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October 29 2014 | By: Carl
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Last night was certainly a long one at OnePlus HQ. We finally launched our pre-order system, a historic chapter in the story of OnePlus. This has been something we’ve been working on for months in order to deliver a better experience for users who desired an alternative to invites.

Tens of thousands of Ones are now on the way to users who successfully placed their orders and we’re thrilled they’ll soon receive their brand new phones. But we are also fully aware that the execution and experience for many of our fans was unacceptable. Despite a dedicated hardware platform set up for the event, our servers still had difficulty with the surge of traffic received when the pre-orders opened.

This is certainly not how we wanted to kick off our first ever pre-order and we are exceptionally sorry for the inconvenience caused to so many users. As we aim to always be fully transparent and honest with our users, we want to explain where we went wrong.

In the lead up to opening our pre-order window, we more than doubled our server capacity to handle the expected traffic. However the amount of people signing in to submit pre-orders caused them to hang at certain points in the process, leaving many users unable to log in.

As more people signed on, the backlog of connections piled up and created a bad experience for many visitors trying to access the site. This left far too many users frustrated, disappointed and order-less. We have spent the past 24 hours identifying the weak points that led to this and mapping out a strategy to address them.

On Monday, November 17th at 15:00 GMT, we will open another pre-order window to ensure that anyone who was unsuccessful in accessing our site yesterday can still order the One if they wish. We are taking steps such as enabling more servers earlier and and expanding account handling servers to the cloud to create a much smoother process.

By waiting a few weeks, we will have time to ramp up our inventory and implement needed changes. It will also give you a chance to express any questions or feedback you might have so we can really improve this next round.

Please take a moment to browse some questions we received yesterday and feel free to leave us any questions or concerns in the comments section. We are doing everything we can to make this right and very deeply appreciate your support as we work to improve.

Q1: What do I do if two orders were placed and charged under my account while I only meant to place one?
Once orders are in your store account (within 24 hours from placing the order), you have the option to cancel any orders placed.

Q2: Why didn’t I receive an order confirmation email?
If you have yet to receive a confirmation email, don’t worry, you will receive it within 72 hours of pre-orders closing. However, you can check out details of your order in My Orders.

Q3: Who is Ivan Taninvite?
Ivan is the test name our engineers used as a placeholder. If this appeared during your order before your actual data had a chance to be displayed, rest assured that you were not shown incorrect information nor was your order placed twice. Your information was securely submitted with your order and you will receive a confirmation email very soon.

Q4: My payment went through on PayPal, but I did not receive any information in my OnePlus account?
If your payment was submitted, your order has been placed successfully. It might take some time for the details to show up on your OnePlus account. Please check back in the upcoming hours and throughout the day in My Orders.

Q5: Why does my PayPal transaction history state “no address provided”?
Your shipping address has been stored in our database, and the final shipping address is only entered into PayPal once your payment is finalized. Your order will be shipped out to the shipping address you specified.

Q6: Can I change my shipping address?
Once the pre-order closes, you can change your shipping address – as long as it’s the same name and same country – in your store account up until we’re ready to ship.

Q7: Why does PayPal show my transaction as “Pending”?
This is normal. Your PayPal order will be “Pending” until your pre-order is ready to ship. Don’t worry, we will let you know in another email before this changes!

Q8: I’m in Canada, and my order shows my address as United States!
We’re so sorry about this! As we ship to Canada via the US, our system mistakenly displayed United States for all Canadian orders. We are double checking all the data to make sure when we restore, users will no longer encounter this error. This may take up to 24 hours from now, but don’t worry – your data on record is correct.

  • The failures are expected but I would hope that you continue to resolve these issues and keep it transparent. But please, this last update to the OS 38R, is horrible. Please resolve this before the next pre-order.

  • digitaldr

    I bought 3 OPOs a few weeks ago and have only received one sharable invite. Will I be getting more or have you stopped sending out invites?

    • chronopower

      wanna give me the invite plz? lol

    • vaibhav

      could you please share the invite with me….regards, vaibhav

    • digitaldr

      Just to be clear the one invite that I got is long gone. I was just wondering when I might be getting some more. When I do 2 of them will be going to relatives. If I get anymore I will be raffling them on the OPO forums.

      • Izadi

        You would have to get the invite from a support ticket if you didnt get it yet, and also, I am in need of an invite but I took my time to actually help you, unlike these clueless beggars.

        • digitaldr

          As I said above when I get the invites I will be raffling off any surplus ones.

  • Order completed. Estimated Delivery Time Gone! 🙁

    • zonkinho

      I have the same situation.

    • Ian Suen

      Me, too.
      EDT gone

    • Jay

      Yeah same here, can we get some answers on when/how we will be able to see a proper delivery est./tracking code?

  • sp99

    Thanks for the update! 😀

  • Theis Bregnballe

    Do anyone know if this will be a 1 hour window as well?

    • disqus_TbrmXXnZM1

      Probably. And for shure extended to 3 hours….

  • disqus_TbrmXXnZM1

    I had a 7/8 weeks to get my 1+1. It is understandable to open another pre-order before all the current orders not fulfill?!? By my calculations in my case the new pre-order is one month before my order shipment,…. I’m not understanding…..

    • stijnloomans

      The same situation for me. I also received 7/8 weeks estimated delivery.So I also find it a bit weird you will do a next pre order 1 month before mine would be shipped.
      Or will the next pre order state only from Januarie for delivery?

      • Sobidel

        Go check your account, my order was etimated to 3-4 weeks but now is only 2 weeks. I think you will receive your order before the next pre-order start

        • Simone Garofalo

          Delivery time is different from shipping time…

          You have 3-4 weeks before the OPO leaves the warehouse, and other 2 weeks before you can receive it at home…

          • Sobidel

            Are you sure? So why people from the same country have differents delivery times (1 week, 2 week, etc)? (i have take the express)

          • Simone Garofalo

            Because is a First In First Out queue…

            if you finished the preorder at the 16:13, and your neighbor finished it at 16:57, probably you receive OPO much earlier than your neighbor…

          • Sobidel

            thats what i sad in my first post. The estimated delivery time in the orders page is “preparation time” + “delivery time” or only “preparation time”.

            In all cases, it’s less than what i get when i have do my pre-order

            (Sorry for my bad english ^^)

          • Simone Garofalo

            Don’t worry… i’m using Google Translate XD

            Anyway, i think that the “Estimated Delivery Time” is only the delivery time, not the preparation + delivery.

            I hope I ‘m wrong , because I have a delivery time of 2 weeks! XD

          • Rae

            Delivery time is always the time you receive the item starting now, I don’t believe they mean otherwise here. I got 7-8 weeks at first, then 3-4 and now 2-3. But now I got this email that confused me even more. Since I depend on someone bringing me the OPO to another country, it’s crucial for me that he gets it on time so I really hope I’m right…

    • johnalex123

      They said that the pre-orders might experience a great delay, especially since people who have invited will be receiving their OPO’s before the pre-orders, even if they claim their invites after them 🙂

  • Charles Agriogianis

    Please do make the 16GB white version available for pre orders too. I do not have a huge music library nor do i download a lot of games so i don’t really need the extra space. I would love to save fifty bucks and get that amazing silky back.

    • Simon Liu

      The 16GB version is no longer being made.

      • bigbangbilly

        Does that mean that the next preorder is going to be for sandstone black?

  • GW

    Thanks for the update and for being accountable! I appreciate the quick updates and explanation of problems; a lot of companies don’t do this and it leaves the feeling that they don’t care about their customers.

  • The Bookbeauty

    What about the estimated delivery time? 🙂

  • Juan Carlos Gorritz

    Will Oneplus be in dicussions with Paypal to save the date? There were countless people (myself included) who ran into issues with the handoff there. I was lucky to order using my wife’s account….

  • trashken

    By the time we get the phone, it would have been outdated.

  • luckylax

    R u adding INDIA in 2nd pre-orders sales?

  • zidagar

    OK, but when you begin to sell the “coming soon” accessories?

  • calambur

    I had problems with my credit card payment, oneplus did not accept my credit card, but the PayPal did. So after some broken attemps i gave up. It should be a birthday present for my wife… Now i’ll go to a local store and buy some Samsung or so. Thanks oneplus!

    • cardenaso10

      Uh, OnePlus doesn’t even handle the payments, that’s PayPal. It’s not their fault you couldn’t figure out how to use PayPal properly.

      • calambur

        Not at all! The vedor deside, how the payment should look like. I’ve got a message like “The vendor does not accept your payment with this credit card” (not exactelly, but similiar). The problem was, oneplus servers was not able to accept my transaction, so paypay has to cancel it. I had to take a screenshot of it.
        And yes, i CAN use PayPal properly

  • Link Kong


  • Simone Garofalo

    What about invites?

    • cardenaso10

      Those can skip the queue.

  • Ronoldo W.

    Thanks for an excellent explanation. I’m looking forward to the new phone. Your positive publicity is phenomenal. You are creating a following of die-hard fans.

  • kenken1111

    Please allow the existing owner of OPO to buy only the accessories

  • Shelly

    I am just wondering why when converting $349 to British pound sterling it is approximately £217 but when I prepared my preorder it comes up at £269 which is $434? I know currency exchange rates change but usually not by much, especially not by £52 or $85?? I know this isn’t much but I’m a student and that makes a difference. Any one else notice this??

    • Techno Unboxing

      Yes same! I was really intruiged by it and the 16 gb version should of cost £178 instead of the £229

      • Aasim Uddin

        It’s an unfortunate fact. It actually goes for all electronics, UK has 20% VAT on electronic imports so even if you look at US and UK pricing for the iphone or new nexus its the same huge difference UK buyers have to pay 🙁

  • Fredd

    Q1: What do I do if two orders were placed and charged under my account while I only meant to place one?

    Once orders are in your store account (within 24 hours from placing the order), you have the option to cancel any orders placed.

    False, in My Account/My Orders there appears a ghost order (1800065473) who I can not request on View Order to cancel.

  • Peter Kaczmarek

    Before sending new phone take the broken one back and replace them.. The biggest fail company -.-

  • Karlen Trimino

    The pre-order was a disaster. The server was down almost all the time!!!!

  • Rented_Food

    Oneplus One couldn’t even get shipped to Norway… and probably some other countries. Please fix that!

  • netanel

    Hey, I live in a country were oneplus doesn’t ship to and I cant get an order to were I live. Although my father is going to America soon and will be able to get it shipped to him, but here’s my big problem. They say it can take up to 3 weeks to ship the phone and my father arrives on the 16 of November and leaves on the 1 of December, so there is a big chance he will miss it and then the phone will be stuck there and I wont be able to get it. Anybody got any ideas or some way to help? thanks

    • Rented_Food

      Got the same problem, but I don’t have anyone in a country they send it to. Hopefully, they’ll change their mind and add many more countres.

  • Fredd

    How can make things so wrong? There’s lots of people disappointed.
    OnePlus take your own responsibility, assume the mistakes and take some consideration and repair them in some real way, not just apologizing. At least if OnePlus wants to still look like a serious company where people can trust.

    Another pre-order solves nothing for those of us who have been involved in the chaos of the first.

    • calambur

      You got it! DISAPOINTMENT this is a perfect word for this “rat race” we all took a part. But the point is according to the oneplus you have to deserve this wonder-phone, oneplus accept you as a customer, not the way around. They pump up your expectations and then you get nothing but disapointment

  • Johannes Veje

    Do you have any numbers on how many preordres you got in the three hours? And how many did you expect to receive?

    Btw is it just me, or is the font on this page slim and not that easy to read? Maybe I am just tired.

  • Arindam Biswas

    Will 16 gb model is available for next sale?

  • kmb

    is it worldwide shipping ???

  • Tom Stiles

    If you did not limit the “window” to just an hour, you would not have the overwhelming surge of traffic. Just open ordering and let people order when they want. Steady traffic….steady orders.

  • Sean Casey

    Ireland as a possible shipping destination ?

  • Ivankuan

    hi any country can shipping and arrived ?

    • Ivankuan

      like me live in Asian Malaysia can arrived

  • Australia?

  • Leo YU

    I live in Australia, how can I get oneplus?

  • Fredd

    Btw, Image above of the instagram feed with guy ride a scooter corresponds of the day 27 while the servers were down? maybe someone of tech service while laughing at all of us? seems to be a lot of fun. Congrats for a job well done! I guess that orders will also be served thereby, ride a scooter and laughing alot.

    • cardenaso10

      You go balance server load and try to sysadmin servers this stressed.

  • ironike

    Question – what does “Delivery Time” mean? For my pre-order it says the Delivery Time is less than a week. Does that mean I will RECEIVE the phone in less than a week or that they will SHIP the phone in less than a week?

  • Chris Gutierrez

    Please add another payment method, without paypal. When i was pre-ordering it didnt give me the option to pay with a “guest account.”

  • tbone1

    What is this OS on this phone Android? and is it Lollpop on the new ones. Sorry I am new here.

    • cardenaso10

      Google it, but yes, a fork of Android called CyanogenMod with more features, and no, we currently aren’t running Lollipop, as the Nexus 6 hasn’t even shipped yet >.>.

      (Though we will be getting Lollipop within 90 days.)

  • Megazine

    Thanks for informing us.

  • ohho

    There is a yellow stripe at the bottom of the phone and that’s why I skipped my earlier invitation. I’d like to know whether the yellow stripe is still in the later batch of phones?

    • cardenaso10

      Nah, that problem is LONG gone, pretty much anything from the last half of the year will be fine when it comes to that.

  • Brian T. McCrady

    estimated delivery 3-4 weeks- wow

  • kahrei

    Hey! I just wanna know if I may get the chance to place a preorder next time, how long can I remove the preorder? I mean, I’ve seen it that after 24 hours it gets into my store account, but I can remove it until when after the placement? Thank you in advance! 🙂

  • patstar5

    When will regular owners be able to order earphones from oneplus?

  • Fredd

    Beware! OnePlus can swindle; They can charge two orders and send you only one. Do not expect response from customer service, only meaningless answers without real solutions. Be very careful with your purchases with them if you appreciate your money and time.

  • When i will order my new oneplus one 64g phone:can i order Internecional vercion or only chaynish vercion?


  • vishal

    how can i get the invite to buy the one? I currently reside in India, is oneplus one sold in India?

  • Sree R Sree

    wud want to ask ur honest opinion on and about pre-order or india-invite as basis for selling one+ in india, this invite system is either making newbies to post the requests(which seniors here are saying “begging” as they are/were used to it probably when they were newbies here, old habits die hard for them! 🙂
    (or) scrolling forums posting th eirrelevant content such as asking for invites(aim is one-to buy OPO), ur management thinking is that invite system gives them ball parking estimate…similar objective is attained by pre-order as well…however u need to have sufficient technical and logistical back up to satisfy the burrrst of demand.. In my opinion it is pre-order system that gives a sense of freedom for the buyer and a moment of pride for him.

  • leukos_zourlomandias

    Does anyone knows if there is gonna be a special price for the phone and/or accessories like last time?

  • Ahmad Elmuradi

    do you have to have a invite to preorder it ??

    • ednamoses

      No, you dont. Anyone can pre-order when the next window opens (on 17th Nov for a limited time). If you have an invite, you dont have to wait for the pre-order window and just order anytime.

  • bigbangbilly

    Is it going to be the sandstone black 64 gb?

  • Syed Faez

    I would like the pre-order to ship to Malaysia pleaseeeeeeee

  • Jon Shipp

    15:00 GMT is right while Im still at work and like most people, I assume, cannot spend a full hour or more ordering a phone while I should be working!!
    Can the time slot be pushed back a little to say 16:00 or 17:00GMT?
    Will it be a 3hr window like last time, as this may help?

  • Carla Kurth

    IS THIS WHOLE PREORDER THING A SCAM??? I preordered, got in, received 3 emails from OPO confirming my purchase, was given a 2 week wait time, and had a pending charge on paypal. Today, the order info DISAPPEARED from both my OPO account and my paypal accounts, as if they never happened. What’s up. OPO???

  • Should I be worried about all the negative posts from dissatisfied customers?
    I want a 1+1 but I’ve been seeing so many reports of people having problems…
    Owners: Should I be weary? Is it really worth it or not???

    • leukos_zourlomandias

      What problems? With the phone itself? Do you believe that there isn’t any electronic device that doesn’t show issues? I’m not a phone owner (I hope soon) but as I work in this field I know that the ratio is matter….

    • calambur

      If your are under 30, if you have plenty of time to bring your phone to live, if you don’t care about service, if you can toss out your phone and buy a next one, if want to be “hype” – yes buy it.
      If your are older then 30, if you want just a stable phone to use it every day, if you want some normal service and repair, if you can afford some 100$ more for better phone – do not buy it.

  • annejodt

    My pay pal order was canceled, because your company didn’t claim my payment. My address was not visible on the pay pal order, while I put that in. Never had problems with pay pal before. I contacted them and there is nothing wrong with my account. I was looking forward to this phone, but now very disappointed in the costumer service.

  • Seth Albee

    What do I need to do to prepare for the next pre-order?

  • Chuck Lee

    How many phone(s) can you pre-order? Thanks,

  • Stephen L

    I’m well over thirty but would still like to buy the OPO. However delivery not my main issue, what is the procedure should the phone be faulty on delivery or have tech problems in the future, does it have to be sent back

  • mohamed

    In last pre-order I can’t complete it because my country egypt was not listed just USA ?
    Also is possible to shipment the oneplus to EGYPT direct ?
    The price of phone will charge in the same time ?

  • Vikrant Joglekar

    what exactly are the payment options available? asking so i can keep things ready by the next pre order date. Are VISA credit cards accepted? or need another way to pay?

  • Andrew Griffiths

    Why am I still pending authorisation while many people in my country are now in receipt of their phone? You have made no attempt to rectify this with Paypal since saying you would so.

  • mbucky32

    My pre-order showed the price in CAD$, however, I found out Paypal charged me in USD$ which is close to a 20% difference. I asked support why and they sent an email yesterday about my ticket status being closed as “solved” seeing how they didn’t hear from me. They didn’t hear from me because I didn’t know about it until yesterday and can’t open the ticket to read their comments as the link doesn’t recognize my login & pw even though the main site allows me to log in. What a gong show! Still no answers……….

  • oneforvi

    As of November 6th PayPal says the transaction is complete, my credit card company says the transaction is complete; when will OnePlus acknowledge the transaction is complete and update the status on the My Orders page and send me an email saying “Status changed!” with expected shipping date, etc?

  • Jo Wood

    Is there a reason you do the pre-orders on a monday? I’m so frustrated as I’ve waited so long for a phone but I’m at work with no access to phone, internet etc. Could there not be one at weekend or at least on a different day to give us all a chance of getting a phone?


    I am eagerly waiting for the release

  • Mike

    First of all, playing “ordering games” is piss poor
    business. Just let people order the product they want without the
    childish nonsense!!!

    Second, I have NO desire to give you money after what you did
    and after taking this LONG to respond to a human being!

    Thirdly, you should have had enough INTELLIGENCE to have enough servers
    and bandwidth the first time…knowing how many pre-orders you received.

    Lastly, after seeing that your company completely SCREWED UP,
    you should have fulfilled ANY and ALL orders of people who pre-ordered but were
    shut out because of your stupidity!!!!!!!

    Your owners are MORONS, plain and simple! Fact!!!
    They have the business acumen, ethics, and morals of a street thug!

    And your company is PATHETIC for sending this horrible email
    response…and anyone that accepts it should have their head examined.

  • Frank Giblin

    I’m sorry, that is a horrible, horrible apology. When you do something this poorly, you don’t put your hand back out and ask for money again. You make a huge concession to the people you wronged to win their trust back…or give them a free phone for the grief you caused (and time you cost people).
    You’re saying, “we played ridiculous games and wasted your time, but now we want you to give us money.” Very bad apology…and bad business practices, not offering something to make things right.
    I certainly won’t be falling for your lies again…you haven’t earned my business. You’re truly lucky there are a lot of crazy people here willing to throw money at you. What a shame.

  • musaudhassan

    So Excited about this product. now disappointed that i cant buy, i dont have an invitation, m3h1977 – at – g m a i l.

    who can be generous enough to sent me an invitation.


    from Dubai,

  • Btw, Image above of the instagram feed with guy ride a scooter corresponds of the day 27 while the servers were down? maybe someone of tech service while laughing at all of us? seems to be a lot of fun. Congrats for a job well done! I guess that orders will also be served thereby, ride a scooter and laughing alot.

  • You have 3-4 weeks before the OPO leaves the warehouse, and other 2 weeks before you can receive it at home…

  • If you did not limit the “window” to just an hour, you would not have the overwhelming surge of traffic. Just open ordering and let people order when they want. Steady traffic….steady orders.

  • I hope I ‘m wrong , because I have a delivery time of 2 weeks! XD

  • if you finished the preorder at the 16:13, and your neighbor finished it at 16:57, probably you receive OPO much earlier than your neighbor…

  • I hope I ‘m wrong , because I have a delivery time of 2 weeks! XD