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February 12 2015 | By: Carl
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We’ve spoken a lot recently about our new ROM, and we’d like to take a moment to share our goals and progress.

With the release of OxygenOS just around the corner, we’re officially starting a new chapter of the OnePlus story. And, we’ve got some Android rockstars on board to help us do it. Meet the team behind the future of OnePlus software, see our new logo, and find out what you can expect from our new ROM.

“Why are you developing your own ROM?”

By doing so, we can offer better localization and faster updates. We can directly implement user feedback and make it easy for the OnePlus community to shape our ROM and create the OS that they want to use. Integration between hardware, software, and the cloud will become more seamless and unified for everyone using a OnePlus device. By creating our own software, we’re better able to work directly with our users to improve our OS. It’s something we’ve become quite fond of saying: when we work together, amazing things happen.

“Who is on the OxygenOS team?”

Our team has some of the most talented industrial designers and mechanical engineers in the world, but developing a ROM requires an entirely new skill set. We needed to find people not only with great technical ability but also unique perspectives and insights on how to improve our users’ software experience. Through our strong connection with the Android developer community, we’ve come to know several talented engineers who have a background in creating a pure, user-driven experience.

With that in mind, we’re honored to introduce just a few members of our (extremely global) OxygenOS team:

Head of Mobile Product:

Helen (Canada): Helen worked as a software development engineer and program manager at Microsoft before moving on to various startups in the Seattle area. We are proud to have Helen leading and coordinating our OxygenOS team.

Android Technical Lead:

Aaron (USA): Creating his own custom Android ROM “cookies&cream” for the Nexus 7 at the age of 18, Aaron went on to help co-found Paranoid Android in 2012, serving as a team leader and software architect. Aaron has also worked for Intel, assisting the delivery of their Android Lollipop OTA. We are ecstatic to have him and his wealth of experience leading our team of developers.

UI/UX Designer:

Arz (India): At only 19 years of age, Arz has extensive experience in graphic design and possesses in-depth knowledge of Android theming, including UI frameworks. Creating some of the most popular themes on the Google Play store, Arz is the lead designer at Paranoid Android and the lead UI/UX designer for OxygenOS.

Android Development Team:

Carlo (Italy): Former medical student turned Android hacker. With years of experience as a Android engineer, Carlo currently contributes to Paranoid Android as a maker of awesome things.

Hieu (Canada): As a software architect at Paranoid Android, Hieu’s specialties include OS optimizations and power management. All-around “hardware enabler,” there is nothing Hieu can’t fix.

Jesús (Colombia): Creating several notable Android applications, Jesús is an independent developer and co-founder at Paranoid Android. He’s primarily working on an OxygenOS headline feature (which will be revealed soon)!

Karim (Lebanon): Karim is an entrepreneur and former software development intern at Google. He is the resident app developer on the OxygenOS team.

Yamil (Spain): Yamil is the “master of enterprise code,” bringing a new perspective to the startup space. He is responsible for the OxygenOS recovery module.

Of course, we have over 50 more engineers and testers working behind the scenes, and we couldn’t be happier to welcome each and every one of them to the OnePlus family.

“What can I expect from OxygenOS?”

As we’ve promised before, OxygenOS will not ship with any bloatware. We’re keeping it clean and streamlined for performance. We value things like battery life and system efficiency, so we’ve remained true to our ROM’s namesake and created a seamless experience that is lightweight and essential. This is reflected in our new logo for OxygenOS:


With OxygenOS being such an important part of the OnePlus lineup, we wanted our new logo to maintain the core principles of our brand. With a familiar shape and design, the OxygenOS logo is dominated by red, contrasting the negative space that characterizes the OnePlus logo. Together, these designs represent the harmony between hardware and software, working to create a perfect balance within the OnePlus ecosystem.

OxygenOS is built with the same focus on quality and community-driven design that you’ve come to expect from our hardware, and the simplicity of our new logo extends to the software itself. We care about providing our users with the best experience, and we will never differentiate just for the sake of differentiation. We promise that any additional features will be non-obtrusive and extremely useful (tap-to-wake and customizable navigation buttons, for example). With OxygenOS, we want to build something that works for users and gets out of their way. And, that’s exactly what we are doing.

“When can I download OxygenOS?”

There are various certifications that must be completed before releasing a Lollipop-based ROM, and this takes some time. We’ve decided to move forward with a fully-stable build, which is currently in the testing phase. Because this is our first major software release, we have to ensure that everything is solid and stable before making it available for download. We wouldn’t ask you to settle for anything less, and we appreciate your patience.


Want to get to know our new ROM team? Have some more burning questions? Good, because we’d love to give you some answers. Join Carl, Helen, Aaron, Arz, and Karim for a OxygenOS-focused reddit AMAA on /r/Android at 8AM PST, Thursday, February 12.

Have what it takes to help us build and improve OxygenOS? Let’s work together to create something amazing. Head on over to our careers page for current openings.

  • Janik Helbig

    Hey, is this the same Arz that created the Veu and Fi themes? That would be absolutely amazing.
    EDIT: Oh yeah, seems so..

    • Shantanu Sarkar

      I think he is the one

    • Francis Thibault

      I love FI!

    • Sachin

      Yeah it’s the same Arz.

  • Nikhil Reddy

    you let us wait all day for saying THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ranjit

    Will there be any beta build of Oxygen OS released so that we can check it out.

    • ck

      Earlier they have released Alpha build

      so, I hope we will get Beta build also

    • Japman Singh

      i emailed them and asked the same question… they replied that since its a major release, they will not release the rom till the time it is fully stable. So no beta versions

    • Please Make a video for us “Oxygen OS vs CyanogenMod”

      • Ãňåňd Pål

        will this be available in india ???

    • Amrit Zoad

      I think, they have quite clearly written in the post that, they’ll directly release a stable built.

    • Rahul Srivastava


    • I think you can download a nightly build anytime you wish. But this will be specific and a full release. If you want to use a nightly build or Alpha it will probably not work properly. Use it in VM.

  • nqddnwhb @XDA


  • Dark Moyan

    so we waited for this? WTF!!!

    • Tommi Carr

      What did you expect tbh?

  • Bhanwar

    People those who have purchased Oneplus (Cynogen), will they be able to have OxygenOS? or may be say, migrate to OxygenOS?

    • The Oxygen OS ROM will be downloadable and flashable in the same manner that you would flash any other ROM.

  • Francesco

    cyanogen is the way

  • Kenneth Akiki

    What a rock star team. I’ve learned so much from all these PA guys, this is gonna be awesome.

  • Iestafa

    Lel, wait to day 12 to see this xDD

  • Marc

    It will come Inn OTA.?

  • Ikram Evan

    🙁 🙁 i can’t wait anymore

  • Ritwik R. Sharma

    We waited for this?

  • Shantanu Sarkar

    Actually today was the announcement of a new announcement which will be coming soon

    • dusan pilic

      smh, that pretty much sums up OnePlus.

    • MarinK

      Really disappointed by OnePlus team atm 🙁
      Gonna stay on cm11 for as long as I have OnePlus.

      • Neil Fellows


        • MarinK

          New OS won’t be open source, since by oneplus team, that wouldn’t be a real OS. I guess then they sold us a fraud OS, since cm is open source?

          Second, we got no real info about new OS. Screenshots? Video? Anything except ‘bla bla bla bla’? Nope. Just bla-bla-bla.

          After refusing to replace lots of OnePlus One with faulty screens, deleting threads on their forums, this is the drop that puts me personally over the edge. Never settle? I guess I won’t.

          Of course, this is just me and my little opinion. Someone else doesn’t mind about these ‘little’ things. And thats also ok.

          • Timmy

            Lol. You’re an idiot.

          • MarinK

            Thx. Always loved those kind of arguments :))

          • Conrad Simoneau

            You got that right

          • Tiago Fernandes


          • thomas sim

            Had been paranoid Android users and hardcore fans for years, is excited to see what oxygen OS can do.

          • Riddlemethis

            @ MarinK, agreed. and when things don’t work out for these early adopters, they’ll come running onto reddit or other forums and bitch about….it’s human nature. until something bad happens to them, they disagree with anyone who has a different point of view than them.

      • Sovereign

        I was extremely close to buying one about 3 to 4 months back, but I hear so many negative things about the company, particularly their customer service, that I finally went with Samsung, and bought a Note 4. I love it. I won’t compare the two, but I can’t see me being near as happy with buggy software, and poor CS.

        • MarinK

          Actually, the CM11 isn’t poor at all. It’s actually quite brilliant. Especially compared to TW and all of samsungs bloatware. IMHO of course.

          But.. CM is no more for OnePlus One, and CM was OnePlus biggest advantage over samsung, lg and others. With the lowest price of all flagships of course 🙂

          • Sovereign

            I can definitely appreciate the price. That is what kept drawing me back, but with all of the yellow screen reports, poor customer service, and lack of local representatives, I was deterred. I hear many good things about CM, but EVERY SINGLE TIME I put that system on a phone, whether it is a nightly, stable, port, w/e, there are performance issues. Not lag, but apps crashing, or things just not firing up like they’re supposed to.
            Then I read about CM having to constantly release updates for the 1+1. While some people think that is good, that tells me that they keep getting it wrong. I hate being bothered with constant updates. Luckily, my Note 4 won’t update since it is rooted. So I can just use my phone with no interruptions.
            Finally; I love how my phone is packed full of features. I know that a barebones rom won’t have all of the function, but the customization is amazing. It really depends on which is more important to you, and I chose function over fashion.

          • Riddlemethis

            oh but wait….you’re holding the device wrong, that’s why you’re runing into this issues and nobody else is. lol.

          • Nick

            Constant updates are good thing. That means the developers are making the OS even better. Does LG or Samsung do that after selling a phone with a bloated stock Android OS? Only if something is broken. What does it take like 3 seconds or less to install an update and reboot? People spend more time crushing candy.

          • iphone sucks

            hahaha fitting reply 😀

          • Tiago Fernandes

            lol.. so true…

          • Jesse Jory

            TW is the Worst

          • Played with friend’s Oneplus few days ago, god, just scrolling through app drawer wasn’t 60fps smooth. And that’s my definition of laggy.

          • Brett Arnold Allard

            You can clock your speeds with out installing anything in the Dev options… I keep mine on optimized and I never have any slow downs… If I crank it up to high performance levels it’s an entirely different story.

          • Κωνσταντίνος Κ.

            your friend maybe is having 150 apps installed, I’m with 50 or so and phone is lagless, never show me any issue with either stock CM11s or now with CM12 Nightlies and if I put performance profile the phone is about to take off

          • I don’t know about that, didn’t count all of it. But I’m currently using OPO myself with a little apps, it’s not laggy like my friend’s. But, playing Line Get Rich is laggy, and it’s not even a graphic heavy game. I have to set the performance mode to “performance” (default was “balance”) to make it playable.

          • Κωνσταντίνος Κ.

            what rom are you into? if CM11s what version?, just wondering

          • Stock CM11 XNPH44S. Also there’s a bug, where I can’t set contact picture properly. it’s always become squeezed. So annoying

          • Κωνσταντίνος Κ.

            5Q is the latest if you want to know

            I’m on CM12 19/03/2015 so I really don’t care about CM11 or the s part 😀

          • I got the notification, but with Lollipop (12s) is just around the corner, I won’t bother to update to this one.

          • Κωνσταντίνος Κ.

            CM12s vs OxygenOS ..that would be fun 😛

          • チョコボ Grinder

            Wrong !
            With an OnePlus you can unlock tour bootloader, root it, change ROMS without loosing the insurrance.
            Do this on a Samsung device ans Samsung won’t refund tour phone if you brick it.
            OnePlus does it !

          • Riddlemethis

            why would you want to do that? most of us just want something that runs well and easily. most of us aren’t geeks or nerds who tinker with their devices like changing ROMS, rooting, etc.

          • sparkkit

            Then buy an iphone

          • Gooseinurwife

            iphones r for mega rich girls that have no morals or self worth only love money and themselves aka just like steve jobs the devil incarnate

          • Riddlemethis

            sadly, i probably will.

          • iphone sucks

            Get lost from this forum then!

          • Tiago Fernandes


          • Douglas Anderson

            You are correct. Most people don’t want to root and rom their phone. However, the OnePlus One just works. Tinker if you want or not, but it is a great device with a great ROM on it right out of the box.

          • Riddlemethis

            i guess everyone’s tolerances are different. lots of posts online complaining on how the 1+1 has issues…mostly to do with CM. and now they’re creating their own OS? that’s really messed up thinking.

          • Κωνσταντίνος Κ.

            Not if you brick it, warranty isn’t broken but if you brick it and want to be fixed, when you send it back you’ll be charged – it’s logical

            But if it’s h/w fault and phone is rooted with a weird-build even from you, it’s ok.. the warranty will still cover it

          • Mahniti Tapir

            Tell that to all those people with wi-fi problems. My OPO worked fine for 3 months and than wi-fi just decided that auto-connect isn’t it’s thing.

        • mike tantana

          What buggy software? I bought one+ 2mo ago and i think the difference with note4 is huge at least for price. I didnt get any problem and i think the so called buggs has been reported by samsung staff. Ridiculous!

        • Nick

          No buggy OS and who needs customer service if you know how to handle a device properly? My Oneplus one runs great with 3gb of ram and at half the price of your Note 4 😛

        • Mohamad Wahba

          they fixed the customer service part and they re a startup company. they deserve more believe me. i tried them

        • I have to comment on this as I have first hand experience with thus one. In the first week of February I got my invite from OnePlus and jumped on it.
          Within the first week of ownership my OnePlus one died. It wouldn’t charge any more. I went to all the forums and YouTube videos first and then finally submitted a ticket. It was answered within 24 hours and they started me on a series of fixes.
          After doing all that they asked and it not helping, about one week total time, they submitted a replacement ticket for me and within one more week I was sending mine back.
          The day the DSL Currier was to pick up my broken phone, I received an email from OnePlus with an attatched recipt for a brand new phone that had been shipped out even before mine was picked upbfor return.
          I am writing this from my new OnePlus and can say that their service department was heads and sholders above others in this feild and I am very happy with mybresults.

          • jedantony

            My experience was similar, except I didn’t receive the replacement phone first and had to buy a cheap smartphone to use in the meantime.

            Also within a month of using my new OPO it’s already getting buggy!

          • I don’t know what to tell you. My phone works great and it got buggy only because of the custom roms I was testing on it. Did a clean wipe and switched to a different rom and I’m off and running like lightning again. I suggest you wipe everything and flash the stock firmware via fast boot and see if that gets your phone back up to speed again.

        • Douglas Anderson

          You definitely can’t call it buggy software. In fact, I have owned numerous Samsung devices and will not own one again. Touchwiz is hideous (or whatever they call it now.) I have never had an issue needing customer service, so I can’t comment on that.

      • Neil R

        To be honest.. I’m quite happy with my OPO.. In my opinion.. people just want too much and aren’t satisfied with what they’re given.. I’m satisfied with the OPO the way it is now.. if there’s a new update coming, cool, I’ll wait for it.. No rush the OPO is still good..

        • Derek

          yeah but then again, OPO said “never settle”. So that’s kind of a reflection of how we tend to crave for more than we already have.

        • Mohamad Wahba

          u summed it all. thx bro

          • Sundar Kanduri

            one month later. still no update. :3

      • Arvind Ravindranath

        The people who you should be pissed at should be Cyanogen. They broke their agreement with OnePlus and they rightly realised that they can’t be dependent on others for software. That is why they are building Oxygen OS. Love the name!

  • Naresh

    Hi those who have purchased OnepluswithCyanogenMod, will they be able to have OxygenOS or will be update with this new OxygenOS????????????

    • Shantanu Sarkar

      They will provide methods to re-flash.

  • Abhay Chouhan

    worst logo possible.

  • Jose

    You’ve lied. Promised lollipop rom in 90 days.

    • BlueBomberTurbo

      Technically not their fault, because Cyanogen jumped ship. :p So they had to make their own ROM team instead and start from scratch.

      • Tommi Carr

        Actually CM didn’t jump ship at all, they’re just slow. The Lollipop CM build is in testing.

        • Cypher

          I have been using cm12 on my OPO for a while now its fairly stable a few bugs but there are nightly fixes so im not too fussed it works well. however i still find kitkat better than lollipop

          • FlyBri

            Wow, that’s a surprising statement. I haven’t used Lollipop much yet. Just curious, but what are your main reasons why you prefer KitKat to Lollipop?

          • Patryk Matusiewicz

            hes talking about not so polished release as 11s right now.

          • Christopher Chaples

            The battery life is significantly worse for me on cm12 nightlies than on cm11s. Not worth it for me.

        • Patryk Matusiewicz

          actually they did by partnering up with the india company, what was a conflict of intrest for OP. The whole thing looks good only on paper.

  • VK

    Seriously who cares
    and wht was this a big biuld up
    Disappointed with oneplus

  • Shantanu Sarkar

    We have a saying in India for this ” Khoda pahar aur nikla…..”

    • Waqas Iqbal


    • Aditya Bhatt

      Lol do you even know any other rom except for CM ? Noob kahi ka!

  • Arndan

    Awsome! But when will the CM12s update come?

  • Come on people, they earlier told it is going to be an announcement on 12th Feb, not the actual release of the OS. Have some patience! 🙂

  • Dhiren Sharma

    We waited for this…pufff…

  • Bhanu Pratap Singh

    Hey , do I need to flash any custom recovery like cwm or twrp ,phiz recovery to get the oxygen os .
    And how is the ram optimization in new ROM .do I’ll get any multitasking app like floating window in color os.

  • jpxdude

    Fantastic that you’ve managed to secure the talent of members of the Paranoid Android team for OxygenOS, this is exciting news, and now I can’t wait to have it on my OnePlus One!! Best of luck!

    • spicymeatball

      Yep, very encouraging. Will be easy to leave CM11s. I love PA and I know it just put out build for the OnePlus based on Lollipop.

  • nguser

    Killer team! I’ve always considered the OnePlus One as a “Nexus on steroids” and bringing Paranoid Android people in the team is the best choice ever. Very curious to see how OxygenOS will be in terms of user experience, stability and performance.

    Cheers from Italy and all the best for you!

  • Oooppppppsssss……..So we waited for this?

  • Dadbeh Shaddel

    holy shit. you gotta be kidding me, you guys are gonna fuck this up and you’re take a long time to do it.

  • jose cunha

    Venha ele

  • mwille64

    Besides the usual ad bla bla. Can we get an ETA?

  • Santosh krishna Venuturupallli

    Well Put !!

    Phata Poster nikla Zero !

    • Frog Smurf

      Comment got deleted. What was it?

      • MarinK

        Never settle. Delete what you can 🙂

  • Tommi Carr

    All you guys complaining about no download link: They never once said that they are releasing it today, they said more details on it.

  • Sachin

    It’s great to know OnePlus have managed to get members of the PA team aboard. These guys know how to make rock stable ROMS and add some insane features. Great to see them getting a crack at making software for the common user. This also means CyanogenMod won’t be missed as PA is an amazing ROM, can’t wait to see what these guys do with OxygenOS.

  • ck

    wait continues…


  • Haris Saleem

    AMAZING to see that 3 of the members have been a part of Paranoid Android at some time. Well I have quite high expectations from the ROM now!

  • Stefano Ginnetti

    In other words we’ll have a Paranoid Rom for our Oneplus

  • Papafigos

    Sorry, but i am completely confused…. I have Cm11…. the upadate that i will receive soon… will be cm12? or OxygenOS?

  • Gopala krishnan

    Even though its little disappointing. Its good that you guys are telling us what are you doing. My request is make sure you have more languages (like indian languages) incorporated in your new rom. all the best. don’t disappoint us. You have created more expectation than its required, this comes with equal risk of failure. take care

  • Wow, One Plus has recruited PA team to build it’s OS !

  • Jasmohit

    Thought that This gonna be fucking rom but now taking PA into consideration………
    I can’t wait to test it!

  • TheBossPlaya

    I’m in the same boat as most guys on here… I thought the release date was today but hey ho I will wait for the OTA better late than never

  • Vishrut

    Enough Internet for today.

    • Haduken2g

      >Implies Internet can be enough

  • Heymanth Reddy

    so you’re telling me that you hired a part of the team that developed Paranoidandroid to make oxygen OS???

  • Safwan

    How can I download it in my cell. Any link in this

  • Manoj

    Ya. Great. Oxygen. Can wait to breath:) and we have an indian in d team.. Yeii… So proud…

  • manesh gurung

    fuk u

  • Mg69xtz

    And again i see only indians moanin about everything. Fuck, just get a grip.

    • Partha

      Coz you will be getting CM12S very soon and we will not – having said that, it is too soon and too much to expect a ROM very soon from OPO

  • JadeColour

    I am happy that OnePlus brings in people from the PA camp. That’s definitely a good sign.

  • Stefano Ginnetti

    PA vs CM

  • bhushan

    I am waiting for new stable lollipop based rom

  • Den

    Wow! The PA team, i’m almost in tears. Yay!

  • Trycak

    this is going to be Legen…. waiting for it…….

  • Gregory Chiadika

    Now will the rom be available to everyone or will I need to wait hopelessly for an invite like the device that runs the rom?

  • Sorry, but it is bullshit. Where is the freaking ROM?

  • anil bhar

    Seriously don’t be another shitty chinease company this is what for which we were waiting your screwed big announcement, you OPO peoples are full of shit no beta release no info about ROM fucking looser we ll stick with cynogen fuck OPO OXYGEN

  • Nikhil

    Yeh toh sandaas news nikli !!!

  • anil bhar


    • Sachin

      Have you ever tried Paranoid Android? It’s far more stable than any Cyanogen build. If you prefer a ROM developed by a shady company who don’t stick to their word, then go ahead and use it but don’t complain about it’s many bugs. I cannot and will not forget them for the Micromax fiasco.

    • Peter Giang

      Just go away if you got nothing nice to say. Sick of your comments

  • Csaba Benesch

    HAHAHAHAH, “after three months we become the Lollipop version”, but it seems, the new OS will come with the new device…..thank you Oneplus…

  • Yeah. I don’t wanna be like all the haters here in the comments, but I feel disappointed too. I thought you would show us great info, amazing features or something, and it’s just a bad logo (sorry, I’m a Designer and I could do much MUCH better than that) and a bunch of (great) names. But yeah, they are just names. And we hacen’t read anything new yet.

  • Rajasmit Mondal

    Oxygen in form of the O2 would have been a better logo

  • Gaurav g

    Jus loving it.every step has a reason.cheers.

  • anil bhar


  • Peter Giang

    So many selfish comments. Honestly. Spend time trying to make a stable release, get flamed. Release early but buggy os. Get flamed. Some people need to get reality check and stop this sense of entitlement

    Good on you one plus. You’ve recruited a killer team. There’ll be many good things coming from you guys in the not to distant future

    • Paul Barraclough

      Well said Peter. I for one am looking forward to this release, but I only want it if its going to be stable.

    • Richard Edge

      Yes, well said Peter.

      There is nothing that OP has publicly or officially stated that anyone should have a problem with. They are going about their business in a very systematic and well planned route and this bodes well for both OP’s future and it’s growing legion of users in a very competitive market. They have not over promised and under delivered as so many whiners have indicated. I am a recent OPO owner and this is my first full immersion into the Android environment. I can see that the whiners and complainers are often of the same ilk as the platform I came from….unrealistic expectations, inability to read/understand, sensationalist and generally an incredible attitude of entitlement too often seen these days. Are there problems, of course there are as is SOP for any new business, but especially one in the high tech field.

      You can’t possibly deliver on promises generated by rumors or user generated expectations that have mostly come either from people unwillingness to read/research or comprehend what OP has stated. Those business that do try will only end up failing to satisfy anyone.

      So I say congratulations to OnePlus for what they have already accomplished in such a short time and for the awards which have only increased their worth, but their status as a world class mobile device manufacturer as well. And welcome to the new team. We are all looking forward to your first ROM as OnePlus developers. It’s also great to to see the Canadian representation on the team! 🙂

      Never Settle!


      • Patryk Matusiewicz

        Well said.

      • Riddlemethis

        you guys all fail to recognize the history of this company and it’s lack of ethics. i was looking forward to the oneplus 2 now i hear they’re installing some noname unique operating system? you can’t get any worse than that, just ask Nokia.

        • Richard Edge

          I suggest that you check your facts. For one, I hardly think that Android is a no-name OS. If anyone’s ethics should be questioned it should be CyanoGen. I see now CM has entered into a partnership with Qualcomm and Alcatel. I say I hope that these two are protecting themselves against being stabbed in the back. I also wonder if Alcatel or any other Qualcomm based devuice will be able to sell in India or will they face court action from CM and their “exclusive” partnership with MicroMax?

    • Albo1125

      They did promise to update the oneplus one to android 5 after maximum 3 months after the official release date, so everyone expected them to release it today

      • CaffinatedOne

        I don’t think that the original plan here was for them to spin their own ROM, but the recent CM misbehavior has necessitated it. So, it’s not really a surprise that the release target timeline might have changed.

      • Peter Giang

        If I’m not mistaken, CM stated that the release would be a max of 3 months after the official release date. So this should be a problem taken up with CM rather than one plus

        • Ricky S

          Unless CM’s release is being held up in the QA stage by OnePlus so they can release it alongside Oxygen OS? I heard rumor and conspiracies of that. It’s not completely unbelievable, considering the strained relations between the two companies. I’m patient and will try out both OS’s and stick with the one I prefer in the end, so it really doesn’t matter how fast. I would be ok with waiting a bit longer to ensure I get a stable build

    • MarinK

      I do agree about the stable part.
      Bu frankly, we got no info at all. At least some video of that ‘non-stable’ version? Screenshots?

      I for one think they are way over their head on this one. And I doubt they will release it soon. If we get it by June I will consider that to be great. And it will still be buggy, coz it’s obvious they have nothing at the moment.

      • Peter Giang

        Maybe you’re right, but they do state in this post that a release is “just around the corner”. That and they released an alpha not too long ago so they definitely have more than nothing. Given that they have a decent developer team, I’d say it’s quite possible that there will be a stable finished product soon.

        While I wouldn’t mind a video or screenshots, I think that if they do post one up and set expectations that it’s almost finished (even if it isn’t), you’ll get a bunch of the self entitled people whining in these posts demanding that they make a public beta release or something.

        Similarly, think of the public image they are setting out if they post a video of a buggy ROM. That’s not the best way to advertise your product.

        • Patryk Matusiewicz

          Well said!
          I just do not understand people sometimes the phone has the best value for the money paid right now on the market, and it comes with vanilla Android which is no where else to be found but on nexus devices. No skin so far released managed to be better than vanilla the bloatware simply kills the whole experiance.
          This tuesday I have ordered my third OPO my previous devices ended up omong my family as everyone wants one.
          If the phone would be as bad as people try to portrait it it wouldnt retail more on Ebay then manufacturer charges for it what other device on the market manages that?!

        • Ricky S

          Maybe they could post a video that doesn’t show any of the known bugs? 😉

      • Its obvious that you’re either a negative moaner or a troll. Can you use Google (they did release an almost 100% functional Alpha for testers)? And did you not see that screenshot at the end of the post?

    • Ricky S

      From someone who works in software, primarily Android and iOS, I can’t agree more. I deal with one of the features of our applications, not the infrastructure, but I still see this every since 2 weeks when we release an update. People will complain no matter what you do. Why? Because they are selfish and want to have everything they want at all times, even if it means you should work around the clock and never sleep, eat, shower, etc.

  • Geek

    hmm..ohhk i forgive you for delay as you provied great we are, bring it fast…people will forgive you if you bring much better ROM than anything..good luck..i am ok with wait.

  • ChinoSoRia

    Ok we waiting

  • StripedCat


  • mamykin

    Why are people so fucking hateful, that they want to release a stable rom instead of some alpha, beta shit is just good. They know that if they release an unfinished rom it will be even more hate and disappointment. They said more information is coming on the 12th, not release. Get a grip and calm down people. I’m sure it’s worth the wait.

  • Marek


  • StripedCat

    You got me well, you magnificent trolls.

  • NC

    Sounds exciting. Would love to see some pictures or video of what the rom looks like.

  • Great news! I was waiting for more than this (like almost everyone) but it’s a good start 🙂
    The only thing I would like to change is the Logo of the rom. I really don’t like it :s

    I mad these on MS PAINT (please, don’t tell me how good I’m there, I already knew).
    The first One is what I would like to see, of course that better designed (especially the O that looks like an egg!). I think it keeps the 1+ Logo in every side and can be used for lots of another things (we are whatching you :p).
    The second One is, again, what I would like to see, acordding to your explanation of the logo. It is really good designed, I know *not*, but it just to you to keep the idea if you like it 🙂

    Keep the good work and NEVER Settle!

  • Bryan Rodriguez

    Yay! This is great. I don’t know why everyone expected the OS to be released today. When they first announced it, they mentioned that further DETAILS will be release on Feb 12th. If you expected otherwise, then you’re just getting honeydicked by the media.

  • Raja Imran Khan

    In Pakistan we have an opposition politician named Imran Khan, he makes announcement for another announcement to give another announcement. OnePlus is not affiliated or inspired by him?

    • abdou

      i think he is the owner of 1+

    • haha.. that was actually funny!

  • StripedCat

    To make up with your enraged fans you should put up, for the official release, a super majestic show with fire, explosions, dragons, fireworks, explosions, Megan Fox, explosions, AC/DC, fire-spitting dragons, exploding monster trucks, explosions, exploding monster trucks driven by fire-spitting dragons with Megan Fox on top shooting fire from her nipples.
    And the fire will draw a sign in the sky: O
    Then exploding O t-shirts fall from the sky on the crowd and the official rollout begins.

    Bonus: 10% chance that your device will explode in a spectacular fashion when you flash Oxygen, fireworks included.

  • partha sakhadas kabi

    It’s ok boys is that a crime to introduce the new team… It seems cool…. And now expectations are on a great height ….. I m not dissappointed……. Welcome Helen and your team…… Opo…. never settle…. Cheers to O² os

  • Keron Jones

    you fools! one plus NEVER said they were releasing the OS today they came out and basically gave us an intro in to what to expect and still you all fools are not satisfied? what do you all expect a ROM to download? for heavens sake you people are so illiterate and foolish. we all enjoy our opo’s imagine we have the opportunity to choose between 2 major os’s cm12s and oxygen os yet cm12s is still being tested JUST LIKE OXYGEN OS!!!! and yet still fools come here cursing and swearing like idiots! this is a new company and they are trying to meet the need of US the consumer that the reason we have A oneplus in our hands they took into consideration what we the consumers want in a smartphone and they delivered! and they will deliver with this new OS people here have NO PATIENCE AND GRATITUDE!

  • Jan Jacobs

    Do not tease people to much it can turn against you, if you promise to come with a new rom then do it! People where waiting special for today because of the teaser and what did you accomplish: disappointing!

  • Giovanni Rambo

    I just hope that it doesn’t take so long as the MaxxAudio update promised to be released in January that do not happened until today.

  • El Meme

    If you cannot commit to deliver on fukin time. Don’t make us a promise. It’s bad enough about the 3 months for CM12, but this is offensive. Release the ROm even on beta with the warning… Do it Right

    • Anaron

      The stupidity of your comment is laughable. We don’t know when they started working on OxygenOS so we’re in no position to be making demands about release times. It’s silly to project your frustration about CM12S to OnePlus when they aren’t the ones who worked on it.

  • pirata_1985


  • sansan
  • manish

    what a comeback by oneplus team!! i was missing my nexus 5 somewhat after buying the OPO. now u guys are bringing members of PA team to develop OxygenOS. PA is my all time favourite rom. u guys made my day.

  • manesh gurung

    wait until new android 6 or something comes out

  • Thanks for the info.

  • Vijendra

    Very professional and the story is gonna unfold at 8 am PST. We are gonna wait 1+ for the OOS to be releases after immaculate testing. Don’t need no bugs crashing my 1!!

  • Wimpulz

    by far the best tool on the OpO for me is the privacy filter, will that be retained on the oxigen ROM?

  • Oxygen OS vs CyanogenMod will be the Benchmark. 😉

  • Please continue support OPO with Official CyanogenMod. Oxygen OS should be an alternative.A Powerful Alternative Against CyanogenMod.

  • Singhavi Vaibhav

    New this would happen another month till this oxygen OS released. Give me cm12s for now

  • TCvitalalive

    Frankly I had expected them to inform a specific release date. But alright will have to wait little longer then.

  • sinnerofa10shun

    Great job everyone! Even though I don’t own a One Plus, I really envy the phone, the software, and the team behind all of it. Continue doing what you’re doing and there’s no limit to the heights that you can reach!

  • I know I’m asking for too much, but how much of Oxygen OS will be free / open-source?

  • Mufaddal Kanchwala

    I was expecting for a beta version so that we could atleast test it or expected release date for the OS…:(
    U made me sad OP, I was really waiting for today’s announcement..:(

  • sakonn

    OPO is amazing phone but there is one thing I don’t like about support few things that I’ve discussing everytime I get answer it will be avalible soon. I would like to know time if not correct at less approximate for better orientation.

  • Arindam Mukherjee

    Its amazing to see great team behind this… Expectation increased Patience decreased. this time not even a date to wait……..

  • ReinTurtle

    I wonder if you’d be able to get it on the One without rooting or anything.

  • Paarkhi Parekh

    Did you steal the whole Paranoid Android team or what 🙂 ? Most of them are from PA team so should we expected Per-App-DPI and Floating/Multi window in this ROM?

  • patstar5

    I hope they fix the quick settings, I love cm 11s quick tiles but lollipop went backwards with it.
    Wow… So many young people developing for this rom…. I’m 18 and I wish I knew how to code. Planning on going to college for computer science but these people seemed to already know it without going to college

  • Aditya Bhatt

    Great! Paranoid Android is a great rom these guys always innovate things which are later forked by CM and Co. If you need beta testers count me in!

    • Brin


  • bhavman

    You need an invite to download the OS 🙂

  • Bohrquadrat

    Is Carlo from Italy the guy who develops the Rastakat and Rastapop roms, aka Rascarlo?

  • Phazonclash

    This ROM is very promising! Can’t wait to give it a try. In the meantime, I’ll continue to use Temasek’s CM12 builds.

  • CasperTFG

    “OxygenOS logo is dominated by red, contrasting the negative space that characterizes the OnePlus logo. Together, these designs represent the harmony between hardware and software, working to create a perfect balance within the OnePlus ecosystem.”


    Dear OnePlus,

    Release the Power Banks.

  • Arindam Mukherjee

    New tagline of Oneplus.. Nothing Stable… :p

  • 0neTw0

    Just give me Double tap to wake and I will be happy.

  • Steve Q

    So oxygen will not be over OTA – is that right?

    • JTuck

      doubt it… when you flash custom roms with the same android build lots of things break…

  • Myongryol Yang

    which languages will oxygen rom be support ?

  • Phazonclash

    Hope you guys will find a way to fix (or at least attenuate) that little ugly and annoying 63Hz refresh rate issue causing stuttering in games capped to 60FPS

  • JTuck

    I would like to see some headphone settings where you can customize hardware buttons for devices like the Xiaomi Pistons.

  • Alex Mori

    big question…how long will be supported the o+o ?
    buying it now it’s nonsense or it will still have a “long” life?

  • Nasik Amanullah

    Wow, u guys are getting so mad coz the ROM wasn’t officially released today. SO WHAT? I’d rather have a finished ROM that’s amazing, than an unfinished ROM that sucks.
    Please. Give the guys at OnePlus a break. They’re doing their best to give us the best ROM ever made.

  • what would be the highlight of Oxygen OS except it is the first Lollipop-based ROM from One Plus

  • Rizwanulla Sharieff

    I really wish u guys best of luck for the release and hope it lives up to the expectations that we have from OnePlus.. All the best guys!!!

  • you guys are the entire PA dev and design team! so basically OxygenOS is going to replace PA?

  • CrazyMac10

    I’m also pumped that OnePlus has such a great and experienced team from another good and popular ROM, Paranoid Android. Great decision and execution OnePlus! Let’s leave CM in the dustbin of history.

  • Roman

    Besteht Team ever

  • Aww, I guess I can’t flash this along with Google apps.

    Also, interesting to see that Paranoid Android is on board with tbis. They probably were one of the best choices to compete against Cyanogen anyways.

  • Yellakid

    I’ll probably get laid before this shit gets released.

    • Dark Moyan

      Hahahahhaha well said mate

  • saurabh

    will it have the unique features like Cyanogen 11S

  • Irseq

    I love you Arz

  • Jas

    Why not Lollipop 5.1?? 🙁 🙁

  • Jack Bauer

    Never Settle they say.. Well said

  • SupCup

    Black dude got no cowboy hat

  • Nice , very nice

  • Kartheek Reddy Gandham

    What about themes and make audio integration in oxygen os

  • Siddharth Raikar

    Will it be available in India?

    • Kartheek Reddy Gandham

      It is exclusively for India due to deal between micromax and cyanogenmod

  • Vi
  • avmeee

    Will it be an ota update or do we have to flash it completely??

  • kashyap

    Can u tell me when lollipop ota update relese ????
    About 1 month , 2 month ??

  • j s r bharadwaj

    When can we expect the new OS?
    is it based on lollipop ?
    Also I would like to ask about the clear cut performance of oxygen over cyanogen?
    Is it totally customised for oneplus one so that it is much faster compared?
    Its been a long time since there has been an update, most of the smart phones now already have lollipop. Please ensure strong build with bloatware

  • Joseph Israel

    Can i download it OTA?

  • Cr

    Your team looks promising !

  • il_cameo

    Stupid people doing stupid questions. Read what is written in this article and wait 10 seconds before posting stupid questions. Pls.

  • Viktor De Pasquale

    Well played, but I just don’t get one single thing.. We should be expecting all the same things from CM and Oxygen as well? (I’m pretty sure that CM is NOT PUSHING FUCK*NG SWIFTKEY to it’s roms…) No reason y to switch from CM to Oxygen :D…

  • reevester

    Wow! If you guys are looking for seasoned Product Managers – please consider me!!! 😀

  • Babos Csaba

    I thought that I’ll buy a OnePlus phone because of official Cyanogenmod support. It’s actively developed, got a huge community, and there are software updates, unlike the vendor-phones (such as older HTC, Huawei, Acer etc. devices). Now, that OnePlus creates it’s Android version… Well… No thanks, but I wish you luck with the project.

  • Yash jain

    So according to you all when do you think we will get the update ? Not today for sure right?

  • Fuck ONEPLUS

    This is bull shit

  • Fuck ONEPLUS

    FUCK THIS! It was supposed to come out soon; now its postponed for an entire MONTH!!!!! FUCK YOU OPO.

  • abhishek singh

    Why fear when Arz Bhatia is here 🙂

  • Monster

    How to join the AMAA

  • Henry_Lee_80

    I think it’s good they talked about “harmony between hardware and software”: that kind of integration is what I always hoped OnePlus kept in mind. On the other hand, I didn’t like they did not even mention an estimated deadline for the release of the ROM: I was expecting a “we are giving you THIS and we are giving it to you BEFORE this date” kind of announcement…missing any kind of time reference was a bit of a let-down IMHO.

  • Damn, I was getting warmed up to CM again and am not really a fan of PA because the build off CM themes and other components. Have you guys taken any looks into the OmniROM camp?

  • AppDev12345
  • valentin

    If you need a beta tester to use this ROM and give feedbacks on any improvements I’d love to help, contact me @ [email protected]

  • Arjan Vlek

    Will Cyanogen OS (CMxxS) still be updated in the future? Or are can I expect an OTA update to this firmware??

  • waaa this is awesome
    i really love paranoid android philosophy and i hope that they’ll put it even on this rom 😀

  • Yuvraj Patil

    We are waiting for the most awaited n fastest oxygen ROM…

    Thums Up OPO….

  • Что с прошивкой?
    В России скоро наступит 13-ое февраля…

  • Save India !

    All the best to new OnePlus team.

    Honestly I am super dead due to suffocating just because lack of Oxygen on time 😛

  • Binoy Debnath

    Please ensure that you publish a comparison between current os and oxygen so that we can decide if we want the update.

  • mosky

    Aguardando impaciente esta nueva ROM. Animo, chicos

  • Devansh Arora

    Perfect Decision OnePlus ! First make the ROM Stable and Solid and then release it ! 🙂

  • TechnoBrotha

    For those of us who have remained completely stock, will there be a way to upgrade to OxygenOS from CM12s(or whenever Cyanogen support ends) without being factory reset?”

  • Santonu Barman

    hey how many free theme u have plan to give us?

  • mahanth

    When will be getting the ROM ?

    Any release dates?

  • Karthick

    You guys just rounded up the entire PA gang!!

  • abdou

    uhh man the 1+ is fuc*ked up

  • Mahmoud AlyuDeen

    I understand that it takes time and effort to make and test a stable build and all, but giving a deadline and not delivering is totally your fault.. I wasn’t waiting for it anyway, so I’m not mad. just don’t embarrass yourselves..

  • Flu Ewasruk

    Sorry but i will stay @ PAC-Rom. I am sorry that the partnership with Cyanogen is discontinued…

  • Javed Aslam

    Good things come to people who are willing to wait…All in good time !

  • Carlos Castanheiro

    Is the bacon kernel kexec-patched, to allow multirom in the OpO without the need of a third-party kernel?

  • Bharath Iyer

    The 1 and O.. A full binary set indeed

  • Fazul

    Well said….
    Waiting for stable Oxygen OS

  • Abhijith Pillai

    Well that’s a team which ROCKS…!!! 🙂 And frankly i just wish that the Oxygen ROM will also be true to the company’s tagline
    “NEVER SETTLE” and will be free of all bloatwares and bugs. Take your own sweet time and provide us a SWEET SWEET Oxygen-Lollipop.
    And also i just want to confirm whether the update for the devices in India will be provided through OTA ?
    Hope it will be an OTA update.

  • Daniel Duarte

    Well, we said “No screenshot” and then they update the post with a screenshoot that means nothing. LOL

  • Elliott Weaver

    Sounds great, but the logo looks absolutely awful 😛

  • Harold D Leon

    Android 5.0.2 Confirmed! oh… wait …

  • Seems Promising will love to see it on OnePlus one, and faster updates will increase the demand too

  • Brian Oswald

    Head of the Mobile Product team worked for Microsoft? Eh, no thanks. They’ve already polluted Cyanogen with their dirty money.

  • Oxygen Os :-

  • Daniyal Ahmed

    I am hugely disappointed I have no interest in looking at the faces making the ROM. I want an Update. OnePlus keeps promising and promising and delivers not even the half of what they promise. I did not even get the 11s update. IS THIS THE SO-CALLED announcement that we were waiting for? This is shameful. You have let me down OnePlus.

  • M3ntoR

    I love You OP. But You have not even released cm12s for opo… And am I the only obe that may be thinking that thus new rom will be on one plus two only? XD such fun

  • abdou

    the person on the right is it dude or a girl?!! i am confused *_*

  • Guys,
    I trust in you!
    Good works and Carlo, buon lavoro 😉 !
    ! 🙂 !

  • Brin

    Glad to here that CM isn’t a REAL OS on the grounds that it’s open source 😉

  • Killer


    As we all can see we have a new OS here but my main question about “when we can download this ROM” remained unsolved for me. I wanna know if we will get this Update OTA or not, I have a regional phone rather than a global one (India). Will I get this update or not.

    Cuz all of this of fuzz about creating their own ROM is because of Cyanogen feud with one+ in India.

    It would be bad if One+ disconnects India from their support entirely like CM.

  • Krzysztof Kiprowski

    I hope OxygenOS will be an OTA update

  • Technics

    it feels like the announcement of the powerbench. i’ll not wait mutch longer for it! -.-

  • wlkofdoom

    the only reason i bought this phone was for CM
    i am sticking with CM bacon, 12s has to be out soon
    the nightlys look good

  • Nathan Brown

    They should allow you to update to beta-builds, kind of like a preview. And a easy to use downgrade/down date system to final/finished builds

  • mrcyco

    So is this officially the end of Oneplus one-CyanogenMod is path? Will there be a either/or option?

    Hardware is important, however the OS is the key to making a good phone, great.

    Going to say I love Cyanogen too much to give it up, for the sake of it.

  • NItewynd

    As a current, very happy owner of a 1+, this is not making me comfortable at all. I bought the phone not just because of the hardware, but also because of Cyanogenmod. A team of 19 year old’s building a 0.1 version of an OS sounds really fishy. Besides that, with it being closed source, the only fixes will be made by this tiny team. I do hope that Cyanogen continues to support this phone because I will NOT EVER be installing Ox Again OS.

  • Chuk’ Josh

    I sometimes wonder if people actually read the article before commenting. One Plus intend to makeep sure the ROM is stable before releasing it. I concur with that line of thinking, especially after going through the nightmare if Android L beta release.

    • NItewynd

      Yeah, and M$oft makes sure that all of their builds are stable too. Look what you get from them. And I wonder how many developers they have compared to OnePlus’s 50?

  • John Williams

    I’ve just been skimming the live discussion (5 hours ago). Carl Pei said the phone will not come with Oxygen, it will have to be flashed. He also said that he would be honoured if any developers wanted to port it to other devices. Lot of talk about it not having bloat, and being like Paranoid Android. It will come with Swiftkey, and the new Google Camera, which means we can use that, allegedly, great new Manual Camera Beta app.
    I’m beginning to feel quite excited, but it sounds like weeks, rather than days, to me.

  • DL

    My OPO randomly restarts all the time with every OS build you guys have pushed out. I don’t know if apps (many different apps) are trying to force quit and the OS just decides to restart itself instead. It happens even after clean wipes, factory wipes, reinstall, reupdate, re everything. I think this is a pretty common issue among many OPO users given that I can easily find other users via a Google search. WIll this finally be fixed with OxygenOS? how stable is this OS going to be?

  • magnamentis

    albeit i’m quite sure i’ll stay with my favourit custom rom due to the fact that it runs on all my 7 devices i think the downers here should be a bit more positive if their personality allows for it 🙂

    fact is that the majority of custom rom users have hight respect for PA and mostly user their gapps packages. so if a good part of those rom makers will be responsible for the now OEM software for
    our device it could well be that we shall have the best OS out of the box as compared to all mainstream
    OEMs. further the philosophy behind this to stay user driven makes sense and fits in, while it has to be seen how this will eventually change when the user base grows and thus the dependence from user groups gets reduced. however i find this a good move and despite the fact that the downers were yelling and whining when the hardware was in the making one could say that they kept word. i still find the ONE the best you can get for money and even if it would cost the same like other devices it would not be the worst choice at all. so stay optimistic until proven otherwise which hopefully won’t happen 🙂

  • Go team! Hopefully you got all of CM’s urine washed out of your clothes. With that being said, glad to see you reached down and found a bigger set of balls and pressed on. (Apologies to the bonnie lass on the right!)

  • fr0d0

    Two official ROMs and therefore two official ROMs with full access to hardware and drivers sounds fantastic. Especially with the quality of both teams of developers. The One+ just surpassed all other phones IMO.

  • Javier C

    I was hoping for at least official screenshots of the Rom, but instead we get a Promo Poster of Season 2 of Scorpion Now with Sheldon Cooper Joining the team and helping Create Kangs of CM12. Awesome Job Oneplus!

  • Javier C

    So basically you’re going to hire Kangers. Good strategy.

  • Barry Carey

    What happened with CM? Haven’t been keeping up with it all.

  • Michael Evans

    As long as we still get CM OTA updates I won’t mind. I bought my OPO because its the CM Phone. I dont want Oxygen OS. Without CM, I wouldn’t use the phone.

  • Daniel Romani

    I bought a OPO because of CM and quickly found that, like all stock ROM’s, I needed to root and install a proper CM ROM. Paranoid Android make one of the best ROM’s out there, so I’m quite pleased to see that Oxygen have poached a lot of PA’s people!

  • Alex Alers

    Wow,some people here can be very hard on this young company …They gave us a beast of a phone at an affordable price ,the costumer service may not be the best but it has gotten better I believe. I had to replace a JBL headset ,it took forever but I got a replacement finally. Guess patience is a key and not everyone has it.With that been said I’m curious of what this Oxygen has to offer , plus isn’t a CM12 OTA version supposed to be available soon also? …Options are always a plus.At the end of the day ,its just a phone .,don’t like it .,?There’s plenty of options out there.

  • Techni Smart

    This announcement has my attention. Can’t wait…

  • mclarenfan1968

    Will you guys be doing something great with the camera app? The one with CM is pretty poor when it comes to digital image stabilization (or the lack of). That’s my only issue with my OPO.

  • Shankar Prasad

    Waiting for Oxygen on my Oneplus One….

  • Iphoneadopteer

    That’s funny that one plus is developing a rom based on lollipop 5.0.1. CM already announced they will update the one plus to lollipop. They’re still holding up their end of the deal to offer updates for two years. After that it’s up to OP

  • avinash taria

    when is the oxgyenos getting release ?? by which time of march?? is it more stable and exquisite then kitkat/11s

  • Jesse Jory

    All and all I love my Oneplus One. I’m not so sure why everyone so upset about the OS change I mean if you want CM, aosp, Slim, Paranoid Android, or oxygen OS flash it its not very hard. My only complaint would be some of the things I have read about people trying to get things fixed that they need Oneplus to do so with witch is truly unfortunate because of how amazing the phone has been for me. (Not that there are many companies are very good at being on top of getting peoples devices fixed or at least replying tickets) All and all I can’t wait to see the new OS come out and as for some of the comments about it not being open source I think you will be wrong about that from everything I have seen of Oneplus One I could NOT see them making a closed OS from Google code but hell there is a first for everything. At this rate I will be buying a Oneplus 2 as long as customer support gets better and we see some stability and the new OS witch is more of a plus not a deal breaker because ill just flash something else. I think they need to step it up in the screen durability department for the 1 + 2 witch would be my one BIG suggestion and a SD card slot witch from the rumors we will see that. Still for 300+ compared to anything else with comparable specs at 500+ really 600+ I cant really see where people are complaining. Oh wait people will complain about anything it really doesn’t matter… Well Looking forward to the 1+2 and thanks for the random invite in my Email today Oneplus

  • Will we be given invite for using the ROM too?

  • Kieran olsson

    YES the paranoid android team are heavily involved! Love their roms, and hope they get more recognition 🙂 Keep up the good work, and i’m sure the oneplus devices may be a serious competitor to the nexus line up 🙂

  • Bassam

    Hi OxygenOS team,

    Please make sure to keep these following features in Oxygen OS.
    1. double-tap to sleep the screen

    2. double-tap to wake the screen

    3. Camera gesture ( Draw a circle to activate a Camera)
    4. Flashlight gestures (Draw a “V” to toggle flashlight)
    5. Music gestures also.

    Please check the attached screenshots.


  • Abhishek Mishra

    One thing i love about current os i.e. CM11 is that its highly customizable. You can choose between on-screen buttons and capacitive buttons and so on. Does new os i.e. OxygenOS, will be same (highly customizable) ?

  • Am I the only one who gets the Despicable Me Villain, (Vector) reference in the image of the team? He a spiting image of him too 🙂

  • Oeil54

    Pff, I don’t get the point of redoing yet another “OS”. Going with CM was a good a smart decision, rebuilding yet another one is silly. I’m not saying paranoid Android or oxygenos is bad, but of course is going to hurt customer again since the OS will not be as proof as CM is just because of maturity point of view and community support behind. I was about to buy one, but I’m happy I have not, seeing the direction taken. What is going to be the next u turn? Trying to leverage Windows Modile on it?

    GFL guys.

  • Shubham Meher

    The Oxygen OS logo could be better like 1+ logo if u work hard on it with the help of good designers.

  • Shubham Meher

    I would like to have Cyanogen OS always with 1+1 because according to the logo of Oxygen OS, the ROM would be cheap looking like MIUI.
    Xiaomi devices come with google android versions but their own OS MIUI gives it the very cheap look.
    We don’t want well designed attractive operating system like apple ios but atleast like Google android 4.4 or 5.0 Lollypop in which Cyanogen did a great job, not the cheap looking MIUI for which I didn’t buy Xiaomi phones.

    • Tommi Carr

      Dude they said it’s very stock like experience, much like the motorola phones. It’ll look almost identical to stock Android.

      • Shubham Meher

        But will the updating or rooting process be easy.
        The 1+ designer team said that it would be more confusing which is a bad con unlike the easy rooting of google android versions.
        Its annoying & will create inconvenience while updating the system for Android 5.0 update.
        That’s it…..

  • Shubham Meher

    Also the update installation process & rooting process shouldn’t be so confusing involving many steps which can be reduced by designing a good programming system if new 1+ team can be able to do it for customers convenience as google android & apple ios always do.& 1+ team should do the same if they want to make their customers happy , satisfied & proud.

  • Koushik Sengupta

    The Time And the Android Version Looks so Same 😀 .
    Awesome 🙂

  • Darksurf X

    I love my OPO. Best phone I’ve ever owned. All you whiners about updates, you must have never owned a motoblur phone. The phone is open and you are allowed to flash whatever you like.

    PA is a fantastic ROM (one of my favorite) and it hasn’t released its lollipop version yet either. Keep your unjustified complaints to yourself.

    I owned a find 5 so I know all about broken update promises. All in all, the find 5 was a great phone and PA made it nearly perfect.

  • Haviv Elbaz

    So…you moved from cm team to pa team lol.
    Meybe youll fix the camera lag.. Its run like a camera in a cheap mtk phone on aliexpress.

  • Michael lane

    The people that complain about the OPO most likely do not have one. It’s the best phone dollar for dollar compared to the big boys. I love my OPO. As for problems like yellow screen. Most posted are fraudulent haters. Every new product has some sort of problem and this problem affected very few phones. I actually ran into a guy at best Buy who claimed his was a defective one. When I looked at his OPO I could not see the yellowing but the guy kept seeing it. I think all the negative posts brainwashed him into seeing something that wasn’t there!

  • D(e)ad

    So an announcement that a bunch of kids are working on Software for my phone? Gee Golly that’s swell. I wouldn’t let that group wax my car.

  • Xiaolu

    And… what about OUR CM 12 upgrade? :/

  • Manjunath Padmashali

    O2 is exiting but one can not deny the customization of CM 11 & features of OPO.
    I got my one plus two days ago and to be true still haven’t found such experience and level of customization which I got with MIUI… And one more thing I haven’t used one plus thoroughly. But even with this experience I can strongly say it’s definitely worth the money…

  • jonny

    Excellent phone ,design and spec for a great price.

    People need to put their toys back in their pram and look at the bigger picture. There is now a new team dedicated to this device. Let’s give them a chance to work some magic on a great platform.

  • Rene Lussier

    Any attempt for improvement is good for the community. I have been running CM12 nighties since mid- December. I am happy with it.
    Many who complain about having troubles with it is because they might have failed in following instructions. It’s not easy to follow the instructions the first time you try to unlock boot-locker, install TWR, root and flash a custom ROM. But once you got it right, what a pleasure to upload OTA every few days. I can read the log of improvements and additions. CM12 is great!
    I am looking forward to read the log of Oxygen and find out what they built in the OS. I will probably try it.
    Thanks for introducing the team. Knowing that many members were part of the Paranoid team is reassuring because we know they have good and practical experience.
    I wish them a good success. Happy Chinese New Year to all.

  • somone

    any support for cm themes?

  • Rodrigo Flores

    If i purchase an One plus one today, Will i get this Oxygen Update later?

  • Manny Ellis

    I for one am glad to hear that OnePlus is continuing its development in software updates.
    This convinces me that they are serious in keeping its customers up to date with its latest developments, unlike the mainstream manufacturers, unlike Samsung, LG & Sony when you never know when the next update is coming and the different release dates you get depending on worldly location and/or network.

    I’ve owned numerous phones over the years including all the latest Samsung’s through from the T100 to the latest Note 4, and nothing, but nothing compares to the OPO.

    It IS by far the best phone by a long shot I have ever owned and look forward to all the communication and
    updates from the new OnePlus team.

    Well done guys, and keep up the good work.

  • Good Lord! The amount of negative people that feel over-entitled is astonishing.. What is wrong with people here!? I bet these are the same people that expect full service for a 20 euro plane ticket!
    Building a stable ROM from scratch takes time. CM screwed these guys over, and they had to put together a team quickly. They are trying hard to get this out as soon as they can, but, you dreary c**ts have to moan and bitch about it.. Why don’t you go and moan over at the CM forums because they’re the ones that are taking ages to release CM12/12S.

  • sudheendra

    please don’t buy this phone. I bought it and fellow down screen and
    touch has gone. Visited to service center.They don’t repair because no
    spares available. They are going to replace the phone. For screen they
    are charging 12600/- which is more than half of the price of mobile. No
    proper service. Please don’t buy this phone. Its not even one month over
    purchasing this moblie. Gorrilla glass which should not break. Piece
    problems are there. no justice for this issue.

  • sudheendra

    Before you go new versions or new OS. Please sort out the issues with one plus mobiles. No spares available. Too Expensive for repairs. Every time we cant not effort the expenses which you are charging. How Gorilla glass will break? manufacturing defect is their. Please make sure you think twice before you buy this phone.

  • sudheendra

    you are deleting our comments…fucking asholes

  • sudheendra

    dont buy this phone. you will be in trouble..

  • sudheendra

    i will keep on posting them…

  • sudheendra

    dont buy this phone….

  • sudheendra

    no spares available…

  • sudheendra

    to expensive spares for one plus phone..

  • sudheendra

    keep on deleting man..

  • sudheendra

    repair cant be done…

  • sudheendra

    beware off one plus phones….

  • sudheendra

    delete my comments…I think you are in this process..

  • sudheendra

    if you deleting our comments y u kept this forum??

  • Dilip varma

    Cm 11 is good but cant wait for android 5 update when can indian phones get it

  • Anupam Das

    Will the “no invite required” sale be available in India tomorrow, i.e., tuesday, 17/02/2015?

  • Sava

    Shame. I got one ➕ one because of features, CM and price.

    CM was one major feature I wanted to try. Call quality is still terrible, but I hoped, in vain, that it will be resolved. Soon.

    With a team lucking experience… As I am using this phone as my main business phone, I will have to consider different option.

    My advice to both one ➕ and CM – resolve problems!!!

  • Varun Pratap Singh

    You said it will available in India without any invite.. But today there was no sale.

  • Du

    If I get a OnePlus One now, with CM11S, will I be able to get the OxygenOS ?
    And what if I dind’t liked the “upgrade” to OxygenOS, will I be able to go back to CM11S?

  • Amiya

    Just want to share my thoughts while you build the OXYGEN ROM.
    I have used and done extensive testing on Apple Iphone, Windows phones, Android phones (sony, samsung, CM11s, Moto g) and Symbian phones from Nokia.

    I could easily rate the symbian belle as the most customizable, user friendly, bloat free, and the most important “up to the mark ” OS. In symbian belle all the things were in place, worked the way as per expectation with all the availability and options displayed when you touch anywhere on the screen for a little long than a usual touch. Be it the widjets or the icons, the notification methods for messsages, mails or the calender, the pop ups, call options, camera options/settings, themes, the symbian belle beats them all.
    If you haven’t tested it then you should once give it a thought and some time. There is a lot to learn from this Nokia’s brilliant OS. Unfortunately due to this huge inclination towards the Android OS these phones were left out and not many people know about this Os. I give the second place to Sony/Touchwiz

  • Prashanth Baht

    Anyone wants domain ? plz contact @ [email protected]

  • Owen Densmore

    I got the OPO because the comparable iPhone 6+ was roughly $850! .. and I also wanted to see what the android ecology was like. Its a trade off, Polish vs Price, Apple vs Google. I live in the google ecology (gmail, search, javascript dev, google docs, etc.) so CM makes that easy.

    I think CM has a lot of rough edges (camera seems w/o stabilization even with HDR). But then, so does Google, so maybe OxygenOS is a good idea. It can’t really get worse, they’re starting with base android, so all they have to do is polish it. Lets hope!

  • TekBoi

    I hate CM, never used it anyway. The first thing I did when I got my OPO was to install ParanoidAndroid.

    This is great news.

  • Riddlemethis

    i am still in the dark on wtf is oxygenOS. anything that is so ambiguous like this OS and coming from china, surely can’t be a good thing.

  • Pradeep Mendu

    Just now I sign in in this blog…… After reading the forums I am too excited to have OnePlus… But 🙁 no invite I have……

  • Anonymous

    what happened to cyanogen mod because i really like the features of cyanogen mod 11s and cyanogen mod 12 was just around the corner and then now OnePlus said that they will be releasing oxygen OS i really want oxygen to have the features that cyanogen mod had like the on screen gestures and the options that you could switch between of screen and on screen buttons and the theme store! but i am sort of looking forward to seeing what Oxygen OS looks like and hopefully has more unique features.

  • gogoboy

    I assume this will be standard 64bit?

  • Jitender Soni

    Please do whatsever u like but improve camera picture quality so poor . Asus zenfone 5 which come in 7000₹ camera 8mp picture is too good and sharper but opo camera is waste. Please take care in this issue.

    Thanking you
    Jitender soni

  • KK

    Would Oxygen OS support “Encrypt Phone” functionality? A must for corp mails and calendar still many vendor skip this feature.

  • Aman saini

    Waiting eagerly for the lollipop update and work of oxygen os team.

  • Joseph Montoya

    I have tried giving up my OPO for the new LG G3 I had it for little over week and took it back. It was garbage. I look at other phones that are out there and nothing even come close to my OPO. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to all the new and exciting things the oneplus oxygen team will bring us.

  • Vaibhav Singh

    I want you guys to keep up the good work.. But Camera quality and call quality are two things which are supposed to be improved,
    And some of the features of cyanogen mod were the only reasons of buying opo… Please keep some of the important features of cm 11s… Looking forward for a buttery smooth and high end os with tons of new features… Cheers

  • Alen Franklin

    Oxygen OS wont be available in India?

  • Renascienza

    You have a super-heroes team.

  • Anand Reddy

    How about giving an opportunity for some lucky folks to crowd test the Oxygen rom and take collective feedback or notify any bugs, thus making it more stable and hassle free once launched officially ! 🙂

  • surbhit

    When will Oxygen OS be ready for Indian users as they don’t get CM updates either

  • brkrishna

    I am planning to buy Indian version One now. So when ever they release Oxygen OS update will I be able to download it to my phone? Or should I wait till they release the new version? Please reply friends.

    • djpearl13

      it will not be OTA update.

      • brkrishna

        if not OTA, there is a facility to update ourselves?

  • Arjun Patel

    Bad strucking xperiance in cm12 L and poor performance in processing and loading of big bundled game….

  • Thomas John

    Hey guys needed some help here..Will the oxygen OS be out in India as well with them block out CM??

  • YT Zhang

    Will it be GMS-certified?

  • Dave12308

    They can’t even sell a device correctly and they want to make a ROM? No thanks, I want a ROM from someone who knows what they are doing.

  • keyhan

    What languages will it support? Will it support Farsi for example?

  • great…waiting for the rom release

  • Eekk Eekk

    i will flash cyanogenmod 12 thanks a lot dumb

  • Wriju Bharadwaj

    So what guys are we to understand that Oxygen OS is an elaborate April Fool’s day joke?????

  • Rick Dufraine

    I have had my ONE Plus for 6 months and bought one for my wife and each of my 2 daughters for Christmas. We all love our phones and have had no issues. Delivery was very quick and I just don’t see what people are complaining about . Being able to by such a great phone at a very reasonable price that is unlocked is just awesome. I was able to keep my monthly plan with a discount for having my own phone which saves me a lot of cash.I have had I phones Samsung’s Motorola’s and LG’s. They all have had their own little quirks. To sum it up there is an old saying ” you can’t please everybody” . But my guess is the people at ONE PLUS ONE have pleased a lot of us. Cheers!!!

  • The oxygenos is not working, after flash the rom a black screen will show , and i cant do notting.

    anybody this problem?

  • Levi Zortman

    I just want to say thank you to the Oxygen team. I am very happy that you guys have put together a clean and STABLE OS for my phone. Seeing the endless list of CM12 bugs really makes me appreciate that you guys came on board to OnePlus. Don’t listen to the haters. Keep doing what you’re doing.

  • sandip khanvilkar

    flashed oxygen with high expectation set by hardware standards. ROM is good but needs further improvement especially battery drainage and open user customization. After flashing back to slimkat it started giving issue. called up CS to know that there is no ( official) way of rollback to cynogen !!!!!!!
    Neither battery drainage with “Google services” is fixed … what a situation !!
    too many bricks reported who tried to rollback …. lol

  • Of course, this is just me and my little opinion. Someone else doesn’t mind about these ‘little’ things. And thats also ok.

  • i guess everyone’s tolerances are different. lots of posts online complaining on how the 1+1 has issues…mostly to do with CM. and now they’re creating their own OS? that’s really messed up thinking.

  • Of course, this is just me and my little opinion. Someone else doesn’t mind about these ‘little’ things. And thats also ok.

  • Actually, the CM11 isn’t poor at all. It’s actually quite brilliant. Especially compared to TW and all of samsungs bloatware. IMHO of course.

  • yeah but then again, OPO said “never settle”. So that’s kind of a reflection of how we tend to crave for more than we already have.

  • why would you want to do that? most of us just want something that runs well and easily. most of us aren’t geeks or nerds who tinker with their devices like changing ROMS, rooting, etc.

  • Zeus

    eagerly waition for OxygenOS on my opo as Blisspop rom , considered the best but behaves poorly when it comes to battery even though i have disabled awake in privacy guard for play services… but lets see…

  • Prrashanth

    hi guys!! i have one request. in next update for one plus 3 include the selfie flash. optic amoled screen produces more light for selfies!!

  • Nice. Good post what I’ve stumbled on