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October 20 2014 | By: Bridget
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If a coveted invite for the OnePlus One always seems to elude you, we think you will be thrilled by a different kind of invitation we are offering. We would like for you to be a part of the first monumental change to OnePlus—the new pre-order system.

Since the first day of OnePlus, we have strived towards the goal of distributing our device to everyone and anyone who believed in our vision. The invites have been a necessary way to let us control the high demand for the phone while maintaining remarkably high quality. As Carl Pei, director of OnePlus Global, stated in his blog post:

“…We believe that we’re forcing positive change within our industry by increasing consumer choice and building better quality products. [..] This is why we have to be conservative and only produce the amount of devices we’re 100% sure will be sold.”

But we now have an exciting alternative to invites. With our pre-order system, you’ll be able to place your order for the One and immediately be told the estimated shipping time. Starting today, for the seven days prior to pre-orders you will be able to arrange your shopping cart and save it just how you like it to ensure your checkout goes quickly and smoothly during the pre-orders hour. If you get an invite after submitting your pre-order, you can use it to skip the queue and get your device shipped right away.

The first two weeks in October saw a tornado of invites sent out in enormous batches of 20,000 and 30,000. This was our way of testing our servers to make sure we are well-prepared for dealing with a large volume of orders. On all fronts that trial was a great success, however we know anything can happen and ask for your patience just in case we do encounter any technical issues.

Pre-orders will offically open on October 27 at 15:00 GMT (08:00 PST, 11:00 EST). During a one hour time window, anyone can place an order for the OnePlus One. All of our accessories will be sold at celebratory sale prices when added to your order. In fact, for this week only our latest collaboration the JBL E1+ Earphones will be available for $24.99 and will revert back to full price once pre-orders have ended.

While the pre-order system won’t completely replace the current invites method, it is certainly a huge step towards expanding the reach of OnePlus. Don’t forget to share the news with your family and friends. We hope you are as excited for this as we are!

The time has come to get your wishlist ready for purchase. Please visit to learn more.

  • Alberto Giudice


    • pirata_1985


    • pirata_1985

      Sparkolo ma hai comprato le cuffie JBL? Io sto con le pistons updated

      • Alberto Giudice

        Io ho le JBL E10, cioè la versione con solo il pulsante play/pausa e senza quelli del volume. Comunque sono lo stesso modello come acustica 🙂

        • pirata_1985

          E con le pistons 2nd?

          • Alberto Giudice

            Quelle non le ho 🙂

          • pirata_1985

            Io si pappapero 😛

        • pirata_1985

          Non centra niente ma hai visto che mostro sacro sono su disqus??? 😀

    • Guest

      To blow horses and guys at the same time! Congrats!

      • Alberto Giudice

        Still a milestone achievement.

  • zidagar

    If I’ve already a OnePlus One, is possible to pre-order ONLY the JBL E1+?

    • pirata_1985

      I think so.

      • killer_bee

        Well i have the same issue.. i have the phone already and want to buy some accessories that are in “coming soon” category.. but you can not pre-order those without buying the phone.. a bit crappy that “newer” customers can, but the ones that have the phone have to wait indefinitely … “soon” is a very abstract time measure.

    • Alberto Giudice

      Unfortunately you can’t… and that sucks, I wanted to order some accessories too :/

      • Fedoraus

        Everything is way more expensive there tho.

    • steve

      Will you please invite me to buy the phone? Thanks!

      • David Holden

        Did you get a invite

        • code_dweller

          I need an invite plz

    • Aman

      Please Can anyone invite me so I can buy this phone

    • anthony909

      Please let us order accessories only, I already have the phone and would like to order the headphones and a colored back.

      • Apollo Sun

        yes,it is better for you!

    • Julian Davis

      Can anyone send me an invite, I really want to order this phone

    • @jepusy

      can u please invite me to buy the phone if u already have oneplus

    • Apollo Sun

      you can buy the accessories by other way

      • zidagar

        what other way? like aliexpress?

    • code_dweller

      @zidagar:disqusmate, how is the phone? performance? UI?

      • zidagar

        The smartphone is really fast, super performance, good hardware quality and good software (CM 11s). Some small bugs but CM team works hard to resolve all small problems 🙂

        • code_dweller

          Nice to hear 🙂 I have been an ardent user of CM since 2011! Always loved it 🙂
          If you don’t mind, do you have an invite to spare for me?

          • zidagar

            Now I’ve no invites, I’m displeased :'(

          • code_dweller


  • sp99

    Preferred invites tbh… :p

    • gusuraman

      Me too

    • pirata_1985

      They still go available

  • Vlad Andrei

    What happens after that first hour? Will the pre-order system be closed down?

    • pirata_1985


  • gusuraman

    Thanks. So if i understand correctly the pre-orders will end after 1 hour

    • pirata_1985

      Yes on

      • GMAN

        Anybody with 64gb invite? I need to purchase now whilst i have the money for a present for christmas. Please email me at [email protected] if you can invite me thanks

        • pirata_1985

          On forum threads there are lots of invites

  • Delapenja –


    • pirata_1985


  • Mᴀᴎᴓԋӑʁ KY

    next big step.

  • Harsh Sac

    One Hour only?! #DatPun

  • Miguel Carrion

    waooo’m interested in one of the panama and I would love my wife as a gift for this birthday

  • Ilia

    Yeah, so I bought the phone for 299 without a screen protector, flip cover and skin … which now are for free 🙁 And I can’t use my phone for almost 2.5 month, since support doesn’t answer WEEKS!

    People, be careful. If they are doing this to people on INVITE system (explaining that with a lack of personal), you might have support answer in MONTH… Here is my lucky experience:

    Think twice…

    • gusuraman

      They will be discounted not free

      • Ilia

        Indeed, discounted. Anyway, it doesn’t cancel that fact, that ONCE you’ll face an issue. You will have an amazing support experience, which will turn you employment having a device to the anger and multiple month journey of waiting for an answer and being not able to do anything with that.

        • gusuraman

          You’re right they are slow and they know it.
          They are working to make better customers service.

          • TestifyTruth

            “They are working to make better customers service.”

            And you know this how exactly?

          • gusuraman

            Hiring new employees from what I know.

          • Ilia

            Yeah, that’s was my first thought 🙂

  • Sarang Pitale

    I thought it would be India where pre-orders would start. Doesn’t look so to me?
    Correct me if i am wrong.

  • Rachel MA

    I’m in when there’s a smaller phone.

  • Erik Djuniarto

    can the preorder item be sent to a country outside oneplus shipping country range? 🙂

  • Flip Jumpman

    Phone is great!

  • Nabin Basnet

    I am living in Norway. Can I pre-order the phone and its accessories?

  • Mantis Toboggan

    my only question is, when will preorders reopen after that first hour? I mean will it be a month, 6 months, a year until you get another chance to preorder?

  • Marc Adam

    1 hour for pre-orders? Seriously?

  • Bishal Dasgupta

    is it available for india?

    • Alberto Giudice

      No, it’s not. Only the first original 16 launch countries.

  • naeemafzal

    I got the invite but did not know you guys don’t deliver to my country. So invite expired ! If you deliver to my country..I will make an order. -_-

  • warun

    Man always India is left out in any gadgets, at-least you guys ship your phones to India they are lot of fans who want to have these devices…!!

  • Ashu V

    Copying Xiaomi India’s model eh?

    • warun

      That’s from Singapore I guess..!!

    • Alberto Giudice

      So now Xiaomi invented preorders? That’s interesting.

    • Ashu V

      Considering the model which will be followed, I suppose you could google how Xiaomi’s “limited period” registration/pre-order system pumped up hype & demand. So in a way, yes, invented the system.

    • Guest

      FuK Xizomi that piece of crap rip off company.

    • Everybody_loves_Nick

      Xiaomi is chinese, not indian.

  • Sujay Kadrekar

    In which countries are the pre-orders available?

  • MW

    Is the preorder only for the 64gb version?

  • secondlio

    Hi, I read payment by paypal only, when do I need to enter the information for payment? on 27 Oct? stupid question I know. just want to make sure I am all ready. have been wanting an OPO for long. thanks.

  • Sumanth Sidhu

    will u ship to india if pre-ordered

  • Larry E

    A 1 hour signup?!?! Am I the only one that can predict an HTTP 500 Disaster in the making??? C’mon One Plus, start making better decisions.

    • faaaaq

      Well, technically the orders can be set up NOW, but you can only submit it during that hour. So smart people will have the order filled already, then when the hour hits, all they have to do is press a single button to complete the order.

      • TestifyTruth

        A large turnout of people all pressing that single button within that hour may still cases HTTP 500

  • Markus

    This company will never have sales or have any recognition as a viable competitor; with these dumbass business decisions. One hour time window for pre-orders and invite only purchases will surely be the demise of this company.

    • killer_bee

      Markus, the “dumbass business decisions” are explained clearly in the article, and also can be deducted by using simple logic: this is a new company they can’t cope with many orders. that is why invite system was in place. you would be bitching just as much if you paced an order an then had couple of months waiting period.
      and incidentally by making this “hype” with invites they saved shitloads of money on marketing and that is why they can offer this high end hardware for 350$..
      So don’t worry they will not “demise”…

      • Iphoneadopteer

        But they’re not making a profit with this selling structure. There’s already concern among the company about opening other revenue avenues, because of the fact they’re not seeing a profit; the Ceo even went on record as saying such. Without a wireless corporation partner, One Plus future will not be that long.

  • Mautbur Mehdi Khado

    I am from Mauritius, can you tell me please when I can preorder this phine

  • Ivan O’Neill

    Will I be able to have the OPO shipped to Ireland?

  • Sam Raj Chowdary

    So you say “Anyone can place an order for the OnePlus One”. So does that include India?

  • Teqnix

    Are u going to sell the JBL OnePlus international?

  • Junis Mohammed

    Yes, it’s about time more people get to buy the one.

  • Eli Shirk

    When will these “pre-orders” ship out?

  • mayacohenx

    why why no shipping to Israel?!? 🙁

  • Claus

    Sorry, I am sure your phone is top of the class for a very good price, but when I have the need of a phone, I just can’t wait this long, so I will have to another. I know quite many who feel the same way, would buy the OPO before any other model if possible to purchase, but holding on to this system, You will miss quite many customers in the future. No the most intelligent approach if you want to get in to this marked.

  • Vikas Mohan

    Is it coming to India ?

  • Yagnik Patel

    How can I get one plus in Russia or in India???? Plzzz help and reply…??!!??

  • ikamb

    When will be possible to order this device from all Europe Union countries ?

  • Moises Celis

    === Need Mexico Shipping === Please….

  • Why is only 64gb version available for pre-order?

    • rhorsman

      They’ve mentioned elsewhere that they’re not manufacturing new 16GB units at this time. There’s not a heck of a lot of demand for that size in general: most manufacturers are dropping it in favor of a 32GB starting tier. I’ll be surprised if it becomes available again.

  • Toli Zacharias


  • Quey Coconut

    Members that have already purchased the OPO should be allowed to have the same discount for accessories… Without the mass of people (your front line if you may) like us helping to create this community bond for the OnePluse company and make it a strong one for the product… Where would OPO be today? You really should reconsider and listen to the members at large that’s been here from day one and not have some of them if not all of them feel like they’re getting kicked to the curb, cause no one likes to feel great about a company only to be disrespect by them. (maybe that’s not your intentions but I’m just trying to clear up the issue at hand so we could get a better understanding on what’s going on!) That’s never a good relationship with your core members and most definitely would not be a wise business move for the company. We’ve already bought the phone for the same price (for those whom bought the 64gb) here so what gives? Please understand, do the company a favor and listen to your core members. It will help your business grow smarter and faster if you just only took the time to listen. It truly makes a difference…

  • satish

    Delivery available for India ?

    • satish

      pls reply on this

      • No


  • Jay Lin

    please invite me!!!!!!!!

  • John Caban

    How can I arrange my shopping cart to get ready to preorder?

  • Linda Protas Malope

    The Pre-order system… Does that include South Africa?

  • Omg I had forgot this phone existed until I got the ‘pre-order without invitation’ email an hour ago. Well sorry I lost interest months ago. I don’t even remember when there was all the buzz about the one plus, was it 2013? Anyway I moved on months ago. I still wish this company much success but I was really put off by the big hype then… Oh hang on. Invitation only? I can’t get one? Oh. How long do I need to wait? sorry just wait a while. Okay, what about now? No sorry a while longer. Now? Nup not yet. What about now? Try again in a few months. Months? Yes, months. Oh I’m losing interest. Oh sorry to hear that, just wait a few more months.. you get the idea. No wonder I forgot it existed.

    • Amos Westerveld

      It’s not as bad as you are telling it is. It’s all worth the couple of days I had to wait.

      • Dear friend I truly do share your joy at having a wonderful new device 🙂 That’s great news.. But can I ask: did you get amnesia after reading what I wrote about MY experience?? How did you instantaneously forget the part where I said it’s been MONTHS since I signed I signed up? Of course you are happy you only wait 2 days! I waited MONTHS. What a foolish reply! But do enjoy the phone 🙂 it definitely sounded awesome.

        • Amos Westerveld

          OnePlus has a limited supply and with such a great demand it’s hard to make all customers happy but they are really trying everything they could do to make their customers happy. But still everyone who tried enough to get this device didn’t have to wait months.

          • Diego

            Not true at all. Also, people are/were willing to PAY for the device, so “everyone who tried enough to get it” sounds ridiculous. People begging for electronics? That sounds very Apple-ish.

            Aaand they promised to end this (crappy) invite system in…July? August? I don’t even remember anymore. But I’m pretty sure we’re not in July.

          • They could have borrowed enough money to order manufacturing in larger quantities and easily pay their debt back because there were a lot of people willing to pay right away, but they preferred to let the hype get bigger than satisfy demand.

      • Tracy

        I have been waiting a couple of days and have not received anything yet. I am bummed because I am using an old 3GS that I dug out of my drawer.

  • TheGirl

    Is only 64GB available? Will 16GB ever available for pre-order system? What’s the reason for selling only 64GB?

  • עדן בנימין

    why is it calling pre order if that smartphone is like one year old allmost? i mean oneplus one is not a new smartphone.. explain me plz.

  • Stanislav Straub

    and what Czech republic …we want One plus too 🙁

  • james

    i need a invite

  • Anatoliy Ya

    Respected community that wants to buy this phone! I think I need to praise the Chinese who came up with such an original way to collect subscribers. We all want to buy this phone, are United in the community. This community can be managed! You can force the us to visit different sites, Internet-shops, to attract the same classes and their friends and acquaintances. Very clever way of set free employees. Now, with such number of members of the community, the Chinese can sell ad space on your website. And to get extra income from it. Also get a Commission if someone of us will buy something from the advertised product. As our purchasing potential (instinct) has long flared up to the desired intensity. On account of the phone OnePlus One was simply to produce a test batch and put it on the market. If the feature set of this phone, it corresponds to (for example) the Samsung Galaxy S5, and is a lot cheaper then the sales would do not wery. But in order to earn money that is lost on denverovich prices on the phone, Chinese and came up with this marketing ploy. Look what happens.

  • Chris yaritz

    I preordered, but there is nothing showing in my cart.

  • Geino Annecharico

    Be nice, but these so called invites are no where t be found

  • Guest

    Why should I pre-oder a phone that’s already outdated? If I’d want a new phone now I’d pre-oder the nexus 6 and not a phone that was presented 6 months ago. That’s like a century in mobile-phone-life-circle-time.

  • Salman

    can someone please send me an invite? i’ve been trying to get a hold on it for ages now! plz

  • Nabin Basnet

    Is the pre order process valid for shipping outside the 16 “privileged” countries?

  • pablovp34

    then, is it only available for the 16 countries in the “pre-order summary” countries list??? not any other country…

  • Alwayztonga

    Phone looks amazing from reviews. Need an invite to purchase…. Anyone? ANYONE!? LOL

  • dereck-the-seal

    So, just a couple of questions.
    How long after the closing time on the 27th will you actually start to ship orders?
    Where will you ship to? world wide or what
    Whats the price for shipping?

  • dereck-the-seal

    So, not shipping to Australia or New Zealand I see. Thanks for that

  • Either way you look at it, people are going to be pissed off on both ends of the spectrum. You have the people who bitch and moan about the invite process, or the one hour window. Sure they’re saving money on marketing, etc. Sure, they’re not making much of a profit…….WHO CARES!

    Bottom Line: they make a really great phone! Buy one and you’ll find that out. If you don’t have the chance of buying this one, I’m sure they’ll be making a OnePlus Two. Make sure to do whatever you have to do to get an invite. If you don’t like it, guess what? You don’t have to buy it, nor do you have to follow news about it.

  • RunningWild1984

    $300 for a phone is still ridiculous.

    I think I’ll wait another 10 years before I ditch my $30 Net10 from Wal Mart and upgrade to a “Smart” Phone.

    Hell, I’ll bet before then, Nintendo will have released their own smart phone to get in on that market. I think I’ll wait for that. The Nintendphone.

  • Guest

    I initially wanted this phone. However, their gimmicky process designed to mask the fact that it’s inventors lacked manufacturing scale, has had me evaluate other options. I’ve eventually settled on a Galaxy S4 (4G/LTE) version …. and am very happy with. Bye, bye 1-Plus. I’ll probable never ever look back again, because unbiased test reviews suggest, it doesn’t even rate in the Top 5.

  • Dieter Stump

    initially wanted this phone. However, their gimmicky process designed to mask the fact that the company lacked manufacturing scale, has led me to evaluate other options. I’ve eventually settled on a Galaxy S4 (4G/LTE version) …. and am very happy with it. Bye, bye 1-Plus. I’ll probable never ever look back again, because unbiased test reviews suggest, it doesn’t even rate in the Top 5.

  • vals

    will it ship for australia cause on the pre order summary there is no slot for australia

  • Julian Davis

    Please can someone send me an invite, I really want to buy this phone. Thanks

  • Still can’t buy it in Australia (direct) – Ridiculous. Half the distance to the USA – but we have to order and mail forward half way around the world – Never Settle? If I had known then what I know now, I would have…

  • Mehuldeep Maan

    Invite me.
    I desperately need this Phone pLs….

    • emmanuel

      Hi Mehuldeep, feel free to visit our pre-orders page if you live in one of the 16 countries we deliver to.

  • Ajit Jain

    Will the Pre-Order be shipped to India????

  • Saran

    great news; but are you guys still shipping to the initial 16 countries?

  • Vijaykrishna

    Can you please invite me to buy one..:)

  • Nadeem

    how can i pre-order for UAE??

  • Savior

    I take it this phone is UNLOCKED ?????

  • Azhar

    No shit; I just got a mail stating that I now will be able to preorder a OnePlus One mobile phone in very near future. Guess what, I´ve now been waiting for this to happen since I don´t know, in the mean time I´ve followed every step and advices to enhance my chances to get a tiny chance of getting invited to buy one OnePlus. Now after so much time I´m actually quite pissed of how badly the One Plus Company has handled this affair. No I don´t even want one because I´ve totally lost my interest.

  • WInsonleesw

    The pre-order can ship to Malaysia Penang?
    I would like to order sandstone one plus one.

  • Aamir

    Would they ship to Australia?

  • Ayman Mamdouh

    that’s great guys

  • robertzp

    are you shipping to New Zealand?

  • Stephen Tennant

    Is it still only for certain countries??? I am in A
    ustralia and got an invite only to find Australia isnt eligible!?!?!?!

  • RolasXXL

    how to send your phone to Lithuani

  • Ajish Koshy

    “If you get an invite after submitting your pre-order, you can use it to skip the queue and get your device shipped right away.”

    What happens if you dont get an invite after submitting the pre order ?

  • bluenazgul

    Are the accessories prices only lowered for preorders? Or will they be lowered in Store too? I allready own an OnePlus One and would like to buy the JBL E1+ and the Bamboo StyleSwap Cover ASAP

  • Lawrence Ellul

    It seems you only ship to a few countries. I want to order one but i cannot find malta in the list. It is only listed in the billing address

  • badder

    The best choice for my next phone purchase. I only need an invitation 🙂

  • Lemmy

    What about custom clearence? Do you have to pay for it or not?

  • Naveed

    You One+One guys are idiots. While you were playing silly “invite-only and needless pre-order” games with customers who were eager to buy, other manufacturers have now caught up to your game and stolen much of your fire. Yeah your phone may be cheaper, but nobody “wants” it anymore. You have to understand that the phone market is now purely driven on mere “wants” only. No iphone 4 user Needs an iphone 5 or 6. No Galaxy S3 user Needs an S4… we merely want.

    So yeah, SCREW you guys!! I don’t know who the hell you think you are, but to toy with your [potential] customers in such a disrespectful manner?! Offering silly artificial shortages and scarcity only to create hype? Making nonsense “pre-order contests” …for what??!! YOU THINK THIS IS A FU$KING GAME???!!!! YOU THINK THIS IS FUNNY??!!! WE ARE NOT CHILDREN HERE!! Are you EVEN SERIOUS RIGHT NOW??!!!!

    hey, whatever. Don’t care about your silly phone and company anymore. I’ll be happy to watch it flop and die. I’ll gladly pay double for a Nexus 6 from a Serious Company!

    • Amos Westerveld

      Hey man, please calm down and find out why they are doing this. You know their supply is limited. I know many people who want this phone.

      • Naveed

        then they should just make that declaration in a sincere respectful manner, like every serious company out there and stop playing silly games!

    • TestifyTruth


  • Sai Bond

    Please someone can invite Me so I can buy One+1 🙂

  • Sai Bond

    I’m craving to bye this awesome! phone. Please somebody help me to get 1+1 🙂

  • Tim

    OK. I got the email. I cannot remember my password and when I enter my email to reset it says user not found. I got the email with the offer so I should be in the system what gives?

  • Matt Duggan

    Maybe if one of you sends me an invite, then I can arrange for you to buy the JBL E1+ at pre-order price from me 🙂

  • Peter Gutierrez

    Absolutely ordering the phone. I’ve been trying to get an invite for a while. I was also waiting on the nexus 6, but, paying double the price and then waiting for true freedom when cm11 releases for the device is not reasonable. Let the countdown begin.

  • @jepusy

    can anyone please invite me to buy the phone pls

  • Vlad Andrei

    OK, so how does this work? You submit the order during that 1 hour and are charged right away or when the order starts being fulfilled?

  • SonataGnutr

    I will be ready for the 27th October 🙂

  • Zulfikar Valli

    The Pre-Order system only lets you order the 64G version at $349. Is the 16GB at $300 not available anymore?

  • Lennon Durden

    Please invite me. I’m at [email protected] I’m interested in buying said phone.

  • Teqnix

    We want to buy the accessories without the phone!!

  • degady64

    “anyone can place an order for the OnePlus One” Not anyone, only peoples from few countries. I am from Romania, and I can not place an order because Romania is not in the list of available countries. Any sugestions?

  • nsquare

    why is there no pre order for UAE

  • Guarantee the site will crash.

  • st8ic

    What a disappointment, pre-orders are for 16 countries only.

  • Yhe Ron

    invite me, thanks

  • Lucio Bianco

    Non è possibile comprarlo?

  • David Holden


  • sgvny2k

    Would you please add Vietnam to pre-order country list?

  • Shami Shum

    Can someone invite me?

  • Joseph Fong

    I have do my pre-order without any invitation, is it work ?


    @Carl I ve oly 2 questions to u,…
    1.will this preorder work for india on 27th october to ship and
    2. still u need paypal to make payment in india??? bcoz most of them dont ve paypal account, try alternate method like buying from their bank debit cards,. thanks in advance

  • Sakib

    The preorder website is not working!!!

  • Luis Del Castillo

    I’m not able to arrange a shopping cart and save. It says I don’t have an invitation!!

  • Harun Rashid

    the site for pre-orders is not responding today….. What do i do?may someone send me an invite please…… Thank you

  • Hans-Leo Berne

    Müssen noch Gbühren beim Zoll bezahlt werden?

  • Catalin

    I want te preorden a OnePlus One phone but my country doesn’t appear in the list. Is there a way to ship to Romania? Thanks

  • Ray

    Invite please

  • secondlio

    “We will process all payments via PayPal, so make sure your info is up to date…”

    Anyone knows if the Paypal account has to be the one linked to my OnePlus account? Thx!

  • mohamed

    I need to release order from egypt but I can’t found Egypt in country list ?
    Please advise

  • code_dweller

    Someone invite me please

  • Alok

    can anyone send me invitation to buy one plus

  • Tyler

    I got my invite from the “tornado of invites”. I feel special.

  • Karman

    Site too busy, cannot get in for pre-order 🙁

    • Wojtek

      Nope, I can’t get there either

      • Jimmy Mac

        Me either. I was on my account watching the timer count down to zero and then nothing happened so I refreshed, big mistake.

  • dan-o

    what’s up with the ordering? I want to own one; I just wish they would make it possible for me to order one. The website gives no info on how to navigate to the shopping site. HELP!!!

  • Mr. Creative

    the preorder page is having issues: even after creating an account through the site & confirming my email when clicking the pre-order button the page loops itself back to the same page thus not allowing me to actually be able to pre-order. No page opens that shows option of purchase, option of payment, etc. Anyone else having the same issue or better yet know how to resolve this issue? Further there is no ‘customer service’ email or phone # I can find. It would be easier if they created a order by phone option.

  • dav

    What about shipping to ISRAEL?!?!?!

  • Aman

    Please can send me an invitation pls

  • liu


  • Dushyant Palejiya

    I missed the preorder yesterday. Can anyone send the invite? Thanks!

  • David Holden

    Anyone have an invite

  • Mrs Bowlsie

    Does anyone have an invite they could spare please? You could order your spares when I order my phone.. 😉
    Thank you..xx

  • Meto

    anyone send me an invite plz, am excited & waiting a long time

  • Sven Willemaers

    How can i get a one plus one?

  • The smartphone is really fast, super performance, good hardware quality and good software (CM 11s). Some small bugs but CM team works hard to resolve all small problems 🙂

  • Will you please invite me to buy the phone? Thanks!

  • If you don’t mind, do you have an invite to spare for me?

  • can u please invite me to buy the phone if u already have oneplus

  • Hey man, please calm down and find out why they are doing this. You know their supply is limited. I know many people who want this phone.

  • Please let us order accessories only, I already have the phone and would like to order the headphones and a colored back.