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September 18 2014 | By: Carl
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Over the past few months, things have been crazy. Due to our rapid growth, stumbles, or scaling issues, one thing is for certain; the invite system has been a blessing. Let me explain.

Launching something is difficult. To control risk, many software companies usually do gradual rollouts. While we think like a software company, scaling a hardware business is very different. The biggest difference is inventory risk.

Our current goals are finding the right product-market fit and user acquisition. To do so, we made the risky move to forego hardware margins. In this scenario, we do not have the ability to absorb miscalculations in inventory. Any excess inventory will lead to a direct loss, and a larger miscalculation means we need to close our doors. We believe that we’re forcing positive change within our industry by increasing consumer choice and building better quality products, and we’re not looking to stop anytime soon. This is why we have to be conservative and only produce the amount of devices we’re 100% sure will be sold.

While many users have at first disliked this system, we’re glad that many understand and support our decision once they understand the reasoning behind it. However we still think the experience can be improved. Never Settle, right?

The main issue with the invite model is that people need to invest considerable time into finding an invite. For some, this means making new friends at the OnePlus Forums, but others just want to buy the device. How can we improve the experience for the latter group while still managing our risk? Our answer to this problem is the OnePlus Pre-order System.

During a limited time window, you will be able to place an order for the OnePlus One. If we have the items in stock, we’ll ship immediately. If we don’t, it will automatically become a pre-order. No matter what, we’ll always tell you our best approximation for when it will ship before you submit the payment authorization (we’ll reserve the payment and charge you when we ship).

There’s a time limit, but no limit on the amount of orders that can be made. If we get a lot of pre-orders, we’ll simply show you a longer shipping estimation date. Any time after the pre-order time window closes, you’ll be able to forfeit your place in line, cancel the order, and release the payment reserve if you don’t wish to wait any longer. If you receive an invite while waiting for a pre-order to ship, you can apply it to skip the pre-order queue and have your order shipped immediately.

To avoid panic, you’ll be able to set things like address and accessories up well in advance (we’re talking days here!), so at that final moment, all you have to do is press a button. We’re looking to launch this in late October, and we’ll have final instructions up a week before the pre-orders start.

In the meantime, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.

  • Felix Aust


    • While many users have at first disliked this system, we’re glad that many understand and support our decision once they understand the reasoning behind it. However we still think the experience can be improved. Never Settle, right?

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  • hubertm

    Finally no beggiiiiiiing!
    Good move tho. Peace.

  • Teqnix

    You are forgiven for the invite system. Now you must take over the world with this awesome phone!

    • Luka Mlinar

      Forgiven? Haha nice try.

      • Haduken2g

        Forgive + love lol

    • Marc Zeffren

      the internet never forgives. NEVER!

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        Still, take over the world; suck it up Apple!

        • Jonathan Lyng

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    • Krishnu

      Yes.. No other option. You’ve got to take over the world!!!

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  • jonskijonski

    Does this still apply to the initial 16 countries or is it worldwide now?

  • Javier Trejo

    Very good

  • David

    Thanks a lot guys!

  • Wil

    To late in getting the next Google phone.

  • Daniel Davila

    Could you guys at least sell the white style swap covers. 😐

    I’ve waited soooooo long for that.

  • André Engelbrecht

    Awesome, just what I’m waiting for.

    Though, I don’t get why there’s a “limited time window” for pre-orders. Why not just keep it open and rather put a time limit on cancellations or something?

    Could someone please explain this to me, maybe I’m just missing something?

  • Threshold

    Would be interesting to know the time window that its open. Fixed or floating based on quantity?

  • Francisco Pereira

    Great news !!
    Using this new approach, will you ship the device to Brazil? 😀

    Or will we continue orphans?

  • Alberto Giudice

    So there will be a time window to pre-order, and after that pre-orders won’t be available anymore forever or you’re planning on another pre-order session later on?

    • Teqnix

      I think that depends on how much pre orders they got.

  • Al Partman

    Sounds fantastic, keeps the margin tight and a minimal inventory on hand. Also allowing you to make changes when required, rather than selling an item that has a problem… Bravo, Never Settle.

  • Sarang Pitale

    Will it start from India or will it be worldwide pre-orders?

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          • carol letts

            Will you be selling your phone to Australia

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      • Sanjeev Saini

        it will be all together.

    • hj

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      Suck that reply

    • Sarang Pitale

      I don’t think we would be getting pre-order system even when One Plus Five gets launched

  • So there will be a double system to avoid straining the suply/development capabilities?

    • Teqnix

      No just limited time to pre order but there are no limits on how much.

  • ReliQ

    Great news!!!!

  • Jinav Satra

    I really wish that the device is made available to everyone.

    • Teqnix

      It will be…

  • gusuraman

    You are going to make many people happy.
    And it’s good to see you will keep the invites system up as well.

    Thanks for the update

  • Awesome news for all of us desperately waiting for the invite. Thank you!

  • Subhas

    Sound like a good plan!!!

  • praveen

    I’m glad you have realised that pre-order is the solution instead of invite system.
    I must say its a late realization as I have seen few people buying different phones instead of waiting.

    Anyways I got my phone before a month … Its a good phone.

  • Krisna Gokoel

    Great news

  • Shanmuga Shanker

    Much better than the earlier system. Should have done this from the start!

  • jsprusko

    As long as we can get on a list and know a delivery is forthcoming, even if delayed, I am willing to wait for quality.

  • Ahmed Arifi

    I hope you guys have a distribution center in BC to save Canadians costs… customs/shipping/etc… China is not far from across BC…

  • Faisal Wahab

    Well i think personally the invite system is good. it ensures and build a trust that the quality would be near to perfect as the phones are distributed in fewer number (yet the price is not increasing). Hitting every local market will make things cheap (or stay as before) but the quality will be compromised.. 🙁

    • Faisal Wahab

      P.S. I haven’t got my OPO but still my hopes are high that i will get an invite now or later. 🙂
      This phone is worth the wait

      • Faisal Wahab

        Yeeewwwsssh i got my phone and it feels awesome

  • If inventory was the biggest concern, why not launch the preorder system the day you guys announced the product? You guys would clearly get to know right the amount to produce.

    You guys could show the shipping dates. Even if it was 3/4 months away. It wouldn’t have created the hue and cry.

    • devil_dv

      We would have thousands of people flooding our Customer Support, asking when are we shipping. That’s what would have happened…

      • No. It wouldn’t. The people would have got the date of product arrival (Product Shipping ETA). If he/she doesn’t like to wait – he could cancel the order before paying.

        The invite system – it may have done the good for you and your company for understanding market. However, this was a huge blow for the brand. It had killed the reputation and momentum. You guys could create a storm. With invite system – nobody bats an eye. Frankly, it was a joke.

        If it was pre ordering from the first day – you guys would have sold double units than now. Without anarchy and with good understanding what the market wants.

  • Omar

    it wiil be possible to send a oneplus to Mexico?

  • Jean Pierre VNR

    Which countries are going to be available for the delivery? I got my hands on an invite, but malaysia was not on the shipping list… so i could not do anything 🙁
    I have a shit phone right now, waiting for this particular one.
    Plz don’t make me wait too much !

    • Mr. A. Zurita

      I’ll take the invite if you can’t use it…

      • Jean Pierre VNR

        I already gave it away as soon as i saw i could not use it ; ( sowwy

  • Revanth Ch

    what a move…eagerly waiting for it 🙂

  • Victor

    I have been using this thing for the past 3-4 weeks (no invites to share till now) – there are a few minor issues with the phone, but overall I give the phone 2 thumbs up. Believe me two thumbs up is great. I hardly give one thumbs up. In my opinion this phone is a no brainer.

    • Cris

      Invite please Victor?

      • Alessandro

        He has just said that he had no invite to share. Can you read? lol

  • Please make sure this will be available to all countries and not just “select few” ones.

  • Bea

    I really want this phone. It is the one I need

  • Ivan Yordanov

    Prepare for 1233532 threads about this in the 1+ forum 😀

  • Bram Wildenberg

    If you would did this back in june then I would an oneplus one right now. I know that there were not enough building materials.

  • Phillip D. Gamez

    Thank you!!

  • Prakash S R

    Really nice system… Well thought and prepared

  • Edward Smith

    My reddit question that I was told was going to be answered yesterday with the announcement of the Bamboo covers regarding if the White covers will become available for sell anytime soon. So is there any hope in getting a replacement cover since I’ve never been a fan of the Sandstone?

    • edude03

      Same, I really want the silk white back

      • Edward Smith

        Yeah, the silk white is really nice. If I knew this was going to happen I would have got the 16GB white version, but I opt out to get more memory. Don’t get me wrong the sandstone is nice, but its not my taste.

  • Anish Pillai

    Please start shipping to all countries. Otherwise the pre order system is not of much use.

    • alex00995

      Ships to USA?

    • suranga

      Ship to Sri Lanka As well,I am a owner of 64Gb phone and so many people asking how to buy

      • Rayan

        im really interested that how you bought your one??

        • suranga

          Received an invitation ,my brother bought for me who is now living in USA

          • Anish Anish

            Do you have an extra invite?

          • Niteeshkanungo

            Invitation? ? Any one need. ??

          • Bennyboyoioioi

            I need one … I want to buy one!

          • Liew Thim Mun

            Me 2. I also need an invite.

          • Ali

            I would like an invite please.

          • stone

            I need an invite, please?!

          • Mark Wade

            I need one please

          • gyan

            I need one.

          • Claude Doucette

            Could you please give me an invite

          • javier


          • Miin phang


          • Anish Anish

            Can you please give me ?

          • John Ong

            Yes I need one

          • jeffrey oppenheim


          • Max Ċiŋŋabar Åłmøŋđ

            Yes! Please!

          • martin

            I would love one

          • Joaquin Aguilar

            I need an invite please.

          • otnielgavrilas


          • WHDD

            I really need one! Got an Iphone for the moment but recently changed mind over Appel… They are just boycotting older of their own phones to get new ones sold! It just not tolerable!

            If you got any invitation left please send me one!

          • Jamie

            Yes I’m in the same boat, enough with Apple!!
            One way Forward, One Plus One 🙂

          • Sudhir

            bhai invite h toh bhej na

          • Allighator82

            I do

          • patrick

            can i have an invite

          • KING K♚NG

            still have it?
            i want 1 really badd!

          • Dushan

            Can you send me an Invitation ??

          • Faisal

            Yes I want 1 plz

          • David Holden

            yes I love to have an invite,Thankyou

          • Brian T. McCrady

            would love an invite-thanks

          • Andrii Stavenko

            Would appreciate an invite. Thank you!

          • vinesh

            Yes i need

          • Lorri Nowell

            Please send me an invitation thank you

          • Sarthak Parikh

            yes email id is [email protected]

          • mike

            Do u still have an invite? I reall need one… My email address is [email protected]

          • Akpoagbo Bawa

            Yes please, if you still have one. Or anyone else, please!! Email is [email protected]/

          • Leonie

            i want to have one! 🙂

          • lohit

            bro can i have one invite

          • Emily

            I need. Please invite me [email protected]. thanks

          • Sachin Tankaria

            yes please email [email protected] thanks!

          • Akshay

            i need invitation plz give it to me my email is
            [email protected] plz share it with me

          • Nilesh Jain

            I also have an invite,can u help me?

          • noor elahee

            Can I have an invite please guys. want to buy it for my wife…annyversary is coming up..she would really like this phone I believe…help

          • mike

            Can u please send me an invite? My email address is [email protected] thank u so much I need this so badly…

          • Saahithiyanan Salvatore

            hey i m also from sri lanka , i told my friend in uk to buy the phone , there wont be any problems here knw> like unlocking or network problem

        • Nassere Besseghir

          If possible I would really really like to have an invite.
          Many thanks

      • Birendra Katugampola

        Do you think you can invite me! I can get my Bro to get from USA. But i’m looking for an invite!

        • suranga

          so far no ,I will post when I receive any

          • Birendra Katugampola

            Thanks! Are you in Sri Lanka? As far as I know you are the only Sri Lankan to have one 🙂

          • Martin Krnčok

            If u will have one more please consider me also, i have a friend that can claim it for me too

          • sanjay vu

            Brother please consider me also for invite

          • Markus Bauer

            you can get one here

          • Thimali

            HI suranga
            i’m also from Sri Lanka. and waiting months to get a one.i will grateful if u can gv me an invite

        • Niteeshkanungo

          U need ?? Now I have an invitation.

          • Robin Vandeneynde

            If no one wants it, i’ll gladly take it off your hands 😀

          • Maxeld

            I need one PLEASE

          • saunderspvjj

            PLEASE stop sending me invites…I have to many! Thank you.

          • AnCa3000

            Please, Share one with me. PLEASE!!
            In Portugal, Pre-Order site was down in that “precious” Hour!
            ([email protected]) Thank you so much

          • Dushyant Palejiya

            I need an invite too, if you have got a spare one! Thanks

          • David

            so give me one 😉

          • Birendra Katugampola

            Yes please! Thank you!

          • Jwala

            Please send me an invite if anyone has any invite..

          • cameron burnett

            Invite please, I need a new phone desperately and you’re never going to get as good a deal as this

          • Jwala

            please send me Nitessh if you have any..

          • Petey Bee

            i could use an invite if you have an extra!

          • Török Marianna

            Would be happy to get an invite, M.

          • MJ Reddy

            Hi Niteesh

            I am from the UK and I am a doctor. Looking to replace my old galaxy s2
            which is dying. I hate iphones (I call them sheep-phones because every
            sheeple willing to let Apple shave them has an iphone!).

            I am looking to buy an android that is not crippled by the handset manufacturer. I am looking for a 64 GB version.

            So please give me an invite. Thanks in advance.

          • Omar Omar

            Can i please get an invite. my mom always wanted a smart phone but i didn’t have money. please can i have one. its the only phone in the market in my budget

          • ricardomedro

            I would like an invite… thanks..

        • Petey Bee

          If anyone has extras I could really use an invite…. old phone broke and i’ve been looking at this for a while. appreciate anyone who can help me out 🙂

      • Suneth Thotagamuwa

        Yeah please ship to Sri Lanka as well !!!

      • suranga

        check Ikman

      • Rishu Sridhar

        can u send me a invite to get one plus one?

      • I am also from sri lanka.. do they ship to sri lanka directly?? dat is awsm!!! <3

        • patrick

          can i have an invite dude

    • Like this 🙂

    • Vicente Emanuel Perales

      Also add shipping to México.. Finally I got an invite and I almost lose it because I couldn’t find a third party shipping to Mex…

      A lot of people are asking me how did I got it..

      • JMiguel recibe en EUA y lo manda a México por medio de Redpack.

    • Amrit Zoad

      Anish, If you are an Indian. OnePlus’ collaboration with Flipkart or Amazon will give us a phone in same price + Warranty, which we can replace anytime, if we find any fault. So, just wait for that to happen, rather than pre-ordering it now.

    • Samuel Leech

      Anyone have a spare invite? If there were some kind soul out there to give me one, it would be really appreciated! 🙂 [email protected]

  • Τζεπετο

    I hope that u don’t change the prices on the pre-order.

  • Claudiu P.

    Let’s go with this!

  • raj4real

    Any plan on a reseller programm or bulk order for a worldwide avalaibility?this phone will sell like hotdogs in some countries

  • Xavier

    love it. love it love it love it. your business model is so weird it’s actually very clever #NeverSettle

  • Mike (Brazil)

    too late, I’ll have to buy one galaxy s5 :/

  • WinstonC

    Is it possible to send ope plus one to world wide not like invite system only selected manage to ship it.

  • Ahmad Walid Naseri

    I can’t wait to be finally able to buy oneplus!!

  • Matti Alexander Christensen

    too little too late, ive been trying to get my hands on a one for 2 months while living with a phone with a broken screen. next payday is phone day, no more waiting for a phone that doesnt really exist. and for future reference i really have no interest in dealing with your company anymore, since experience tells me you’re all advertisement and no product, which is exactly the opposite of what you wanted to achieve.

    • Behrad Ghob

      Trying going on Craigslist and seeing if others are selling their phone. I’ve seen some pop up in my City.

      • Matti Alexander Christensen

        im in denmark, we dont have craigslist. and i actually ment the part about not wanting a one anymore, i have no faith in the company left, so i expect possible issues or repairs to leave me without a phone for longer than i can spare one.

        • Muneer Vatakara

          Try your luck on Mi3 or Mi4

    • akwingnut

      Heck I have two… Lol…

    • Andrei C

      I documented myself about the phone around 30th of august. I spend like crazy three nights in a row and read all the reviews, cons, pros, hardware, design, all the problems with yellow screen, touch etc. around the 5th of september I decided I wanted this phone very bad. My S3 became very slow and laggy. So I started on the forum talking with people, asking around, giving inputs and opinions and also asking for them. Not much. Maybe 30 min’s in the morning and 1 hour before bedtime. On the 8th I received an invitation. In two days I set up my paypal account and ordered it on the 10th, 2 hours before it expired. Now I have this phone for 4 days and I’ve turned it all around, design is perfect, hard nice material, not cheap plastic like samsung, display 100 % perfect, no missing pixels, no yellow nothing, super responsive, software already rooted and working impecable. The thing is that I took a shot because I weighed in my pros & cons and decided that it was the right choice. From the moment I decided that I want this phone till I had it in my hands was 13 days ( 5 days shipping ). So I don’t know what you’ve been doing for two months 🙁 and the phone truly exists.

      • Matti Alexander Christensen

        in short, everything except asking for a handout on a forum. i dont like being greedy and asking people for handouts.

        • oscarandjo

          That’s not greedy – That’s the entire point of the forums really.

    • Igor

      Matti Alexander Christensen I HAVE THE EXACT SAME PROBLEM AS YOU BRO !
      I have been loocking around for 2 months as well… and still nothing!
      Now I dont even now what to do or expect..?

  • Daniel Roulant

    will the pre-ordering be open too Australian residents?

  • Deak Karoly

    This is great news for everyone who still waits to buy! Curious if you will extend the countries you deliver to!

  • Ciro

    I really wanted to buy OnePlusOne, but because I couldn’t get an invite, I gave up and bought a Zopo. Soooooo, maybe next time guys….

  • Barry Bradshaw

    I have been waiting a long time for an invite I was hoping to review the phone but not it looks like I may be able to finally get my hands on that sexy OnePlus phone 🙂

  • Juan Camilo Ortiz Murillo

    Waiting for that moment.

  • Petr Čech

    Please ship to all countries. It’s now soooo difficult to get this awesome device in non-supported countries, or it’s final price isn’t really a few tenths dollars abowe the original price + tax; it’s than much easier for us to buy some of devices that OnePlus One kills.

  • Rakesh R Rao

    how can i pre-order it?

  • Ezra Samuel

    That would be fairer than the Xiaomi’s few minutes to buy shows

  • Pipzisfag

    late October? Bad choice. New nexus is right here so i dont believe many people will wait for that

    • oscarandjo

      The One is arguably much better value for money than the Nexus. Hugely better battery life and 64GB for less than the price of a nexus 5 16GB.

  • Neel Rawlani

    When are you launching in India?

  • Jeremy Nickurak

    If it’s going to be in late October — the market hasn’t stood still between when you started the invite-only purchase and when you’ll start pre-orders. Will the OnePlusOne product and/or pricing have changed by then to catch up?

  • Malik L Griffin

    I think this will be a great idea. I had to resort to buying my One off of someone on Google+ but this will be a lot less frustrating. The hardest part about an invite system is getting the damn invite. At least with a pre-order you have some sense of control over your purchase. I hope the accessories don’t all get canned though…I was looking forward to a swap cover but guess I’m out of luck. Great phone though

  • pritesh palan

    Love it, but I already ordered it. Keep it up guys. I love you all for making awesome device for awesome price.

  • Bellarmine Bulinda

    I can tell u for free with great marketing and proper vending, this phone will be outstocked in my country, Kenya. Waiting for it to be available to us….!

  • Alexander Mateev

    It’s great to know that.For sure the pre-order system is going to be overloaded.
    Wish you as a company the very best.

  • vaibhavs_udr

    Hi @carl
    When Will the new pre order system be available in india.
    As there is a news of Oneplus launching in in India in October. So can we see both the things kicking off together.

    • oscarandjo

      They are planning on launching in India! 🙂

  • Waseem Qamar

    Oo seems liknt

  • Smári McCarthy

    Yes, this is a good move. The sooner, the better. Excitement!

  • Brecht En Evelyne

    Yes! I have the 1+1 now for 2 months and I must say it is awesome! I hope I can get one for my girlfriend!

  • Jeremy Koh

    This is a good system to let interested buyers to set a pre-order. I can’t wait!

  • Neil Mealey

    Invite system just leads to people going with other suppliers or eBay. It was ridiculous if you ask me and drives people to buy other brands. As at least they knew they were getting a phone…

  • Ashok Prusty

    Pls make it available for Indian buyers as well.

  • aldredd

    I understand your reasoning – but it’s too little too late I’m afraid. the phone industry moves too quick to be sat waiting for months. Eyeing up the LGG3 / waiting on Nexus 6 now. But add wireless charging, and I might sign up again :0)

    • andy

      now they wanna sell it without invites because iphone 6 and so much more options are coming. What a move. May be try to cut the price down a bit, then we may consider.

      • IamTheFij

        Cut the price down? What other device is on par at this price? It’s still top of the line specs and less than half the price of an iPhone 6+ with 64gb.

        I agree that they need to launch full stop due to new devices hitting shelves, but lowering the price isn’t going to matter much since it’s already priced so much lower than the competition.

  • raveye

    This system is good. The invite system I think is or was more suited to software (Re: Gmail and Mailbox) but for hardware, where your future success actually depends on sales, the invite system may have limited growth. You are right, some of us just want to buy the phone. Glad to see or know that our feedback means something.

  • Manu Chan

    Ship to countries like Mauritius please

  • nika


  • Viktor Hägg

    Can someone please send me an invite? Would be extremely thankful.
    [email protected]
    Can’t wait to preorder, but I guess I’ll have to!

  • GEORGEGeek

    That what android youtube channel ad was about one will this one will that cool

  • Paul Sabu

    Pre order system is better than invite and flash sales . At least we know by when we can have 1+ . Not left frustrated with uncertainty and time spent . Good work OPO . Eagerly waiting for the date !!.

  • Edson Fratelli

    I really want to! is it possible a shipment to Brazil?

  • ccgabe

    This phone has been around for nearly a year already. If i preorder now, how do I know that it won’t be obsolete by the time I get one?

    • Clay Ginn

      They started selling the phone in June how is that even close to a year.

      • IamTheFij

        Dog years.

    • oscarandjo

      It’s got a snapdragon 801 and 3GB of RAM. It’s not going to be obsolete any time soon.

  • myblade

    Nyeh… As one who understands the invite system and one who advocated it, I don’t really understand why u want to put both systems side-by-side.

    So invites are only sent for devices of which you are sure to sold… on the other hand you want to start time windows to order/pre-order it… also with immediate shipping as long as the stocks last. This is a conflict!

    Both refer to devices which are available immediately.

    In my suggestion you should stick to the invite system OR an open order system. You can use the queue number there, too, so everyone could see the place in line he got. Together with an estimated shipping time, this would be all transparent for everyone.

  • Ahmed

    this is exciting news my only worry is are you going to stick to dates you give or will there be extended forfeits ? meaning suppose I place a pre order and you say you will ship in a month. will there be an instance where this month is prolonged to two maybe three more

  • Juan Carlos Donsion

    That’s cool…but September was the month for shareable invites I’m still waiting….

  • s k Bhardwaj

    I am waiting for ur grand launch in India.

  • Kyle Johnston

    Will I be able to order this in the UK?

    • Manny C

      When you’ll start driving the normal way…

    • oscarandjo


  • Jon

    I just found out about this and signed into the forums a couple days ago. I’m considering the switch from Verizon to Sprint just to get this phone! I hope this new “Pre-Order” system works!

  • coxxcon

    Cool glad to hear that, hrmm so for the pre order it just for the 64gb or for both

    • Manny C

      Who the hell needs the 16GB version???

      • coxxcon

        in case in i want Hahahaha

  • Gabriel Fisher-Duke

    This is perfect! and saves me the time from scouring the forums — if I can just pre-order and know the date when it will arrive I will be much happier!!

  • You guys must restrict the number of orders a person can place to one or two at max. The pre-order system will be abused otherwise.

  • Olanrewaju Oyebode

    I think the pre-order will be a great relief for lots of people especially having the opportunity to get a OnePlus One without having to beg for an invite

  • Sergio

    When will it hit the Brazilian market? I have a lot of friends interested.

    • Stelios

      Yes, what about Brazil? 🙂

  • Richard Poon

    That’s what I have been asking.

  • Falak Mathur

    please start shipping in India!!

    • Bharath

      They will take more than 3 months to launch in India. Very slow process!!!

  • Vincent Chevillard

    When will we know the dates of the window to preorder ? Will it be available in France ?
    Great idea anyway 🙂

  • ShuHui Luar

    please have this pre-order phones to be able to shipped to singapore!! 🙂

  • Bhanu Bhakta Sigdel


  • Rocky

    ah! I spent two months hopelessly signing up for contests and blah blah in order to get the one plus as a replacement for my broken smartphone.
    Two little too late. I’ve already moved on with an HTC.

    • Borja aos

      i’ve just broken mine, hope i get an invite before making the same decision

  • Ajay Dhavane

    well this is a relief!! though we still have to wait till late October 🙁 .Please make shipments available to India also. Think about your customers in India also. They’re eager and waiting 🙂

  • Mohammad Aarif Athar

    Very Good approach Carl and OnePlus Team.

  • amIcoTWISTA

    Should have said this earlier. You still have the support of the global consumers – Now let Oneplus rain, we can handle the flood

  • Lukas Dämon

    yay 🙂

  • ilyasseassine

    what about the price?

  • Stuart

    Why are people waiting? You’ve been able to buy it on Amazon for months

  • Shailesh Sharma

    I bet their website is gonna crash within moments they will start taking pre-orders.. something need to be taken care

  • Ramneek Garg

    Awesome…..pre order is really good to go

  • Jeff Rash

    I also believe it’s too late. I signed up for a invite months ago and so far nothing. At this point I think I’ll just hang out on my Nexus 5 (which is working fine) until the Nexus 6 is released. I suspect it will be around the same time as your pre-order system goes online.

  • Annie Leonhardt

    No one knows who i am here 😉

  • ashish

    good move oneplus. never will i settle.

  • theevisibleman

    One Plus you won’t be around for too long. You completely bitched your flagship device launch and now nobodies interested.

    • oscarandjo

      Not true. It’s great value for money. That’s the selling point.

  • Wajid Hussain

    in pakistan

  • zeyad

    Never Settle!

  • Wajid Hussain

    when u will start shipping in Pakistan?

  • Jorge Claro Santos

    This is am excellent product that deserves a much better chance. This will surely help it to thrive. Looking forward for it

  • نوفل – Naufal

    please ship oneplus one to malaysia!

  • WeirdG

    This is a great idea. Being in IT and dealing with development projects, I understand the reasoning behind the invite based system. I actually thought it was very similar to Google’s GMail invite system, when that first launched.

    I didn’t think finding invites was very difficult, since I was able to get a few only after a day of searching. I think the people still looking after several months without any success should also check other sites for invites (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and other forums). I ended up getting my invites from Reddit and another forum. I kinda figured it was futile to try and get one through the OnePlus forum.

  • Roberto Pacilio

    That’s a great idea, can’t wait to get in line

  • Carlton Jones

    I was cool with the invite!! – I got mine, only after a week of trying 🙂

    • Coutinho96

      haha, how? I’ve been trying since it was launched

      • Carlton Jones

        Seriously, I just participated in the things that they had listed – it was like you could earn extra points – on posting Pics, joining in Twitter, and all the extra stuff that they had asked – you could earn up to 15 points and I did everything – next thing I know I was invited – I thought it was fake at first, BUT NOPE! i have my phone right now and its nice – coming from a nexus 5 – I like both –

  • this is some great news!

  • Javier

    Lo unico que les digo es, cuenten con mi compra, en cuanto liberen el link para la pre orden yo compraré el mío! pero porque hasta octubre? no pueden adelantarlo un poco? en mi caso y en de muchas personas mas lo compraríamos inmediatamente hoy! Estoy esperando con muchas ansias el OnePlus!

  • Jeff Fenton

    When will this be available?

  • Will you take international orders? Or would I have to ship to the US?

    • We’ll continue shipping to our launch countries.

  • Abdullah

    Yes finally i cant wait!!

  • pradeep pradhan

    that’s a great news. keep up the good work. in between waiting for the one plus I have already purchased three phones and one more coming tomorrow.

  • edwin72

    Esta pre orden sera a nivel mundial o solo para asia

  • Josmar Borg

    Whatever the method is to buy this phone I will keep on waiting to grab one in my hands!!! ANY INVITES PLEASE, while I’m waitin for the pre-order system to commence….

  • Anthony Evans

    To little to late. Note 4 incoming!

  • Denys Vitali

    And what about the invites that wasn’t given to who buyed the phone?

  • Lakshmi

    Finally some ray of hope.. hope to get it this time around.. 🙂

  • Vintage7682

    Great news indeed. Looking forward to having more accessories options from OnePlus.

  • sami2533

    what about invit to share ?

  • Byrdman

    This phone has been “out” for far too long. You are moving too slowly! Late October is too slow & too late! This system should have launched two months ago. SLOW, SLOW, SLOW. You’re moving too slow!!! Launch the preorder system NOW.

    • oscarandjo

      They don’t need to get a phone to everyone that wants too. It’s almost impossible for a startup. OnePlus are doing insanely good for a startup company.

  • Mohamedbhelil

    I love the pre order method but ,
    Could you please consider adding another payment method !
    There is countries who doesn’t support paypal !!

    • FAROOK

      yes me to agree with u,.. in india most dont have credit cards and not linking with paypal, try any other payment method

      • Mohamedbhelil

        We do have credit cards starting from visa ending with american express , but for some reason paypal does not support the country I’m living in at the moment ,,
        So yeah could you guys at least consider adding another payment method , I need to get this phone 😐 ,
        Thank you !

        • FAROOK

          SURE ,..soon u ll get

  • Michael Abbott

    I’m still in…it is a phone I’m interested in. I’ve always bucked trends so having this infront of a I phone or Sammy suits me.

  • Oscar Lundberg

    Great. After about 3 months of activity on the forums, i just got my invite yesterday, but that’s ok. No problems. I’m not gonna cry.

    • Mr. A. Zurita

      Any way I can get an invite?


    Now after the invite system is over and moving to pre-ordering system, is there any update on production plans to match the demand. Based on the popularity at the forum, demand would be huge

  • Anil Ch

    y so fast ???? start it in late 2016 . . , ****************************** !!!

    • oscarandjo

      The OP2 is coming in 2015…

  • Ashish Patil

    We are waiting for the launch of one plus very eagerly in India. Please launch it soon

    • FAROOK

      with this good news ,..can onplus team can tell the launch date of oneplus in INDIA ???


    WELCOME PREORDER SYSTEM atlast i can get my oneplus in my hand soon,…. small request to oneplus team,

    1) change to any other payment method in INDIA and also some other countries
    2) make sure rectify all problem in oneplus while coming in new pre order system like (yellow tint, doa,battery drian,touchscreen problem)
    3) does this pre order system ships oneplus to only 16 countries or other countries also include (INDIA)

  • Mark Keane

    I just want to 64gb phone, without jumping through hoops!

  • Peste

    I hope it will be shipped in Italy too.

  • Karolis Simaitis

    I’m studying Economics right now and i totally understand the struggle and the invite system, but you should have made the transition into pre-order system a lot earlier since people have shown so much support and attention towards your product. Now as a supporter i’m glad that you are making steps to bring me a Oneplus one quicker so i will patiently wait for the end of october.

  • deepak

    Plz I am looking for invitation…. I want this phone.

  • johncoscia

    wow !!!

  • johncoscia

    Great !!!!!



  • Sahtor

    Pre-order sounds like an excellent system. I hope the waiting time isn’t over couple of weeks because tying up money for months would affect some customer’s final purchase decision.

    Good work on the phone and I wish to buy one soon.

  • Jorge E. Orozco

    That sounds great!! We totally understand the system and actually personally prefer to look for an invite, even if it has been difficult, not yet got it, but still better than pay the marketing and logistics bills of companys like apple or samsung!! Good move, and good luck!

  • Please please please make it available to pre-order for South Africa. I have 4 friends that want a OnePlus One here 🙂

  • mibjt

    I have a feeling that once the pre order system is done, the OP 2 would already be ready for launch 😛

    • oscarandjo

      OP2 is coming in 2015.

  • EggTank

    Seems like you’re making hard work of it for yourselves.. take the pre-orders and even a deposit then fulfil the orders as soon as production allows. Really not that hard. Not got the time or inclination to go rooting around for an invite so just get the pre-orders up and let us wait for deliveries.

  • Chris Morfos

    I do understand you OnePlus..but you can’t make an awsome device like this and expect people to not go NUTS ! invite or not, preorder or not i really don’t care i just want this phone !!!!:D

  • Andreas Klafft

    First of all congratulation to OPO for this decision. I am waiting since a long time for an invitation to get one of these amazing smartphones. I am not in the position to check all the time e-mails or acounts and asking for friendship or sharing something. I am traveling all day long and so I am only able to check on the weekends.
    On the other side I do not need only one OPO I need two. My daughter does not have any computer, she is doing everything with her smartphone. And so she needs a fast and reliable product. I am willing to buy two, but I can’t. Me and my daughter are still using cyanogenmod with our smartphones. So we are both fans of it. But how is the chance to get an invitation? At least for two phones? It is like to win in a lottery the jackpot.

  • Tilos

    Give the phone to the people!

  • Daan Goeting


  • Davi Santana Ramos


  • stefan031

    Not sure how will this system work because I’m sure that all the people awaiting for the invite will queue in for the preorder which will result in a long waiting period for most of them. Hence, preorder system is not much of an improvement. But, every improvement leads to another. Never settle, right?

  • David

    Great idea I am looking forward to placing an order.

  • fgfranco

    Os better soon

  • Tilos

    Late October.. Considering the people that want to buy the phone, late May i should have it in my hug.. 😀

  • AngryBadger


  • Eddie Tan

    I wan to buy the phone but invite never arrive… Disappointed

  • Aleksandar Kamenov

    Since the first time I heard about the one by oppo I knew I wanted one, I just could not imagine it would be so difficult getting my hands on one… thumbs up for the pre-order system!

  • Anthony Evangelista

    Are you going to allow some other payment method other then PayPal??

  • joska

    Do you ship (or will you ship) to the Czech Republic?

  • Skunny

    Bring it on…

  • Satya

    Totally agree with you on the invite system and strategy! Wish you all the best.

  • StripedCat

    A phone’s cost varies from 120 to 200 dollars. Anything more is just free cash in some rich CEO’s pockets, and that funds things I DO NOT want, like fuckhuge marketing apparatuses, “brand prestige”, colossal, expensive, excessive mass production lines.

    I can buy an iPhone or a Samsung whenever I want, sure, but if I want to, I’ll need to accept the fact that along with the 200 dollars they’re worth, I’m also sending additional 500-700 -and I’m sending them directly to Mr. Samsung and Mr. Apple for no fucking reason; I’m also funding Foxconn and the likes, marketing I NEVER asked for in the first place, and economically and geopolitically deleterious production lines.

    If I want to buy an OPO I have to get in line and wait and pray, but at least I know that I’m paying only for my phone with only a ridiculously small additional fee that goes to people at OnePlus who actually deserve it -if just for the innovation alone- and to a much more sustainable production system.

    OnePlus has shown great courage, foresight and initiative, pushing this kind of innovation in the demand-supply system.
    I wish it could be an example for many other markets where overproduction and excessive expenses translate into unrealistically high prices and grievous economical, environmental and social costs.

    Everyone should realize the invite system was a damn blessing.

    • Nikhil Kalamdani

      But isn’t the OPO selling at a loss? Or rather, they were, at least.

      • Saad

        they stated that their aims for this first phone is not to make much profit, but to get the word out

    • The invite system was not a complete success. Quite obviously, a lot of folks who wanted a OnePlus One moved on because they couldn’t get an invite. Many people have said this in the comments section. If OnePlus did the system a little differently, they could have already sold a lot more phones.

      • StripedCat

        You didn’t get one word of what I’ve said, did ya?

  • Manny C
  • Sonny

    when the pre order system will start?

    • Nikhil Kalamdani

      Late October.

      “We’re looking to launch this in late October, and we’ll have final instructions up a week before the pre-orders start.”

  • Reginaldo Andrade

    Forecast for availability in Brazil ?

  • Alex Wilson

    Please come out with a smaller phone with similar specs! It would be great to see a 4.5 to 4.7 inch model not everyone can handle a phablet!

    Very pleased about this move though, sounds like oneplus are moving in the right direction here!

    • Manny C

      you are a midget, I’m sure with tiny hands…

  • Owjay

    Contrary to popular belief, I thought the invitr system was genius. With so many devices out there it was too risky to launch and compete on the same basis. Huwai, Tecno, Infinix and a few others have tried to, with the whole “reduced price for same performance with a samsung s5” but have only ended up spending huge sums on advert campaigns and have kinda taken the brands out of the D list for some reason.

    One plus, you guys are pretty smart.

    Ps. This attempt on flattery was purely unintended.

  • Immortal Champion™

    I wish this would have happened from the start or at least a lot sooner

  • Rick O’Shea

    So, does this mean there will be no more invites until the Pre-Order System comes online? Since I received my original invite a month ago, I was hoping for an extra invite for my wife.

  • Tamim Syed

    Great to hear about this pre-order system.

  • TeeJay1100

    Thanks for explaining One Plus One!! It all makes sense now!!

  • Graygory Hardeman

    I will be Pre-ordering this!

  • John Nonan

    As a person that just recently got the phone, I think this is a good change! those who don’t want to deal with finding an invite can buy the phone, and those who want to accelerate the process can search for an invite. it’s pretty much a win win for both parties, as long as production can keep up 😛

  • Zade Kekhia

    Do it NOWWWWW.

  • Gian Marzio Colella

    Credo sia un metodo più democratico rispetto a quello degli inviti ed in più preserva il principio di oneplus di prevedere con esattezza gli approvvigionamenti

  • lennox

    so this pre order thing only start when the end of october and how about the warrantly of phone goes on? who i need to claim from when my phone need a repair? and will the phone be international version? and the pre order system will it be avaliable for malaysia country??

    • Saad

      all phones ordered from the official website are international versions

  • Jeroen

    Great idea! I can’t seem to get an invite!

  • Black Hole

    Der aaye, durust aaye. Finally fell in line ??? This is what many had told you initially when you told about the shit invite system. Pre-order system would have address your concern as a new company and would have made your customers happy. Do you know how many fans became critics of this decision?

  • pepfuerteventura

    Siempre estaré con Empresas como OnePlus. Cierto es que hubo espera, seguro que todavia y por desgracias hay Personas esperando el suyo, pero seamos sinceros. No hay nada parecido en el Mercado como el fantástico y maravilloso (OnePlus One). Para cuando el (TWO)???

    I will always be with companies like OnePlus. Admittedly, there were expecting, certainly no mishaps and still waiting for his people, but let’s face it. There is nothing like it on the market as the great and wonderful (OnePlus One). By the time the (Two)

  • hhuams

    its good news

  • andreu

    I love this initiative!

  • anonymous

    awaiting for this dialogue saving every summed up penny for this baby

  • Frederico Monteiro

    All i want to say is my iphone is dead and i refuuuuuse to buy anything else that its not the oneplus one! so guys hurry up cuz i need a phone:P

  • Siddharth Tripathi

    Launch the Oneplus One in India at the cost around 20k, Its sure certain , OP can even sell 1lacs Phones in one day with 1 week preordee option.

  • Mavrichi Marian

    hey , Romania here , actually we are a lot , me and a lot of my friends and people in my town that want to buy this phone , we think its the best , we also have a lot of discussions about your phone in many country wide forums , and little people have bought the phones here so there are almost no invites… this is why we want you to make it available in Romania too . Thank you.

  • lee

    just done account really wanna sod my samsung galaxy note 3 off and get one of these bad boys

  • Cemo

    Thanks for explaining the situation and method. It’s logical now. I’ll wait, as I said before, good things will come to one who waits.

  • Shiva

    When it will available in India

  • Angel Mario Estrada

    Esta es una muy buena noticia, espero que esten pensando también en México para los envíos.

  • Kelly Sch

    I just want to buy the phone…. 🙁

  • Michal Lewandowski

    Hmmm, I was starting to think LG G3, but hey, I can wait a bit longer. It’s a good idea, this pre0sale system. We will see how it goes… One question – are You starting with Poland too? :-/

  • Mohammed Usama

    Awaiting desperately to get my hands on next level of awesomeness !!

  • Saawan

    Well hurry up then, I want to pre-order them. :/

  • Tony Painter

    So I owned a OnePlus One and then donated sold it to a kernel developer to support the community as a whole. I would like to order again but am REALLLY wanting the white back. Is there any chance that the white back will be an option on the new pre-order system? Thanks for producing a great phone.

  • Kerry Cunningham

    I am up for pre-orders as it seems that it may be the only chance I have to get my hands on one of these fabulous phones.

  • dragonpro

    Does that mean we won’t get invites to share from now on?? I am waiting for them for now 6 weeks…

  • Jason Urena

    By the time this device becomes available to the masses everyone will
    have moved onto the next new device. these specs were interesting a few
    months ago, but now every other device has them, so the only factor
    making this different will be price point. And who knows, maybe within
    the next month or so we will have a new nexus device that will offer a
    similar price point for same kind of specs. Just think reaching the
    masses has taken way to long.

  • Alvaro Rincon Tolosa

    Ok, big decision

  • Cliff Sokol

    It seems like the preorder system is a good compromise between having to have a large amount of inventory on hand to meet an unknown demand, and only issuing invites to potential consumers after the product has been manufactured. Preordering will allow the demand to be known before an order is placed with the manufacturer, thus allowing OnePlus to keep their inventory stocks low and also keep their risk and costs down. And the cost is one of the most, if not the most, attractive features of the OnePlus One phone. So by all means, keep the cost low!

  • TestifyTruth

    Thou shall not ignore the African market. Ask Blackberry, Nokia, Sony, MTN, ask any telecom company, ask any one.

  • Henry Cameron

    So you’re saying that the last 6 months was a “soft” launch while you got the kinks worked out? PLEASE FIRE ANYBODY WHO THOUGHT THAT WAS A GOOD IDEA IMMEDIATELY. You simply cannot compare launching a hardware device with a very limited shelf life to building a web presence like Facebook. I really wanted this phone in late April. The price/specs/Cyanogenmod combo enticed me to leave my iPhone 5. Back then, I would have been happy to have ordered in the manner now being proposed, but at this point the frustration of the invite/contest system have soured it for me. Besides that, it’s now old news, and lots of great newer phones are coming. Your pricing may save you, but I don’t expect you’ll have a monopoly on that for long either. As for me, by late October I expect to have put my $350 toward a new iPhone 6 Plus. And for the books, you can put me down as minus one in the sales column.

  • Phanikrishna Anumalla

    Me Likey..!

  • Carbonheliumnitrogen

    Thank you so much!! I will never settle until I order my One 🙂

  • Φίλιππος

    so guys what about Greece??

  • Jeremy Henry

    I have been searching for a way to get my hands on one of these devices since the smash campaign and have still been unable. I like the pre order system. I’ll surely purchase one as soon as it becomes available.

  • Vincent de Jong

    I’m really stoked you guys are finally bringing it out for everyone (who knows hehe), but as you guys are doing pre-order and you guys have this sick engraved logo in the back, I was wondering if you guys could make it available to have your (our) own name engraved in the cover when we order the phone. This will give us a unique and special bond with something we’ll be sure to cherrish for a good while.

    • Vincent de Jong

      as your statement says: never settle. 😉

  • jerish

    please someone invite me [email protected]

  • 5thban

    Although I want the phone ASAP right now, I still think that the number 1 priority right now is this awesome company’s stability. and as cheesy as this might sound, I truly think this very one company is going to have an everlasting influence on the smartphone history. and that I ehy I actually like to support. so yea I don’t want you guys to take this step before you’ve made sure it’s for the better. good luck. 🙂

  • I think it’s well thought out. Like the idea that you can cancel your pre-order and just use an invite if you happen to get one.

  • Abdul Basit K

    Waoo.. I am very very Happy with the decision. The invite system was not exciting though. I have struggled allot. So, I am happy. Thank you OPO team … Keep it up.. no doubt its real FLAGSHIP Killer 😀

  • Josue

    Wow really good

  • MB

    Sorry guys – the invite system really doesn’t appeal to me. If I’m willing to hand over nearly £300 of my hard earned money, I shouldn’t have to work even harder to be able to spend my money. I completely understand the reasons, but I think an order queue would have been much better, perhaps with invites to get prioritised in the queue. If I could order one and know it will be with me in 3 weeks, I’d be much happier than spending time on the forum trying to get an invite, with absolutely no idea how long it’ll take or if I’ll get one at all.

    It’s been interesting seeing you try it, though.

  • Dave

    I understand that you don’t want to order say 100k phones and only have orders for 90k, leaving a shortfall of 10k phones. I would not have gone down this invitation root. Its an old marketing ploy to make the customer feel like they are getting something special. We can see we are getting something special by the specs. You should have just done, unlimited pre orders, when the customer pays you order them, and allow for a certain number of cancellations. By not getting your phone to market as quickly as possible, to the specs that you are happy with, your just leaving the door open for another company to come along and wipe you out. I have no doubt that your phone is the best phone on the market, and I would love one, but I am the customer, i am the one with the cash, it is you that should be jumping through rings to please me, not the other way around. I wish your company every success. I will have to stick with Samsung.

  • Arthur Azrieli

    I am very happy about the pre-order system, and i would really want your product to have a shipping option to Israel, there are many Israeli people that are excited about the oneplus one and they haven’t bought it yet because the only way to buy it is through non reliable third-party websites that sell the Chinese version. And if someone has an invite for me i would be very happy to have a new oneplus one!

  • G Mack

    The oneplus blog is an excellent idea. I got more info out of these first postings then watching Forum threads for a month. Please continue the excellent effort. It is very much appreciated.

  • Chris

    Carl. Can I get an invite

    • Astrogoth

      Yes indeed.

    • Mr. A. Zurita

      Can I get one too?

  • Agelos

    ας το σκεφτοσασταν ποιο νωρις. Καποια πραγματα γυριζουν μπουμερανγκ. Τρεξτε τωρα να προλαβεται την xiaomi. Προσωπικα απο την πρωτη στιγμη που εφαγα ακυρο απο την εταιρια σας θελωντας να σας δωσω τα λεφτα μου παψατε να υπαρχετε και σαν εταιρια για εμενα

  • Haduken2g

    Ship to Italy or I go to Apple :p

  • DJK

    Nice to hear that news from you guys. Thank You for thinking about all the people who want you phone but with so many issues. WE WANT THAT GOD DAMN PHONE !

    GIVE US A DATE !!!!

  • Chitransh Khanna

    cool but still make it fast

  • Kevin McCartin

    And this is better? ….if we have a phone, maybe we can get it to you….sounds like the invite system in reverse….you send us an order and then we’ll invite you to wait just as long….

  • Chris Putt

    I truly think they invite system was the right way to go — and for the reasons stated. I’m definitely willing to wait to get my hands on it! It’ll be worth it.

  • Lorenz Baldonado Landicho

    will you ship in the Philippines

  • gmo8492

    Well this is something that I look forward to seeing. RIP kevlar back cover

  • nomadism

    Write shorter and concise blog posts. Stop whining about being a startup and complaining about the difficulties. And maybe admit that the international market is secondary to your primary focus, the Chinese market? You wanted my thoughts.

  • quaser8386

    Seems fair enough to me – of course, as I am an OPO owner, I don’t need to worry.

  • Kaio Cesar

    Worldwide pre-orders? if not, its the same crap as invite system

  • BoricuaSC

    If you are still considering other options, cross OPO off your list if support is important to you. Broke my OPO’s screen 3 WEEKS ago and I still do not have instructions on what to do. Was told I would receive an email with RMA information and instructions – NADA! From what I gather, my experience is the norm and not the exception. Thankfully, I still had my S3 laying around otherwise I would have been without a phone for 3 weeks now.

  • Artideco Sale

    How can i get an invite please ?

  • BartHD2

    It would be very interesting to see how many actual fulfilled invites have been granted. Just a curiosity.

  • Danny

    your phone is old news now, I don’t want it, already gave away 3 invites… good news is now you will stop sending me invites!!!

  • Siddharth Daruka

    I am in India , can it be shipped there?

    I need an Invite!!

  • rdkustoms

    Old news now. I’m ready for the next Nexus

  • Estefano Darold

    would very much like my ONE.

    But Brazil is going to be hard …… we’ll see ….

  • George Sgura

    Awesome idea!

  • Arthur Az

    I am still the only Nigerian who wants this phone. in view of this, I should get an invite for 64gb ,хорошо?

  • Carlos Portillo

    This sounds great. Nice move, One Plus!

  • Sounds great!

  • Would this pre-order be limited on the launch countries or will it be available worldwide now?

  • Yannick Raynaud

    Let’s have a try I want to buy this phone for my wife since months… I have missed the wedding anniversary, let’s hope I won’t miss Christmas…
    When will you open pretty order system?

  • oscar

    Excelentes noticias nos dieron, esperemos que sigan mejorando como lo han hecho hasta ahora…!

  • alahmadi

    Tired of waiting and patience carried
    I did not get the invitation
    Let buy directly through the booking system

    Corresponding works for Ike

  • Ravi

    Are you really wants to share the technology with the World ??
    Then, please start expanding your business.
    Start your own store, remove the hurdles
    Wants freedom, not messy.
    Wants to enjoy the feel the technology
    Wants to feel One+One not One-One
    We love your inventions, but to be true, this is really a bullshit
    Give everyone a piece, expand your business man…!!!
    In India, Xiomi sells 40000 phones for 300000 people, wtf??
    Please don’t be like them, show your own identity
    Do you really understand what user needs, when you know, give the product to user, not by invite, give with open heart. Open your own store.. expand your business all over the world…
    Make us feel better, not messy

    • Andrew Dodd

      “Please don’t be like them, show your own identity” – From various evidence, I am fairly certain OnePlus was created specifically to allow Oppo to answer Xiaomi’s shenanigans without damaging Oppo’s own “premium” reputation. Their experiments in the West are just a side project (as evidenced by the majority of their production going to mainland China, to the point where Cyngn had to take steps to make flashing CM11S on Chinese OnePlus devices more difficult because too many people were greymarketing from China.)

    • Ravi

      Well Said. Agreed. This is the reason, we want One+1 to be more popular, be strong in the Market. India is the Fastest Growing Market for Smartphones. It is not about India, there so many countries have growing Smartphone Markets.
      We love One+1 Technology. No doubt, I particularly use Samsung Galaxy Note Series. Right now I’m using Galaxy Tab S. I still buy or Suggest my friends and family to go for One+1, but where is the availability. No one knows who got a device before and would that be possible to get an invite from whom.
      There are others who were taking advantage of this invite thing. They were selling invites online (I don’t have proof yet, sorry)
      This one is a highly creepy. What the he’ll is going on.
      Does we really able gain the benefits from One+1. I don’t think, this is not working well my friend.

  • Nikos Chazaridis

    still nothing for shipping to other countries…

  • jaaneex

    Good idea, I like it. Looking forward when you launch it.

  • darren

    I really really want one! Ive been trying for so long to try and get one. I totally understand the invite system but it is hard for people who dont know anybody with the phone.

  • pirata_1985

    Haters are fanboys who dont know to be

  • Mark Murgatroyd

    Will you ship to Australia?

  • dale matthews

    If it means that it keeps the incredibly high standard of this phone especially in this highly competitive market, then so be it. It creates anticipation. I think it’s a highly inventive strategy. Keep up the good work.

  • DTullos

    Still going to be a painful wait! LOL

  • commoner

    Kindly add removable battery, memory slot (i know 64gb for extra 50 bucks!, but still..), remove the useless buttons and make edge to edge screen, a 5 inch version (Nexus5 like!, for me 5.5inch is a phablet), improved camera quality, wireless charging and whatever latest tech avaialble now. Then be nice and let me pay monthly over contract please! <3 Germany!

    Oh yeah, then you should also have done this pre-order thing long before or atleast in par with invite system. Anyway wish goodluck and let me also win in one of your contests 🙂

  • xmacaox

    finally 🙂

  • bilel riahi

    what about shipping to tunisia?

  • Salvatore D’Angelo

    I have just sell my OPO…come back to Nexus 5!! Thanks for the bad experiance…from CyanogenMod-Fan-Boy since HTC Hero/G3

  • Hamza Ghori

    Well oneplus one……………..PLEASE DON’T RELEASE A NEW PHONE AT 2015 let us have the improvements I of luck…

  • Jon

    I’m sure your preorders will be abundant but I would definitely like to be on the list

  • Hioe Arif

    Hey carl, this is a good move but make sure ur customer support team can take it… It is crucial.. Aftersales is the key of making of ur next device a succesful sales. I just hope ur preorder device can reach globally..not just launh countries

  • Leonel Enrique Parrales Jimene

    Brilliant idea I can’t wait to pre-order my OnePlus! I couldn’t buy mine when I got the invite because you are not shipping to Costa Rica yet, I hope this time works for me.

  • epchoi

    Time is against you the later you are going to release your product the more competing products on the market. The more of your potential client losing interest in you!

  • Chris Winkley

    Nexus 6 is the one they must be worried about the low price, high specs but I really do like this phone… Idc what to do..

  • GQ Chu

    I’ll be the first to pre-order the OnePlus Two. At this point in time, Never Settle for the OPO.

  • Still waiting for my invite.. .. .. .. .. Okay as an IT consultant I have to have this phone so I will pre-order. send me in the right direction..:)

  • aaahh ahh

    Anyone notice the red ring and the bottom icons that changed?

  • Mydroid

    fantastic news

  • seadoc

    Great idea, so you’ll be keeping the invites in play??? How long will the invites be distributed??? Love your OnePlus, by the way!!!

  • Mydroid

    hire me !

  • Vasim Patel

    thanks for the awesome waste of time I had to endure

  • David BaconstripsandBaconstrip

    Roll it out, please.

  • Mydroid

    why my post doesn’t show up here?

  • Mydroid

    oh now it does

  • Ryan Nolin

    I can’t wait!!!

  • alex00995

    Good idea… its a solution that is in the best interest off everyone… Can’t wait…..sooner then better maximize ur potential never settle…still waiting on invite lol

  • Gary

    As always ….the most useless comments

  • Mr. A. Zurita

    Looking for an invite… Anyone have one they can share with me?

  • Roll them doggies out just as fast as you can. Love everything about my OnePlus. Can’t wait till everyone has one.

  • Bill Huotari

    When will the “limited” edition back covers be available?

    Looking to buy bamboo, Kevlar and an extra sandstone black.

    Great phone and I can’t wait to see what the OnePlus Two will bring to the table.

  • Chia KokSaing

    when will it be available in malaysia?

  • lg

    Will the Pre-Order still be limited to the launch countries, or will you be adding more?

  • TC Sachin

    1+1= 2 late…. you should have thought of this before

  • Baki Hürüm

    i can wait and want pre-order -invite is suck.

  • Giritharan Ramasamy

    Is the ore-order open to Malaysia as well?

  • Frenki

    How much time will this event lenght ? cause if it is only 1 day some people may not have the change, and when will you say it, like just the day before or you will tell us when the event is like 1 week before ?

  • Louis Rankin

    I was lucky enough to receive an invite but could not order the phone as it was not available in Australia. I look forward to placing my order hopefully it will be available in Australia very soon!!!!!

  • Louluvre

    Have been waiting for a chance like this!

  • Harbir Rathi

    Would love to plus one OnePlus device to my list.. ☺

  • Jzargo

    pff but i need this week, pls can someone send me guys,reallt i need so much

  • Paul O’Neill

    i would sure love an invite.

  • nessim fournier

    I think its great that you are responding to your customers. Its good that you notice and react to these things, and this makes me even more excited to be apart of the oneplus family

  • Ohh Yeah!!!!

  • bluepiece

    Singapore please!

  • Kam

    Love it

  • Roy

    Nobody seem to notice but… starting when?

  • jay jay

    GO GO GO

  • Abhisek Parida

    cant wait much…………want to feel the awesome phone in ma hands asap…… thank u 🙂

  • jose

    i need and invite to buy the phone please somebody

  • Simha De Roc King

    Indians Are wating for this device from 6 Months does it really going to launch on India?

  • You should have done this in the first place.

  • Angelus Nathaniel

    To be truly honest, i can only say that it’s better than waiting for an invite even after hours of “socializing”. but hopefully after the world has learned of how great the phone is (only second to the phone blocks idea in my book) you’ll just set up shop…and trust me, you will have more devout followers than the big companies.

  • Dhrub Satyam

    Now Thts sth worth a post!! Some shitheaders wer selling their invites…. looking frwrd to ship in india !! Provide the exact date…

  • fo0ling

    good news! less hassle! I think I might have changed my mind! 🙂

  • Nikunj

    Great News,But What about New Launch Country???

  • Bharat Mehta

    Please launch In India as well

  • Thomas

    The invite system still does not make any sense to me! You say that you have to sell 100% of devices produced. Why would an invite system be better for this than a pre-order system?

    I do however see other advantages with an invite system such as creating marketing hype. A great lot of people have put a great lot of time into getting an invite, time which could have been much better spend on other things. I think you owe these people an excuse and show the world that you really make phones and not marketing gimmicks.

  • bosko

    Finaly! This is a right way and a chance for us who are trying to get an invite for quite long. Nice move!

  • Amvrosios Kardaris


  • Gary Allen

    Nothing to forgive. I got mine

  • Alexey Anisimov

    Really would love to see it shipped worldwide!

  • Patrick

    Awesome, should have settled this before competition rolls out more expensive material but fairly more easy to buy. At some extent, the invite system mainly fits geeks that have little time to spend .

  • Ishrat Azeem

    Finally OPO got it right. But don’t you think it’s too late end of October. Many things have changed since your launch. The competition is more tough then ever. Anyways I am still waiting for an invite…..

  • Shreyans Parikh

    When’s the pre order system likely to start??

  • Atush

    Will this be applicable for India as well?

  • Amber Sethy

    Iam In India and am having a lot of problems getting an Invite, however i love the specifications of the phone and the way your company is going ahead, i hope your cost centers are managed (Kindly read the book : The Toyota Way) so that the future will see a lot of your products.

  • Great decision. The best of all devices for all people 🙂 🙂 🙂
    I love it!

  • Jenil

    I wanted an Invite 😀

  • Eliza Shaw

    Just a question though…. My boyfriend is still waiting for his invite to give to another person (since he bought his phone two months ago). Any idea if these are still in place? Cheers

  • xxx

    Its too late guys for forgiveness

  • sanwar mahmud

    #one_plus …. if i get this phone from Dubai, Italy or Switzerland… would it work in Bangladesh? Any county lock or code processing will be necessary? Details plzzz…

  • hu

    I agree with this, but don’t wait any longer!!!

  • Lasse Pedersen

    sounds like a great idea, where you have no risk, but the Work needed to get the phone is reduced. win win 🙂

  • CR Sps

    You can take pre-orders but delivery must be fast else some other phone will definitely emerge and fail your policy. Time is most powerful every one must be it one plus one ….

  • Mirco Pagliarini

    I really like the idea of pre order

  • malaysian

    please bring 1+1 to malaysia. i really impressed with it!! pleaseeeeeeeee :'(

  • Tajinder Samra

    Can I have an Invite please?

  • Excellent modo, this is the right move guys to get a share of this tremendous market. You are just right in time to introducing your jewel to the western world. You have great competitors ( such as Xiaomi “the Chinese’ iphone” which was sold-out in 5sc in India) with similar features entering the European market soon. Cheers ! I ll spray the good word about ONEPLUS to a maximum of people while waiting for mine 😀

  • Jarskanator

    If the price is right, then i shall buy this phone (Y)

  • Daniel, Esq.

    The OnePlus phone looks fantastic; I have some truly dumb questions about it. Does it operate as a Droid phone? Will I need some real technical savvy to get it operational once I un-box it? Do I need to call my carrier, e.g., Sprint, to see if the OnePlus is compatible with the Sprint system in my area?

  • lShine

    Well there isn’t a day fixed so..

  • tomas123
    • This is a SCAM is a SCAM You will infect your PC..

  • Bart Van den Berghe

    how doy you get an invite

  • Renato H. M. de Oliveira

    Having to pay extra for tech gizmos is bad enough, when the gadget is already initially expensive, like the big names’ ones, we are in vey bad shape. An official S5 or Note 3 is well over USD 1K.

    I’ve been sad that your fantastic phone – which has the added and excellent feature of a decent pricing – is not officially available in Brazil. Do you have plans for us, or will we be in the big bad wulf’s hands for more time?

    Last but not least, if you keep things up you will surely have a brigh future. Do you plan on launching tablets, other sized phones…?

  • MRS

    What’s with the red camera bezels?

  • HBolt

    That make sense to be cautious with your stock

  • Zen

    A question, without invites, let say, If I order right behind all the scalpers (placing around 10k units), I will need to wait for his order to be served first, or, the system will know and prioritize us?

  • Srini

    Logical move, finally & thank you. It would be effective only if you have the ability to ship to all major countries.

  • Beware.. is a SCAM You will infect your PC.. There are no invites here..

  • Terry West

    I, for one, appreciated the invite system. By engaging in the forums, you get to meet new people, and become quite familar with the phone!!

  • Lyle

    Hurry up please. I will either be getting one of these or the new Google nexus, which ever I can get first.

  • Srini

    next logical step, took so long, but happening finally. Kindly ensure you are able to delivery in-country across asia

  • oneplus1fan

    Very clever approach. Not spending millions on advertising and marketing ensures we get a fantastic value phone

  • Petr Krampl

    Finally, you have made that decision and allowed all people to have One+ One! Even if they do not know any inviter. Good decision. Worse timing 😉

  • Harley Gee

    Just let me order one !!!!!!!

  • ozzyaaron

    Personally given you actually deliver devices ( rather than something like Kickstarter etc ) I’d rather lay down a refundable $X. So say you guys ask for a downpayment of $100 then that’ll put me at the front of the line ( ie order by paid, then payment date ). I would get an email when my time to pay the rest comes along due to production capacity. I get 24 hours to do so otherwise I lose my place and another user steps up the line. If I end up not wanting to buy then I can get my deposit refunded at any time and then just go into the line of people that weren’t willing to give a downpayment.

    I’d love a system like this and feel it’s beneficial to everyone as you’ll get some ready capital probably to increase capacity.

  • rewritten

    I’m quite interested in buying, the phone seems amazing, are you going to take preorders from all European countries?

  • dcohn

    What if I want to “Pre-Order 25 units”. Will that option be available. I have a business need for this device.

  • I already gave up, but now when I heard of this, I don’t.
    Hope this system will come soon enough in order that I won’t need to buy a different phone.


  • Tonie Santos

    I cannot wait!

  • Theis Pedersen

    sond supper good so i can get a one plus one

  • Mathan

    Its a great idea. in the new system(Pre Order System) we can atleast know we can get the product in certain period of time. hats of to u Guys… pls dont delay it.

  • atul kumar

    Can any friend help me with the steps to pre-order

  • old_boy_andy

    Give me One!

  • maleko

    I could use an invite

  • Ronny

    Nice! Can’t wait to get one! 🙂

  • Frank

    I really like the new approach. You might still have to wait, but at least you know that you´ll get a OPO. 🙂

  • tomas123
  • Bart Bobbaers

    Looking for a invite so i can buy this beauty (outside) and beast (inside) of a phone. I love how your giving more opportunity for people to order one but i have a dead phone right now and i don’t want to settle for less than a one. On the forums i go by the name of innerdrive. Have a nice weekend all!

  • Bhurya

    Whether Pre-order System will have choices? – 16GB/64GB…..color combinations etc…and whether India will be part of this launch?…..Hope you guys launch before our biggest festival i.e., DIWALI…

  • Brian

    Members With the longest wait should get first dibs.

  • Erik Nettekoven

    Just to get it clear, the invite system stays as well?

  • sadmanh

    how do people in poorer countries buy or pre-order since the online payment systems there are sort of at their infancy?

  • Rob Ch

    Too late, moving on to a different choice.

  • RIC

    the ONO can be pre order fron south america or i need a zip code from US?

  • ilya geets

    Finally!!! Can’t wait, good job oneplus team!!

  • Martyyy

    What is the price with shipping?

  • Madhav Gajjar

    You are forgiven for the frustration the invitation system has caused… for now. It caused me to buy another phone. I will be sure to make my next phone a OnePlus, assuming I would be able to get it when I want to buy it. Good luck with everything.

  • allmighty

    just sell the goddamn phone without all the weird stuff. You are going to lose a lot of potential cients (including me)
    a pre order list for a phone?!?!? It is not a life saving medicine for god sake

  • MrMathboi Reborn

    Will there still be that $100 shipping to canada?

  • Baron Jacob Von Hogflume

    Consider mine already ordered. I’ve been waiting ages for this!

  • allmighty

    fuck you and your pre orders.
    just sell the phone in a regular store you pieces of shit

  • medicophilic

    I think it’s time to face the fact that you’re late, Let me explain. Never Settle, right? Why settle for a phone with 801 chips when 805 is already out? About time, One isn#t really a Flagship killer anymore. Just a Price Killer maybe.

  • ara

    please can u add Lebanon or syria to the shipping list plz plz plz

  • lejiun .

    GAHHH ! I’m so exited ! I have been researching about this phone for months and trying to get my hands on an invite but with no luck..My birthday is in 2 weeks too so I can spend my birthday money on this phone 🙂 I’m so ready to get rid of my iPhone4.

  • serge

    OnePlus – the Best! 🙂

  • maleko
  • MrMathboi Reborn


  • MrMathboi Reborn

    i still cant decide if the oneplus one has a better camera than the iphone 6 and htc one m8

  • maleko

    I was just about to give up on the OnePlus thank you guys for adding in the pre-order now ill have a chance.

  • Kishore

    Finally!!!!Eagerly waiting for that D Day

  • copious

    Late October translates to maybe December.

  • Ravi Dubey

    I believe this is an awesome move to raise the Number of One Plus One’s in the market… But i am equally afraid for the after sales service available for each unit. Please think on that aspect as well because you already have many unsolved issues hanging in there and we don’t want a bad after sales service to ruin everything. Also if you can limit the Pre-Orders to certain extent, It will be good for One Plus One.
    What Say ?

  • Tonie Santos

    Oh hey!
    Thank you, OnePlus!

    The anticipation is making my palms wet. 😛

    If you guys can, please clarify the time limit bit.

  • Jace Palermo

    You’ve got an amazing phone here that I opted for over the LG G3, but cant spend the time looking for an invite, so I was going to settle for a 2nd hand from ebay. I dont want to do this. #Neversettle someone help me out

  • mokamuu

    Will you notify when the pre-orders start?

  • Dev Rohra

    Someone please send me an invite

  • minispider

    Can someone inv me to buy it please

  • Michael Romero

    Read the reviews, watched bunch of videos. Definitely best phone out there. Marketing strategy (word of mouth) awesome, bold, fantastic. Blowing minds ! One plus order system yes !!!

  • Justo Gabriel Andaluz

    Based on the post, you guys worried that if you made 100K phones and
    sold 100 you would have lost a lot of $$$, I agree… The invite system
    was great…to start, to see demand, to fix bugs, to adjust design
    details… but if you worry about supply and demand…then Crowd Source
    the phone, add rewards, I am sure with with over 200K users in your
    forums, there will be plenty of buyers, and you will know before
    comiting to build how many phones you will need…plus, imagine if you
    break another Kickstarter record, you will get lots of free publicity…
    Just my 2 cents…I believe the phone is great and you guys deserve a
    chance to compete with the big names…but you keep doing it the hard

  • Justo Gabriel Andaluz

    Based on the post, you guys worried that if you made 100K phones and
    sold 100 you would have lost a lot of $$$, I agree… The invite system
    was great…to start, to see demand, to fix bugs, to adjust design
    details… but if you worry about supply and demand…then Crowd Source
    the phone, add rewards, I am sure with with over 200K users in your
    forums, there will be plenty of buyers, and you will know before
    comiting to build how many phones you will need…plus, imagine if you
    break another Kickstarter record, you will get lots of free publicity…
    Just my 2 cents…I believe the phone is great and you guys deserve a
    chance to compete with the big names…but you keep doing it the hard

  • Steve Dickinson

    That’s awesome! I can’t wait to get ‘one’ in my hands. Thanks guy!

  • Joseph Jay Love

    how do i get an invite?

  • new_guy_around_here

    Not even worth is anymore. Face it: OnePlus, your invite system SUCKED. This phone is no longer a flagship killer because other phones have caught up.


  • thelastguyX20

    Wait… you’re telling me it took you MONTHS to realized there were people that just wanted to buy the phone??

  • Jitsert

    Eagerly waiting for this phone! I work @ Vodafone and can’t wait to show it to my colleagues!

  • Gunnar

    Will german LTE freqeuncies be considered by the shipped device, if the order is placed for germany? Thanks anyways for this blog Entry. Looking forward to the preorder phase.

  • Lucia P

    will it be available in australia?

  • 16UE

    I like this much better than the invite. When can I place my order? 🙂


    will this pre order system will ship to all countries ????

  • Takehito Nakamura

    The pre-order system is a good idea.
    The stock is seductive for a producer.
    Build-to-order manufacturing is right choice to maintain cost performance. I am agreeable.

  • Maarten VG

    As long as they ship to Belgium i’m happy 😉

  • Sammy Cunningham

    Bring on the pre-orders. Looking forward to trying this phone.

  • aepengineer

    Can you start shipping to Russia?

  • Domenico Ciliberti

    Bonjour moi je suis de Belgique cela fait plusieurs moi que je cherche de commander mais je ne trouve personne avec une invitation je suis inscris sur plusieurs forum mais rien de plus je ne parle que français ou italien donc encore une difficulté de plus avec la langue qui pourrais m’aider merci et comment savoir quand ont pourra le commander ??

  • so …

  • Bjorn

    Muchas Gracias, so we will await late October….

  • Alexandre Faria

    At this price for this kind of product, there is a very good certainty of success. There is always risk but that’s how many companies move forward. If you believe in the product then it has to be pushed forward, you certainly have an audience.

  • Guest

    Am an Indian Grad student in US. Urgently need to get this phone since am not having a smartphone. Can any one share me an invite which would be helpful for me.

  • Elis She-mars

    Please come to Malaysia..

  • Now… you MUST get that yellow tint at the bottom of the displays rectified or else you’ll have a lot more people around the world complaining about how the company whose slogan is “Never Settle” is denying RMAs because they tell them it’s not an issue. Trust me, you will have more of a PR marketing disaster on your hands if a great deal more people have these phones with this problem!

  • Recep Aytar

    Finally! I will have the chance to get OPO in my hands 🙂



  • tomas123 – 10 000 invites!

  • Maryo Nguerra

    I want my oneplusone right now. In need of an invite! Who gets me one?

  • Dave Jenkinson

    Need to cut costs somehow I guess. Wouldn’t a better model be to have some sort of deposit system? People wont back out after paying a small deposit and you can be sure you have a sale. This only relates to internet sales I guess. I’m very impressed by this phones Antutu benchmark scoring, thats the main reason I want one, you should market that too……

  • Alfredo Hernandez

    One plus is the best

  • Bali

    Can somebody please let me know how to pre-order the phone in USA?

  • Rajiv Jadhav

    promoting a product thats not readily (and easily) available is a not a good idea since the company is expecting too much of customers who have a world of choice with Nexus, Blu, Xiami and many others to choose from. If a customer (say, like me) is unable to buy – with an urgent need to fill – he or she, will go to Amazon, Ebay or Google Play and find suitable alternatives (like I did, when I was in the market for a new device). A simpler strategy would be allow customers to pre-order by paying full price and allow say 30-45 days for delivery. Another alternative is to sell through select retailers like Best Buy and/or Amazon (like Blu is presently selling) to simplify logistics and fulfillment.

  • Roberto Amaral

    Looking forward to it!

  • Ishan Dahiya

    the greatest phone in thee worlddd

  • MigMaq Lnu
  • MigMaq Lnu

    Can someone send me invite so i can but this phone ty

  • GarryB

    Waiting for either MI4 or OPO

  • Rafetseder Gerhild

    Hmmmm! And Where can i pre order or how will i be informed about the time slip? Since i really need to change my mobile i am rather interested in a time assumption.

  • manuel07

    One invitation to buy this phone!!!

  • Ben Burrows

    Please just take my money

  • Fardin Muf

    Thoughts? What about people living in places where oneplus doesnot hav shipping facilities? places lyk Nepal, Srilanka specially Bangladesh?

    • FAROOK

      india too

  • Jason

    cocking around with all this invite and pre crap; I just ended up buying a different phone. Asking people to jump through all these hoops just pisses them off. I liked your phone when I first saw it but it was just too hard to get…and I started to dislike your company because of the game playing. good luck, maybe rethink your strategy. or someone else will…always happens, don’t think your “different”

  • Tejveer Singh


  • Gurzo DeGurzi

    Did you consider to take cryptocurrencies, such as Dogecoin, as a payment method? I see lots of Shibes there!

  • Rokibul Hasan

    Is it true that we can get a free invite for one plus one?

  • Manolis Samarakis

    I think that this is definitely a great idea! A lot better than the invite system, so anyone can have the phone when he wants it. (OK, he ‘ll have to wait for a little while, but that’s OK).
    As for me, I want to change my phone and buy an OPO since day one, but I am afraid I cannot wait until October – November – December(???).
    As for the new preorder system, it will show when it will be rolled out!!
    Good luck!

  • Pw Ebb

    Are you continuing with Invites for the time being? At the beginning of Sept, you had stated that you’d gone through 100K invites, that takes you nearly halfway for Forum members. Are you slowing down, or still pushing on ahead?

  • Ira Lebowitz

    Understanding your position better now. Where and when can I order?

  • Marke Hervo

    Pre-ordering sounds great – time goes sooo slowly while being in the invite list…

  • Pranay Morakhiya

    Are you guys planning to ship in India in your Preorder system??

  • Nicholas

    I’ve been trying to get an invite and have so far not had any luck; I’m hoping this might actually work for me.


    wts up any new updates

  • fckCollege

    fuck this I’m getting iPhone plus can’t wait fuckin wait

  • maros61

    Hope the pre-order will also work in other countries. 🙂

  • Guest

    as much as i hate to refer to Apple….they have their pre-ordering system dialed. I bought 2 iphones to sell so I can fund my OPO purchase. Pre-ordered on the 12th. Guaranteed to ship on the 19th. Received shipping confirmation and tracking on the 17th. Had phone in hand on the 19th at 3pm. take a look at their pre-ordering model.

  • Bruce Wang

    So….as much as i hate to refer to Apple….they have their pre-ordering system dialed. I bought 2 iphones to sell so I can fund my OPO purchase. Pre-ordered on the 12th. Guaranteed to ship on the 19th. Received shipping confirmation and tracking on the 17th. Had phone in hand on the 19th at 3pm. take a look at their pre-ordering model.

  • Vlad Armășelu

    You should also do something about your Support Department! It’s been exactly 18 days since I first submitted a support ticket and nobody helped me yet with my issue. I am very disappointed and sad and extremely angry!

  • Junis Mohammed

    So,we still need to wait weeks before we get it? How long does it take to ship to the UK?

  • Junis Mohammed

    What’s the fastest way to get one?

  • sergashovskin

    awesome!! and anyone will be able to place an order? or will there be limited number of optional pre-orders?


  • Ebrahim

    I want to buy this phone is nice .. more than 3 months and I am looking for an invitation

  • Use Common Sense

    I want a OnePlus but if I have to play games or grovel to give my money to a company then I will be buying a different phone. Production still lags behind – get it together. My concern with the pre-order as explained is I ‘might’ get a phone months from when I order it.

  • Juwane Danta Brown

    Can a member of the service get an invite? Shout out from fort bragg nc

  • Rayven Paulino


  • Mamta Patel

    It’s good to get

  • luckylax

    In my view both invite and pre-order systems are same 🙂
    Wohh !! great relief for all who are waiting for invite 😉

  • Saran

    It’s a welcome move; but do come out of the limited shipping destinations and ship all over the world. Hope you guys aren’t risking anything with that.

  • Marcel

    You either want one or you don’t. Who cares about forgiveness?

  • Deivid

    You have proof of this site?, supposed to buy the OnePlus

  • Jenny Wain

    I forgive – I just want a phone

  • One thing more important than pre-order-system is delivery system. I get 3 invitation but giveaway to friends because too much step to get it into our my country (Indonesia).

  • Samuel Holland

    I’m looking forward to this, I missed out on an invite a little while back because I was a little short on cash and had only 24 hours. I emailed them but was all they could do so I had to settle for a secondhand deal. Also I didn’t want to spend $100 extra online since money is tight; so hopefully this could be my chance

  • HSarkari

    Hi. I’m from India.

    Does the pre-order system work for me too? Or do I have to wait till you guys officially launch in India? (I’m taking December with a big pinch of salt).

    Also I assume that with the amount of demand you have going here a pre-order without and invite will take at least a month to 2 months to ship (as people with invites get to jump the queue).

    So can one pre-order in November and expect a delivery in India after the launch in December?

    Btw, all the best for your upcoming expansion! 😀

  • wolfkabal

    So basically those who have been waiting a long time will be getting an almost outdated device by time it’s even available? Seems like a loss for the users. I’ve been wanting one of these for a while, but by now other flagship devices, and rumored Nexus6 will be right around the same time.

    Simply put, this should have been put in place from day 1, or at least closer to initial release, then you would have easily had my money.

  • Stijn Staessens

    it’s a awesome smartphone that i don’t have

  • BDS

    Question… Does the invite mean that there is inventory or is each unit made to order once the invite is processed? Just curious if that is the mechanism to control potential overstock.

  • PretorianS

    No thanks, I will get an iPhone instead. Its just too much work and hassle to get a one plus one

  • michael

    Let’s all invite each other.

  • why is the pre order launch going on in october… long after the apple iphone6 and probably the samsung note4… wouldn’t it have been a better strategic move to push it up to either come out earlier than the competition or at least go head-to-head.. and really see who is best….OPO 4 life

  • Felipe Olivares

    Deberían tener confianza de que van a vender, la gente se pelea estos teléfonos, es un excelente teléfono para su precio

  • choza

    My thought for this is, im in south america, more specifically Uruguay, galaxy S3 gone for good after drop, this after DIYing the broken screen, now using sister’s backup phone, a sammy thing I don’t even know its name given away in a shitty contract, don’t want to pay more than $ 500 for a new phone, its just not possible after nexus prices and now you guys, just send me the invitation and help me save the pennies :), make the change

    • choza

      YES im kneeling and begging you, that lame I am

  • Ronald

    I really think this is a good opportunity for those who just dont have the time to be active at the forums and places like that. Those still get an opportunity to get one of those awesome phones 🙂

  • Marco

    I can’t say anything but “thanks”. I subscribed to the forums as soon as I discovered about the existence of the One Plus One but as for actually takingpart to it I must admit having been quite the lurker and maybe not even that. It’s just that what with work, family and all the other commitments out there I simply couldn’t muster the will to do it. Thank you for providing a way in the 1+ world even for those like me.

  • Marilyn Dorn

    I can’t wait to view it!!

  • Marilyn Dorn

    I’m okay with the invite system.

  • That’s what I’m talking about!!!

  • Torben Wågner Christensen

    I hate to have to wait. But looking forward to exprience the “Killer”.

    Hope to find out how to order!?

  • Filip Dosenovic

    this is actually such a great idea but dont take away the invite system people I talk to dont even know about the phone but they will for sure when you guys take over the the oneplus one #neversettle

  • While you guys can justify the reasons behind the invite system, I honestly think that the invite system stayed in place for far too long.

    A lot of my friends decided to skip the OnePlus One because they simply couldn’t get an invite. That’s a damn shame. For your next flagship (if you do make it that far), ditch the invite system. It is holding you back.

  • Marc Bruns

    It doesn’t matter which system is chosen to get such an awesome phone, as long as it will become available to all of us! So please all enjoy the world as it is now, and enjoy it even more when you get your new phone!

  • Kartic Chauhan

    Yes, please lets have this preorder system as well, in addition to the invites.

  • Tavo Auch

    Can you post or send the Pre-order system link to finally have a 1+ Invitation, i woul appreciate. thnxs. [email protected]

    • rayad khan

      I would love to have that information too please.

  • pierrot

    Cool, but this should have been done from the beginning

  • halo

    Customer service is wonderful.
    A month to have the replacement.
    Just chitchat.
    Oneplus, great ambitions small accomplishments.

  • Lync

    Can’t wait to get my OnePlus One and spread the word!

  • Hari Haran

    Would love it!!!!!

  • م.أحمد الفيفي

    We do that !

  • Gal Vohar

    will you guys ship to slovenia too?

  • Xanadu the Caribou

    Thank you for the clear description of your decision making on the roll-out. A little communication can go a long way to help people understand that there are solid reasons that aren’t always apparent to the tech-hungry public for delayed or stage based distribution. Hopefully this will help calm some people down =)

  • Amenoth

    So, where do we pre order this?!

  • ted

    Ive been waiting for invite for ever I need a new 1+1 now as soon as I can get one please

  • Bhaumik Modi

    price bracket for India & 64gb model

  • tomas123
    • Swami S

      How does this invite system works? I did a tweet as mentioned in above link? Is the above link official one from oneplus? Carl, Thanks for the post, any link where I can do the pre-order?

  • Petejk

    I think that’s a fantastic Idea. You can then carefully match production
    rises with customer orders. Hence increasing efficiency , reducing
    cashflow problems , keeping costs down and increasing quality at the
    same time by getting the product updates dead right as it developes
    before the end user gets it. Satisfaction and the very best latest
    OnePlus possible at a great price. It’s a no brainer really. Cashflow
    is the enemy especially when profits are small and demand high, I think
    OnePlus Oppo will agree. By the way I love my OPPO Blue Ray player. The
    best!! nothing less!

  • Jamie Dickson

    I think the pre-order system is fair. I got offered an invite about 20 minutes ago and had to turn it down because I didn’t have the money to buy….shame…boo….hoo

  • TroZAlex_

    I want this phone !! :DD

  • Oren Rabeynu

    How much time can a person wait for a phone?…:-(

  • Emin Temizoz

    I’m dreaming of having one oneplus one.
    Thank you to help me!
    I think the Oneplus is the best phone ever made.
    How to get one in France?

  • Emin Temizoz

    Every good thing would not been won easily. The strategy is interesting.
    Because a lot of people buy some technologic devices without appreciating these one or knowing how to use them correctly.
    This strategy make you sure that people who will get oneplus are really people who love this jewel!
    Congratulation for your mindset!
    Hope I’ll join this nice community soon!

  • Jithin

    Has there already been a date set for when we can pre order?

  • Faheem

    Everyone i tell about this phone is amazed at its capabilities and features. It’s sleek, modern, superb and most of all a powerhouse. I have been trying to get my hands on this phone for a while, and have had no luck. I would really like an invite or a faster way to get around to purchasing this phone. You’re invite system is great but diminishes the reachability of those who have heard about the phone and can’t get access because invites are not being shared the way you’d like. Im in Canada, and would like to be amongst the first; the leader so to speak, when people come approach me asking me where did you get this phone, what is it and where can I get one.


  • Rokhayati Siringo

    Hi there, is there OnePlus owner who kind enough to invite me…..Pls sent me an email at [email protected]…. my bigest gratitude for you….

  • DewClarke


  • Ahmed Marzook

    At last been waiting for ages till I get the Oneplus ONe hope it comes out soon the only doubts is that is not very easy to repair if broken

  • Nazmus Sakib

    Any Bangladeshi have this ???

  • Diciembre Donvitocorleonei


    I think it’s a fantastic way to manage your orders, and I think you will have a flood of orders, The One Plus One, to meet expectations, and I think it will be a tough competitor, both in technology and price, Congratulations and keep a fan


  • gmo8492

    I’m hungry.

  • Sandesh S Rasal

    Never Settle – Dil mange more
    Hearing news here of OPO launch in India mid November, is it True????

  • Hayk Karakhanyan

    That’s a good idea, cause we are waiting for OPO for a long time without any concrete date and trying not to look at other devices from other brands, you might know that’s not so easy to wait without knowing))) We understand O+ got their own reasons, but again we’d love to get one or two OPOs) High five from Russia, guys)

  • Misael Madrigal

    this is a relief…

  • hascooter

    I love the design, the price and the David-Goliat idea of onePlus!
    I understand your arguments and I hope I’ll be lucky when placing my pre-order by the end of October.

  • Vivek Shivaprabhu

    When is this rolling out? Between the iPhone 6 and the Galaxy Note 4 releases, I’m not able to contain my wife from spending more than necessary.

  • j3ffr3yli

    Looking forward to pre-order system! So based on this post, I’m assuming then that invites will still be given out even though the pre-order system is in place?

  • Maryo Nguerra

    Thoughts on this? Shit; I need it right now! Its my first choice but it seems to fail. So I give up.

  • Dhruvin

    Someone pls. Give me an invite I want to buy this phone for my dad pls

  • Solon Mangiurea

    Ship to Romania !

  • asrith krishna

    ship this to hyderabad….i am eagerly waiting for the phone …

  • I think this is a great idea and good timing as i’m currently in the middle of ditching my Z1 and raising the funds to get me a OnePlus

  • nvidiasucks

    This phone will already be old and out dated soon

  • Somnath

    Will the pre order site be available by late Oct ?. With the rush Iphone 6 and Samsung Note series, it sounds a little late for me as many of the US customers may already may lready get invested in other smartphones. I would request you to prepone on the pre order system to give the potential customers more choices.

  • Liam G

    I think this idea is great, it means more we still want to get an invite but there is a slower alternative. Love the idea, hope to get invited!

  • chaouki

    and when is this going to start?

  • catapult61

    the issue with this invite system is that as you create demand and not have enough supply, re-sellers will thrive and manipulate the price at the expense of the consumer.

  • Fettler

    I like this game. You can be invited or pre-order in a months time. It will be great to get away from the idrones and the ‘flagship’, inflated Android devices.

  • jelvp

    i need one.

  • billy willis

    I would like to get my second one plus phone and accessories to got with them like case cover and ear plugs. I think this pre order idea will help I hope in being able to make purchases. I have lost out on several invites already due to system failure. I have asked several time of the help desk to check my account to make sure all my information is in tact. But, I am not sure if this is the issue of what’s keeping me from completing my buy after accepting my invite which tells me congratulation once I claim it but never get to the buy page.

  • Arlly Salvador Pagulayan

    any news if they will start shipping in the philippines, too?

  • AnurajKapuskar

    India is waiting !!!! please release invites or a preorder for Indian buyers. Lot of people are interested to buy the device as it offers the best deal at this point!

  • Bjørg Terese Fransson

    Can it be bought from Norway as well?

  • Roman Shyyan

    I hope the phone can be delivered to Ukraine. If I get the invite:-)

  • Tibeau Hampton

    This is great news!

  • Kevin Cohen

    I am in aerospace industries in U.S . Lot of people that have
    family don’t have time to sit and try to find friends to only buy phone.
    I am sure you understand what it mean work and been a father to 3 kids.
    So time in limited also to look for a new phone. I believe pre-order is
    nice .I dont mind that but i have tried to spend 1 hrs last night in
    your site talking to get someone send me invitation without luck. So
    please tell us when you can start your per-order program. That is a lot
    better idea that you have all items sold before start building and your
    inventory will be reduce to less than 3%. so please share with us ,when
    we can start ordering.

  • wayne taylor

    Hello, I want a one plus please invite me.

  • Arda

    This is very good news but you need to ship to all countries!

  • sukTHEfac

    Nice! Right as my contract ends (not that it really matters in this case). Still trying to get an invite from my brother, a Best Buy mobile employee

  • Jim Li

    I think this will work since it makes people to decide when to buy and you are 100% sure they will buy because they paid. I suspect as the production volume goes up the yield from invite will drop

  • brian90000

    someone pls i need invite now…. my old phone is dead pls someone i need just 1 invite i shall give the invite back … (im desperate pls halp me) mail me if you got invite mail: [email protected] i say again pls i am desperate…..

  • Somnath

    how will be the cost of the phones as per the the pre order

  • etxeberri rubio

    Por favor me invitan para hacerme con ONE PLUS de 64gb.

  • This is very good news!

  • Jess

    Anyone have an extra invite?

  • husnia


  • Sylvain ASSEMAT

    Maybe someone have an invitation instock ?:-)

  • Cesar Coelho

    please i need an invite thanks [email protected]

  • Jim Perry

    Please add the UK, we need a a phone like yours to break the market strangle hold of the major three overfed ravenous greedy giants.

  • Jess

    Anyone able to send me an invite?! [email protected]

  • Brandy Mott

    I need an invite 🙂

  • Kaushik Bhatt

    While I like the idea. I hate to admit and complaint that I have ordered a device and it has been more than 3 weeks and yet to resolve an issue with my delivery. Don’t know who and why someone just sent me the charger and the phone has gone missing. The shipment says it had/has a charger and a phone but USPS only delivered charger.

    I’m really pissed about this as the support ticket is not getting updated/nor anyone interested in resolving the issue.

  • massimosti

    Looking forward to the pre-order system guys!

  • Jack McClure

    What carriers in USA does one plus work on?

  • Oktri

    Why dont you sell it in Indonesia ? pLsssss.. Want it so much <3

  • Ryan Leadbitter

    Does anybody have an invite they want to give to someone with a phone on its last legs

  • Taaseen Zaman

    when will it start specifically?

  • わしじゃ♪

    I want you to be able to send to Japan.

  • Raghu Madala

    I totally understand the justification in your approach of invite only system. But at the same time there is a limit on how long people would be wiling to wait. Only one company Apple could command that and still could survive because of huge fan base. Considering the cell phone market where there is lot of churning with newer models coming and leaving the market, There is a window of opportunity where you make the most of it. If you do miss the window with the invite only system, then one of the finest phones surely will not get the attention that it deserve.

  • Carlos Miguel Jenkins Pérez

    Waiting for this! In the meantime, someone has an invitation to spare? Please 🙂

  • Jaziel Sánchez Espinosa

    Hi there, i really want a cellphone like this, but i dont have invitacion, and i wanna know if someone can give one please? And if they can shep it to mexico

  • imran

    I love to buy the one plus phone by skipping the invite system
    I N D I A welcoming you will all it’s wishes.

  • Jack McClure

    Can I get on the preorder list today?

  • Mario Santoso

    Please be clear on countries list. Whether you can ship the device to a certain countries or not. If not there’s no point for me to follow this 🙁

  • Joann Li

    So is the pre-order phone only available to those already with an invite?

  • Nashielly Romero

    Invite me, please! 😀

  • Too Late Gabe

    Pre-orders from the start would have still ensured that 100% of manufactured devices were going to be sold. The “invitation” initiative, in my opinion, was disheartening. I haven’t had a very high opinion of OnePlus’ ability to show their potential consumers that they wanted to put this innovative new device in their hands. Smoke and mirrors is generally not the best marketing choice for any upstart. Even if I were able to walk into a store tomorrow and purchase the One, given my druthers I would stick to my M8… The other One… the one you can buy, ya know, without aletist invites and pre-orders months after the device has been… errr… available…?? Good luck, I’ve lost interest.

  • Ranganath

    I have registered myself…

  • Christian Zammit

    Really Innovative, hats down! Will you indicate the pre-order days on the facebook page OnePlus please?

  • Steve

    Your product, at this point, are invites for a very exclusively priced, well-spec’d android phone, pursuant to a comic-book fan-boy philosophy. (Hello Apple). If you want to play with the Big Dogs, you have to ship phones to new customers, not invites to old ones.

  • Arun

    worst strategy… WORST PHONE IT SHOULD TURN OUT…

  • Tiago Queiroga

    hello, where can I register for the pre order ?

  • Brandi

    How do we receive an invite?

  • Mark Jenkins

    I ordered my OnePlusOne through the Yatango web site, but it took 5 weeks, but I am absolutely rapped with the new phone

  • Ivory Magno

    is it available in the Philippines because i surely will buy! please please give me an invite.. [email protected]. thank you very much in advance..

  • Vismal

    I need an invitation… I love this phone.. anyone can help me please…

  • John Ramos

    Need an invite

  • Edgeworld

    I would love to get an invitation OR a pre-order. My Samsung has just about driven me crazy.

  • Robert

    I need invite?!! Someone help me?

  • Terrance

    Anyone has extra invites ?

  • Lukas Müller

    Im looking forward and hope that they will soon make it available without a invite, cause i never got one so far 🙂

  • raulOpO

    please i need help in peru live and I want my oneplusone

  • Nico Ro

    I understand your system, it’s probalby the right way to minimise Risks and probably costs… still its a hard approach especially in an product field like Smartphones where the urge to get the Device, show and play around, is quite the huge one ;D Still it probably propels the desirability, you just have to be careful to communicate that this is not the purpose … cause that is as far as I grasp the system not what you want to do, nevertheless its an nice and funny way to make the phone an “Have to Have”. Lucky me, my Phone still works still I’ll think I wait until I get an Invite for an oPo … and I think its worth it. I hope for you the system works. Its a great approach to build a probably stunning phone with the ambitions to get this Price togehter with this amount of Value … and as long as its also fun to surf through the blogs its ok (not ideal but ok 😉 ) In this way carry on, Looking forward to my Opo 🙂

  • Nabeel Aziz

    I really would appreciate an invite if anyone has one?

  • Mohit Keswani

    how are you planning to communicate to all your forum users about the pre-order system? Will an email be sent out or again this will be purely by invites. I’ve waited long for the phone and it’s really trying my patience. Also no business can work without taking some risk. Also this shows the lack of confidence by the company in opening it to everyone to buy. I’m not sure what it is but would love to see you folks sell the phone similar to samsung, oppo, htc, micromax

  • rohan rmp

    waiting for u

  • Dick Benschop

    It is rather exiting for a72 year old guy, as i am. In “Computeridee” I saw an artical about the One Pus. I would like to give it a try.

  • juan carlos ortega

    Deseo comprar oneplus de 64 GB. España.

  • Aric

    Stop playing games and sell your damn phone openly like any other company.

  • ElMasChingon

    May i please have an invite? [email protected]

  • cypress Godfred

    Needs some in GHANA, west africa ,when will start shipping across the globe??/ am very interested

  • Frank Clark

    Thanks Suranga for your kindness. I’d love an invite and hope to hear from you in time to say “yes.”

  • Kia Min Chin

    anyway to become US distributor ?

  • John Ryan

    How do I get an invitation?

  • terry davis

    how can I get a invite

  • Anil Kale


  • NYCBusDriver

    Which countries have them for sale already? Are they on sale in those countries in stores, or still only online? It might be worth planning my next vacation to one of those countries. I have been wanting to visit China for a long time, anyway!

  • NYCBusDriver

    I found out about this phone through the NY TImes article today (9 Oct 2014). One thing in the article that caused me some concern: “He added that in the future, the company might begin to make money by teaming up with software companies that would preinstall apps on the phone, or by expanding the range of accessories for its device.”…….

    If the company has to do this for financial stability and longevity, I totally understand. But PLEASE make this added software easy to remove for those of us who might not want it. Do not do like Samsung and imbed crapware so deeply into the operating system that it can never be removed unless one has a triple doctorate from MIT. I like techies, but am not one, nor to I aspire to be. Make it simple for we geriatrics and allow those of us with little to medium tech knowledge to “clean up” the phone and keep it simple.

  • Max Ċiŋŋabar Åłmøŋđ

    If anyone has an invite, I’d love to get one of these …

  • Rob González

    Someone with an invitation? I really would like to have one!

  • Mitchell Rodman

    I need to convince you to invite me to buy a phone. My family was profiled in Life Magazine in an article written in 1969 and published in January 1970 as the first family in the USA with computer access in the home. That article now gets reprinted in articles and books on the history of tech. Since then, I have spent decades in a tech related profession, and am thought of by many people as a tech expert. It would be good for you for people to see me carrying one of your phones and, of course, I would talk about it on social networks. You should invite me to buy one of your phones.

  • Fredrick Saviour

    Please Ship IT To India.
    Felt low coz I haqd an Invite and I didn’t know how to ship and bucks seemed to be a issue for me .please understand our concerns too !!
    But I’ll never ever settle Will wait wait and wait until and unless you guys Ship to INDIA and will wait to get another Invite for sure !!!

  • ben taeusch


  • Selvin Stephenson

    I am requesting an invitation from anyone with an extra please.

  • Sean

    Geez louise, open the market up for orders without invites, already! This hype has gone way beyond ridiculous. Personally, I’m holding out for the Nexus 6 that will be available for order at the end of this month. It’s processor will be faster than One plus, and it’s the same price point. Son has had the Nexus 5 since it came out and he LOVES IT so, I can’t wait to get the newest! Truth is, I’ll probably end up giving it to him and taking his N5, but that’s ok. It’s still light years ahead of my Galaxy SII.

  • Wan

    Got invited, responded to it. almost 3 months down the line NOTHING rom 1+1… how disappointing after all the effort put in to get invited. for the 1+1 Co. hmmm… Good start POOR finished 🙁

  • tiagoggl1

    I’m crazy about this phone and i’m in my first week trying to get my hands on one, I’m everyday in the forum begging someone to give me an invite. T_T

  • Abhinav B

    where do i find the list of countries to which One Plus ships its products?

  • Vasil

    After long months of invite humiliation it is actually coming…was looking for device but now have got mixed feelings…I am really annoyed of every day trying to get invitation but some of users even have got more than one phone and there is a lot of scams as well what new, potential buyers are facing. System isn’t good enough and somehow should have been more fair. But thank you it is finally ending and we are getting a chance to finally get One!

  • Vasil

    After long months of invite humiliation it is actually coming…was looking for device but now have got mixed feelings…I am really annoyed of every day trying to get invitation but some of users even have got more than one phone and there is a lot of scams as well what new, potential buyers are facing. System isn’t good enough and somehow should have been more fair. But thank you it is finally ending and we are getting a chance to finally get One!

  • Vasil

    is it going to be deleted again??? funny One

  • Vasil

    After long months of invite humiliation it is actually coming…was looking for device but now have got mixed feelings…I am really annoyed of every day trying to get invitation but some of users even have got more than one phone and there is a lot of scams as well what new, potential buyers are facing. System isn’t good enough and somehow should have been more fair. But thank you it is finally ending and we are getting a chance to finally get One!

  • Jan van der Wolf

    Please start the pre order system when its ready 🙂

  • sharon stuart mcree

    I’d love to have your phone and convert my friends, too!

  • Ajeesh

    welcome to india

  • Jorge Zepeda

    I don’t like it. I think one of the biggest reasons many people want it is because of how ‘exclusive’ it is. When someone has the phone it becomes a symbol/’wow factor’. #1 question is “how did you get an invite!”…the phone is a symbol of work–it was earned someway or another. Now, with the pre-order system, that will no longer be there; instead it’ll be no different then any other phone’s launch…

  • Jaime Alvarez

    I would like to receive an invitation

  • Steve Mowbray

    Looking forward to this being rolled out. I might finally be able to get my hands on this little beauty!!!

  • Graham L

    I’m in Germany and need an invite. Please…..

  • Walter

    2 invites heb ik hier. Wie??

  • Bharath Kumar

    Could someone please send me an invite. I have been waiting for a long time to get an invite talking to many people whom i know but still unsuccessful.


  • techgorilla


    that works very well for me as I don’t sit on the computer for hours. I do that at work all day when I get home I don’t want to see a computer and don’t have time!

    I JUST DONT have the time to Write a 16 page story why I want a invite then never get one because they don’t like my Avatar

    so yes on the pre order!! 2 thumbs up!! on pre order!!! that way everyone gets a chance to get a OnePlus phone.

    thank you carl

  • techgorilla

    Could someone please send me an invite. I have been waiting for a long time to get an invite [email protected]

  • Nolis Dis

    Many people waiting for the pre order system!!its gonna be”raining”
    pre orders.i am from Greece and many people want this awesome phone
    here.i wasnt lucky with the invites so im patiently waiting for the pre
    order system!greeks despite the crisis are great consumers in
    smartphone market,and this is a fact.i think is time open your wings,you
    have a desirable and famous product let it be a part of our lives

  • Abhinav B

    A request to ONE PLUS if you are still looking for a service store to put up in India pls consider the Silicon Valley Bengaluru. You won;t regret it.

  • Michael

    SVP je voudrais bien me procurer vautre téléphone merci d’avance

  • shankar

    please launch the pre order system as soon as possible in india.

  • Steven Santos

    Need an invite… pretty tired of Samsung & knox

  • Scorpi0

    BINGO!! Please let me know when pre-ordering happens. I gotta have a Oneplus one.:)

  • Rashid Anwer

    come soon to India please …….

  • Heath Sims

    Please, Please, Please start shipping to Australia, I and a lot of my friends have been in love with the phone for a long time now and it is difficult to get it over here. So it would be much appreciated if you could start doing that.

  • udi

    I want to order. Once i’ll do so, you have no inventory risk. So why not to open an order list and than you now the situation for sure

  • mayacohenx

    זה הולך לקרות? נראה לי סתם מנסים לייצר עוד באזז

  • Rick Sadler

    I think this is a super startup for what has been completed so far. Big things start in little places, but over time gradually. Rushing it only asks for issues. This is too good of a phone/concept to take for granted. I just bought this from a friend and have already been asked by many people how to get it. My wife wants this one so I dont have an answer for them or myself lol. I WILL PATIENTLY wait for my invite and give this to my wife in the meantime. Both Apple Geeks now OnePlus One members for life lol.

  • Jim Li

    Excellent move to preorder. This is a scalable model

  • Ardebno

    Just signed up. Oneplus one not yet within reach. Very special way of marketing and selling.
    Hope to get used to it.

  • Tafcan

    Hi Anyone have an invite perchance. I would like to experience what the positive talk is all about. It will be greatly appreciated.
    All the best.

  • alok ss

    india is a big market for oneplus!! do start the shipping soon!!

  • bigmem

    I see how you have taken the consumer buying experience to different directions. I think the pre order system will allow for a smother purchase. End to end buying is something that is forgotten about in the digital world of agile. learning from your customers needs not just on the software but on hardware and finally the purchasing method is brilliant. iteration from your learning to act to will be your winning formula. I’d like to be one of the first to place a pre order. Thank you for your great phone.

  • Kai Chandra

    Seriously can’t wait to sign up!!!!

  • Karl Saleh

    Do you have any idea how many people in Singapore want this phone?

  • Rajat Singh

    can anyone here please please please send me an invite.. 🙁

  • Jon Shipp

    Great idea if you dont want to make handsets you cant shift. I for one will be be ordering one (as long as the window isnt too small and I miss it ;-))

  • abhi633

    Can i get an invite who has one spare please ?

  • doug

    Sounds great! I’m researching new phones and so far this OPO seems to be the new hot ticket.

  • Pierre Aulagne

    Hi, I would like to giveaway 2 invites, but that’s provided I’m offered one first ! See where that’s going ?

  • Jaxx Jackson

    i want an invite someone please

  • Larry

    I have spent considerable time convincing my wife I need to replace my Nexus 5. She has is a great wife, but is used to keeping phones for years. My 7 month old phone just doesn’t meet that criteria. After months, (been trying for 2 months) she has said yes.

    BTW, for those that have a smart comment to make about working with my wife you can keep it to yourself. After raising 6 kids she and I have that ngs worked out.


    OK. I am waiting for this pre order system. I’be been begging for an invite, and when I got one, I was unable to check my email on time. I could commit suicide but the one plus still exists. So I’ll wait till I get my hands on it.

  • Dennis Kolomiytsev

    Hey guys! Any invites out there? I would love to order One!

  • Pavitra

    Eagerly waiting for this per-order.. 🙂

  • Samuel Leech

    Anyone have a spare invite? If you were to be so kind, it would be much appreciated! 🙂 [email protected]

  • Niels Coene

    got an ETA on the pre-order system? ^^

  • Michael Feldman

    somebody can send me invitation?

  • Nrupesh2912

    I need this phone badly please send me an invite please please

  • Ravid

    Can anyone please send me an invite please??? ravidarbel at hotmail dot com ! Thanks a Lot !

  • tychus

    anyone can send me an invite please ? i need this phone ASAP i don’t have a phone now

  • Peter

    If You start shipping to Poland and other countries which asking it for i believe it will be good advantage for Your company, cuz not only me will buy Oneplus One but many other people. If you saying about inventory risk, yes i agree it good idea to make it this way as you say. However improving sales system to pre-order system will help alot for people which is aiming this phone, but do not have much time to seat all day in forum and asking for invites. Running on many forums here i seen that every review about OnePlus One had many fans about this phone which are just waiting for something like that, without any problem with shipping. I seen also many people just buying it and selling again for a little more, yes you win in this way, but it is the way you wanted? If you really want to manage this in the greatest way i asking you again for consideration about shipping to more countries or just ask someone with good mind to make an EU distribution.
    Thanks for reading.

  • Moh

    this is a good step forward, I hope if this was a success you will replace the invite system with pre-oders permanently … when will the pre-oders start ?

  • Kayleigh

    does anyone have an invite? thanks x

  • Laura Failach

    Is the data cable being sold separately?

  • Mohammad Ani Sofian

    Would You Add Indonesia for Shipping Destination Please …..
    We Would be Thanks Full For that …

    I Got Invite but I can not Bought it Coz No Shipping Available On My Conutry

  • Ypač

    Don’t be fooled by price! 299EUR = 380USD not 349USD.

  • mayacohenx

    why no shipping to israel?!?


    Is India in shipping country list ?

  • Ypač


  • Geino Annecharico

    Want to buy one but no one will invite me

  • Daniel Songer

    hey anyone having an extra invite for 16gb please let me know

  • Erhan Albayraks

    Australian citizens can not preorder. That sucks

  • Erhan Albayraks

    I will appreciate an invite very much. Had enough of waiting to be honest and starting to look at other phones

  • I’m so execited 🙂 Marked the preorder start in my agenda!

  • Dheeraj

    Thats a great news. Looking forward for it. Hope it will be shipped in UK.

  • Harshad Bhoir

    Please Launch it in INDIA… Its been so loooong that we all have been waiting for this one… You guys had termed it as the 2014 flagship killer… !! We indians atleast hope to get it by the end of 2014!

  • Gregory Dixon

    So now that the phone is old, the hype about it has died, u want to let people to be able to buy it….. missed opportunity

  • Ian Rochester

    I’m a bit Confused with the process. lf I’m not mistaken, October 27th starts the Pre-Orders, but I’m told that I have to be invited also.

  • Ian Rochester

    If an Invite is needed, can someone provide me with an invite ? Don’t mean to beg, but I heard many great things about this phone, since I’m Android user for life..

  • rafael.m

    can any one send me invitation

  • Derek

    So I just signed up for the pre-order on Oct 27th. The idea is if OPO has enough orders on that day, they begin building? Do I have that right? thx!

  • Benson Wong

    Well, Australia is not on the list

  • Topper

    I read in a paper that at least in Denmark they will open up the shop for pre-order for 1 hour on monday October. I really hope the same will be the case for Austria sometime soon!

  • Brett

    I live in New Zealand and i noticed it is not mentioned on the shipping list, is it possible to apply for your phone from here?

  • Zulfikar Valli

    The Pre-Order system only lets you order the 64G version at $349. Is the 16GB at $300 not available anymore?

  • Mike M

    Hi all, is there anyone who could help me out with an invite? That would be fantastic as I won’t be able to join the pre-order due to travelling for work. Being a typical early adopter, it would be fantastic to get my hands on the One and spread the word about my findings!

  • David Holden

    Anybody have an idea on how to get an invite to this phone.i sure have heard a lot of good things about plus one

  • Rick Westerveld

    Are you shipping to the Netherlands already?

  • Sezan saimon

    I need two invitations. for me and my brother. Would anyone be kind enough to give us atleast one.

  • Bret

    would love an invite

  • HelloOnePlus

    If someone has an invite, could you please share one with me? My phone’s screen is broken~ Thanks!!! [email protected]

  • secondlio

    “We will process all payments via PayPal, so make sure your info is up to date…”

    Anyone knows if the Paypal account has to be the one linked to my OnePlus account? Thanks!

  • José Antonio Lloret

    I like one invitacion, please

  • Guest

    What exactly is a pre-order? Pay now and wait for actual shipment in 6 months? Is there an actual shipment date?

  • Nikhil

    I find it hard to believe that a phone manufacturer such as yourself uses “Any
    excess inventory will lead to a direct loss, and a larger
    miscalculation means we need to close our doors” as an excuse to manufacture less. I’m sure any company would do their due diligence before entering a market.
    Now I agree that the product costs much less, so costs must have been cut to reduce the price. But will making 1 extra phone destroy the equilibirum? Will 5 extra phones do it? 20? 50? This is where I lose the plot because surely you have not worked out the economics and finances to the production of a single phone!
    I do believe that the Pre-order system is an improvement over the invite system, since the work and wait to get an invite might cannibalise your sales. But why stop at pre-order? Is it because of cash flow? Can’t that be solved with Venture Capital? Or Half payment now and half on delivery?
    Again I’m trusting the team at OnePlus One has spent enough time on this burning question, but the fact that you slowly move from invites to an “hour-long” pre-order is sign that enough time was probably not spent answering the question.
    I’m just venting my frustration at your strategy 🙂

    As a person who enjoys bleeding edge tech, I wish your company good luck!

  • AnCa3000

    Can someone give me an Invite? In Portugal, Pre-Order site was down in that “precious” Hour!

  • Ron Modic

    This was a mess today. Even though i did the pre-order setup the other day, i was not able to get my order in. So it’s back to waiting for an invite.

  • Peter

    yes it was, but cheers for those who made it. I did.

  • Guest

    I was at work during this ordering session. It was a suicide ordering a phone over the Internet during busy hours of work. After that what you see, the website
    was down and somehow I have reached PayPal, and then PayPal was down. This is absolutely disgusting and frustrating. Ok, One Plus One website was down during busy hours, make sense but why PayPal was down?

    I have searched the Internet after this disappointment; people are selling their
    invites over the Internet.

  • Mastaan

    I was at work during this ordering session. It was a suicide ordering a phone over the Internet during busy hours of work. After that what you see, the website was down and somehow I have reached PayPal, and then PayPal was down. This is absolutely disgusting and frustrating. Ok, One Plus One website was down during busy hours, make sense but why PayPal was down?

  • Mastaan

    I have searched the Internet after this disappointment; people are selling their
    invites over the Internet.

  • billy willis

    I understand the concept of it all but the system still caused me not to be able to make my order even on pre-order day. As a member I still think one plus failed to place all my information back in the system. I dropped my membership at one and I have not been able to order since.

  • Rollie

    I need an invite too

  • Graham McNaughton

    I could not get onto the site the last time, will it be any better next time?

  • prashanth

    If anyone has a spare invite, please send it to me thanks!

  • one111plus111one

    is the shipping going to Germany too ???
    Pls answer

  • one111plus111one

    and can i have an invitation too please

  • Carson Moore

    Hello from Barbados ,how do I get an invite

  • Dominique Delaistre

    J’ai eu l’occasion de voir votre produit et je dois dire que c’est une belle réussite !
    J’ai été conquise et je serais heureuse de recevoir une invitation pour acquérir ce petit bijou.
    à très bientôt

  • Ashish Soni

    Please Send Me Invite, if anyone has…..

  • zubair

    i need a invite please anyone

  • raj

    how does this work ?

  • jameslanderson

    Since I don’t know anyone who has a One phone there seems to be no way to get an invitation and it looks like I missed the pre-orer window for October. Does anone know when the next window to pre-order will open?

  • Ohad Haspel

    Do you have an extra invite?

  • ian

    I have to admit this is very different to Google’s shipment method, where you have to keep trying the web site for a new in-demand device. At least you can register your interest with the OnePlus pre-ordering system

  • Frank

    Feeling bum-out with a cracked screen. Invite anyone? would really appreciate it. Thanks

  • Jeffy Thong

    Hoping you launch the OPO for Thailand in very soon.

  • Pedro Calero

    Anyone has an invitation?

  • Jochen Kumm

    any invitations left? thanks, J

  • Lorena García

    Hi, does anyone have an extra invite for me please??!!

  • Mandeep Kumar

    May I request for a invite please. Any help would be highly appreciable. Zillion of thanks in advance.
    [email protected]

  • Jyothsna Voorakara

    I like this system and looking forward to buy one soon…..

  • Jyothsna Voorakara

    I need an invite…. If anyone has pls send?

  • Steve Heizer

    Your pre-order system looks to be a good thing. We or I just have to be paitent and wait. My flip phone is good except the alarm app stopped working. So I bought 2 good alarm clocks from amazon. That works however I am looking forward to my one phone. Thank you for you explaination.

  • mosiak1

    how to get an invitation ?

  • Alex Topor

    Dears, how can I get an invite?
    Please assist
    [email protected]

  • fatoer

    nice breakthrough in market systems. i’d love to know any other innovations from The One

  • mtoo

    Generating demand through the forums and use of gamification is genius and has to be applauded. It appears to be a great success and with that success will come responsibilities to your customers and frequent comms. What i’m particularly impressed with is the transparency and tone of voice of your comms, treating your customers with respect on an equal footing – wish this new company all the success and disrupting the staus quo in the marketplace! I think i might just give up iOS and move over! Good Luck!!!

  • Pradeepa

    Please Invite for me one+

  • Mohammad Nasim

    Greetings dear friends, Please share the information of Pre-Order 3. my
    email id is [email protected] and I am from India Country.

  • Can someone please send me a invite. Please reply and I’ll give you my email.

  • Markus Bauer

    you can get a oneplus invite here

  • cocomelodie

    Hi, i preordered the one on november 18th. Payed with Paypal. Still on processing status!! Srange??

  • OMG pls make it available w/o invitation :C i want this phone… i NEED this phone… my LG G2 is broken and i will either buy the LG G3 or the OnePlus One… Well there are a few factors PRO OnePlus One

    G3 — OPO
    QCSD 801 4×2,46GHz both
    16/32GB — 16/64GB
    2/3GB RAM — 3GB RAM
    400/500€ — 250/300€
    13MP Cam CZ-Lense — 13MP Sony-Whatever-Lense
    2,1MP front cam — 5 MP front Cam
    Android LG optimus UI — Cyanogen Mod

    so i dont wanna spend 200€ more for a G3, obviously…
    i mean 300€ for a phone like this… if you were samsung, whis would cost 700€ and if you were Apple this would be as expensive as a brand new Porsche GT

  • Marie

    I’m waiting for the 64GB. When will it be available? Please ship to French Polynesia (by FEDEX or UPS)

  • gustavo parvanoff

    Ship to world wide ?


    when will the invites for December month of 2014 start rolling out? I am eagerly waiting to get my hands on one of the invites so that i can order a phone for myself.

  • Gustavo Adolfo Leon Madrigal

    When are you planning to start selling openly, without invitation? Looking forward, I actually created my account and participating in the forums, but it will take a long time I presume, so, I hope you will have an open sale soon, Pura Vida

  • Momo

    I would like have an ivitation plsease :'( for 64Gb Phone!
    many thanks <3
    [email protected]

  • Agnelo Fernandes

    Need invite to buy the 64 GB OnePlus One in India. [email protected]

  • Azael yanez

    Hello can I have an invite.some one can help me pls. [email protected].

  • Imran

    Your argument makes sense to control your inventory and thereby cost. Why are you not launching this pre order mechanism in India?. It will do the same thing as you can have better forecasting for your inventory.

  • Vinod Kunchakuri

    Can I have one invite please.

  • thejaswini

    i just purchased the mobile n getting invitation in 2 days let me know if any one want it mail me [email protected]

  • Jayden Lardelli-Newton

    Can I please get an invite for this! I want one so bad!

  • i would like an invitation please, thk

  • Received an invitation ,my brother bought for me who is now living in USA

  • I really need one! Got an Iphone for the moment but recently changed mind over Appel… They are just boycotting older of their own phones to get new ones sold! It just not tolerable!

  • If possible I would really really like to have an invite.

    Many thanks

  • Do you think you can invite me! I can get my Bro to get from USA. But i’m looking for an invite!

  • Please send me an invitation thank you

  • If you got any invitation left please send me one!

  • Received an invitation ,my brother bought for me who is now living in USA

  • What is the remedy for the clients, belong to your neighbors (Pakistan) ? It is dismay to figured out that our citizens cannot buy your cell phone directly from your official website. 🙁