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December 16 2014 | By: Bridget
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Things are moving quickly at OnePlus, and we are eagerly looking towards the future. But as the end of 2014 draws near, we’ve found ourselves also looking back at the year gone by. With so many people still discovering the One for the first time, it’s hard to believe that it was launched back in April.

In that time, we have grown our Global team from 10 members to 50, added an increasing line of accessories, including our new JBL E1+ earphones, and have expanded to India with a brand new team and physical presence.

OnePlus has made great strides as a company but we are first and foremost focused on our product. We have actively continued to improve upon the One for an ever-evolving user experience. Recently, through the software partnership with Cyanogen, we focused on enhancing the camera experience by adding Clear Image for improved shots and implementing the ability to take RAW photos. With the upcoming OTA to our global devices, we’re packing in even more features that can completely change and improve the way you use your One.

Though still weeks away, you’ll find our next major update in January from Cyanogen transforming your audio and listening experience. That’s because OnePlus has partnered with our friends at Waves Audio, a GRAMMY Award® winning company, to bring their innovative MaxxAudio® technology to the One. The product and engineering team at Cyanogen have integrated MaxxAudio’s sound enhancement technologies on the One to deliver a truly amazing sound experience.

IMG-20141208-WA0008 (1)

“Waves is thrilled to be a part of the latest device and updates from OnePlus as we share their passion to provide the highest quality of performance to improve end-user experiences in the mobile arena,” says Tomer Elbaz, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Waves Consumer Division.

MaxxAudio is a suite of psychoacoustic sound enhancement technologies which enable production of deeper bass, clearer highs, louder volume levels and more immersive sound from speakers, headphones and connected Bluetooth devices. This allows for a more detailed and clearly defined listening experience.

“As an audiophile, I’m personally excited about the audio sound quality that you just don’t get on mobile devices,” said Steve Kondik, CTO of Cyanogen Inc. “Our team worked closely with MaxxAudio to perfect the software integration through the new version of the AudioFX app we developed.”

Integrated directly into AudioFX, MaxxAudio is specifically custom tuned for the OnePlus One’s speakers and our own Silver Bullet and JBL E1+ headphones. You can now enjoy 10 different equalizer presets ranging from classical music all the way to jazz, heavy metal or hip hop. You can also control your own audio by tuning the amount of bass, treble and headphone spaciousness as you prefer.

With MaxxAudio, the One’s sonic performance is even better. You’ll hardly believe the sound you’re getting from your phone.

“With MaxxAudio from Waves, we are upping the bar on smartphone audio quality and customization,” says Carl Pei, co-founder and Director of OnePlus Global. “The One will continue to surprise users. This is just one of the many exciting updates we’ve got in store.”

About MAXX® Technologies by Waves
Maxx by Waves is revolutionizing sound performance on PCs, TVs, speakers, tablets and mobile devices the world over. By implementing professional-grade audio digital signal processing (DSP) technologies on a broad range of devices, Waves is putting professional, studio-quality processors directly into the hands of users, and setting new sonic standards. The world’s leading developer of audio DSP Technologies for the music, movies, games, broadcast, and electronics industries and a recipient of a Technical GRAMMY Award®, Waves is the one-stop-solution for top OEMs, including Dell, Asus, LG, Oppo, Denon and more, offering an extensive portfolio of innovative sound-design technologies to address all the audio challenges of the consumer market. Learn more at and

  • Ronoldo W.

    Great news!

  • Radha Lokesh


  • Teqnix

    Hurray! ^~^/

  • Ken

    Oneplus has once again kept their fans on the edge of their seats! Great news!

  • very nice!…:)

  • Morize


  • Shafik

    Could quality of slow motion camera in one plus one enhanced by software updates??

  • kanto

    So it begins. One plus two is gonna be full of bloatware. ;P

    • Just stop writing. No more. This is just Audio FX getting an improvement.


      • John

        Really? Will it work with other apps than Google Play? LOL

        • René Borgen Thomsen

          The EQ that is on the OnePlus One atm. works with everything.. so why wouldn’t the new one?

          • freddie andersson

            Dosent work with all apps im afraid, most major apps work with it though

      • kanto

        Well it’s sponsored application.
        There are already dozens of different eq:s at market if one wants to install one.

  • Kevin

    Ooooh another update 😮 please ladies and gentlemen contain your nerdgasms

  • Tamás Kőszegi

    Will it work with PowerAmp? Because the default FXAudio in the CM11 44s only works with the Play Music app, which is kinda shameful 🙁

    • B4kken

      AduioFX works with spotify too.. strange

    • it works, you simply have to enable it in Poweramp settings 🙂

      • Tamás Kőszegi

        Well… I can’t find it. Could you help? 🙂

        • Settings, audio, advanced, music fx 🙂

    • edifyhimdaily

      FX audio works with PowerAmp on the OPO. Go to the equalizer and press and hold the MusicFX button

      • Tamás Kőszegi

        Thanks a lot guys, I thought its just a sub-menu for StereoX and Volume. My life is changed 😛

    • echoii

      Works fine with apollo and spotify

  • Darren486

    hmmm…. i was expecting lollipop earlier(begining of jan), but seems like this is not happening… and by the looks of the above screen shot, it seems like this app is still on kitkat, so the next update is still on CM11S?

    • Given the fact that Cyanogen/OnePlus stated that the OnePlus One will receive Lollipop within 3 months of Lollipop release, I would expect the next OTA in January to indeed be Lollipop. If not, then they have until February. The above screenshot would not reveal what CM12s (or Cyanogen OS) would look like because that would give some of it away. This is most likely the app just side-loaded onto a current build.

      • Aswin

        Will OPO India Users will get update via OTA or flash zips will be available in the ?

      • John Motschenbacher

        They have …until they get it out…the time frame is not a guarantee.jidging from my night lies I done expect anything until Feb to march. It will come when its ready not in the window provided

    • Robert Gualtieri

      If you don’t already know there are some bugs in Lollipop. I have the Nexus 5 and I’ve had some issues with the Lollipop update. It might be better if OnePlus rolls out Lollipop after Google fixes the bugs.

      • Ross Brown

        These already got fixed.

        • The Manhatten

          main bug, memory leak is not fixed and still ram management not cool, we should except those updates in 5.1

  • masoud

    Good to hear that. Actually the sound quality is a major satisfaction factor for me. Personally I care a lot to the quality of what I’m listening to. As I compared, the One is significantly superior to Samsung’s Note 3 in terms of audio output. So fingers crossed for a better music experience! Thrilled!

  • Asmit

    Will Indian users get these updates?

  • Neil Bates

    I have just bought one and will be putting the app to the test as I am abit deaf

  • Anirudh Niyogi

    By Global device you mean not India Right ? We Indians are part of the Globe too you know ?

    • Sanch Kumar

      Dude stop freaking our and just flash the CM rom!! Warranty won’t be voided! And it’s very simple to do, trust me

      • kesh4namo

        Guys…. plzz need me a damn invite

    • askast

      Dude! Why so insecure?

    • hnnng

      I’m sorry, I read that in an extremely racist voice.

    • r4ymonf

      Quit complaining. We realize you’re a part of the globe.

      The “incident” isn’t OnePlus’s fault, it’s Cyanogen trying to get money. It’s called greed.

      Just flash the normal CM ROM or update manually.

  • Namab

    Very nice 🙂

  • JohnnyOddSmile

    When!?!?!? I can wait!

  • joop558

    Wow exciting News, can not wait to hear the New musical sound from my one. Can anybody confirm that bluetooth supports aptx?

    • Paul Kelley

      There are blue tooth speakers that can handle aptx however the One does not have aptx.

      • joop558

        Yes My soundbar supports aptx, Q acoustics media 4, but a pitty that the one does not. Thanks anyway for your reply.

  • Mark Blokker

    Maxxaudio on my laptop sucks :/

  • Jesus Pinon

    This sound Awsome. The sound on the one is already excellent but now with this. I cant wait to see what it will sound like. Now my main question is…..

    will this be something that will require hardware upgrade or with it be integrated into the software

    • Erdal


  • Can the presets be switched automatically by song’s genre?
    this is awesome anyway.

  • John

    The app doesn’t work with anything, EXCEPT Play Music. That is such a ridiculous and shameful thing. It should be hooked into the system, not be app based. Amateurism it is, objectively.

    • Before writing something you don’t know anything about please inform yourself to avoid embarassing situations. AudioFX works in every app that uses Android’s default audio processing and even those that use their own, like PowerAmp, can be configured to use AudioFX.

      • John

        Really? 🙂

        Perhaps you should follow your own advice. It does NOT work with any app that outputs sound. THAT is what an EQ is supposed to do, period.

        How many apps would you wish to have as an example that do exactly that? Please enjoy this fine selection of EQ’s that actually do their job:

        Music Equalizer integrates very nicely and does the job well 🙂

        In my contact with OP about this they admit it is a problem. It should be overlaying the system, not work per app, obviously. But it is a Cyanogen problem and they have to wait for them to correct this.

        So, there you have it. Well informed indeed 🙂

    • nferry

      Download cyanogenmod Apollo music player. AudioFX works with that….10000 times better than Google Play.

    • freddie andersson

      Not true, i use it with spotify Every day

      • John

        I use TuneIn Radio and Calm Radio. And there are lots of other apps that are not working. So no, useless.

        Any decent EQ is always hooked into the audio DSP. Take it from a professional.

        • freddie andersson

          Chill out man, I just corrected you when you straight out said that it doesn’t work with ANYTHING else than play music. That is simply misleading and wrong, for readers and fellow spotify users as myself looking to try the opo, it could be a possible dealbraker 😉

          • John

            Well, there you have a valid point. For once I did not think of that. I do a lot of promoting the OPO publicly, so that’s not the best move indeed, I love those guys 🙂

            I did it because for me this is a really minor thing. Hardly important at all. But focused on this detail, well, it’s like I wrote.

            I will be removing my comments. It will leave yours out in the open, so perhaps you remove yours as well then 🙂


          • freddie andersson

            Good idea!

  • Ivan

    get dual cam pls like on Galaxy S4

  • Akki

    I guess there is no reason to panic since these all enhancements are from OnePlus which is what there r making it available for Global Users, (Outside India), as well as their own rom which they r going to release their community build in coming hours/days.

    So stay tuned. They have alot of hopes and put their alot of money to make Indian consumers happy and I guess they won’t be making any single mistake this time so that they get deeply hatred from Indian users.

    So it’s equal on every aspects. Neither the user will left behind, not the device from others devices in competition too. xD

    Go OnePlus, Go Cyanogen!!! 🙂

  • Marcos Rivera

    But… Will it Blend!

  • Alan Majors

    Will this give me a microphone volume control when using a headset? I can’t find one anywhere on this phone.

  • Mᴀᴎᴓԋӑʁ KY

    the present Audio FX is already a great app. hope you people don’t mesh it up by this integration. i am not excited.

  • Robert Gualtieri

    Will this be an upgrade rolled out to existing OnePlus One owners?

  • Majesty

    PLEASE increase the front camera quality!

  • Guest

    Will OPO India Users will get update via OTA or flash zips will be available in the ?

  • Peter vraagmaar

    After the ota update becomes calling audio better also?

  • lfcheng

    Will the update of maxxauDio be exclusive to OnePlus device or it will be left applicable to other devices supported by CM, which use audiofx as audio equalizer in its software?

    What for coming stock aosp ROM or other custom?

  • Paul Hanscomb

    I just wonder if this max audio will work and intrigrate with any player that you want to use, or will have to use say with Google play audio if so I think this be bad move, if they going to implement max audio then we need complete control so we can choose what ever audio player we want to use it, ie, rock player or n7 player, at the moment to use the graphic equaliser built in so far it will only work on Google play music app this is bad bad move yes great max audio fantastic but let it work with any audio player to give us the best experience with the players we love

  • Kvr Harish Kumar

    Ok, so what about the Indian phones? Are we left out in the dark?

  • James Rodgers

    I hope it works with doubleTwist. The current one only seemed to work with Google Play Music and Apollo.

  • Krishan

    quoting from above “you’ll find our next major update in January from Cyanogen transforming your audio and listening experience. – See more at:” there is no news after this. january is about to end. please give this update atleast.

  • Manuel Póvoa

    So where´s Maxxaudio pps??? Big hug…

  • Joris Van Dael

    When is this update coming?

  • I wonder how this would work with the PowerAmp equilizer. I’m a huge PowerAmp fan and haven’t been able to get myself to stick with any other music player for the past several years.

    I’m unsure if using two equilizers on parallel is a good idea. What are people’s thoughts on this?

  • pranav jain

    Will oxygen os get maxxaudio?

  • Samuel Winter

    I hear no diffrence when I turn it on. 🙁 Please help?

    • Janson

      Thanks Samuel!! It worked!!

      • Samuel Winter

        EDIT 2: I have to reboot it each time for it to work though…

        • Janson

          Yes i realised to get it fixed??

  • Janson

    did anyone has issues with maxxaudio update.. It works really well when you are in speaker mode, however it doesnt show any difference when you plug in your earphones. help please!!

  • Pratik

    Hi i have just updated my phone with above mentioned updated…and only one word i have to say is “Awesome”. update for the camera is just unbelievable like you are taking a shots with DSLR. and Swipe software provided is also a very smooth it supports like almost every Indian and other countries languages and it predict text very accurately. and i have also checked the music provided by maxx in the headphone sound is just decently changed.

  • Kiran

    I have updated to MAXX audio…..before the update music quality was very good in ear phones but after update I am facing some kind of disturbance in the quality of the sound.And i have tried many settings but still it is same. Someone please suggest me how to get rid of this poor audio quality in ear phones(Same earphones are used before and after update).

  • Kurama The Crimson Fox

    The new audio fx sucks.The old one was better to me, why could these optimizations and just be put into the old one. I hate the new ui its so clunky and cluttered, the old wasn’t. I also lost my old custom curve for my headphones.
    Though: m pretty complaining too much, and I still love my one plus one.

  • Aapo Siponen

    It doesn’t work with spotify at least in my Oneplus One. The previous version of audio fx did work with spotify.

  • mr dread

    This is working fine for me with Spotify – I think it’s a great addition. I’m using the silver bullet earphones which are suprisingly really good for a budget phone and the MAXX audio can really boost the performance without losing audio quality – very impressed.

  • Prabal

    Reboot needed for everytime when we close the app plz help

  • Nebojsa Zdravkovic

    “As an audiophile” you should know better. The less modification on sound the better.

  • By Global device you mean not India Right ? We Indians are part of the Globe too you know ?

  • Will Indian users get these updates?

  • main bug, memory leak is not fixed and still ram management not cool, we should except those updates in

  • Could quality of slow motion camera in one plus one enhanced by software updates??

  • Fred Yee

    Timely analysis ! I learned a lot from the insight ! Does anyone know if my company could possibly get ahold of a template a form example to type on ?