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November 10 2014 | By: Bridget
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Everything’s better the second time around.

Last month, we launched our pre-order system as a chance to purchase the OnePlus One without an invite, and tens of thousands of fans became new One users. In the end, we experienced some server issues from the surge visitors to our site. Things could have gone better; but it was an invaluable learning experience for our entire team. That’s why we’re back with our second round of pre-orders.

Behind the scenes, a lot has changed. What hasn’t changed, however, is the shopping process. Just like last time, you can go here to prepare your cart and add shipping and billing information in advance. When the one-hour pre-order windows opens on November 17 at 16:00 GMT (8am PST, 11am EST), you’ll be all set to check out and complete your order with the click of a button.

If we have the items in stock, we’ll ship immediately. If we don’t, your order will automatically convert to a pre-order. What is a pre-order, exactly? During the ordering process, you’ll receive an estimated shipping time. When you complete your order, we’ll reserve the payment, but you won’t actually be charged until your order ships. So, if you change your mind, you can forfeit your spot in line and cancel your order at any time before it ships. If you get ahold of an invite at any time during this process, you can use it to upgrade your pre-order and receive immediate shipping.

To celebrate our improved pre-order system, a selection of OnePlus accessories can be bundled with the OnePlus One pre-orders at steeply discounted prices, as a thank you to our fans.

Remember, you can prepare your order right now on our pre-orders page, then come back on November 17 at 16:00 GMT (8am PST, 11am EST) to complete your order. Keep in mind that the pre-order window will only be open for one hour.

We’re excited to move forward, and we thank you all for coming with us.


  • Rayrosher

    I already have this phone and absolutely love it! would buy another in a heart beat! Samsung and iphone6+ are now in 3rd and 2nd place respectively! However the one thing that is really pissing me off is the fact thatall i want now is a pair of JBL headphones and can’t order them as they all seem to be allocated to this pre order system…

    • Italo

      u can, they activated that today

    • emmanuel

      The JBL earphones have been released yesterday. Feel free to order them on the OnePlus Store #NeverSettle

    • ilakoze jumanne

      Do you by any chance have any invites you can share? I’ll be very grateful

  • YeahRight

    How about fixing the Pending Authorization problems first…I should have received my OnePlus One many days ago already.

    • Kevin

      I prefer that OnePlus One enables its customers to use Visa or Mastercard for payment.

    • Arnav Joshi

      I understand your anger but you may not have gotten it many days ago as it was supposed to take 4 more weeks for mine to show up but I got an invite so it’s only going to take 2. Still far longer than expected, however.

    • Shiv

      I agree we need another payment Method. PayPal and Oneplus are not is good terms I think

    • oneforvi

      Some of us are in Pending Authorization, too, however PayPal Completed the transaction a week ago – that is, OnePlus has had the actual funds for a week but thinks that PayPal rejected the payment still.

  • Peter Kaczmarek

    Preorder and unhappy customers. You are promiseing things that you are not giving. Guarantee only when you are able to claim in paypal. If not the do not reply !! Be careful to buy the phone. My support ticket ID: 105561. Waiting since 1 month to get a replace!

  • Oliver

    When will this phone be available for purchase in India ? I’m waiting to own a oneplus one.

  • aliquis

    Same price as always. Time for an upgrade or price drop.

  • Hashim R Risaldar

    I’m tired of this. If I don’t get this time I’ll get the Xiaomi Mi4 then.
    And I’ll be missing the OnePlus One

    • Huy Q Vu

      Where can you buy it ?


    what about india launch ???

  • KayO

    My Preorder preparation for the Preorder on Monday 17th neither shows in one of my accounts (Store & OnePlus) and I have’nt reiceived an email about it either. Also the Shipping and Billing Informations, which I’ve entered to prepare my preorder don’t show in my Accouunt. Is there a problem?

  • Pablo Vasquez

    What countries will be included? I live in Peru, South America? Will we be included some day in next months?

    • Santosh krishna Venuturupallli

      This is being quoted form the OPO Invite i received from OPO itself –

      “Remember that this invite can only be used for orders shipping to Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, United Kingdom, and United States.”

      This is the list as of now! future , well reach out to them on twitter and Fb

      • Pablo Vasquez

        Thanks for your soon answer.. I really hope we can be in their short term plans and can acquire this “little jewel”… Success and I’ll stay tuned.

  • Gmo Arntz

    Hi! i live in Chile. It’s possible that you send to my country.

    Please agree my country.

    Best regards.

    • Marcos Guillermo

      Utilizé borderlinx porque tampoco envían a México

  • David Kim

    Lost your customer. I’m no longer interested in this phone. Found a better phone worth looking into. Sorry….

    • Mjouh Soufiane

      Which one?

  • sshah

    I’m in the UK. Why don’t you have 16gb version available for pre-order right now on the page? If not now, will it be available when the one hour starts on 17th Nov?

  • Kuendrak Tobbgyal

    How long does a preorder/shipping take to Denmark on average? I will be flabbergasted if I get this amazing phone.

  • So, what about ordering just accessories?

  • Hamid Dev

    Why don’t you do like the rest of the world and open the sells!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Juhari Harun

      Bloody shit marketing strategies and makes fool or fans.

  • Got my preorder today. Very happy. Phone is lighter and thinner than I expected. Size is just right for my hands and my old eyes. Easy setup to Google and WiFi on boot. I was told when the phone would arrive and it arrived on time. Received initial message from OPO about PayPal error, but the charge was soon processed and OPO then sent acknowledgement. This company is really trying with a great product. I can understand the startup issues, but they seem to be addressing them.
    I ordered the flip cover accessory and I really like it.

  • Chan Bing Hong

    Why OnePlus are not extending their career to the whole world? Personally, i think they should add more countries that available to ship. I had have 2 invites before but the only thing i can do was gave it to my friend.

  • What’s really sad is that this company still can’t meet demand to just have a normal order system in place. This phone is lagging behind with the specs now, and they still charge just as much. This isn’t even factoring in the pain it takes to get an invite. Some don’t even want to preorder because they’d rather get their phone right now instead of waiting for almost 2 months.

    • cardenaso10

      you’re complaining about the price of a $350 high end phone? There may be better high-ends now, but this is like criticizing the Nexus 5 earlier this year.

  • fruvous

    What about those who have a OnePlus already and want to get some of those cheap accessories?

  • Abh

    How to change ones country to India. USA is shown as my default country. There is no option for India to choose from. Is there a way I can still change my country to India?

  • pepe2013


    it is not possible for me to choose Switzerland in the form of pre-order!

    • emmanuel

      Hello, the OnePlus One is not yet available in Switzerland. Stay tuned!

  • oneforvi

    I think it’s kind of necessary to fix things up with the current preordering state first – e.g., orders still marked Pending Authorization but actually Completed (for days) at PayPal. This is a state of an order that OnePlus (indirectly) says shouldn’t happen (see the incorrect FAQ entry)…yet it has.

  • nempo

    What about shipping to Ukraine and Kuwait?

  • It is not available for India. It is highly undesirable.

  • murat

    please someone figure out to me how can I get invite for buying this phone?

  • sasha3521

    I hope to get my invite. I do see that they are selling the phone on Ebay for a little more than the actual cost.

  • Ayman Mamdouh

    cool .. i will be there

  • leonidas

    how can i pre pre order for Greece

  • leonidas

    can anybody send an invitation?

  • Brendan Moffatt

    My first smart phone after a long holdout. It was a birthday gift from my son. Totally sold and anxious to get others for family members. I am new to the process, and from reading previous posts, concerned that PayPal glitch will interfere.

  • ryan

    hello i need a invatition plzzzzzzzzz…

  • Aditya Nahar

    So the pre order in on November 17th, than within how many days would I get the One Plus in my hand? Any idea???

  • oneforvi

    Dozens are reporting problems RIGHT NOW with order handling – is this going to be fixed in…23 hours? The next Preorder is going to be…interesting.

  • Amilash

    when you guys are starting in Saudi Arabia??

  • Mike

    Is it that good as it says?

  • golfeur

    I seem to be blocked from entering items into a shopping cart

  • What should be done after pre-order and opening the link for round two?
    should I just open and wait for hopefully a “payment went through”?

  • Kyle

    That was bogus! Could not complete my pre-order. I eventually had to give up. Shameful!

  • rasa1963

    I have bought an invite and logged on last week.It said “run out of stock” and now it saying invite expired. IS THIS A SCAM?

  • cdm

    I wanted to buy a one plus one, a year ago. I am going to be buying a different phone. The games make me sick. Don’t need one that bad. Motorola makes a good phone these days. So does HTC. Samsung. There are a ton of companies making phones.

  • gnanender

    Friends I really want to buy this mobile so please send me an invite my email I’d is [email protected]
    Send me an Indian invite please

  • gnanender

    This one plus one is just wasting time of customers , it can directly self mobile .
    Friends I really want to buy this mobile so please send me an invite my email I’d is [email protected]
    Send me an Indian invite please

  • kesh4namo

    Guys…. plzz need me a damn invite

  • please someone figure out to me how can I get invite for buying this phone?

  • I agree we need another payment Method. PayPal and Oneplus are not is good terms I think

  • What about those who have a OnePlus already and want to get some of those cheap accessories?

  • jordan2332

    this probably has nothing to do with that but they need to sell to Australia i have wanted to buy one so bad but they don’t ship or anything to Australia and omg it is so one plus better fix that.