifications and such to properly push the update OTA.
            Third, you have to remember, OPO just started last year. If you are naive enough to believe that they had their infrastructure set up to compete with companies that have been in the mobile phone industry since the beginning or early stages, you need to do more research. Some prime examples would be the minimal support staff (which has been fixed), the inability to handle a huge increase in demand (calmed by the invite system, also preventing from operating losses and lack of quality control) and this update issue.

            So again, the update lies in CM’s hands until Oxygen OS is released. Until then, be patient and do your research rather than resorting to grade 8 behavior. Cheers.

        • Joshua

          All Euro Country’s are in the Shengen-zone (or how is it properly written)
          Transport in these countries should be possible without raise in taxes and stuff.
          So like raaistlin said, the difference is probably in the taxes

    • Андрей

      agree it’s not fair – 1700 ZL = 415 EUR != 350 EUR. wtf 65 EUR difference. Why?

  • My name is….

    Im so happy to be able to buy 1+2 directly from my country!!

    And accesorries as well!

  • S-W-I-T-T-Z-E-R-L-A-N-D ! ! !
    Need me to make a drawing, or what? I mean, really guys. Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia, and Slovenia. And no Switzerland? Are you kidding??

  • Krzysztof Kiprowski

    What with support in those countries?

  • What about support, shipping and support in Slovankia? 🙂

  • SkyGambol

    There is RUSSIA IN LIST??? Shame on you One Plus 🙁


    BG!!! Niceeee

  • Knight Lin

    Where is the CM12 for OnePlus one? Any ETA?

    • jokk3l

      Wait a second… taking a quick look at the battery stats of phones with an early Lollipop…

      Well nah, I’d rather wait until most issues are fixed, than having a crappy Lollipop device.
      Take your time, Kondik.

      Flash nightlies if you can’t wait 😉

  • very good

  • DarekPL

    64GB version – out of stock in Poland at 9:01 am !

  • Adasco
  • Wojtek Go

    And what about invoice (PL) ?? Available?

  • roi

    When the bamboo styleswap cover will be available on EU? and the Power Bank?

  • Philip Alexander Hassialis

    So where exactly can we buy this in Greece? will it come in stores? Is there a special O+ store that will open in Greece (and if so, where?) etc etc. More info please.

    • Dan Bray

      it is available in all of these countries, in the sense that you will be able to buy it online in any of these countries. There is only one OnePlus store, and that’s in China.

  • Dino

    in slovenia where?

  • Sergio Mateo

    I ordered the phone yesterday with expres order and I wonder how long it takes to reach me home or if I have to send any notice, I am from Spain

  • ffdf

    when it will release in middle east,if it will release in middle east really people will buy it

  • Lotto

    Sweden and Denmark, but not Norway,why? Have been using an OPO 64 for some months. now and OPO would have been a great success in Norway without no doubt. Hope you get here soon.

    • Joshua

      No European Union. Sorry bruh, makes stuff more difficult 😉

  • Razvan Biris

    Romania must pay an additional fee? (VAT, customs duties)?

    • adyp1988

      nu cred, atat timp cat au warehouse in EU 🙂 mai mult ca sigur nu platesti taxe

  • guys add Serbia

  • Μαρκόπουλος Αγγελος

    Oh Oneplus finally in Greece!! I am so happy!!

  • Lotto

    Buy from one of the Chinese web stores like I did. Got it with CM11installed, just do a google search. Works like a charm. Grab the cheapest inculded fright, but be sure to use PayPal of Ali Express to be sure to get your money back if anything goes wrong. Then taxes in your own country is your problem.

  • lakshman

    Worth for Money … but it should have come with 5.1 android and speakers in the back.. sometimes it is not audiable while playing games…

  • To jak to kupić w Polsce i od kogo ?

  • NadiaGav

    Want to order it from Greece following sales day . Is it easy the procedure? Have I to pay for shipping or extra taxes? And finally is it a choice that worth it?

  • joshua wanjohi

    I would like to buy One Plus and i just moved back to kenya
    How can you guys facilitate that..?

  • All Euro Country’s are in the Shengen-zone (or how is it properly written)
    Transport in these countries should be possible without raise in taxes and stuff.
    So like raaistlin said, the difference is probably in the taxes

  • When the bamboo styleswap cover will be available on EU? and the Power Bank?

  • tulip

    I will travel to Europe in a few days. Can anyone tell me where I can buy the OnePlus one in Berlin or Paris?

  • João Isaac

    Hi. Im living in Portugal, If i buy the phone troght official website, will I pay customs? Is it in EU territory or abroad? Thanks