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March 18 2015 | By: David
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As you may know, the euro is quite unstable at the moment. Last year, many other companies insured themselves against this volatility by launching devices with higher prices in Europe than in other markets. This is something that we opted not to do, as we are committed to maintaining razor-thin margins in order to give the most value back to our fans.

Unfortunately, as the value of the euro continued to drop, our razor-thin margins began to turn into 0 margins. Due to the current value of the euro, we are now selling devices at a loss in the EU. In light of these exchange rate shifts and trends, we will be making some changes to our pricing structure for the One in markets that use the euro as currency. New prices will be as follows:

16GB Silk White – €299
64GB Sandstone Black – €349

We sincerely wish that we had an alternative option here. We explored all possible avenues in an attempt to avoid any changes, but as a startup with exceedingly-slim margins, our current euro prices simply aren’t sustainable.

This new pricing structure will go into effect on March 25, which means that you can still buy the One in next Tuesday’s open sales at the current price of €269/€299. For the next 7 days, we will take the hit and absorb all of the loss from selling below cost. We think it’s only fair to give you a week’s notice and hope you can understand why we have to do this.

Note: Accessories will not be affected and will remain at current prices.

We are constantly searching for ways to give value back to our fans, so thank you for understanding that this change is unavoidable. We will continue to keep our margins as thin as possible.

As always, Never Settle.

  • *a tear for the EU*

  • AndropaX

    R.I.P. OnePlus [*]

    • devil_dv

      We’ll send an invite for the funeral 😉

      • David Monteiro

        Is the funeral invite only? 😉

        • I think so, but I hear they will be giving out T-shirts 😀

        • We are constantly searching for ways to give value back to our fans, so thank you for understanding that this change is unavoidable. We will continue to keep our margins as thin as possible.

    • Catafalco

      Yes, (saved the beautiful design) no more reasons to buy a One Plus in Europe.

  • Green Kartoffel

    A silly way to make you buy OPO…

    • Jonas Pedersen

      Not really, Apple increased their prices by up to 100€ on iPhones here in Denmark in last week, so a few tech companies do that.

      • Green Kartoffel

        Bringing it just last week to EU countries and now doing this, meaning that anyone who was waiting for their phone to brake (like me) will now buy a new phone becouse it is 50 euro cheaper then it will be later

        • Jonas Pedersen

          Oh right, I forgot about that, although some EU countries have had it since last year, which is when they decided on the euro pricing, so the pricing is not 1 week old, but rather a year old.

        • B4kken

          Everything’s a fucking scheme to you people. As he said, even apple does this and at higher rates.

          It’s unfortunate but it’s the way it is.

          BTW, waiting for your phone to break means that you should keep up with what’s new and worth the price at that point 😉

  • Oliver

    Will this affect the GDP price? I intend to buy in 2 weeks (i’m off skiing next week).

    • devil_dv

      It does not affect price in other currencies.

      • Orlando

        Is it possible to buy OnePlus One in your EU Store with $ instead of € ? in this case the price will not raise right?

  • Arian

    Have to back out of buying an Oneplus now 🙁 ‘Never Settle.’ Exactly, now with the price changes..

    • devil_dv

      You can buy it on Tuesday at the original price 🙂

      • Arian

        Unfortunately not doable in this time window.

  • At least you keep us informed and allow us to buy it at the old price. That is fair. Thank you !

  • mwille64

    I was actually wondering when this would come. The Euro lost tremendously in a very short time. Just don’t forget to revers pricing when the Euro goes up again 😉

  • the joker

    noooooo. dam EuRO

  • disqus_SFrYmq5Qrp

    you love our money..

    • devil_dv

      We love our users more 🙂

      • disqus_SFrYmq5Qrp

        i’m sure :)))

  • Alfonso Fraire

    actually it is the usd that is raising, so you should lower the Usd pricing

    • devil_dv

      It’s not this way, please check euro vs other currencies, you’ll see that the euro is the one getting devaluated.

      • Kestas

        hi, devil, that’s just simply not true, or rather half true. yes, euro
        rate is dropping against SOME currencies, but also USD is rising against
        pretty much every currency in the world, MUCH FASTER than euro is

        there are many articles on this, most recent on The
        Washington Post “The dollar is rising faster than any time in the last
        40 years”.

        so Guest was absolutely correct, going by your logic
        One Plus One price should be lowered in USD a bit and increasing price
        in euros a bit. but as always companies just love to price gauge
        Europeans. for 10 years Europeans paid ridiculous prices for
        electronics, but god forbid euro rate drops a bit and all companies
        suddenly start increasing prices in Europe.

        you do realize just
        because euro rate is dropping people in Europe didn’t magically start
        earning more money. so you better think long and hard what’s better: not
        getting as much profit from each unit sold or not selling as many

        anyway, mobile market is overflooded with devices anyway.
        this device will soon be unaffordable to many europeans (as person from
        poland pointed out above), but there will be other affordable devices,
        so no problem.

  • TugaFrix

    is bad for consumers, but we have to understand that if we want OnePlus making smartphones, they have to increase the price to earn some money to to keep this new brand alive 🙂

    PS: still the best smartphone for the price 😉

    • Catafalco

      No, for the same price You can buy the mighty G3 32GB. For 226 Euros You bring home the Archos 50 Diamond, similar performance but… 64 bit processor, dual sim support, sd slot, removable battery.
      One Plus used to be competitive one year ago

  • David Monteiro

    It’s a shame that it had to come to this but my company is suffering the same issue. We buy from India in USD so the exchange rate is destroying our profit margins.

    Hopefully this will revert in time for the OPT!

  • If the EUR start raising again, you will drop the price again?

    • the joker

      we only may hope.

    • Christopher Ferreira

      Pretty sure they wont.

    • ChecchoT

      take a look to the newspapaer, euro will not raise in the next 18 months thanks to bce , it’s a strategy to help european union economy raise again, buy now or never

    • Cesar Luis

      this sucks i’m tired of buying gadgets priced dollar=euros for quite some time

  • DreanYT

    Phone gets old, price is raising. WTF?

    • james seavers

      It was cheap to begin with. Comprede?

      • DreanYT

        and so? Now begins to be expensive?

        • Christopher Chaples

          If OnePlus doesn’t raise their price to make up for the decreasing value of the Euro they will literally be LOSING money on every phone they sell. Obviously they they can’t let that happen.

          The actual COST of the phone HAS NOT changed (and the dollar amount is still the same). The Euro’s value HAS changed.

          • DreanYT

            If you don’t know : electronic devices become cheaper to build after time for many reasons. They are not making the same money on day1 and now per selled phone. There’s only a certainty, raising price will kill the flagship killer… Other companies become less expensive…

          • Sajid

            You are such a moron! Keep arguing the same thing again and again. What everyone is trying to tell you is that the price has NOT risen. It’s been adjusted against the Euro. The Euro value has fallen and hence the need to adjust the price in Euro. What a fucking dumbass you are. Plain simple math/economics. Crawl back into the hole you came out from.

          • DreanYT

            Dat fanboy rage 😀

          • freckles88

            Oh, that ignorant smugness. Typical of people like you. Who write “Dat”. So tell me, how many milliseconds did you save by swapping the TH with D? (*rolling eyes in disbelief*)

      • Catafalco

        One year ago

        Now You buy LG G3 32 for 345 Euros
        Archos 50 Diamond 16GB for 226 Euros. (sd slot – dual sim – removable battery – 64 bit – 2 years of local support)

        Comprende ?

    • The price raise has nothing to do with the age of the phone? You can thank Greece if you want to point at someone/something!

      • DreanYT

        I know what are the problem of a weak Euro but after a year the price of a tecnological item cannot rise! it’s not a wine !

        • Please, basic economics! The price of a product is the costs of making the product + the profit the company wants to make with it (for Apple, this is about 50-50 ;P ). Again, the phone only exists one year, but the euros worth dropped so drastically that time does not matter anymore!
          (Another thing to think about is the fact that OnePlus only has one major product for sale at this moment and their complete profit is based around it which means that there wouldn’t be any price drop at any rate unless a second major product, most likely in the form of a OnePlus Two, would be released. Until that, the price of the One cannot drop.)

          • DreanYT

            Man basic economic is that if you cant stand the market rules, it will kill you. No matter what are the reasons about the 1+ company.

            Quoting a guy : he smartphone will be more expensive than the likes of the Galaxy S5, Xperia Z2 or LG G3 and we still don’t get warranty support here ( you need to ship the device at your own cost somewhere else in Europe)

          • paul

            standerd market rules rather sell alot at lower price and make money than rise the price and loose the buyers and make no profit. The higher the price goes the fewer consumers you gona reach and when you start reaching the prices of well known brands and trusted products with valid garantes The never settle logo seems its rubbing of on the price

        • Serban Balamaci

          Meanwhile in Romania the price of euro rises…

        • Catafalco

          Drean, weak Euro is not a problem is a benefit.

          The real fact here is: one Plus is a young, unexperienced small company, probably still unable to face price decrease due to: velocity of technological obsolescence, competition, mass production -> lower cost production.
          I’m quite sure this price increase has been a very tuff and suffered decision. No company craves to be appear less competitive. No Company wants to increase the price of a 1 year old phone. This is like shooting youself in the foot.

          Obviously they tried to keep the price as low as possible in the first stage, maybe too low and did some mistake.. now they are unable to cover money fluctuation. In a very delicate moment, because competition’s ex flagship models are lowering prices day by day.
          As a company manager mayself, I see this as a good/bad signal…
          On the good side We can interpret this as an effort to stay in business losing new customers and position, but still supporting early customers.
          On the bad side it can means they were short of money just to begin with and were trying their luck in a so competitive market (great risk for early adopter). Either ways I’m quite happy I didn’t buy an OPO.

      • /system/bin/run-as

        Yep. Thanks to Greece. Basic economics.
        One-side economy. Germany is no-where in the map.

    • Ben

      Sucks your money is getting cheaper.

      I can understand why this might lead to some people getting butthurt, especially if you’re not even Greek.

      But nobody works to lose money.

    • Heat

      Weird thing is the Yuan and HK Dollar has dropped even more so More Yuan in the bank i guess.

    • Κωνσταντίνος Κ.

      I bought 299E for 64GB, now my gf will buy 16gb for 299e!!!! 64gb costs 350e – 50e bump after a few months instead of going down

      Also shipping my phone to netherlands costed me 9.99e but shipping the phone to my gf costs 18.99e

  • Marc

    +50!?? Oh no please. 25…maybe..

  • Well buying the OnePlus One in countries such as Poland just became pretty pointless. The smartphone will be more expensive than the likes of the Galaxy S5, Xperia Z2 or LG G3 and we still don’t get warranty support here ( you need to ship the device at your own cost somewhere else in Europe)

    • Mircea Marius

      I doubt the 2014 flagships are 350 euros, but they are around 400~450 indeed.
      Oh well.

      • In Poland you can get the LG G3 in 16GB brand new for the equivalent of 310 euros.

        • Mircea Marius

          Oh wow. Wow! You cannot in Romania 🙁

        • Mohamed Samir

          Lucky bastard Polish, send me a visa to Poland

        • R3mba

          in croatia lg2 is 250€ ..

        • Justynd

          Buy one LG G 3 16 Gb in Poland. Lucky you 😀

        • Catafalco

          In Italy you can have LG GB 32GB for 345 Euros. Or an Archos 50 Diamond 16GB (better spcs than One Plus) for 226 Euros. There are chances They may sell zero phones in Europe.


          Maybe they could change the name into One Plus O… or One Plus Zero

      • R3mba

        zenfoine2 is coming out..2gb ram/sd slot fhd for 200 bucks…

        And you are selling fone with SAME spec for 300$?? LOL!

    • Cesar Luis

      I can confirm the LG G3 is priced 328 euros somewhere(pixmania) in portugal.

    • Davor

      OnePlus price is based on US$.
      Galaxy S5, Xperia Z2 or LG G3 price is based on US$ too.
      Shouldn’t they all have the same price increase in €? 😀

      • Анонимная нека-робот

        Samsung and other companies have much more cash to keep prices longer for one and most importantly they have insurance against currency value changes. This is the same thing that happened here in Russia, Samsung was able to keep prices down and is now much cheaper than Apple (which could have done the same but opted not to, switching to the premium segment – the other manufacturers were forced to, though) even after they had to increase prices. And even so, at first not so much the rubble rouble caused them to but the fact that too many people exported phones out of Russia due to the price.

        Economics are weird, man.

      • Yamani

        Did you read the tread ?

      • methodicaljuan

        Wow… Crabs in a barrel. When 1 tries to get out, you have many more trying to pull him back in!
        So because you have a price increase, you want to screw the rest of us?

      • Catafalco

        Nope… I don’t think econmics is strange. One Plus has a close relation with OPPO. Oppo is a small company born to make high-end AV devices for low money. Their products priced at 500 dollars used to be in close competition with components costing ten times more…. but time has passed and also OPPO has been turned into a semi elite company with prices raising three times.
        I believe One Plus is similar to OPPO or Emotiva in this aspect. They offer very unique products (theis phone has a wonderful design) and want to establish their market postition. Unfortunately, market has precise rules: If You want an exclusive or stunning looking product (Iphone – Opo) you have to pay for its name and design.
        Some people crave for exclusive articles, instead of preformance articles.

        Personally I think this price increase is pushing One Plus into a very competitive market segment . Nowadyas, You can have a similar phone, the Darchos 50 Diamond, for just 230 Euros. For 349 Euros OPO has to face the Mighty LG G3, which is at least two steps above perfomace speaking. So economics do count ? Yes, it counts… but this is a lesson One plus has to learn… yet…

    • Jash

      Pretty much right. So unless I buy the One next week, I’ll most likely have to settle for the S5, which I don’t really like all that much…

    • Justynd

      So what? Buy S5, Xperia Z 2 or LG G 3 instead and be happy 😉

  • Bevan Edwards

    This is unfortunate but entirely justifiable. Thanks, once again, for the transparency and for giving users some warning. 🙂

  • Petr Čech

    I’m quite lucky that I bougt it in November. Now € official price is raising and $ as well, dollars are actually 1.25× more expensive than before. Compared to CZK.

  • Moreno

    Sad story! Anyhow if you compare the euro/dollar ratio at Jan 14 vs today you can measure a drop of about 25% while the price increase is about 17%, it seems to be fair, as well as the price should be adjusted again in case the euro will increase in the future. Do you agree on that?

    • Kenny

      No it does not make sense. The usd is not parallel with the euro phones so this is ridiculous.

      • Moreno

        What a euro phone is?
        It is not so diffucult to understand. If you buy meal for 10 dollars flat over the time, you can sell it today for 9 euro while 1 year ago you sold it for 7 euro. this means today for the same cost (10 dollars) you are forced to increase the price of about 2 euro (without any margin). Clear or not?

        • Catafalco

          You, as a company have to face competition, not Euro/dollar/Real/Ruble market…

          If You competitors can offer a similar product for less, or a better product for the same, it is the end of your game. I just bought a LG G3 for 349 (really is was 345 shipped to my home) Euros instead of the One Plus and I really wanted to buy an One Plus. This price increase simply turned off any interest for this phone.
          Today I would buy a One Plus for 225 Euros, no more… At this same price leve I can buy an Archos 50 Diamond.
          Electronic stuff lose value over time, its not good wine or Grand Pianos. One plus One is a 2014/1 product, you can have similar performance devices for 150 euros less today… and THIS COUNTS !

  • maze121099

    And I wanted to buy it in may 🙁

  • Rvalero

    Espero q no sea la subida x la proxima presentation de one plus dos y q tampoco sea xq ya habéis hecho cartera de clients y ya soys conocidos xq soy cliente del one y si el proximo sale con mucha subida tendre q cambiar de marca xq este cellular lo hace tan grande la Calidad-precio

  • Guest

    Wait, I brought it for 349 usd BEFORE the price change, how does that come?

    • MachW

      This post is about the Euro, not the US dollar.

  • Heler

    doesnt make sense oneplus will lose lots of costumers

  • Christopher Ferreira

    Its not worth to buy an OPO now. You can get the same performance out of a LG G3 for the same price on a retail store.

  • Kenny

    This is bullshit. The usd versions are still cheaper so making the euro versions more expensive is just ridiculous.

  • Hakuran

    Wait. Sorry I have no idea about stocks and market values. Does this change in euro price affect CAD and USD?

  • David

    I want to buy it on 1st april but can i order it on next tuesday and pay it on 1.april ? Help please. 50€ is not a low amount. How a lot user said, the dollar is rising :((

  • Jim

    so…before the euro/unstable thing…300euros=420$
    if the Euro/$ is the problem ,why the price was 300Euros?
    It should have been 250Euros=350$ back in June.
    so….I think someone plays hard one the community here.
    Had 2 1+1, wanted one more…at this price I will consider something else.

    bye bye


      well said

    • Regilio Bouma

      import tax. etc.
      they need to pay 20% over there price. so 350dollar + 20% plus shipping costs.
      thats why it was a 300euro. what was still fair. samsungs don’t care 500dollar is 500euro for them. like apple. i mean they win money to sell it as such high price in euro.
      oneplus one did it fair.problem now is that one euro is almost a dollar now….

  • Rudolf

    If I buy the one plus one in Germany to receive in Berlin, I need to pay any fees?

    How long does it take to receive the device in Berlin by express delivery?

    • Regilio Bouma

      delivery is 14.99euro. atleast it was last year. i got it in france within a week if im right. they ship with DHL (standart delivery the cheapest is the same as the other one)

  • Steffen Rilk

    Thank you greece, motherfuckers

    • /system/bin/run-as

      You’re welcome 🙂

    • Jim

      really?do you really believe that the 0,8% of the EU economy can alternate the euro/dollar change?
      please… 😉

  • Cerealkiller

    I hope you think about a solution for the price of the OnePlus 2 ?
    have to harmonise your price and not discrinate plizz, i bought a
    OnePlus at the right price but i will reconsider for the next one Plus 2
    for my wife if the difference is two big 🙁 , and i will not be the
    only one.

  • Yang Yang

    The USD raised since last year. Do I get a refund for my OPO?

  • well again nice post .


  • Bottom Line will be money in the end, dont like it dont buy it, Simples

  • Roman

    Non so se gli convenga…
    perché adesso in Italia (per esempio), con la crisi che c’è, una persona per 50€ cambia idea e prende un’altro cellulare!
    La decisione è veloce!

  • Titou42

    incredible bullshit.
    16-64 GB difference was of 30 €
    and now 50 € !! that not a correct translation of currency rates

    “We sincerely wish that we had an alternative option here”
    We sincerely want to earn more money and that was a good option to do so on euro market.

    One plus is growing… that’s bad for their customer

    • MT

      Its a business, not a giveaway, what do you expect??

      • Titou42

        The SAME linear impact on all thier prices, exactly equal to Euro fall.

  • Roratonga

    Are you kidding me? You’re selling a one year old phone now for 50 bucks
    more?! For 370 I can buy a Xperia Z3 Compact and Cyanogenmod 12 is also
    available! What about the cheap price high-end hardware phone now?

  • Protected

    OnePlus is losing money because they manufacture outside europe. The problem here is that from an european citizen’s standpoint, their money did not devalue – it only devalued in comparison to the dollar. Salaries are roughly the same, the price of bread is roughly the same, but the price of a phone that is over one year old is an additional 50€, which is a lot of bread. Regardless of profit margins, this will necessarily result in a hit on sales.


    I think it is time to settle.

  • TCvitalalive

    I see this price increase as necessary and a logical step. But OnePlus should decrease the price as soon as the exchange rate situation turns back to its previous level.

  • It is going to be a hot Tuesday, next Tuesday in Europe!

  • koss_x_treeme

    Oneplus 1 = useless phone from now on.. Oneplus was only hype and lie..

  • Joao Silva

    Quick question, if the euro is falling and u have to sell the 1+1 at 350€, then why when the euro was more value u sold the phone at the same price as the dollar?
    if 1 euro was like 3 dollars you would not sell this phone at 1/3 of the price that I know
    so can someone explain to me what I’m I missing here

    • Regilio Bouma

      they sold it a 300 euro vs 350 dollar.
      compared to samsung who is 599euro vs 599dollar.
      one plus one did it fair. they are a little company. and don’t buy with millions phone parts. so there price won’t stick…

  • Tine Willer

    How does that comply with Denmark, we have Danish kroner does price change here. I will however buy my phone on Tuesday – so I will get it at the old price, but I would like to know if the price is going up here in Denmark as well?

    • Svend Ole Nielsen

      Yup – the krone is pretty much going up and down with the Euro, so….. The answer is yes.

  • Ben21

    Hey, free Netflix check it out!

  • Sary

    ( Solution ) I think the best way to over come all of this is to sell the phone in US dollars only then it will be regardless of the euro value ! (when it up or down) the client will pay only the difference in currency the time he purchases the device !

  • Martin

    I was going to buy it for my birthday in the end of April but, we shall see now 🙁

  • Will this have an effect on the prices on the Indian version of the OnePlus One?

  • alex.libi

    Understandable. Thanks for the heads up!

  • MT

    Hate to ask a stupid question, but will there be a price increase for people buying from the UK (gbp) ??

  • Karl

    Accept Bitcoin! Problem solved.

  • Maiko M

    And if it changes back, do we see the old price again?

  • Alexander Vishnyakov

    Please! Give me invite!!!

  • Harshal Pradeep Khandave
  • UsernameCensored

    Why are you comparing against the dollar when you’re in China? How is the euro against the renminbi?

  • Will this also affect the price in Swedish Kroner (SEK)? Or will that one remain unchanged after coming Tuesday?

  • Miguel

    is the price for 64GB still 299 as of now? can moderator confirm?

  • Ronald Tyan

    guys I am not good at android software. I had a samsung S3 and saved all contacts and apps on KIES.
    My question is can I recover all contacts and apps and ausios etc from the backup made under Kies? for my new One Plus that I shd receive in a week

  • paul

    well from what i see the euro still stronger than the dollar so why is it cheaper in dolar than in euros are the future buyers gona get the bill for the so called loss oneplus had from what i saw price wise the euro is €299 and the dolar is $299 if the euro is at the so called 1.06 the us value should of been 316,94 in dollar or you guys also taking a loss in us oneplus because i difference of about 20 dollar is significante which at the moment its actually more than that the euro is at 1.097 which would make the us one plus 29 dollars cheaper…or you guys looking so much into the future and counting on the euro being lower that dollar…

  • paul

    futher more if your table is correct and you can afford to make the oneplus for the us at $299 and make a profit you did also make a significant profit when the euro was at 1.30 and mind you i am not say the oneplus is not worth the money but it seems the values this company started with are kinda of dying away with the time

  • Kuba

    oh well, then im not buying it after all…

  • Enric

    OnePlusOne is a good phone, but buy one now doesn’t make sense anymore. it was a great deal when it came out, but now it’s “old”. This can clearly be seen with the new 64 processors that ally companies are making and put the old 32 bits processors (such the OnePlusOne) in a second league… Or the new faster DDR4 RAM… The logical would be decrease a bit the prices considering it, not increase.

    OnePlusOne was a flagship killer, but now it’s a more regular phone with a not so interesting price for what it is… For around 350€ we can buy the LG3 which is nearly identical but includes SDslot or the Meizu MX4 which probably has the best camera ever seen in an Android phone. And for lower prices there are interesting options such JiaYuS3.

    Now it’s time to wait for the OnePlusTwo…

  • pSynrg

    Seeing no price movement here in the UK!?

    Oh hang on, we said no to the Euro. What a wise choice 🙂

  • Chrix

    Well i want to buy mine now XD

  • Laura

    I’ll still buy it, for me it’s the best phone on the market. over and out

  • But nobody works to lose money

  • Catafalco

    I really love OBO’s design, and have been in doubt for one day… at the end of the day Your price increase made me decide in favor of an LG G3 32Gb/3GB for a mere 345,00 Euros in Italy.

    Yes, Lg’s prices has been falling in the last months as should be with electronic stuff.

    What am I losing ?

    Ohh… a wonderful piece of design…

    What am i gaining ?

    2 years of local support, QHD display, additional sd slot, removable and cheap battery, Irda blaster… tv output, huge availability of third party optionals… and much more…
    After one trial day I’m so happy with it I’m buying a second unit for my gf.

    Sorry One Plus, You just lost two customers…

  • Pretty sure they wont.

  • Weird thing is the Yuan and HK Dollar has dropped even more so More Yuan in the bank i guess.

  • Can we change the store currency from € to $?

  • seriousam_21

    Then sell it in different currency! sell it in USD instead of Euros! So simple!

  • Mohsin Momin

    As per current ranges, it may be too much go down in upcoming days