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February 4 2015 | By: Bridget
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Happy 2015! A new year calls for a new update for the One from our friends at Cyanogen. 

OnePlus has collaborated with SwiftKey to integrate their top-selling keyboard app right into CyanogenMod 11S. OnePlus One users can now switch to the SwiftKey keyboard with the touch of a button – no downloading required. 

“We always look to improve user experience by working with partners who share our vision of great products and sensible innovation”, said Head of Product, Mobile at OnePlus, Helen Li. “SwiftKey improves the keyboard experience for our global user base with support for 81 languages”. 

Powered by Artificial Intelligence, SwiftKey Keyboard understands your language and learns from you to predict your next word and accurately autocorrect. SwiftKey makes typing faster and easier – with swipe-typing feature SwiftKey Flow, you can type without lifting a finger. Type in up to three languages at once without switching settings – perfect for multilingual speakers. Plus, change the look and feel of your keyboard to suit your mood with fun, colorful themes.


“We want OnePlus customers to enjoy all the fun of faster, easier typing from a keyboard that learns from them,” said Eric Collins, SwiftKey’s head of distribution. “It’s our mission to make it easier for everyone to type and communicate on mobile, and we’re proud to partner with an industry disruptor to bring our innovative smart keyboard to more people around the world.” 

Upon installing the update, OnePlus One users can select SwiftKey from the Language and Input menu in their settings.

We’ve got a lot in store for you this year. Enhancements to the One won’t stop with February’s OTA…we’ve got something pretty sweet for you very soon.

  • Sushrut

    How yo install Swiftkey update?

    • Bevan Edwards

      Although it wasn’t explained, I think there’s an OTA coming soon that isn’t Lollipop but just an update to CM 11S.

      • Guy Rutten

        should be Lollipop though, nightly is out already and official cm12 was planned for 3 months after lollipop release which is this month

        • The CM12 OTA is supposedly coming in the mid to late part of the month. Is this coming before then?

          • Bevan Edwards

            Yeah, I think that’s what will happen. CM 11S update w/ SwiftKey first, and then the CM 12S update later on.

  • Alexander Kummerow

    So, what’s with the people who already bought SwiftKey?

    • SwitfKey for phones is already available for free in Google Play. So if you bought SwiftKey, you must be a SwiftKey user for some time now.

    • Morize

      You got some extra skins some time ago… 😉

  • Luka Mlinar

    This announcement is missing a “BOOM” 🙂

    • The Tech Ninja

      go away!

      • Luka Mlinar

        huuuya! 😛

    • Joris Van Dael

      No, it’s missing an actual update 🙂

  • And now I feel like i should get this phone again…

  • Matyas Czifra

    I love this partnership! 😀

  • Chaz Tyldsley

    So…bloatware then? What if I have no interest in using Swiftkey and don’t want the app installed? Kind of goes against what the phone is about.

    • Zino K

      I don’t think it’s so much an app as an “invisible” implementation in the language settings.
      It most likely won’t bother you.

      • Chaz Tyldsley

        Great if so 🙂 The AndroidCentral article seemed to suggest otherwise.

      • crutchcorn

        It’s still bloatware as it takes up memory and potential ram on the device

        • Rick

          Don’t be dumb. Every app is not bloatware. It doesn’t load unless you choose it from the input menu. It takes up negligible storage space and no memory whatsoever if you don’t select it.

          • crutchcorn

            Actually it is. Don’t call me dumb. To quote the definition of bloatware:
            “unwanted software included on a new computer or mobile device by the manufacturer.”
            Sounds exactly like what’s entailed (for people like me that don’t use SwiftKey).

        • Teqnix

          No its doesn’t. If they implant SwiftKey they will most likely delete the standard android keyboard. So it won’t take more space.

          • crutchcorn

            Okay – so sponsored software replacement?

          • Zarigueyya

            I usually use SwiftKey on my devices, so for me the bootloader is the standard android keyboard. XD

          • DG07

            Yes but a keyboard is not an “unwanted software”. Everyone needs a keyboard on a smartphone.

          • crutchcorn

            And I’m well aware of that – however THIS keyboard IS unwanted.
            Just one could be bloatware, you’re right. That’s what I am trying to say.
            It’s not a maybe. It’s a partnership. It’s probably a good way for OnePlus to return a profit as they don’t make much on the OPO. It’s another example of sponsorship and when that becomes a factor, things tend to go to shit

          • DG07

            Ok, I’m agree with you but I think this is not a great problem for us one. I trust SwiftKey. This partnership does not bother me for the performance.
            Finally: root, unistall and problem solved. (root doesn’t invalidates the warranty)

            So, if oneplus chooses SwiftKey for default (and only) oxygenOS keyboard , I’ll be very happy.
            Over and out.

          • crutchcorn

            It’s more so the idea of sponsorships. It shows a dark future for oxygenOS as a corporate monotony rather than simple AOSP based rom we all want. I know you can just root and done, but it’s the experience of the thing.

          • DG07

            Okay, Now your thought is better. We all hope that OnePlus doesn’t abuse of ‘partner’ship. But I apologize if I’m happy for this “collaboration”.

          • crutchcorn

            No no, I can understand why some are happy, and honestly it’s not that big a deal, but it’s still bloatware in my mind for this reason

          • PsyGik

            And you’re saying this out of experience by owning a start-up company which took the entire tech industry by surprise?

          • crutchcorn

            That’s unrelated. How does that side with the argument I am trying to make? I have seen it happen many times and fear that this is the case in this situation? Have YOU made one?

          • crutchcorn

            Yeah, but I use Fleksy. And TBH, I would still be upset if they chose Fleksy here instead. Simply because I am against software being implemented that aren’t stock or belong to another brand and such.

          • thelastguyX20

            FFS, maybe you should just go back to Apple because they’re always keep their stuff stocked and unchanged.

            Android gives you options and if you’re going to be iffy and lazy in not taking the time to change the options, you’re probably not going to last on Android for a long while.

          • crutchcorn

            Or you know, I’ve built/helped build 3 ROMs for my device and unlocking the bootloader and PhilZ… But hey.

          • Anthony Ly

            OR maybe they should give you the “OPTION” of deleting it.

    • Juan Sanchez

      Root and uninstall. have a nice day.

      • Amir Khan

        And lose ability to use online banking (Barclays uk)…. No thanks.

        • Abdi Ismail

          That sucks HSBC allows root. Unlucky.

          • Amir Khan

            I also bank with HSBC but their online offering is very poor. I much prefer the barclays app.

    • bhake

      Just because it’s the new default keyboard, doesn’t make it permanent. You can still change the keyboard as with any other phone manufacturer.

      • Mariusz Kujawski

        Just as I can now. But now there is no bloat.

        • bhake

          So all of you complaining about this honestly believe that one swiftkey app built in will slow down when it’s not being used (that’s what bloat really means, right?) the Oneplus One? Quad core with 3GB of RAM and 16-64GB of storage? Really? SMH This is not touchwiz or carrier bloat on our lil phones from 3 yrs ago.

          • Chaz Tyldsley

            It all depends how it’s implemented. If it’s a preinstalled separate app then I don’t want it there. Just like I don’t have other apps sat on my phone which I don’t use. I don’t want things running in the background potentially taking resources when there’s zero reason they should be if I don’t want them on my device. Would you accept it if your computer came with preinstalled applications that you couldn’t remove which ran in the background?

            The implementation is key 🙂

          • Rick

            Keyboards do not run in the background. If you are not using it, it isn’t running.

    • DG07

      If SwiftKey is a bloatware I’m soon of Pope Francis

      • crutchcorn

        You’re soon of Pope Francis then. Whatever that means. 😛

      • sameer

        Soon hahhha.u tried to be funny but fucked up

        • Guest

          Fuck SwiftKey and automatically correction!

          • crutchcorn


      • Jasonissm

        I use Fleksy, much faster 60 wpm, Swiftkey looks ugly as well.

    • Branndon Thomas

      I am inclined to agree with you. I dont want Swiftkey and am perfectly happy using the CM keyboard that I already have. I bought this phone thinking that is was very awesome that CM came pre-installed on the phone without root. It seems we are taking a step backwards.

    • PRDiddy

      SK is not bloatware and is probably the best Android keyboard around.

    • kesh4namo

      Guys…. plzz need me a damn invite guys!!!!plz send me

  • Dark Moyan

    now I’m looking forward to see how the OxygenOS perform in our opo

  • Kpennett


    • Moch7

      That sounds like a hardware feature…

      • Kpennett

        Could be, but I’d like em, however I get em..
        They can Even Add em to the 1+2. IDC…
        Although, I have in the past, been able to activate, via SW, extra frequency sets, on my moto ERokr. In like 2008, so….

  • Harsh

    so we are getting an OTA in Feb which will be announced on 12th..

  • Ayuvelo

    I’m really happy about this… I just can’t handle the stock keyboard…

  • Ken

    love this! Swiftkey built right in! Maybe a custom Oneplus Theme for Swiftkey?

  • Hopefully the material design theme would be included. Because SwiftKey is charging for that.

    • Bascule

      That’s what I hoped. I’ve just got the update and the Material themes are there but they say “Coming soon”. I’m sure they were available to buy before my update – unless I’m remembering wrong…

  • Matt Goldey

    How I picture the entire OnePlus staff…

  • Neil Fellows

    What update? Where?!

  • RickyWars1

    I use SuperSwiftkey, so will this partnership mess with that? I hope not.

  • Pandeeswaran Bhoopathy

    How to get this update? I don’t see any new update in my phone

    • dertsch


    • Mitul Pujari

      Me toooo still waiting…here in UAE

  • Joris Van Dael

    “Upon installing the update” -> what update?

    • Dhwaneet Bhatt

      Exactly !!!! First they announce MaxxAudio OTA in Jan, then this, when is Lollipop coming? Is this after Lollipop? Or before? So confusing.

  • Muthu k

    So What happens to users in India who wont get the OTA?

  • Spectre51

    So no big fixes for camera crashing with raw and show shutter or anything else just a keyboard that people can already get from Google Play? Smh.

    • ChrisH

      Wait for the actual next release. Integrating this software doesn’t mean there aren’t going to be fixed. None of these problems are present on CM12 for me BTW.

      • Spectre51

        That’s good to hear. The slow shutter raw crash really sucks. It’s really the only major issue I am experiencing.

        • ChrisH

          Just tested especially the slow shutter RAW again and I can confirm it’s working.

          • Spectre51

            Beautiful, thank you sir. Looking forward to CM12.

  • Hermann

    I have SwiftKey already installed. Should I uninstall it before applying the OTA update?

    • Calmly

      I would like to know the answer to this too. I plan on just uninstall in it, otherwise.

  • Keyboard is quite a personal thing – one likes SwiftKey another like Swype (I do), others prefer one of the hundreds other keyboards in the Play Store. I think a much better strategic choice for OnePlus would have been partnership with a image processing and camera app company, like Samsung did with ArcSoft, to have best in class camera software including software image stabilization in video. Alternatively a better default gallery app would have been welcome. Or licensing AptX would have been a surprise, I’m sure people would be fine to pay a couple of $$ to get AptX in their phones.

    SwiftKey is free already so it looks like OnePlus is taking a “Dell” route – bundle stuff from other companies and get paid to do so. I’m still not sure what the new business model for SwiftKey after they went free – are they selling data? Who do they sell it to if that’s the case.

    • Rob Cook

      They sell keyboard skins, that’s the business model. Though I wouldn’t be surprised if they actually sell the predictive typing data as well as that would be more lucrative I would imagine.

  • Ben Tershana

    horrah great BD deal guys… and who cares… fix the headphone jack …so IOS and bose product work …

    • Rob Cook

      You have no idea how the headphone jack works do you. Do some research and you’ll understand that it’s not a trivial fix. Android, AFAIK, adheres to the proper spec, Apple unsurprisingly modifies the TRRS scheme so that it only works with their buds and licensed 3rd parties. What you want will never happen.

  • chicken-mc-nugget

    yes, i was using swiftkey on my old phone, had the OPO for 2 days now, so this is awesome news!

  • softturbo

    They better include the material design theme or people are just going to complain it’s not stock-like or it’s bloatware etc.

  • Alok Amme

    Great news hoping it will bring a pleasure for typing in Indian languages

  • Mᴀᴎᴓԋӑʁ KY

    Feburary OTA….. when? which? O2os or CM12S? or still CM11S
    and what is something pretty for us?

    • Omegaman

      In two weeks CM12

  • Saumil

    Its an CM11s update? I thought we were getting a lollipop update in Feb!!

  • Bane

    Is there a changelog? If this is all this OTA does, then that’s pretty pathetic. Anyone can just download it from the Play Store, if they want it.

    • Kpennett

      It does sound odd that this would be the entire OTA…

    • Tobias Lindhardt

      The OTA is CM12S (Android lollipop). I’m guessing that’ll fix a couple of things too, plus. Lollipop!

  • misterB

    Thanks. I had no idea how to log in to the Google Play store and install the app.

  • Ciders

    I’m happy that I took the switch to the regular CM, SwitchKey sucks so much compared to Google Keyboard I can’t even think of why I purchased it in the first place… oh yeah, GKeyboard was still Holo back then.

  • dobbsy

    Horrible news and a slippery slope. This is idiotic.

  • Mariusz Kujawski

    ლ(ಠ益ಠლ) But at what cost?

  • Vivek

    Only bad thing about Swiftkey is that if you start using it, you cant go back to default or any other keyboard 😛 If you are multilingual like myself – it’s a no brainier. Being using for 3+ years now. Probably one of my best purchases on PlayStore.

  • SexyHyde

    So many cry babies. SwiftKey is one of the highest reviewed apps, and is widely regarded as better than stock keyboard.

  • ZeRo
  • Raccon

    This is bloat! If anybody is using CM, he should have enough brains to install himself if desired. There is no justification to bake it into the ROM. Really bad move.
    BTW try Touchpal. Predictions can be better than Swiftkey with the advantage of being lighter and more responsive. Works very well on low end phones also, unlike Swiftkey.

  • Vin man

    what you fools don’t realise is that this is actually being baked into the rom rather than being added as a system app, this will result in better memory/storage optimization. whats wrong with having something better as the default. As per the arguments of installing via playstore, just root, and flash CM, in any software environment defaults are important.

  • So I’m sacrificing performance and privacy for an app that I don’t even want? Great. Guess I’ll hold off on updates from now on.

  • Michael Warf

    LOVE SWIFTKEY. Use it every dang day.

  • Anoop Asokan

    a free app pre installed never seem like a big deal, instead choosing one which I want is more freedom. One plus is all about freedom. Confusion.

  • patstar5

    Will Swiftkey get the ability to undo deleted text and redo?

  • Ok, all damn good, but… When is the update supposed to be out? I just checked but no news. I wanted to D/L Swiftkey but, if it’s a part of the update, I’d like to have it that way

  • nirmitlamed

    If only swiftkey had good looking keyboard….
    Don’t really understand OP move in this. It’s not like more people will buy this phone because it has free keyboard…

  • I think this is unnecessary. This is software that I don’t want on my phone by default, at all. Personally, I use Fleksy. I don’t want this installed at all.

  • Milo

    There should be instructions… Cause I tried to find it, but couldn’t

  • keltypack

    I bought both SwiftKey and Swype. Swype is all that is left on my phone.

  • Renan

    SwiftKey has an overpriced, ugly and bugged keyboard. Still the better prediction system tough.

  • Techni Smart

    A logical partnership from two industry innovators. Bring it on.

  • Rohan Shah

    CYANOGEN 11S?? What about Lollipop? Still FAAAR AWAY?? -_-

    • Nafan

      More like less than a week away (Cm12 and OxygenOS)

      • Rohan Shah

        Hmm but they have written they will be pushing an cm 11 update

  • Vitaliy Dryga

    So… Now it’s not “January OTA”, but a February one.
    Hope it won’t turn into a March one.

  • Angelo Paciello

    One word… Awesome

  • Tiuri Elvander

    Don’t force apps on us!!! If I wanted this, I would install it!!!

  • Bascule

    I don’t agree that this is bloatware. It’s a keyboard! OnePlus are probably doing the right thing in including a keyboard as standard. I think most people find it easier to use a smartphone with a keyboard.

    As for it being SwiftKey – great! It’s always one of the first apps I install on a new phone. It works brilliantly. SwiftKey plays a key role in Professor Stephen Hawking’s communications system and is one of the biggest success stories of any startup (a bit like OnePlus, I suppose!).

    This is a bit like when two of your best friends announce their engagement! I’m very pleased to see Swiftkey and OnePlus get it together 🙂

  • Kanakdas

    What about MaxxAudio…? coming soon from december….

  • Zuki Smets

    Wow let’s all go around and make such a big deal about a keyboard. Please people, sit down.

  • Natanji

    SwiftKey STILL has the weird bug that pressing backspace in the Password unlock field deletes two characters instead of one. This bug has been known since like, over a year, and is probably rather easy to fix – so this speaks a lot about how badly maintained SwiftKey is. This integration sucks.

  • kiran

    Hi. I am from india.I have recently get OnePlus mobile. I feel that it is very nice smart phone. I just herd about SK. So how can I enable this feature.

  • Krzysztof Pogłódek

    When are you going to update software to Android 5.0 on One?

  • kesh4namo

    Guys…. plzz need me a damn invite guys!!!!plz send me guys

  • Jack Bauer

    No Bloatware please.. I know SwiftKey is too good but let users decide what they should love and use.. Don’t be like any other company in the market..

  • Ken

    I would very much prefer Flesky…but thanks anyway=)

  • andré

    that i already use but what about input mode between unicode and GSM alphabet?!?

  • Mitul Pujari

    Still awaiting for OTA…Is this update already released?

  • toby tanfield

    I have to say, the auto correct can be a little awkward. But I’ve installed the google keyboard. BTW I really hope that oxygen OS will be (I hate to say this) more… simply (sigh) like… Apple? I don’t mind android, but I do prefer apples simplicity. Android has a few too many 3rd party apps….

  • Knut Grøneng

    One big fault in Swiftkey – it does not provide keyboard layouts for non-english languages. Norwegian and Danish have æøå ÆØÅ while Swedish have äöå ÄÖÅ. You may find theese letters if you longhold and hunt for the letter removing the easy float in the typing. The same problem is also if you write German, French or Spanish. Standard Android 4 and 5 keyboard have automatic switch of layout if you enable multi languages, I myself write in English, Norwegian, Swedish and German on my OPO today and have already given up on Swiftkey.

  • er90


  • ICptJackSparrow

    How would it be bloatware when stock Android even comes with a separate keyboard app? I’m confused.
    Regardless, as much as I like the Google keyboard, it’s still not as accurate as SwiftKey. As such I tend to install SwiftKey on all my devices as my default keyboard anyway. For me it’s been the most reliable keyboard.

  • Anthony Chesterfield

    thats awsome
    i use swift key regularly on my previous phone and i loved it

  • gsk

    Hey Guys,

    How to update to CyanogenMod 11S 05Q on my one plus mobile. Is that automatically update or do i need to download any zip files on my mobile.. please suggest me..


  • Salim Reza

    Great application. Really loving it.

  • Vaidyanathan Rajagopalan

    I just activated swiftkey, feels good. Need to use it more to really know how good it is

  • I personally think that the best solution would be to have Swiftkey as an installed option out of the box. But an easy to use mechanism to remove if the user does not want it. (without root).

    So we keep the premium app included but those who don’t need it can remove it easily. OnePlus One’s tag line is “never settle” – I am sure this will be a win win for everyone.

    This is a really good user experience brownie points issue. Well done OPO…

  • CrazyMac10

    I’ve already purchased the Swype keyboard which I can use on all my devices, not just my One, so I would really rather not have this rather benign bit of bloatware forced onto my One. I can understand OPO’s desire to provide a perception of more value, which I applaud, but this is already a free app so where is the extra value in that?

  • Daniele

    Dove posso fare questo update di SwiftKey

  • Nebojsa Zdravkovic

    Thank you so much for giving us for free an app that was free already.

  • JörnKe

    Swiftkey is the best keyboard app I know. I use it on my Smartphone and also on my tablet from Love this app and won’t name it bloadware.

  • Dan P

    Not a fan of this move. Goes against the main reason I use cyanogenmod, which is for a bloat free experience. Swiftkey is not a bad product, but its easy enough to download if you do want it.

  • Wait for the actual next release. Integrating this software doesn’t mean there aren’t going to be fixed. None of these problems are present on CM12 for me BTW.

  • Or you know, I’ve built/helped build 3 ROMs for my device and unlocking the bootloader and PhilZ… But hey.

  • Great if so 🙂 The AndroidCentral article seemed to suggest otherwise .

  • I use Fleksy, much faster 60 wpm, Swiftkey looks ugly as well. .

  • No its doesn’t. If they implant SwiftKey they will most likely delete the standard android keyboard. So it won’t take more space.

  • I don’t think it’s so much an app as an “invisible” implementation in the language settings.

    It most likely won’t bother you.

  • Okay, Now your thought is better. We all hope that OnePlus doesn’t abuse of ‘partner’ship. But I apologize if I’m happy for this “collaboration”.

  • I use Fleksy, much faster 60 wpm, Swiftkey looks ugly as well.

  • Exactly !!!! First they announce MaxxAudio OTA in Jan, then this, when is Lollipop coming? Is this after Lollipop? Or before? So confusing.

  • I usually use SwiftKey on my devices, so for me the bloatware is the standard android keyboard. XD

  • Nandini

    After update my contact list changed earlier had a lovely grid like which displayed all my fav numbers and speed dial rather frequently called numbers now it’s all gone help undo the update