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December 17 2014 | By: Carl
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I remember perfectly where we were exactly one year ago today.

Seven of us, the whole of the OnePlus Global team at the time, sat around one computer and watched as went live for the first time. A press release was sent, our forums went up and just like that, OnePlus was born.

Anyone who has ever been involved in a startup will have a good idea of what this year has been like for us. It’s a constant sprint. Your colleagues become family. Every day you put out fires, celebrate small wins and try to remember to soak in all that’s happening around you.

As you all know, since the inception of OnePlus, we have enjoyed successes but also experienced roadbumps. As is usually the case, we kept learning while moving forward, and are a lot wiser now than a year ago.

1. Know what problem you’re solving

We started OnePlus with a simple idea in mind, create legendary products and treat customers like friends. We thought we could build something better, but knew we could never tackle the giants of the industry by sticking to the status quo. We chose an uncertain business model and made some risky decisions to help us survive (hello, invite system). It’s a brand new way of thinking about things, but we’re confident that as long as we’re solving a problem for users, we’ll continue to grow.

2. Find your community

We launched our company in December and announced our first device in April. We didn’t have the time or resources to convince the general public to buy our phone, and it wouldn’t have been effective if we did. After all, it takes a certain kind of person to buy their phone online from a brand new, unproven company.

So, we identified our core audience and did everything in our power to reach you. Knowing that early adopters and true tech enthusiasts are the ones brave enough to take a chance on a device like this, we pushed our story and vision in blogs specifically related to the industry. Slowly, we saw you joining our online forum and engaging in discussions about phones, technology, and even daily life. One thread showed up early: the Random Nonsense Club (hey, RNC!). They’re still going strong and have forged strong friendships, chatting about anything you could imagine. Groups like this showed us that the OnePlus community would be something special.

At first, the community was small. But it was always enthusiastic, well informed and a remarkable source of feedback. Our forums are much larger now (over 400k registered members) but our goal is the same: stay as engaged and transparent as possible.

3. Be confident

We’ve often been called arrogant or cocky. We know why. But we also know that if we hadn’t made waves fast, we may not have survived. With just four months to build momentum and attention before launching the One, we rallied people around the slogan “Never Settle”, a phrase that hardly lowers expectations.

We posted graphics highlighting the issues we saw in the market; we heralded the incredible design and specs that our phone would feature; in short, we made huge promises months before we could back them up with a physical product. It was risky, but it made people listen and demonstrated just how strongly we believed in what we could do for users.

It’s one thing creating a product you really like, and another thing to have the market agree. Lucky for us, the you guys loved our first product.

4. But own up when you’re wrong

We’ve certainly made our fair share of mistakes. When we do, we work to fix them as fast as possible, because actions speak louder than words. Other issues, like production volume, can’t be improved with the snap of our fingers. But we think it’s important to admit when we’re wrong and stay as transparent as possible. We’re never going to be perfect, especially as a young company facing new “firsts” every day, but we’re continuing to learn and improve.

5. Stay human

Everyone at OnePlus works extremely hard. For a full year, we’ve been averaging 12 hour days, six days a week. When you’re sitting in front of a computer that much, surrounded by the same people every day with to-do lists stacked around you, it can be difficult to keep perspective.

We decided to host fan gatherings to stay connected to our users, but also just to get a chance to hang out with like-minded people. At our fan gatherings, we have the privilege of hearing great feedback about OnePlus and indulging in long discussions about our shared passions. We’ve gotten to meet people from all over the world and make amazing new friendships that we know will last beyond any job or product lifecycle.

This is also the reason for the weekly updates we write on the forums. You’re as big a part of building this company as we are, and we want you to know exactly what we’ve been up to each week. Just a couple days ago, we also launched our Vine account to further increase the dialogue with our fans.

6. Service is the key

If we could go back to the beginning and start all over again, the number one thing we’d change is how quickly we grew our support team. We simply didn’t scale it as quickly as we needed to to offer all our users a positive experience.

Our top focus is our product and our users. Prioritizing our users means prioritizing the level of support we offer, and that’s where we’re placing most of our resources at the moment. In the past month, we’ve doubled the size of our team and will keep hiring until we can provide the users the level of support they expect and deserve.

7. Have fun

You may be picking up on a theme: this year was hard. But it was also incredible. Just a few of the things we’ve had the honor of celebrating:

– Launching a brand new company
– Launching a brand new device
– Two trending topics on Twitter at launch
– 140k+ applications for Smash the Past
– 400k+ forum users in one year
– Expanding to our first new country, India
– Almost 1 million Facebook fans in one year

We also try to have fun at work. Office culture is very important to us, especially given that we work as much as we do. In the last year, we’ve adopted a puppy, built a game room, learned a Bollywood dance and thrown a bunch of parties. Tonight, we’re having another party in Hong Kong to celebrate a year gone by and what’s ahead.

8. Keep ‘em guessing

This year was incredible, but now it’s time for what’s next. We won’t try to replicate 2014; we’ll try to be better. We’re growing, evolving, hiring and building brand new products – all kinds.

We can’t tell you much…yet. But we promise big surprises for 2015.

  • Saumil

    Congratulations on turning one, looking forward for the upcoming surprises, a happy customer.. Keep up the good work..

  • Sam

    Congrats on completing first One.. Wishing the One+ years coming in future be bright for both the company and the customers.

  • Congratulations!

  • Black Hole

    Please tell us, how many early members you have banned who spoke absolute 100% truth which you did not like? You used your fans to grow and ditched them in the middle.

  • pirata_1985

    Happy bday

  • Lorenzo Carullo

    So this is it? not new announcements of updates/devices?

    WHEN WE HAVE A NEW UPDATES????? We are the last receiving lollipop, even lg g3 receives.

    I have no words….

    • Aidan

      I’ve had lollipop on mine for months 😉

  • Congrats and Happy Birthday!!

  • Will Fawthrop

    Holy fuk did I just watch a one year hypocrisy video? Or an apple commercial? There my apples in this op android video than in my super market.

  • tmikaeld

    Why are you abandoning Cyanogenmod? Please don’t tell me that your custom ROM will be closed source, then I’ll send back my just-ordered phone asap! The whole reason i ordered this phone was because of Cyanogenmod!

  • B KING

    Wish you many more decades….. Happy birthday one n only one plus one

  • Congratulation!!!

  • ChromePowaaa’

    Happy Biryhday and thank you for keeping your will to produce a good product for us. Keep going One Plus !

  • I have to first congratulate OnePlus for the wonderful year. OP has not just given us a great #SmartPhonekiller, they have also educate most of us what Marketing really are. Not just by throwing in money or recruiting people from other successful companies (ahemmmm XIAOMI).

    Well done chaps! And really looking forward to 2015 with you.

  • luckylax

    Congratulations and Happy Birthday 🙂

  • Dark Moyan

    Really Excited for the Latest ROM. Can’t wait.
    Thanks and Remember “Never Settle”

  • Alberto Giudice

    Thank you for mentioning my RNC Carl, it was a honour hanging out with you both in the forums and in real life during 2014! Best wishes to all the OnePlus staff, may the company prosper for a very long time.
    Keep it up! 🙂

    • Rüdiger Leupold

      Hossa Carl, OnePlus, Alberto, RNC. For me OnePlus and the RNC made the year 2014 to a very special year, with true new friends. I’m very happy to be part of it, to be in this family of friends.
      I wish both OnePlus, all staff members, and our RNC core group, some more great and greater coming years.

      All the best from Cologne,

      Rudi, script, captain.

    • Adam K

      Carl, we are honored that you remembered and mentioned us. We are a family now, and all of us a better for it. You and your team have changed all of our lives for the better! Albè, thank you for starting our RNC™ family that has grown so huge. Hope we hear more from the team Soon™

    • Telugu Mp

      i need one plus one invite..i am from india

  • Morrrison

    Happy birthday…

  • Happy Birthday! Way to go.

  • gmstyle

    Happy B Guys!!! 😉

  • Manish

    I have the opportunity to meet Pete and Carl Personally…And they are one of the most humble human beings I have ever met.. They have a clear approach towards what they do 🙂 At India Launch event I asked Pete – What do you think which company is your competitor ? He said – I am Competing with myself and Expectation of our Fan is the biggest competitor and motivator both….Happy Bday Oneplus 🙂 Love You Guys 🙂

  • Sharath

    Amazing work from amazon.

  • one for me

    My heartly congratulations to all members of oneplus!!! You did a great job

  • Srikanth

    you guys are doing a great work! Keep it up…….

  • Rob Sav

    Happy Bithday & best wishes OnePlus Team…..
    You did a great job…. seriously!

    Best Regards & Maxximum Respect
    Rob sAv

    P.S. I LOVE MY OPO …..

  • Wilfried W. A. Linse

    Congratulations to all of you for this marvelous job and thank you for that best phone of the world …

  • limbopope

    Hmm I can only hope for OnePlus that after a year the have learned the biggest lesson they need to learn

    Have a better staffed customer support team

    This is my on going struggle with a company I was proud to support

    I bought my OPO at the end of July. All was going well until about six weeks in random reboots started to become noticeable. If I had more sense at the time I would have immediately filled for a paypal dispute even though I was a few days outside the 45 day window. Instead I contacted customer support. As pointed out by Rich and many others it was the classic two week wait for a reply. In that time I had filled over fifty bug reports related to random reboot instances and reported to the Cyanogen Mod JIRA project page to find a solution. Then I proceeded to factory reset…flash different kernels…operate under ART…etc etc. things that I wouldn’t expect a regular customer to do. Then again I think most customers of this phone are those that would be able to do all this. Customer support finally got in contact and suggested remote access to flash the software themselves so let them take control of my pc and flashed the software. Following this they asked me to wait for a software update. Of course it goes without saying the random reboots at each stage are not being resolved and are in fact getting worse with at least 10 per day and at worst counted 25 and two soft bricks where I had to wipe the phone and reset. Over 150 bug reports and one plus still was asking me to be patient. The response was at best 2 hours at worst a week. So eventually after 3 serious threats of opening a VISA dispute they agreed to replace my phone. Issue was opened the start of September. over 50 emails later, many software attempts to fix the phone, over 150 filed bug reports and me on several occasions threatening them with VISA action and it is mid November and they agree to replace the device.
    As a side note I’m in Ireland and they wouldn’t collect it for free so I had to send it at my own cost. Once they receive it in the UK they will send the replacement. As of now my current communication with Edward of customer care is returning mailer daemon messages and can’t get in contact with them and my old phone is in the hands of OnePlus for the last 10 days. Since I can’t tell Edward to activate the order for the replacement on the account it has left me no choice but to file a new ticket.

    So basically to summarise OnePlus have my old phone, have my money and can’t be contacted by customer support. I have clearly stated in the new ticket submitted that I am opening a VISA dispute in 4 days if there is failure to respond. I have been more than patient. Just over 3 months of customer care and now I just have less money in the end. It at least is negligent and at worse borders on fraudulent.

    It’s been an experience. I’ve learned lots about how customer service should and shouldn’t work and learned loads on XDA trying to fix the phone but no mater how positively I try to view it I’m left with a rather bitter note. I had two friends purchase a OPO also and they have no problems and I see them everyday. Despite my fervent fan service to these guys I get given the run around for over two months and know some who are still waiting on replies even because they are being too polite. I had to literally give them an ultimatum in one email that if the next email was not offering refund or replacement I would immediately go to VISA. They wouldn’t acknowledge the threat of VISA action but it would push there responses that little bit. But most people are very happy with their units. I was lucky to get an invite and had equal bad luck in getting a defective one. As advice for anyone else I would say that if after 30 days you have the slightest suspicion about your device contact support, give them a week to respond and state that you will have to Paypal dispute the issue if they don’t reply as you’ll lose you opportunity to file for one. If they don’t reply in a week file the dispute, get your money back and wash your hands of their terrible seemingly understaffed customer support.
    Great phone just remember you have to be lucky twice.

  • In 2024 i want to drive OnePlus Car ‘-‘

    • limbopope

      It might reboot and you’ll crash headlong into a lorry

  • Manjunath M

    is there job for me… ?
    in oneplus one…
    Please …

  • Stephane

    Thanks for my birthday present. I could not have imagine that you will open free sales on this special day. Never settle.

  • Leo M

    This phone is Great! Showed it to an IPhone 6 Plus user and she was turning Green and spiting with jealousy! Lol!

  • bhaskarsv30

    Hi Namaste ONE Team.! This is the Indian way of Saying I respect and bow to the in ONE ( omnipotent ) in you. You have proved what ONE can do if only ONE has a vision to tread a new path. I wish u all the luck into the future. Being a Lawyer myself I cant stop myself wondering ” Why you could not forsee the legal problem cropping up here in India and filed a very simple Caveat in all the HIGH Courts and the Supreme Court of India which would have cost you very little and gave u a lot of peace of mind.” Anyway you will overcome this,. Happy birthday. Bhaskar

  • Teqnix

    Happy Birthday!

  • sjraman79

    Wish you all the success for the next year. Our support will be there ever.

  • Darnell

    Congrats on an awesome year

  • waylay

    It’s a birthday. But not so Happy for the customers who bought this phone. This year has been filled with open support tickets with no response, defective devices, months to get a RMA, virtually zero communication. It’s not time to celebrate, it’s time to issue RMA’s and support for the thousands of people who have been left in the cold with a unusable phone

  • Roshan Rao

    Congratulations to everyone at One plus team. I have been fortunate to touch one plus once. Unfortunately one plus doesn’t sell in Qatar and I cannot find it in India as well. Anyways God Bless the team at One Plus.

  • slayer

    What about the ONEPLUS SMARTWATCH guys? 🙁

  • Paul Turner II

    I’m super happy for you guys and gals. Enjoy your product, can’t recommend it enough! Happy holidays and a great new year with more of what’s to come from you! Never Settle!

  • Anjoem Ismail

    Happy Birthday OnePlus! I believe that you have achieved so much this past year and that you’ll continue delivering what the people want! Happy Plusing! How about setting up a warehouse in South Africa. I could even assist in getting it up and running! Lemme know, i would like to be part of this revolution!

  • Livinston Joseph Pato

    Congrats Oneplus Team for a most deserved success globally. Wishing you all success in future and Happy 1st Anniversary….

  • Abrax

    That is awesome! Today is my birthday too!

  • Lance Dao

    Congratulations. Can I have I an invitation to get the One+1 phone:)

  • Rakesh

    Happy B’day 1+1 Wishing you success in every steps you take…

  • p.s.k.nagalakshmi


  • Abhinav Singh

    Sucks that Micromax took CyanogenMod rights in India and delayed your selling there. Hopefully you’ll get back in with your new custom ROM.

  • Abhinav Singh

    Happy birthday guys! When I got this phone, my parents were unsure trusting a new company. However, I think you guys have convinced them, and now my dad wants an OPO too! Keep up the amazing work and good luck with all your future projects

  • Arisandy Aji


  • Ravi Dubey

    Congratulations I joined the forum in April and made a Wish of getting this product my journey with OnePlus One has been Superb till date. Looking out for great products with the mantra Never Settle.

  • hekurankadolli

    Hi guy
    I’m fans of ONEPLUS and I have ONEPLUS ONE, i suggest the next phase to ONEPLUS TWO to be DualSIM ?!

    I wish all the best

  • Ricardo Decend

    Great team! Keep going. I can imagine what an exciting time it must be for you all. Jeolous of being part of it! But with my 1:1 I feel a litte part of it:-)

  • angelique kerkhoffs

    This is a posting I wrote on August 14th in the Development thread of the OnePlus Forums

    Dear all,

    The impact of the personal involvement you unleashed in the OnePlus Forums is overwhelming.
    Observing it from the start, it seems that a majority of those looking for the fastest track to an invite, by begging, bribing or simply being obtrusive is now tending toward a less egocentric involvement, showing more agreeable human features like listening and helping instead of demanding and yelling.
    On the whole you orchestrated this proces well. I’m convinced that the turning point is palpable in the data stream you generate on a daily basis.

    I wonder what you intentions for the Forums future are, how to hold on to commitment and regulate enthusiasm and goodwill of OnePlus users and owners.
    Will there gradually be a new scope, a OnePlus Channel for instance, where experienced users can upload tutorials of their OnePlus usage, or a Mentoring Plan, were a OnePlus owner is assigned to a newbie to get the utmost out of the new phone, or special OnePlus interest groups. The possibilities are numerous if you want to hold on to or expand the Forum expertise as an After Sale experience.

    As a Technology Enhanced Learning expert, specialized in optimizing user experiences,
    I would be happy to share my thoughts with you.

  • Chandra Shekhar

    The baby has turned One. Happy B’day OnePlus. Expecting OnePlus Two before you turn Two. Never Settle!

  • Flip Jumpman

    OnePlus is the shizznit!

    Happy birthday and many more to come!

  • hbx

    What’s the point of sending out an “1 year open sales party”, when it’s impossible to order the 1+ from Sweden?
    The website says that i need an invite!

    [email protected]

  • Sam Nicko

    Happy 1st OnePlus You’re AWESOME!

  • King Solo

    What a year for you guys. Inspirational. Good luck on the coming year.

  • Konstantin Denishev

    Happy Birthday chaps! i just received my first oneplus device yesterday I had Note 4, i am stunned from your creation the Note 4 went for a present today 🙂 will stick with Oneplus! a true Flagship KILLER! Amazing product, Amazing ! just lost for words!!!

  • Leo Docent

    I hope your phones are better than your emails. I received a mail with an “open sales” But where’s the button to buy a One+.

    • Didier Sertijn

      As long as stock lasts, I see over here in Belgium a buy button.
      If outta stock, it goes back to invitation mode I guess.


  • Matthew

    9. Simplify rooting procedure

  • Stanley

    I was introduced to one plus one phone by some dude at Seattle airport while waiting for my flight to San Jose. This phone looks amazing. Please send me an invite to buy one and I will have more to say then. Happy belated birthday by the way.



  • patstar5

    I hope they make more styleswap covers to sell and a waterproof case

  • jerco3000

    Happy B! OnePlus from CHILE!!!

  • N030de3

    If you guys keep the work going on with the same mission and commitment to never settle and be the best, you got yourself a loyal customer. And yes, I will push more people to buy your products, provided you always establish your position in unique ways. Your invite system marketing strategy, makes owners feel special about their product. And it is very smart because you always control your production and inventory, and you won’t need to make your products drop prices at rockbottom like other manufacturers do due to their over estimations in manufacturing.

  • Helen Shih

    Just stumbled on you guys!! I am so fascinated by your passion and your journey! Congratulations!

  • Sutheat Tim

    Congrats, you succeeded in arousing my curiosity about the product and am looking forward to getting mine to see for myself what all the fuss is about. Will report on effect of cold environment use from the north pole where I am. 🙂

  • Montry

    Actually i feel awesome when i see your phone OnePlus one. I’ve try lot of smart phones. but this is incredible for me. This is a great phone.
    This is my First message i send to you. i think i can send more and more while you people go on.
    Thanks and Happy belated birthday.
    Best wishes and expecting much more achievements.

  • Michael Evans

    Do not make your own ROM. Keep good relationships with CM. CM11 is the best part about this phone.

  • Tomas Starzynski

    living in sweden, been following your progress since you started with great anticipation.. but unfortunately, ONE year later, and I am still not able to purchase a OnePlus phone anywhere.. 🙁
    so I feel disapointed.. sorry… happy that you had a great year and all. But for a consumer to not being able to buy your phone for a entire year.. I’m sorry but thats EPIC failure in my eyes..

  • Fabio

    on 17th I bought my Oneplusone, like gift for your 1th anniversary. I hope I’ll win your gift for my wifw 🙂

  • mmislam72

    I purchased two sets last November and unfortunately one set is not working from day 1 and I’m trying to contact customer support to send back the set but still no luck please advise…..

  • Gaurav. Jay.schwarzenegger

    thx a ton for such a wounder full piece.could never get one wth such beast specs.but u made it friends n family loved it.

  • shilv

    I won’t buy OnePlus One… I’m waiting for One Plus Two (which should have ‘3’ in a logo 😉 ). Don’t let me down… I’m waiting!

  • Benny

    How can i get invite?

  • Sedat Neljovic

    Does Anyone know when a new set of invites will be out? been dying to get my hands on this phone…cant plz. send out more invites.

  • Emerson

    really want to give congratulations to the whole team!

    unfortunately could not be asked to buy, to test power

    and difulgar the brand in Brazil

  • Danime

    Good device received as Gift.

    Many expectation on it and it’s acomplishing some of them, aweseme baterry capacity, power ful procesor end high features like “flagships” but in order to be the ONE costumers and users must be listened.

    Switched on two days ago due to cyanogen and android/google systems and some apps moving data (contacts, calendar. sms..) was quite easy. What happen with acents and letter ñ on Spanish Language they are not working properly for example in contact names…

    Related with device NFC, GPS, WiFI are launched quick offering and good experience conecting and navigating.
    BUT is really dispointed take a look to bottom are on screen where “yellow área” appears on White backgrounds (most of blogs, wbs and newspapers are designed on White background)

    When I saw two LEDs light at the bach for the camer (Sony Lens) I thought that my mobile could be used like a lighthouse, but such two Leds have a por green/grey like. My previos mobile (only one LED is providing more light. It’s a pity cause launcher was well thought with a light/lamp app.

    I hope to enjoy my mobile, but OnePlus Staff must support for that. The passion that you show for job will allow to be ONE but do not forget your costumers/users.

  • Serban Andrei

    I need some help!
    I just start to use oneplus and I can’t view my birthday contacts in my calendar.
    what I am doing wrong?
    thank you

  • I hope your phones are better than your emails. I received a mail with an “open sales” But where’s the button to buy a One+.

  • really want to give congratulations to the whole team!

  • I hope your phones are better than your emails. I received a mail with an “open sales” But where’s the button to buy a One+.

  • I hope your phones are better than your emails. I received a mail with an “open sales” But where’s the button to buy a One+.