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December 13 2014 | By: Carl
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Dear friends,

As I sit thousands of meters over the Pacific Ocean, I can’t help but think about last week and our trip to India.

We launched the OnePlus One in India after many months of hard work. Your high expectations reminded us every day to seize the moment and move with haste, and we thank you for all of your encouragement.

Thousands of you supported us long before we officially announced that we would enter the Indian market. As a company that’s not yet even a year old, and has no track record on which to stand upon, your faith in our product and vision is humbling. We know we made you wait a while. We understand the wait could be frustrating, but looking back, we are glad that we waited until all pieces were in place.

The launch itself is a memory that we will keep with us forever. During the event, the excitement in the room was electric. When you cheered for us, it was clear everything we endured up to the launch was worth it. The day after, it was great delivering the phones by hand and meeting some of you face to face. You were so happy, and seeing you this way made us genuinely happy too. We wish we could hand deliver the devices to each and every one of you, but sadly we also had to start working on what’s next.

We have some big plans in the works, India. And while it took a while for us to get the One to you, we promise that won’t be the case in the future. India will be one of the first countries to see our newest products in the future.

We will also have a local office, which we are currently getting set up in Bangalore. This office will house everyone from our GM to the local marketing, logistics and even R&D teams. By establishing an R&D team on the ground, we can make products that better serve Indian users. We hope you’re as excited about this as we are and that you stop by the office to say hello should you find yourself in the area.

Of course, none of this would have been possible without the support from our partners at From the start, our cultures and aspirations were a great fit. Like Amazon, customers are of top importance to OnePlus. And like OnePlus, Amazon had their sights on serving a global audience from the start. Not only have we learned a lot from these guys, they also stood firmly beside us in times of adversity. That’s the true definition of a partner, and this is just day one of a relationship we hope only gets better with time.

Never Settle. This is something that came intuitively to you. You immediately understood what we wanted to achieve and rallied behind us with support. Our original idea was simple. We wanted to focus on two important things that people were forgetting. Create legendary products, and treat our customers as we would treat our friends.

Getting to India wasn’t easy, and the challenges we face will only grow if OnePlus India is to become as significant as we plan. We look forward to learning and growing together. Business aside, we have made wonderful friends through the Indian OnePlus community and have been introduced to an amazing new part of the world. We cherish the warmth and support we’ve received, it has heightened this experience for our whole team.

Sabar ka phal meetha hota hai. A better and stronger OnePlus awaits.